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Tuesday, 03 October

High-level quadrilateral meeting of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece

Statement by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose at the high-level quadrilateral meeting of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece


Mihai Tudose: I will resume something of what I discussed and established with you too, after the luncheon meeting, with Prime Minister Borisov. We have done nothing but extend the collaboration between Bulgaria and Romania, with Serbia and Greece. As it has been mentioned earlier, we, Romania, aren't a neighbour country of Greece, but we are Greece's partners, and we consider Greece as a neighbour country.

We are four countries making up the Western Balkans, Balkans that can equally be an entrance gate to the European Union, an exit gate from the European Union, or a wall protecting the European Union. We have the same interest, both strategic and economic, as well as good neighbours one, wanting Serbia to become a EU member country.

The gas interconnection of Serbia with Bulgaria is important, the interconnection of Serbia with Romania on electricity grids which we are working on is important. It is important that all four countries act like a single partner as regards energy relations with the rest of the European Union and avoid dependency on a single supplier.

Coordination is needed between infrastructure projects, because we are talking about common infrastructure projects, but we also have national projects, and coordination between the national projects is also very important to develop a network under the international ones, the great European corridors, allowing smaller economic exchanges, which, in fact, make up the day to day basis of the communities living at the border.

I am convinced that we are in a pragmatic partnership, we have no more time to lose, history doesn't wait for us, we have a huge opportunity, which I am positive we are materialising, and due to the fact that up to the first meeting, we already have some deadlines, some targets, we have some projects that we are pursuing.

I am very confident that as Prime Minister Borisov said, that everybody understands that this team wasn't created against anything or anyone, but only for our countries to capitalise on the big chances we have as best as possible.

Thank you very much, Mr. Prime Minister for your hospitality and the opportunity this meeting represented!

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