Friday, 01 July

Prime Minister's consultations with the Coalition for the Development of Romania

Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș, Vice Prime Ministers  Vasile Dîncu and Costin Borc along with Ministers of European Funds, Finance, Transports and Environment have met today, July 1, at the seat of Government, with the representatives of the Coalition for the Development of Romania (CDR), a representative organization of the business sector.

The discussions between Cabinet members and CDR representatives have focused on important topics on the business sector’s agenda, such as: combating tax evasion, the cadastre law, the EU-funded projects, Romania’s transport infrastructure, and the measures to simplify and curb bureaucracy, which are required in the relationship between government and companies, as a departure from the measures already taken in the relationship between government and citizens.

The CDR representatives have appreciated the acceleration and consistency of recent months’ consultations, in the working groups at the technical level, between the government and the business sector representatives. The improvements to the 088 form, made following consultations between ANAF (National Agency for Fiscal Administration) and the private sector, have been exemplified in this respect, and both sides have emphasized the need to maintain the 088 and 394 forms for combating tax evasion.

They have also appreciated the positive developments following technical working groups’ consultations on agricultural cadastre legislation, the dialogue on energy issues, and the exchange of information and improvements in the infrastructure related legislation. 

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