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Monday, 11 December

Address by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose on the joint solemn meeting of Parliament to commemorate HM King Mihai I

President of Romania,

President of the Senate,

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies,

Former Presidents,

Your Beatitude,

Your Holiness,

Distinguished members of the Diplomatic Corps,

Distinguished guests, honorary colleagues,


It is an honor for me to be with you today, to evoke the personality of His Majesty King Mihai and his essential contribution to Romania’s development. A leader with the sense of duty toward the country, His Majesty remains in our memory as a depository of national values and a defender of Romania’s authentic interests. In their name, and out of love for Romanian people, he was always ready to sacrifice his personal comfort, proving that a King can always rise above the times. Therefore, he was able to nobly forgive all the injustices done to him, knowing that, after all, they are but the projection of the fear and weakness of those who did them.

After 1989, King Mihai understood that Romania’s place is alongside the free and democratic states, that Romania cannot develop outside the European Union, that Romanian society must be based on fundamental values such as democracy and freedom.

And with his ideas, with perseverance, wisdom, and patience, he worked so that Romania would find again its European and Euro-Atlantic destiny, and Romanian society would evolve alongside the great family of the states of the civilized world.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Six years ago, His Majesty King Mihai delivered a speech with the value of will before Parliament, a historic speech to which we discover new meanings today. As a politician, I understood that responsibility and public interest must stand at the basis of our decisions, policies and measures, I understand you cannot rule without openness towards dialogue, without understanding and accepting arguments, without tolerance. As a Romanian, I understand that moderation is needed both for the politician but also for those in office.

Dear Romanians,

King Mihai remains in history and we owe him. It is the honorary duty of every good Romanian to know the truth about the statesman that King Mihai was and remains, about his courage and dignity in crucial moments in Romania’s recent history, or about his power to  understand to give up personal well-being in favour of the public good. I’m sure that His Majesty’s vibrant personality will continue to inspire entire generations of Romanians who will love him sincerely, just like King Michael always loved his people in that unique way in which only a sovereign can. May he rest in peace!

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