Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila at the start of the Cabinet meeting

29 March


Viorica Dancila: Good afternoon! Rising temperature and the quick melting of snow generated problems in some localities across the country, where authorities are on alert for more than 48 hours. To date, effects of floods were registered in 48 localities of 11 counties but what matters is not that there is no one in danger, and that we have a small number of dwellings which are affected. This morning, three national roads were closed further on, and traffic restrictions were on the other three national roads. Over the next period, the situation on Danube is under observation, where the hydrological alert code for flood risk was issued. I want to thank the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Waters and Forests for the good cooperation and monitoring of the current situations and for the fact that they are ready to intervene as well, given the floods or landslides. At the same time, I want to share with you very good news, namely the privatization contract of Vestmoldtransgaz and Transgaz, was signed in the presence of the Minister of Economy, Mr. Danuţ Andruşcă and his Moldovan counterpart, Mr. Chiril Gaburici. As of this moment, we can say that Transgaz became a regional actor, but at the same time, we rejoice the interconnection from the energy standpoint between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. As you know, unfortunately, last week, five Romanian citizens died in blast at a chemical plant in the Czech Republic.

Minister Natalia Intotero paid an urgent visit to the respective locality, was in permanent contact with the families of the deceased, and also with local authorities. I had the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Government will approve on today’s meeting, an emergency aid in total amount of 225 thousand lei, to support the families of the Romanian citizens affected by the blast, and at the same time, I want to convey condolences to the bereaved families. On today’s Executive meeting, we will approve a framework –regulations, regulating the conditions of granting increments for work conditions to contractual personnel, who is carrying its activity in public institutions within the Health Ministry and the Public Health Directorates. This regulation includes increments to be granted by healthcare units from isolated localities, from this standpoint, we know that there is a staff shortage and we must offer incentives to have the needed medical personnel, in these localities too. As I pledged, today, we start approving through an emergency ordinance a set of measures in support of NGOs, providers of social services. Today, microenterprises that sponsor non-profit organizations that are providing social services accredited to at least one licensed social service, will benefit from the deduction of the related amounts from the income tax on micro-enterprises up to 20% of the tax for the quarter in which the expenditure was registered.

In case of individuals, the share of income tax that may be donated to support non-profit organizations  and religious denominations that are accredited social service providers with at least one licensed social service rises from 2% to 3.5%. Other important issues included in the Emergency Ordinance adopted today, at the proposal of the Ministry of Public Finance, aim at stimulating investment and entrepreneurship. I would like to give two more examples, namely the Emergency Ordinance introducing a new tax rule, according to which micro-enterprises can opt for the payment of the profit tax by meeting two conditions, namely a minimum share capital of 45,000 lei, about 10,000 euros, having at least two employees. So these are the choices that micro-enterprises have. Also, a new measure is introduced for haulers and passenger carriers, namely reducing the excise duty on diesel fuel, which decreases by 183.62 lei per tonne, namely by 217.31 lei per tonne, level of excise tax for diesel used as fuel for the freight sector or the transport of persons. Following the closure of the Cabinet meeting, the Spokesperson will detail the emergency ordinances we will adopt today. Thank you.

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