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Sunday, 10 June

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila attended the service for the reconsecration of the Church of the Monastery Dealu

Address by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila at the service for the reconsecration of the Church of the Monastery Dealu


Your Beatitude, Father Patriarch Daniel,

Your Eminence Father Archbishop and Metropolitan Nifon,

Your Eminence,

The Right Reverend Mother Superior Emanuela,

Reverend Fathers,

Reverend Mothers,

Honorable Assembly,


For more than half a millennium, Dealu Monastery has been one of the richest historical places in our country, a witness to the formation and development of the Romanian nation, and a proof over time of the Romanian faith -strengthened power.

The beauty, tranquility and durability inspired by this place are emblematic of our people.

Looking at the wonderful architecture of the church, I cannot help thinking that at the moment of its construction, the founders had in mind the defining features of the Romanians.

The beauty of places and things is always conferred by people who built and cared for them and who passed them on to future generations with love, understanding and faith in good, just as the great voivodes who rest in the Great Church of the Dealu Monastery, did.

Here lies the head of 'Mihai Viteazu'' (Michael the Brave), the ruler who opened a new era in the history of the Romanian people, a model that inspired the Romanians to unite in one nation, three centuries later.

The unity of the Romanian people is closely linked to both faith and the Church. Monasteries and their caretakers played an important role in the formation of the Romanian people. They are defining for our culture and traditions that make us unique in the world. Anywhere in the world where there is a place of worship, the Romanians gather around it, both for good and for worse, but each time with pure soul and good thoughts.

As this year, we celebrate the Centenary of the Greater Union, I think it is mandatory for all of us to take the example of our forefathers, to inspire more in our actions from  Christian teachings, to put aside all kinds of annoyances, to treat one another with more gentleness, more understanding and, to stay united in protecting the values and beliefs that represent us.

May God help us!

Thank you.

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