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Thursday, 29 June

Investiture of Tudose Cabinet in Parliament

Address by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose upon Cabinet investiture in Parliament


Mihai Tudose: Your Beatitude, Your All Holiness, presidents, distinguished members of the diplomatic corps, president of the Senate, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, MPs, Ministers, dear colleagues,

I have been entrusted today with a difficult task: to run a new PSD –ALDE Coalition Cabinet. It is a political moment which the future may explain better than us, so I will further refer to the aspects related to the economic component. I am a tehnical person, a man who lays great emphasis upon figures and precise deadlines and I can tell you that Romania is currently in a good economic moment. We have economic growth, a growth of industry, increase in revenues and consumption. We lack a vigorous growth in investments and budget revenues. For this, I’d like to believe that it’s for this reason that I was brought to the helm of this Government, to refresh the Government’s attitude towards investments, revenues and investors. I assure you that there are no other objectives as far as I am concerned, than the implementation of the programme for government, and recovery of delays that appeared along the way.

Grindeanu’s Cabinet , many of us here were part of, has led things in a good direction, but for what the PSD-ALDE government proposed, it is not enough. I do not want to criticize what happened, but I understand that there was a brake, and I was told to turn this brake into an accelerator, and that’s what I’m going to do.

At the time of the former Cabinet’s investiture in January, Prime Minister Grindeanu spoke of a normal government. It was a normal, beautiful speech and we all applauded it back then. Today, I understand that the main problem of former Cabinet was precisely that normality, that relaxed normality. I believe Romania needs today, quite the opposite, a government that is not relaxed, a government in a state of alertness, concentration, concern, permanent effort, a government preoccupied with deadlines and achievements, constructions, data, inaugurations. A government preoccupied with responsibility and performance. If we want all these promises made in campaign to become reality, we must forget the state of normality. Whoever wants normality, should take a job with fixed schedule.

In this Government, dear fellow ministers, we will work non-stop, we will work to recover what has been lost and what has been delayed. There will not be just efforts, but we shall appreciate the outcomes. This is the reason for which I hope you understand – we are all today in front of the Romanian Parliament –it is our only chance and the only way to attain our economic objectives. I assure everybody that we will engage with all our energy in attaining the objective of the programme for government.

There will be additions to the programme owing to delays and shortcomings in the first six months. The finality will be the same, the big purposes remain intact.

What we promised in the campaign, shall be achieved. The new Cabinet has enhanced, as you could see, its strengths, offices of Minister are now held by people at the forefront of the party, people with influence and experience. This shows that PSD clearly and definitely assumes, to the highest degree, its political responsibility for the economic programme. The Government will find it easier to manage central government, to obtain legislative support, to communicate with the party, to be better politically represented. The Government will be more effective.

I was proposed for this office by PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea and accepted by President Klaus Iohannis in order to give a boost particularly to investment and budget revenues growth, and I don’t want to fall short of the confidence shown to me. The Sovereign Investment and Development Fund, one of the most powerful investment instruments of this programme, has been ready for some time now. In my former capacity as Minister of Economy, I dealt with establishing it. The fund will now become operational within shortest time and this will send a very strong signal from Romania to the domestic and international business environment.

Other more important objective of the Government, after the first six months in office, is increase in budgetary receipts in the context of a sustained economic growth and increased investments. Measures will be taken very rapidly to increase the ANAF efficiency. Romania had in the first quarter of 2017, an economic growth well above the European average. To continue this trend, investments are needed in infrastructure, but also foreign investors. I assure you that we will make the investments and we will have investors too.

Other chapter on which we must continue to work intensely is European funds. This chapter is an essential source of development funding, in addition to FSDI(The Sovereign Investment and Development Fund) and budgetary receipts. The Government shall pursue the consolidation of the Strategic Partnership with the US, development of relations with strategic partners from the European Union, with Germany and France, as well as with the others EU states.

Civil servants from Ministries will be involved in a sustained work to analyze and draw up the draft laws. We need these draft laws to be drawn up with celerity, without this to affect their quality.

Government shall observe all Romania’s external commitments pertaining to macroeconomic indicators, including and in the first place that which limits the budget deficit to 3 percent.

Judiciary is an important field of the PSD government. I firmly believe that everything should be based on observing the fundamental law, the Constitution of Romania, and implicitly the Constitutional Court’s decisions. We cannot ask the citizens to obey judicial decisions if the decisions of the most important court, the Constitutional Court, are not enforced, are challenged and sometimes ridiculed. Laws must be clear, in accordance with the Constitution and the European regulations, and those who deliver justice, must be independent, in the spirit and the letter of the law, without any intrusion from anybody or any pressure from anybody.

This Cabinet will need –and it shall do it – to enforce the unitary pay law, an extremely important law which will have a multiannual impact at the budgetary level and also a very important social impact.

There is a multitude of urgent matters for this Cabinet: from industry to agriculture, from infrastructure to taxes, from healthcare to education. Most of them are to be found in the programme for government. We just need to turn a few pages ahead and we catch up on delays. We shall do it and we will recover these delays.

Distinguished colleagues, I am a former MP, I know very well your expectations in relation with the Prime Minister and also with Ministers. I will attach to the relationship with you, with Parliament, the importance due to the representative institution of the Romanian state. I will be present in Parliament anytime it will be necessary, or anytime I will be called or anytime an important law will require support at the highest government level. I will also ask all Ministers to do the same thing, to participate in the debate process, both in the plenum and the committees. I equally believe that the party that assumed goverment and the programme for government, the PSD, along with its coalition partner, ALDE, has the right to the legitimacy of controlling weekly, monthly or anytime they deem it necessary the implementation pace of the programme for government.

Let us not forget that this purpose of government is not the power itself, but its use for the benefit of people, a stable, durable welfare, on the long term, but as of tomorrow. This is why the Cabinet I present you today is obliged to exist only for that. There is not, I say it once again, other reason for which this Cabinet is here today, and if it were other, I would not be here today. 

Taking the aforementioned into account, dear colleagues, dear members of Romanian Parliament, I request your vote of confidence. Thank you!

The list of nominations for members of the Cabinet is as follows: Mihai Tudose — Prime Minister;  Sevil Shhaideh —Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds; Rovana Plumb — Minister - delegate for European Funds; Gratiela Leocadia Gavrilescu —Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Environment; Marcel Ciolacu —Vice Prime Minister; Mihai Fifor — Minister of Economy; Teodor Viorel Melescanu — Minister of Foreign Affairs; Victor Negrescu — Minister-delegate for European Affairs, Carmen Daniela Dan — Minister of Internal Affairs, Petre Daea — Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Adrian Tutuianu — Minister of National Defence; Lucian Romascanu — Minister of Culture and National Identity,  Liviu-Marian Pop — Minister of National Education; Lucian Puiu Georgescu — Minister of Research and Innovation; Toma-Florin Petcu — Minister of Energy; Tudorel Toader — Minister of Justice; Doina Pana — Minister of Waters and Forests; Lia-Olguta Vasilescu — Minister of Labor and Social Justice; Lucian Sova — Minister of Communications and Information Society; Florian-Dorel Bodog — Minister of Health; Marius-Alexandru Dunca — Minister of Youth and Sports; Alexandru-Razvan Cuc — Minister of Transport; Gabriel Petrea — Minister of Public Consultation and Social Dialogue; Viorel Ilie — Minister for Liaison with Parliament; Ilan Laufer — Minister for Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship; Mircea-Titus Dobre — Minister of Tourism; Andreea Pastirnac — Minister for Romanians Abroad;

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