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Tuesday, 09 January

Contracts worth 19.8 million euros to equip hospitals with medical imaging technology

34 hospitals across the country and in Bucharest will be equipped with 14 Computed Tomography scanners (CT), 24 Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment and 21 PASC information systems (medical imaging technology) used to store, retrieve, present and share images produced through radiography, CT scan, MRI). The three contracts worth 19.8 million euros for the purchase of medical equipment were signed today at Victoria Palace by Health Minister Florian Bodog and the equipment suppliers, in the presence of Prime Minister Mihai Tudose. Vice Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, presidents of County Councils and mayors, as well as managers of hospitals beneficiaries of the purchased equipment, also attended the signing ceremony.

"Health is a Government’s priority, alongside education and infrastructure. Providing advanced medical equipment is an important step in ensuring quality medical services. On the other hand, it is normal for every Romanian to receive support when facing a health issue, "stated Prime Minister Mihai Tudose. The Head of the Executive assured the local authorities representatives and hospital managers attending the ceremony that they have a partner in the Government in their responsibility to bring improvements to the medical system.

"Today, we are fulfilling a promise from the Programme for Government, which provides for a CT and a MRI for each hospital that does not have such equipment. We did not just limit ourselves to ticking a measure, but we also replaced old equipment from hospitals that could no longer be used. It is for the first time in the history of the public health system that we acquire medical imaging equipment to create, at national level, a sustainable and interconnected medical imaging network, " stated Minister of Health Florian Bodog. Minister added that local authorities and hospital managers are responsible for providing the appropriate space for the installation of the imaging equipment that they are going to receive.

The three procurement contracts are funded under the Loan Agreement with the World Bank, in total amount of EUR 250 million, accessed in 2014 and unblocked in 2017. In addition to imaging equipment procurement, the World Bank Agreement also provides for the construction of new intensive care units(ATI) and emergency care units(UPU), large burn centers, operating rooms, and rehabilitation of existing centers for various specialties, as well as the purchase of necessary equipment for intensive care units(ATI) and emergency care units(UPU), operating rooms, palliative, imaging, radiotherapy and oncology departments .


Statements by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and Health Minister Florian Bodog on the signing  of the medical equipment procurement contracts


Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Health, presidents of the county councils and mayors, dear guests,

We are attending the signing ceremony of the contracts for the purchase of 14 Computed Tomography scanners (CT), 24 Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment and 21 PASC information systems. 33 hospitals across the country and in the capital will benefit of this equipment, as these medical units have no had such equipment so far.

The signing ceremony takes place in the presence of the Romanian Prime Minister. Minister Florian Bodog signs from the Health Ministry, Mr. Ion Roman, administrator, from Dyomedica CND SRL, and Ms. Alexandra Munteanu, administrator from General Electric Medical System Romania SRL, and Mr. Nicolae Draghiceanu Bulescu, administrator, from Infomed SRL.


Mr. Prime Minister Mihai Tudose is invited to deliver a short speech.

Mihai Tudose: If it was established so, then, my address will be short. I do not know if somebody takes the floor from the beneficiaries, the first beneficiaries being local authorities as the real beneficiaries are the Romanians. It is a new step, a very small one, and I take this opportunity to ask Minister Bodog to come again in front of you to say what he has accomplished so far, since taking office, because figures are impressive and painful, as we are in the situation in which we need tens of CTs, tens, hundreds of NMR, hundreds, thousands perhaps ambulances, operating rooms, and Madam said at the start, and I will kindly ask you to better explain, Minister, those PACS. It is an abbreviation from an electronic archiving system of the imaging, important point in telemedicine in order that if you have an x-ray in Braila for instance, and this can be read by a specialist in Bucharest, or elsewhere, there where it is the best specialist in that field. It is a step towards normality, it is not an extraordinary event. I would like these things not to be extraordinary events anymore. And that any Romanian who goes to the nearest hospital, will benefit from all that he is entitled to benefit, this is not charity. The state is dutybound, we all are, both the Government, and you, representatives of local public authorities, presidents of county councils or mayors, to make available to people that we represent, the state’s protection and help in the healthcare field too or starting with healthcare field too. Congratulations, Minister! There are tens of millions euros, it is a good start, congratulations to you and the participants, for the fact that you applied. This morning I received a phone call from a county council chairman who was discontent  over not being among beneficiaries. The answer was very simple: you have not applied. You did not request, you did not apply. So once again, congratulations to those in this room. Congratulations that you care about the people you represent. You will always have a partner in Government especially in this field. And I request and advise all who are not present in this room, from among the county councils presidents, to write, ask or apply and they will find help. I congratulate and thank you for what you are doing. (...)

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