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Press release - Cabinet meeting -Romania will participate as host Member State in the European Consortium for Research Infrastructure "Extreme Light Infrastructure" - ELI-ERIC

Today, the Government has approved a Memorandum on Romania's participation as a host Member State in the European Consortium for Research Infrastructure "Extreme Light Infrastructure" - ELI-ERIC.

ELI (Extreme-Light-Infrastructure) is a European project assimilated at EU level, and supported by the European Commission, involving the participation of 40 research and education institutions from 13 European countries. This project will be the most advanced infrastructure in the world, intended for studies related to photon radiation with extreme characteristics.

On November 21, 2008, Romania submitted its candidacy for building ELI at Magurele - Ilfov and the Project Steering Committee decided and validated the construction of ELI in three locations: the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary. The three locations will have among their basic components: lasers emitting ultrashort pulses of very high power. In addition to it, the Center in Magurele will have an instrument that will provide photon radiation (gamma) with unique characteristics related to energy, brilliance and bandwidth. The three centers will be built with structural funds, according to the financing decisions approved by the European Commission.

Romania is represented within the ELI-ERIC by the National Research Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering "Horia Hulubei"- one of the most visible national institutes of research and development, which provides support and expertise at the institutional level regarding the research management and scientific excellence.

As the host Member State of ELI-ERIC, Romania will contribute to improving the scientific research at national level, will strengthen the participation of Romanian research in the European and international research, and in the technology transfer and development that represent the basic preoccupation of the European and international research. It will also create prerequisites for developing the technology transfer and for fostering the economic development by attracting investors, including the development of science, technology parks and industrial parks.

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