Tuesday, 05 September

The stage of the projects unfolded with the World Bank in the healthcare field, under scrutiny during Prime Minister Tudose’s meeting with the WB delegation

The Government and the World Bank will accelerate the implementation pace of the projects started in the health sector and they intend to expand collaboration through new funding projects in this sector as well as in infrastructure.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, Health Minister Florian Bodog and Public Finance Minister Ionut Misa had a working meeting today, at the Victoria Palace, with a delegation of the World Bank mission to Romania headed by country manager Tatiana Proskuryakova.

During the meeting, it was analyzed the stage of the projects carried out by the Government with the support of the World Bank, with focus on healthcare projects developed under the project for improving the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system, approved for financing in 2014, and implemented by the Ministry of Health.

"We appreciate the World Bank’s openness to supporting Romania’s priority areas – healthcare and infrastructure. The fact that we have attracted in recent months funds under the World Bank project more than in its entire unfolding period shows our determination to improve conditions in hospitals and people's access to better quality medical services," emphasized Prime Minister Mihai Tudose.

The Head of the Executive stated that he wanted to strengthen cooperation with the World Bank by jointly developing an infrastructure country project.

The Minister of Health Florian Bodog mentioned that 12 equipment supply and service procurement contracts worth approximately 12 million euros were signed over the past six months (the acquisition of 277 anaesthetic machines for 50 medical facilities as well as of medical equipment for emergency units and anaesthesia and intensive care units for 79 hospitals being relevant in this respect).

At present, there are in various stages of the bidding procedure 10 procurement contracts for the purchase of medical services and equipment worth more than 70 million euros (acquisition of CT scanners, nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, PAXs) , equipment for ATI, laboratory equipment for NAMMD(The National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices), equipment for UPU, radiotherapy for 5 new locations - Oncology Institute Cluj Napoca, Municipal Emergency Clinical Hospital Timisoara, County Emergency Clinical Hospital Craiova, Municipal Clinical Hospital "Dr. Gavril Curteanu" Oradea, County Clinical Hospital Targu Mures).

Also, the evaluation procedure was finalized for the first 5 radiotherapy locations - Bucharest Oncology Institute, Emergency County Hospital of Baia Mare, Elias Emergency University Hospital Bucharest, "Sf Apostol Andrei " Emergency  County Clinical Hospital of Constanta, "Sf. Apostol Andrei" Emergency County Clinical Hospital of Galati.

„I have personally sought that we accelerate this project with the World Bank as my preoccupation is with us finding fast solutions to remedy as many shortages as possible in the healthcare system ” stated Minister Florian Bodog.

Cooperation between the Government and the World Bank will continue with periodic discussions at the level of Ministries.



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