Wednesday, 22 June

Press release - Cabinet meeting -The pre-university education diplomas will be accompanied by an Europass descriptive supplement attesting to the acquisition of professional qualification skills

The qualification and professional qualification certificates to be issued to graduates of pre-university educational system will be accompanied by a descriptive annex, in Europass format, attesting to the acquisition of skills specific to a professional qualification for a certain level of professional training.

Also, persons exceeding by at least four years the academic age, and who completed primary education under the "Second Chance" Programme, will receive a certificate attesting to the completion of this level of education.

The Government has amended and supplemented a resolution approving the contents and format of diplomas that will be issued for graduates and teaching staff in the national pre-university education system.

The legislative document approved by the Government today, keeps the format of the school diplomas that have been issued for the Romanian education system graduates, and have been accepted on the labour market in the European Union, and it equally harmonises the contents of the respective documents with the qualification levels of the National Qualifications Framework and with the reference levels of the European Qualifications Framework in relation with the current system of initial professional training.

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