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Prime Minister Mihai Tudose: I voted for a cyanide ban in the Rosia Montana project

As a result of emerging public interpretations, the Government Press Office is authorized to specify the following:

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose’ statement of the September 4  interview to a television channel, that he voted in Parliament for a ban on cyanide mining, is consistent with his 2014 vote in Parliament.

Prime Minister specifies that he voted for the repeal of the bill on measures related to gold-silver ore exploitation at Rosia Montana and to stimulate and facilitate the development of mining activities in Romania.

The Head of the Executive is appealing to responsibility adding that his statements were taken out of context.

"I voted for the repeal of the bill on gold-silver ore exploitation in the Roşia Montană area, given that this type of exploitation can only be conducted technically by using cyanide. In conclusion, I voted against cyanide-based exploitation, " emphasizes Prime Minister Mihai Tudose.

Besides, Bill no. 520/2013 appears as repealed on the Chamber of Deputies’ site, and at the final voting, one can notice that Prime Minister Mihai Tudose voted for the repeal of the bill.

The bill

Final vote in the Chamber of Deputies (no. 746 in the vote history)

At the same time, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose outlines that he voted for the repeal of the amendment tabled by Remus Cernea in 2013, which provided that the use of cyanide-based mining technologies would be prohibited at any stage of the gold and silver exploitation, as he considered the amendment groundless.



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