Statements by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and Cabinet members at the start of the Cabinet meeting

05 October

Mihai Tudose: Good afternoon. Please excuse the lateness. It is an unfortunate event at Lupeni. I made sure along with my Cabinet colleagues that all the required and humanly possible measures are being taken, we have good news about the three Romanians that were missing. I understand that, through the efforts of the miners rescuers who were assisted by the ISU colleagues, air was pumped and life signs were heard from the mine. I understand that  they are blocked at some 500 meters deep in mine,  we stand with their families and we make every effort, repeat, human and technical possible, to recover them alive. Today, before starting and outlining the main items on the agenda, I would like to thank my colleagues who were part of the delegation that represented the Romania in the joint government meeting with Bulgaria. It is a very important first step in strengthening Balkan relations, especially since this morning's meeting was followed by a meeting with the Prime Minister of Greece and the President of Serbia. It was not, as I said earlier, a meeting against someone or something, but a meeting that could enhance the potential of the four countries, in order that the three countries that are part of the European Union to have a coherent policy also regarding the presidency of the European Council – held by Bulgaria in 2018, and then Romania in 2019 -  to have coherence in approaches, but also coherence in everything that means interconnecting the two countries on energy, roads, transport and why not, commercially, to play together on third markets. Our colleagues have been successful in their actions, and we request them not to stop, but to carry things through. Yes. Of course ... when you do not have a diplomat, you have to search one. Minister Melescanu, I will communicate you the details too, we meet in this four format every three months, when we can, for instance, by the end of this month, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov will come to Romania. In early next month or by the end of this month, I am invited to Greece, it is not quite a diplomatic level meeting, Mr. Melescanu, but to have a progress report on the projects started. And we also meet in Belgrade, in December, in four -format. Today’s agenda includes a very important project for us all, Ro-Alert, a first step in implementing the real-time notification system for citizens who are in a danger zone, irrespective of the type of danger, weather or life –threating events. Madam Minister, you have the floor.

Carmen Dan: Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. As it is well known, the proposal comes up with your support, following the analysis of the extreme weather events that took place in the west of the country,  not long time ago, where, unfortunately, there were also victims- we lost eight Romanian citizens - and over 140 were injured. The draft ordinance is the result of consultations between all the institutional actors involved - I refer to STS, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and ANCOM. This system has many advantages, such as the transmission and cyclic repetition of rapid signals by authorized sources, adapted to the state of danger through mobile operators and this message, this alerting system is directed to all users in the area. It's important because until now, we have not had such an alert system, and it is obviously necessary because, meteorologists said that in the coming period, we will face more and more often the kind of 'nowcasting' phenomena. The system will be implemented with the support of STS and will be operated by the 24- hour operational structures, structures of the Department for Emergency Situations and of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations. Mr. Raed Arafat, in his capacity as Head of the Department of Emergency Situations within MAI, is designated to be in charge of the coordination of all activities concerning the financing and the unfolding of the procurement procedure, delivery and putting Ro Alert system into operation.

Mihai Tudose: Thank you, Minister. We should not overlook the very constructive position of the four mobile operators that assumed the incumbent costs, with all possible availability. Other two good news: the hospitals in Craiova and Cluj entered the final straight line in terms of land transfer .Madam Vice Prime Minister.

Sevil Shhaideh: Mr. Prime Minister, as I did two weeks ago for the Iasi regional hospital, today, following the efforts of Cluj local authorities, Health Ministry, Defence Ministry, we are about to propose on the daily agenda the issue on the landplots for Craiova and Cluj regional hospitals for the project funding request to ensue. Thanks.

Mihai Tudose: Thank you, Minister. I conclude by passing on my congratulations and on this occasion, taking pride in the special results achieved in Canada by Romania’s representatives to „Invictus”, Minister, I understand, you have some propositions in this respect.

Mircea Dusa: Mr. Prime Minister, as you proposed last week, we are presenting today an Executive Decision whereby we amend the methodological norms and we create the necessary framework to award the military wounded in the theater of operations, and who took part in the „Invictus” Games.

Mihai Tudose: Thank you very much, and once again, congratulations, those people are champions every day, fighting a disability acquired in the theater of operations. I would like to thank the media colleagues. 

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