Statements by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose at the start of the Cabinet meeting

06 July

Mihai Tudose: Good afternoon. Before tackling the official daily agenda, I will ask Interior Minister Carmen Daniela Dan to briefly present us the report on the necessary supply for SMURD rapid intervention, for special services and everything we spoke about last week.

Carmen Dan: Thank you, Prime Minister!

Mihai Tudose; I understand that you did the work together with the Minister...

Carmen Dan: With the National Defence Ministry and the Health Ministry and the Justice Ministry. As it was established on the previous Executive meeting, during this week, this working group operated at the level of the Interior Ministry, it drafted an ample report on the need of files and proposals to improve the aviation component –MAI and MApN – to jointly carry out emergency missions.

Upon drafting this report, it was taken into account an approach both regarding operational cooperation and the needs to strengthen cooperation and last but not least, an analysis of financial sources and legislative requirements.

Currently, to sum up, I can present the approach in a first phase of this search-rescue concept. This will be inserted as decided during the Cabinet meeting, in a memorandum or legislative act.

In the first place, we considered ensuring the availability of existing aircraft, and here we took into account the complete overhaul, in an authorized center, of the Cessna Medium Courier Aircraft engines, the 5600200 series, destined for the SMURD humanitarian missions. The financial need for this operationalization amounts to one million five hundred euros. Major repair of the MI-8 helicopter and its configuration for search-rescue missions including at sea - we are talking about installing the floating system - the estimated financial need is five million six hundred euros. Ensuring the necessary capabilities for the night vision goggles flight, for heavy helicopters, we took into account the operationalization of five already existing helicopters, we are speaking of financial necessary amount of five million euros; making repairs and ensuring the flight resource in 2017, we are speaking about a financial effort of 2.000.527 euros, as well as reducing the shortage of personnel. The necessary financial amount should be of course tackled according to the budget allocated to the secondary credit release authority.

With respect to capabilities with which the National Defence Ministry contributes, the aim was to identify at the level of this Ministry the optimum solutions to ensure the specific medical equipment, compatible with those in the national healthcare system, which may be used at carrying out the SMURD humanitarian missions, if needed for the helicopters that can operate in MEDEVAC system too. The amount necessary for this effort is 400 thousand euros – we are speaking about the identification of five locations and a first aid kit per location; identification at the level of the National Defence Ministry of a location in the central area of the national territory, in proximity of Carpathian Arch, for funding its arrangement as landing area, provided with helicopter maintainance possibilities, specific markings and illumination, the location will be instrumental for the SAR missions in the mountain area - the SAR missions are search-rescue missions - the financial need is 220,000 euros - as well as capitalizing on C-27 Spartan aircraft capabilities, emergency response for fire fighting, we are talking about the air launching system of water containers, by providing a stock of fire extinguisher kits, consumables. Here, we need 90 thousand euros. The total financial need for this first stage would be EUR 15,385,000.

Mihai Tudose: I understand. And that's only in the first stage.

Carmen Dan: In the first stage . The analysis also looks at a later stage, which has also a financial analysis of the financial cost, for the period 2018 - 2020. Thank you.

Mihai Tudose: And I thank you, Minister. For public information, the total would be about 400 million euros, the overall total, with all stages. But for stage I - 15,385,000 euros. Minister of Finance, I want this money at the rectification. It's not with yes or no. Is it right? And also, Minister, take all the steps to come up with a memo in the government, to start the procurement, repair and contracting procedures, where necessary. Thank you!

On education, Minister Pop, do you think there is any chance of being the first Cabinet in 10 years, or how long would it be, so that there is no more the famous scandal of shortage of textbooks at the start of the new school year?

Liviu Pop: Mr. Prime Minister, distinguished colleagues, it is the first priority of my tenure. The auction is currently unfolding. All the 119 projects of textbooks for the 5th grade are loading on SEAP platform. For the rest, all children have the reprinting assured. On September 11, for the first time, as I said, we will have textbooks on the new curricula for the fifth grade children, as we are discussing about 151, 950 pupils who will start the fifth grade on the new school curricula. Obviously, in early August, we will hold public consultation and a meeting at the level of the Government because by then, it will be decided what textbook will be used by every teacher from the pre-university education.

We have money including for teachers training for the new textbooks, so that additional amounts are not necessary for this chapter upon budget rectification, it is important for us to rally at the Ministry’s level, which we will do. On September 11, for the first time, as I said, we should have textbooks on the new curricula for the fifth grade children, who had all the time, for five years, problems, in pre-school, in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and fourth grade.

Mihai Tudose: On August 15, it is a feast.

Liviu Pop: I said August 1 to 15.

Mihai Tudose: In the first half of August, we have yes or not...

Liviu Pop: According to the calendar...

Mihai Tudose: Thank you very much.

Liviu Pop: According to the calendar, throughout August 1-8, a decision on the textbooks for every pupil in Romania will be taken.

Mihai Tudose: We will have what to distribute . Minister Bodoc, it is a piece of news that several unvaccinated children died. I want you to tell everybody if we have enough vaccines in the country. What to do for these vaccines to be used? How do we do for you to present us next week a report on what is needed for the Cantacuzino Institute be functional?

Florian Bodog: Yes. There were two press releases, one on the outbreak of an epidemic in Harghita. I have publicly communicated this, the local Public Health Directorate has the vaccine in stock until the end of July. And another information, the Public Health Directorate in Dolj County has the necessary amounts of vaccine. I do not know the reason why the doctor did not request additional vaccine if needed. Anyhow, I ordered the verification of all information that was spread and we will sanction the guilty. As regards the supply of vaccine, as of next week, vaccines will be supplied directly, unlike other similar periods, they will be directly supplied by the one who won the procedure, directly at the Public Health Directorate, based on the distribution of the National Institute of Public Health and will be supplied directly, therefore, as of next week, we have 571,262 doses in the country, unlike in previous years, nearly 380 thousands were purchased, therefore, the necessary amount. As regards Institute Cantacuzino, I have already started the discussion with the Research Minister, we are trying to find a solution to change the Government Decision and we will present it to you in order to operationalize the Institute Cantacuzino and I will present you a relaunch proposal.

Mihai Tudose: Proposal based on which we may have a manufacturer of vaccines in this country.

Florian Bodog: Yes, Mr. Prime Minister.

Mihai Tudose: I want to congratulate Minister Cuc, he has started working very intensely. Yesterday, together with Vice Prime Minister Ciolacu, I was at the Ministry of Transports, he very quickly unblocked 9 billion lei, projects of nine billions. Congratulations, it was not just an effort of one day. Keep the pace up!

Razvan Cuc: If you allow me...

Mihai Tudose: Or if you want us to check up on you every morning, we can do it.

Razvan Cuc: It is not necessary, I will report it.

The south beltway with motorway profile is on SEAP(electronic system of public procurement), and the high speed road Pitesti – Craiova.

Mihai Tudose: If other colleagues want to take the floor, if not, I thank the media colleagues.

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