Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the start of the Cabinet meeting

10 April

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Good afternoon.

We continue in the same alert pace this week too, when we are chairing the sessions of 29 meetings, conferences and working groups in which important topics for European citizens are being discussed.

At the beginning of this week, in Luxembourg, Minister Teodor Melescanu attended the session of the Foreign Affairs Council and Minister George Ciamba chaired the General Affairs Council within which European Ministers debated the future Multiannual Financial Framework and the main policies financed from the Union’s budget.

In Brussels, Minister Alexandru Petrescu signed on behalf of Romania three declarations aimed at fostering digital progress in the field of agriculture and culture and at contributing to encouraging women’s participation in the digital economy.

These days, we are hosting in Bucharest the informal meeting of the Ministers of employment and social policies. Minister Marius Budai will discuss with his counterparts in the member states the policies on the increase of women’s participation in the labor market and reducing the remuneration difference between women and men.

Another important event for the future of the European project is the Informal meeting of the Ministers in charge of managing European funds to be held on Thursday and Friday. Minister Rovana Plumb will chair this meeting in which the investment priorities stipulated by the Cohesion Policy for the 2021 -2027 programming period, will be discussed. The emphasis will be put on reducing regional disparities and ensuring flexibility that would more rapidly respond to regional and local needs.

Also, this week, Minister Bogdan Matei opened the session of the EU Forum devoted to sports, and Minister Bogdan Trif attended the debates dedicated to the development of the network of tourist destinations of excellence at European level.

The most recent data released by the National Institute of Statistics(INS) show a positive revision of the quarterly economic growth and the Gross Domestic Product in 2018, compared to the first estimate.

Thus, in the fourth quarter of last year, compared to the previous quarter, the real GDP growth stood at 0. 9 percent, compared to 0.7 percent at the first estimate.

Also, INS revised the value of the GDP for 2018 which rose by 10.2 percent compared to 2017.

Last year, we added 87.5 billion lei to the GDP, compared to 52.5 billion lei in 2016. The real growth of the GDP maintains at 4. 1 percent.

This positive revision also improved the estimates on total investment.

The investments in economy reached last year a value of over 200 billion lei compared to 175 billion lei in 2017.

At the same time, the economic growth can be seen in Romanians’ pockets.

The official data show that in February this year, the average net nominal earnings grew by 17. 9 percent compared to the same period of last year, reaching 2,933 lei.

This data proves the efficiency of the measures taken by the PSD –ALDE government to increase the incomes of the population and to stimulate the business sector.

This shows us that we are on the right track, and we need to continue the implementation of the programme for government.

As I promised, the year 2019 will the year of investment for Romania’s development and the transport infrastructure is a key area.

We are moving fast with key projects that we have also discussed with business representatives investing in the areas of Craiova and Pitesti. On today's meeting, we approve three normative acts necessary to start some much awaited works by the citizens and for which we have the necessary appropriations in the budget. Thus, under a government decision, we adopt the expropriation procedures for the 2nd section of the Craiova-Pitesti expressway, after last week we did the same thing for the first section of the expressway. This time it is about establishing the location and amounts needed for expropriations on the second 40-kilometer section of this expressway.

Another normative act to be adopted on today’s Cabinet meeting refers to the south Craiova ring road, for which the technical and economic indicators will be reapproved in order to be able to unlock the stagnating procedures from 2014.

We are allocating about 200 million lei to carry out the works on this important objective included in the Master Plan of General Transport.

The third project concerns the modernisation of two sections of the DN 29D Botosani- Stefanesti national road that amount to about 42 kilometers.

By investing about 261 million lei, we will remove the areas with active risk of slipping along the route and, at the same time, we will upgrade this road that connects to the border crossing point with the Republic of Moldova at Stanca-Costesti.

Research –development and innovation are essential to ensure sustainable and competitive economic growth, and backing young researchers is a priority for the Romanian Government.

We will amend today the Grant programme that young graduates with special results, laureate at national and international Olympiads, so that we make it more attractive and easy to access.

Through invididual grants of up to 4,000 euros per year, granted throughout the university studies, including master and doctoral studies, we offer the young people who achieve performance, the possibility to continue their research activities in higher educational institutions from Romania, including after the completion of their studies.

It is another way whereby we want to encourage performance and to persuade young people with outstanding results to remain in the country.

We are launching the seven edition of the Internship Governmental Programme in support of the young people who want to know closely the work procedures in the administration.

Starting today, students and graduates of higher education are invited to apply for the 200 seats available in the ministries, institutions and authorities of the central public administration.

We increased the monthly allowance for interns from 1,000 lei to 2,080 gross lei.

I wish them greater success and we can’t wait to welcome them with open arms!

At the end of the Cabinet meeting, the Spokesman will detail the normative acts we will adopt on today’s Cabinet meeting.

Thank you!

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