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Friday, 12 January

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose attended the contract signing between the Ministry of National Defence and General Dynamics

Statements by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and Defence Minister Mihai Fifor on the occasion of the contract signing between the Ministry of National Defence and General Dynamics


Mihai Fifor: Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Vice Prime Minister, honored audience, it is a very important day for the National Defence Ministry, for the Government of Romania. Today, we are able to sign a contract of major importance not only for the Army’s endowment, but especially for the Romanian defense industry. As the Government has committed, here it is an extremely important contract that leads to the endowment of the Army, returns to the Romanian defense industry a consistent amount that will lead to the re-launch of a defense company of tradition – and I refer to the Bucharest Mechanical Plant.

I would like to salute the fact that this project is one starting under the signature of the current Prime Minister and Mr. Prime Minister, we thank you for that.

This idea emerged when Mr. Mihai Tudose held the office of Minister of Economy. I had the honor to continue this portfolio and we worked together to bring this armored carrier in the country, to Bucharest Mechanical Plant, and today, as Defence Minister, I cannot but hail the fact that this very important project has materialized. We all know the technical details, we have announced them before. This year, the first 36 armored personnel carriers out of the 227 will reach Romania, the last six of which to be produced in Romania at the Bucharest Mechanical Plant. I think it is a big step forward, I congratulate all those who have worked on this project and I assure our partners at Mowag, General Dynamics that, as far as we are concerned, we will fully respect the terms of the contract signed today. I would like to thank you for your full cooperation, as it was not easy, and we are all aware of it, to also thank the Defence Ministry’s team, for the exemplary way in which, as of the date when the Government Decision was published, November 29, they worked from early morning to late evening, for this negotiation to finalize and the contract to be signed today. Thank you all, good luck and may the Romanian Army be able to say at any moment that it is much better prepared and equipped through this major endowment program too. Thank you.

Mihai Tudose: Thank you. Distinguished representatives of the Romanian Army, distinguished guests, distinguished new Romanians, as I like to call you now, because, for nine months, or nine months ago, we started - as Minister Fifor has said, a discussion on this theme, in my office, at the Economy Ministry. Nine months have passed, and something was delivered on time, for Romania, something that meets both Romania’s security and defence needs, its commitments as strategic partner with NATO,  and also with the European countries, and also a commitment we took then, to do something for the Romanian economy. The fact that as Minister Fifor has mentioned,  the last six of this year, not the last six of the 227, will be manufactured in Romania and Romania again becoming a manufacturer through a state entity in association with General Dynamics European Land Systems, a leading military hardware manufacturer, I think it is a good start for the Romanian industry, for the Romanian defence industry. Therefore, I would like to thank all employees of the Economy Ministry, Justice Ministry, Finance Ministry, and especially the National Defence Ministry who contributed to the successful accomplishment of a project which began nine months ago with a sketch on a wall, and one day, we called it Picasso project, as it was something which could hardly be called art, and it was only us who knew what was all about. I would like to thank you very much for your confidence in Romania, and also to express my thanks for the dedication of the people who contributed to this accomplishment, and to those in the defence industry, who had patience and did not destroy that plant, endured and preserved it so that we   can be proud today that we have what to put on the table, at such a level of collaboration. Thank you. Congratulations! Good luck!


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