Thursday, 02 June

Press release- Cabinet meeting – 500 million lei allocated temporarily to programs financed from European funds

The Government has approved by Decision, the temporary allocation of the amount of 500 million lei, in euro equivalent, with a view to providing the necessary funding for June 2016, for the operational programmes financed from structural funds within the Convergence Objective.  The funds come from privatisation proceeds.

The amount of 500 million lei will be allocated as follows:

300 million lei for the Sectoral Operational Programme Increase in Economic Competitiveness

200 million lei for the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development;

These amounts will provide the necessary funding to Managing  Authorities for June 2016 with a view to making payments for the reimbursement of eligible expenditure to beneficiaries. The measure supports the need to ensure the necessary funds at the level of the Certifying and Paying Authority / Managing Authorities to make payments to the beneficiaries' accounts, in order to implement the operational programs.

The amounts allocated temporarily to the managing authorities will be reimbursed to the Ministry of Finance, in euro, of the amounts refunded for this purpose by the European Commission, by September 30, 2016.

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