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Wednesday, 15 Nov

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose attended the National Congress of CNSRL -Fratia

Statements by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose following his participation in the National Congress of CNSRL- Fratia


I came today, along with Vice Prime Minister Ciolacu to the largest trade union confederation CNSRL- Fratia for two reasons: one – to thank them for the help they granted us in solving as many specific situations as possible within the trade unions they represent; and second, to assure them of our further full openness in everything that means Romania’s development and better living standards for people for people. I think the conclusions, from trade unions’ point of view, will be detailed by their leaders. Furthermore, if they accept, I proposed them an agreement between Government and CNSRL Fratia under which to institutionalize this permanent exchange of information and work for people.

Reporter: Will the protests stop/.../?

Mihai Tudose: Do not ask me if protests stop/.../.

Reporter: /.../?

Mihai Tudose: As you could notice, last week, a lot of multinationals, very big companies, already publicly announced they would not lower net salaries.


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