Government adopted the draft law on Romania’s long –term Development Strategy „Romania 2040”

10 May

The Government adopted today the draft law on Romania’s long –term Development Strategy until 2040, which will include the objectives proposed to be met on the long term, the guiding lines regarding the economic –social development, and the set of strategic public policies which should be implemented.

The Strategy „Romania 2040” will be drawn up by national consensus and will include scenarios and alternative public policies in order to attain the objectives which have been assumed.

The Strategy will be achieved in line with the medium and long term development strategies and directions undertaken at the EU level.

The draft law provides for the setting up of the 2040 Romania Committee, a consultative body, without legal personality, with a view to preparing the strategy project, its substantiation, develop scenarios of development and harmonization, integrate the contributions of public institutions, parties and non –governmental organizations.

The '2040 Romania Committee' will be led by the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, and the methodological and scientific cordination of the '2040 Romania Committee' s activity, as well as of the entire process of strategy development, will be achieved by the Economic Programming Council and the National Strategy and Prognosis Commission.

The Romania 2040 Committee will include representatives of the Romanian Government, Presidency, parliamentary parties, Romanian Academy, Economic Programming Council and the National Strategy and Prognosis Commission. The Committee will include personalities from the scientific, academic and university environments, designated by the leadership of the Romania 2040 Committee, at the proposal of the Economic Programming Council.

The Committee will perform its activity between June 1, 2018 – June 1, 2019, both within some plenary monthly meetings and currently, by achieving substantiation and synthesis works.

The legislative document stipulates for the Committee to organize debates under the form of national forums, with open participation, in which the stage results will be presented, in order to reach national consensus and the development directions validation.

Also, the "Romania 2040" Committee is to submit periodically reports on its activity, on the management’s request, to both the Government and the Parliament.

The "Romania 2040" strategy will be based on the macroeconomic projections and alternative development scenarios drawn by the National Strategy and Prognosis Commission and endorsed by the Economic Programming Council.

The drafting of the Development Strategy is to be made by setting up three scenarios – optimistic, moderate and pessimistic – differentiated in relation to the premises, objectives and guidelines set by Romania 2040 Committee.

At the same time, the strategy will be linked to the National Euro Changeover Plan as well as to the sectoral strategies approved by the Government.

At the end of the"Romania 2040" Committee’s activity, the following documents will result:

Political statement of assuming the long-term national strategy "Romania 2040";

Long-term national strategy "Romania 2040";

Development scenarios and projections, as well as their detailed presentation under the form of a substantiation report;

Proposals for updating the sectoral strategies and the main public policies needed to implement the Romania 2040 Strategy.

Depending on the changes on the international stage and the domestic economic and social developments, the "Romania 2040" Strategy will be updated every three years by the National Strategy and Prognosis Commission, and will be submitted to the Government and Parliament, after its endorsement by the Economic Programming Council.

The Parliament, through its specialized committees, will ensure the continuous monitoring of the implementation of the "Romania 2040" Strategy.


When drawing up the draft state budget law, priority will be given to the provisions of the "Romania 2040" Strategy. At the same time, to streamline spending, the Governments invested according to the provisions of art. 103 of the Constitution of Romania, republished, will continue the development programs and projects resulting from the "Romania 2040" Strategy.

The expenses related to the organization, functioning and specific activity of the "Romania 2040" Committee will be ensured from the state budget through the budget of the Chamber of Deputies, and the Parliament will provide the necessary headquarters for the activity of the Romania 2040 Committee, as well as the necessary office supplies.

The draft law is to be sent to Parliament for debate and adoption.


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