Monday, 15 January

Joint press conference by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and Transport Minister Felix Stroe

Statements by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and Transport Minister Felix Stroe at the contract signing for the construction of the new bridge over Danube, in Braila


Felix Stroe: Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Vice Prime Minister, Minister of European Funds, distinguished media representatives, dear colleagues, we are signing today the contract for one of the most important infrastructure projects of the last 27 years which has been launched in Romania.  It’s a project worth approximately EUR 500 million, which will be built by an association of companies from Europe and Asia, which gives a plus of symbolism to the importance of this project. Once it is completed, the Bridge in Braila will be the third of its kind in Europe. I would like to thank you for attending this important event, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Vice Prime Minister, and Mr. Minister Marius Nica. Representatives of the CNAIR National Company, through director general Stefan Ionita as well as the entrepreneur representatives are present here, for the signing of this important contract. I invite you to proceed to contract signing.

Mihai Tudose: Distinguished company representatives, distinguished CNAIR beneficiary, in fact, distinguished Romanians, as we are the beneficiaries, it is an entry into normality. This objective is proposed for fulfillment and it has been discussed ever since 80s. It is nearly 40 years since this has been discussed. It is a huge step forward, now, we are all saying that 48 months, 4 months is much. Until a year ago, we did not even think that we were going to enter the first figures or the first letters in this respect. From this moment, practically it went straight. It is also a major objective in terms of the road infrastructure connecting the historical provinces, from northern Moldova to Dobrogea. It is also a national security element. It's also an element of normality. We can be a normal country where you do not need to take the ferry to cross a river. And when it's fog, certain areas of Romania become isolated islands. Congratulations to all those who have worked, as Mr Ionita said, from April until now, to a project of this magnitude, it has been a tight deadline. Congratulations! And I assure you that we will grant you all the support for projects of this kind to take place with the same speed, and to remove any impediment to their implementation. Thank you very much and congratulations!

Felix Stroe; Thank you very much, Mr. Prime Minister, for your presence to this important event of the Transport Ministry. I would like to inform you and those present here that today, we had a new working meeting with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. I want to specify that we have weekly meetings with this bank. We have mid-week meetings with the EBRD. Today, the EBRD representatives gave us a very good piece of news: the final decision was made in London at the EBRD to allocate about 300 million euros to complete the financial arrangement on the M6 ​​subway line. This is extremely positive, and we should rejoice at this news. I would also like to inform you that in accordance with the calendar we assumed together with the World Bank in your presence, the Project Monitoring Unit, the implementation unit has become operational today, January 15. It has competent specialists, the necessary logistics, all conditions, and it has started working. As of today, the team working to the motorway project, alongside the World Bank, is operational, Ploiesti-Brasov motorway project. There are things that nobody believed in, very short time ago, and which, look, they have started, and cannot be stopped even if somebody wanted this.

Thank you! We further assure you that the important projects of the Transport Ministry will continue, we will implement them, so that what is laid down in the programme for government does not just remain simply on paper. The representatives of the National Company of Roads and Motorways and representatives of the entrepreneur will remain in the hall for the press conference. Once again, Prime Minister, Ministers, thank you for attending this event!

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