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Friday, 24 Nov

Launch of the National Program "Romania's champions in school, high school and university"

Romania needs a redefinition of values, and the models for tomorrow's champions are athletes who have achieved performance, said Minister of Youth and Sport, Marius Dunca, at the launch of the National Programme "Romania's champions in School, High School and University".

"We conceived this project, which is part of the programme for government, because we all have the responsibility and duty to place trust in younger generation, the champions of tomorrow. I thank the Olympic, world and European champions, performance athletes for their involvement, " stated the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Minister Marius Dunca added that the national program would be developed in over 2500 schools, high schools and universities to promote sport "as the expression of the highest human quality".

The event at Victoria Palace was attended by about 40 performance athletes involved in this project.

"I am honored to be part of this project, which I thought by way of example. We have the moral obligation to stand by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and to support this project, "said Elisabeta Lipa, multiple Olympic champion at canoeing.

Ivan Patzaichin, quadruple gold laureate at the Summer Olympics, outlined the importance of this program to encourage young people to practice sports, especially those in rural areas: "I congratulate you for this project. I had models too, a 16-year-old kid, there were three world champions in my village and I said if they became champions, why should I not be too, I left determined to become a champion and it was not that simple. I am happy to be part of this project, I accepted it from the first moment, I have experience in this field as well. "

People interested in this program can access, a platform that presents for the first time in Romania a source of information and promotion of Romanian athletes, Olympic, world and European champions.

The 513 athletes who receive life rent from the Romanian state will reach about 2,500 school units from 41 counties and Bucharest. To promote this program, two advertising spots (radio and TV) were created, with the support of the National Audiovisual Council.

The program aims at increasing the active and systematic participation of children and young people in sports activities, promotion of sport values ​​as means of improving health, physical and mental condition, developing social behaviors and co-opting great athletes to promote the benefits of sport.

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