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Wednesday, 24 January

Interim Prime Minister’s message and participation in the wreath-laying ceremony at the Monument of Ruler Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, on the Romanian Principalities’ Union Day


Message by Interim Prime Minister Mihai Fifor on the Romanian Principalities’ Union Day -January 24th


Today, we are celebrating 159 years from the Romanian Principalities’ Union, under the leadership of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, "the energetic act of the entire Romanian nation", as one of its artisans Mihail Kogalniceanu characterized it.

Guided as many other European peoples of those times by the wish of national emancipation, aware of the legitimacy of their aspirations, the Romanians of the two Principalities succeeded on 24 January 1859 in giving other course to their history, different from the one already set by the external interests’ map.

The election of Colonel Cuza as ruler of both Romanian Principalities represented much more than a genuine solution to a matter that seemed to be unsolvable.

Romanian Principalities’ Union was possible both through political, diplomatic efforts of some visionary statesmen, through their friendship relations with key-countries in the European concert of the moment, and most importantly, through the whole nation’s convergence of the spirit which prompted the popular masses of the two Principalities to take their destiny in their own hands.

The dream of the unity of all Romanians, planted in the national consciousness by Mihai Viteazul in 1600, took shape on  January 24, 1859 and was completed in 1918, once with the Great Union whose centenary we celebrate this year.

If today Romania has a say in strong international organizations, if we can travel freely abroad, these concrete realities of our lives are largely due to the historical act of January 24, 1859. Last but not least, I am convinced that there are many families of Romanians who can pride themselves with a unionist ancestor from '59 and that is why I hope that today's feast will receive a bit of excitement from each of us.

In addition to the moral duty we have, to honour our ancestors for the acts of patriotism often carried to the sacrifice, this day is also an occasion of reflection upon the measure in which the past could create the future endlessly, through the horizon of hope it provided.

Respect and warm thoughts for our patriotic forefathers, happy anniversary, Romania!


                                                                           Mihai Fifor, Interim Prime Minister of Romania             

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