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Press release – Cabinet meeting – Measures to remove the wage inequities for nearly 650.000 employees of the budgetary system



The wage system for healthcare and education sectors employees will be restructured as of August 2016, and the beneficiaries will be nearly 650.000 employees of all the occupational families.

The Government has approved today an Emergency Ordinance amending and supplemeting the GEO 57/ 2015 on the pay of the public sector employees in 2016, with a view to correcting errors made over the last five years in the public sector pay. The legislative act resulted following consultations within more meetings with representatives of all occupational families.

The budgetary expenditure entailed by the implementation of the new measures in 2016 is estimated to stand at at 873 million lei, and for 2017, at 2, 6 billion lei.

The amendments made by the legislative document adopted today by the Government focus mainly on the following aspects:

I.Curbing the public sector employment inequalities by:

Removing pay inequalities for equal pay for equal work, within the same institution. This will be done by bringing wages to the maximum level in payment in public institutions, public authorities, for all occupational families, in the limit of budgetary allocations;
As for the Ministries employees, bridging the wage gaps will be done by granting 70 percent of the wage level of the Secretariat –General of the Government. If the basic wages calculated at 70 percent of the wage level of the Secretariat General are smaller, the wage level for July 2016 is being kept;
Removing wage gap resulting from non-granting of the merit military allowance, following the enforcement of the Framework Law 330/ 2009 and the GEO 1/ 2010 for the occupational family Defence, public order and national safety. Thus, for the military personnel, policemen from the same public institution, military unit respectively, the seniority related allowances and wages which do not comprise the compensatory amounts corresponding to merit allowance/ pay for 2009, will be established at the level in payment of military seniority allowance/ seniority salary that include these compensatory amounts. These salary rights will be granted as such: 50 percent of them as of August 2016 and 50 percent as of August 2017.
Regulation of the situation of the employees holding the doctor title and who do not benefit from the compensatory amount included from 2010 in the basic salary, by granting a compensatory amount related to the scientific doctor title established at similar level in payment for the same position, teaching degree, length of service in education and pay corresponding to the length of service for the education personnel, namely professional grade corresponding to length of service at the other personnel categories from the institution, public authority, unit/similar unit.

II. Full restructuring of the pay system in the healthcare sector, as of August 2016, by establishing a pay scale with nominal values of wages in order to eliminate current inequities;

Establishing an additional increment of nearly 10 percent compared to the remaining salaries of beginners, with a view to boosting the attractiveness of career in the public sector. For instance, the basic salary of a doctor in a clinical unit will be between 2364 lei and 2944 lei, according to the length of service, and the salary of a nurse between 1960 lei and 2441 lei, according to length of service. The wage of a primary care physician from the ambulance or emergency care will be between 4371 lei and 5444 lei. The amount of pay differs according to specialization, degree and length of service and is completed with various increments.
If the basic wages established according to the wage scale are smaller than these, the level of wages of July 2016 is being kept;
Phasing out the length of service payment in accordance with the Framework Law 284/2010 regarding the unitary remuneration of personnel paid from public funds; Removal of inequities for all of the nearly 163.000 employees of the healthcare sector;

The amount of the gross monthly pay/ monthly gross military allowance taken into account upon establishing the residency scholarship is set to stand at 4749 lei.

It is also regulated the situation of the extra hours performed by the medical staff with higher education outside the legal working hours and the post related working hours. These will take place based on part-time labor contract for the work performed in line of duty.the personel will benefit fom the right arising from the activity performed in the line of duty.


III. Full restructuring of the pay system for the teaching personnel and the auxiliary personnel from education, as of August 2016, through:

Establishing a pay scale with nominal values of wages, with a view to removing current inequities: For instance, a teacher with higher education of long duration, 1st teaching degree, 1 to six years length of service, will have the basic salary between 1.896 and 2361 lei, and for a beginner, wage will range between 1700 and 2117 lei. For a university professor with a length of service of 6-10 years, in education, the basic salary will be between 2991 and 3465 lei, it will gradually increase, according to length of service, reaching in case of persons with more than 40 years length of service, to 6935 lei.
Establishing an additional increment of nearly 10 percent compared to the rest of wages of beginners, with a view to boosting the attractiveness of the career in education;
If the basic wages established according to wage scale are smaller or equal than the aforementioned, the level of wage for July 2016 is being kept;
If the gross wage determined according to the legislative document adopted today is bigger than the wage for July 2016, there will be granted 50 percent of the increase resulting as of August 2016 and 100 percent as of December 2017; Pay inequities are being removed for nearly 280.000 members of the teaching and auxiliary staff from the educational sector.
Regulating the granting of the allowance for special education(15 percent of the basic wage) of merit allowance (25 percent of the basic wage) of the classmaster allowance(10 percent of the basic salary) the amount of transitional compensations for teaching, managing, advising and control staff, if this meets the granting conditions stipulated by law;

IV. Introducing a system of awards based on reform conditions and performance criteria for the healthcare personnel as of January 2017, and the teaching and the auxilliary personnel of the education sector, as of January 2018. Thus:

The main credit release authority may grant awards every year, semester, quarter, in the limit of 2 percent of the expenditure with wages relative to the payroll staff, complying with budget funds, provided that the reform conditions and the performance criteria are met;
Reform conditions and performance criteria will be drawn up by the Health Ministry and the National Education and Scientific Research Ministry and will be approved by Executive Decision;
Awards by year, semester, quarter in the limit of 2 percent of the spending with salaries, will be granted only after the approval of the reform conditions and performance criteria by Executive Decision;
Individual awards are set by main credit release officers in the limit of the sums earmarked to this end, by the release authority, based on the fulfillment of reform conditions and performance criteria;


Other novelty element of the GEO focuses on the setting up of the general register of persons paid from public funds, for a clear record of employees from the budget system. The implementation will be established by Executive Decision. 


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