Wednesday, 22 June

Press release- Cabinet meeting -Public Finance Ministry reorganizes in preparation of Romania’s taking over the EU Council Presidency

The Government has adopted today a Decision on the reorganization of the Ministry of Public Finance. The legislative document includes setting up a post of Secretary of State, who will coordinate the European affairs activity from the public finance perspective, in preparation of Romania’s taking over EU Council Presidency (PRES), between July – December 2019.

With respect to the European agenda files falling under its responsibility, the Public Finance Ministry will have to organize all activities pertaining to fulfilling the Presidency tasks at European standards, in parallel with carrying out the current activities related to the European affairs. All these are needed to support the national interest in relation to other member states, to the Commission and the EU Council.

Romania, as country holding the European Union Council Presidency will have the following responsibilities:

• It will be responsible for the current management of the European agenda at the level of sectoral formations of the Council, at all levels (Councils, Coreper and working groups);

• It will lead and coordinate the dialogue with the other European institutions - the Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council – within the decision-making process;

• It will be responsible for organizing informal meetings in Romania (ministerial meetings, meetings at the level of senior officials, secretaries of state, CEOs, also workshops etc.);

• It will organize, chair and coordinate conferences devoted to specific priorities as well as cultural events to promote Romania (including at Brussels and in the Member States).

• It will participate in all the activities entailed by its membership of the Presidential trio, alongside Austria and Finland (January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020).

Also, a new organizational structure will be set up within the Ministry of Public Finance, named Directorate for Analysis and Research in the field of public finance. The new structure will be coordinated by a chief economist, in rank of Director General. The fiscal –budgetary policy initiatives promoted by the Government and the Parliament have a very broad impact area, from various segments of the population up to the business environment and financial institutions. For this reason, conducting economic analyses and research studies in the field of structural reforms, economic competitiveness and macroeconomic stability will contribute to boosting the public policies efficiency in the field of public finance.

At the same time, the Public Finance Ministry takes over the activities on the public – private partnership from the Department for Foreign Investment and Public – Private Partnership. The new structure contributes to drawing up the Government’strategy on public investments. At the same, along with the spending analysis and investment prioritization directorates, it establishes norms and procedures pertaining to the identification, selection and prioritization of projects, it supports the performance of contracts and advises teams on establishing specific clauses.

The legislative document amends the Government Decision 34/2009 on the organisation and functioning of the Ministry of Public Finance.


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