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Saturday, 02 Nov project, of the Government of Romania, was nominated for the prize “Bright Spots “offered in the Summit Open Government Partnership in London project, of the Government of Romania, was one of seven nominees for the prize “Bright Spots “offered in the Summit Open Government Partnership in London, in recognition of the efforts to increase the transparency of decision and involvement of citizens in the government. The project was conducted by Cristian Botan, Advisor within the Chancellery of Prime Minister of Romania, and Radu Puchiu, State Secretary in the same Chancellery.

Romanian Government representatives presented the initiative to over 1,000 delegates from the 61 countries participating in the Summit: representatives of governments, civil society experts , activists, businessmen, journalists, bloggers, and representatives of various international organizations – ex. World Bank, Inter -American Development Bank, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the United Nations Development Programme . The Summit offered the opportunity of presenting concrete examples of how transparency can improve public services, help economic growth, reduce poverty and corruption and restore people's confidence in their Governments. site gathers information about available positions in public organizations and submit it weekly to over 20,000 users , so as of its launch, the recruitment process in public administration has become more transparent. is part of the National Action Plan 2012-2014 for the implementation of commitments undertaken under the Partnership for Open Government, developed by the Romanian Government following consultation with civil society representatives in order to create conditions for more transparent governance.

According to the self-assessment report of the National Action Plan, until 30 September 2013, there were met 60% of the commitments undertaken for the first year of the Plan , while the other 30% were partially implemented . In addition, there was met in advance one of the commitments for 2014, namely open data integration in a single national platform , namely



About the Open Government Partnership ( OGP )

OGP is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure commitments from Governments to promote transparency, increase civic participation, fight corruption and harness new technologies to help Governments become more open, effective and accountable. The Partnership promotes new ways in which citizens and the state work together to solve common problems.

OGP was officially launched in September 2011, when eight founding governments - Brazil , Indonesia , Mexico , Norway, Philippines , South Africa , United Kingdom and United States - endorsed a Declaration on Open Government (Open Government Declaration ) and published national action plans with specific reform commitments .

In just two years, the eight founding members were joined by another 53, bringing the total to 61 participating countries. The total population of these 61 countries is 1.94 billion people - a figure based on the 2012 statistics of the World Bank.

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