Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the start of the Cabinet meeting

24 July

Viorica Dăncilă: Good afternoon! There have been heavy rains lately which generated flooding in many communities and I have noticed that the weather forecast for the next days indicates similar weather phenomena. The Interior Ministry’s teams are on the ground, they have promptly intervened and have taken all necessary measures to help communities overcome these difficult moments caused by rains. Damage assessment activities will be conducted everywhere, in the affected localities. We will centralize these damages, to know precisely at the government level what interventions are necessary, and we will continue to grant emergency aid. I requested the Interior Ministry and the local authorities to monitor the situation so that over the next days, we can take preventive measures as much as possible and intervene urgently where needed.  

I would like to underline the takeover by the Economy Ministry of the majority share package of the Mangalia Shipyard. It is an important success of the Romanian state because it allows the control on a strategically important asset at the Black Sea. For the first time over the past 28 years, the Romanian state has taken over control on an industrial strategic facility. The partnership between the Economy Ministry, through the 2 Mai Shipyard, and the Damen Dutch Group will revitalize the activity of the yard and will allow important products to be achieved in Mangalia, ships with high added value which also generate a plus for the local and for the national economy and which allow the horizontal integration of other economic operators of Romania too.

As I pledged, we will further monitor the situation caused by recent months’ floods. Many communities were strongly affected, houses were destroyed, as well as the local infrastructure, bridges and other assets. In a first phase, we offered assistance to citizens on site, and we intervened to repair regional and county infrastructure. Now, we offer local communities of 28 counties the funds necessary to repair the infrastructure of the flood -hit localities.

The amounts necessary to each locality were requested by local public authorities and will be ensured from the Intervention Fund, at the Government’s disposal, stipulated in the state budget for 2018. Today, we will also approve the criteria to grant the financial rewards and prizes to performance athletes, coaches and other participants involved in the sports activity. Romanian athletes represent us in the world and deserve our recognition and appreciation. We will substantially increase the awards for sports competitions, those organized by both the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, as well as by other Ministries such as: the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Ministry of National Defence. These changes were operated following consultations with several institutions such as: the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, sports federations, sports clubs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of National Defence. As of tomorrow, I will start a Western Balkans tour which will include official visits to Montenegro and the Republic of Macedonia. The political dialogue with the two states ‘officials will focus on the reconfirmation of the enhanced bilateral relations, grounded in the support for EU accession and ensuring regional stability and security. We will also focus on developing the current good bilateral relations with these countries, with emphasis on strengthening economic cooperation. A major objective will be the European agenda of the two states, considering the importance that our country will attach to Western Balkans during our presidency of the Council of the EU in the first semester of 2019. At the close of the Cabinet meeting, the Government Spokesperson will provide details about the legislative documents that we will adopt during today’s Cabinet meeting. Thank you.

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