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Monday, 18 December

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose attended the signing ceremony of the financing contracts submitted under two priority axes, within ROP and POIM programmes

Financing contracts over 1.3 billion lei have been signed today at the Government HQ

18 financing contracts worth 1.323 billion lei were signed today by the Minister –delegate for European funds Marius Nica, with public and private beneficiaries, in the presence of Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and the European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu.

These are funding contracts submitted under the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Programme and the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme.

”We have been consistent and we have fulfilled this commitment this year. We submited documents for payments worth 5.2 billion, an amount to be reimbursed after the Commission processes the documents. Our next year’s target is 6. 3 billion at least. We remain consistent with our priorities in terms of the destination of these European funds: education, healthcare and infrastructure”, stated Prime Minister Mihai Tudose.

The European Commissioner Corina Cretu congratulated the Romanian authorities for having accelerated the absorption process, showing that from August to present, European funds worth EUR 4.3 billion have entered the economy. ”I congratulate you for having priorities such as: healthcare, education, objectives related to competitiveness and reducing development gaps” stated the Commissioner.

The financing contracts we are signing today are part of the objective undertaken by the Government to sign until the end of the year all financing contracts aimed at rehabilitation/modernization of the county roads, underlined the Minister –delegate for European funds Marius Nica.

The signing ceremony of the contracts has also been attended by the Vice Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, Vice Prime Minister Paul Stanescu, Transport Minister Felix Stroe, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petre Daea, representatives of local authorities and private sector.

Additional information

17 financing contracts have been signed today at Government HQ for eligible projects under the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Programme (ROP) amounting to 623 million lei. Seven projects of these, whose total eligible value exceeds 524 million lei, have been submitted by public beneficiaries and are aimed at the rehabilitation, modernization and / or improvement of the road infrastructure in the counties of Bistrita Nasaud and Bihor (one project), Sălaj (2 projects) and Cluj (3 projects).

Also, ten private applicants will sign financing contracts with a total eligible value of over 8.76 million lei for investments in equipment acquisition, development, innovation and increased competitiveness on the local market.

The financing contract relative to the regional project for the development of the water and wastewater infrastructure in the Turda - Campia Turzii region has been also signed today at Victoria Palace. The investment, requested by SC Water Company Arieş S.A. and proposed for financing under the Operational Programme for Large Infrastructure (POIM), has an eligible value of over 700 million lei (of which almost 600 million lei European funds) and involves works for expansion and improvement of the water and wastewater infrastructure for the benefit of environment and people in the region.


Mihai Tudose: Good afternoon! Welcome, European Commissioner! Distinguished representatives of local authorities, presidents and vice-presidents, ministers, distinguished representatives of the private sector, dear media colleagues. I did not want today to be a festive day because I said it was an act of normality that is happening today, and we would like these things to be an act of normality as often as possible. We have been consistent and we have fulfilled this commitment this year, Madam Commissioner. We submited documents to Brussels for payments worth 5.2 billion. It rests that, with your help, the Commission processes the documents we submitted, and reimburse the entire amount. Our next year’s target is 6. 3 billion at least. We are convinced and optimistic that with your help and with the Commission’s help, we will exceed this amount. We remain consistent with our priorities in terms of the destination of these European funds: education, healthcare and infrastructure. And with a special note, as we are used to , the funds for agriculture,  where we want to be as successful as we have been this year. I thank the Government's colleagues – Vice Prime Minister Paul Stănescu, Minister Marius Nica, Transport Minister Felix Stroe, and of course Minister Daea for their efforts and also thank those who have applied today, and the administration also, because they are indispensable for this. In this period, I have noticed two things – we coped with the efforts we have made to unblock what was blocked at the Managing Authorities and also with the lack of projects with a level of maturity to implement. Instead, the opposite principle to attracting European funds - which is one of the main engines of economic growth and of Romania's growth - is, nonetheless, the activity in Romania at all levels. We are sometimes our own enemies, worse than, perhaps, any enemy abroad that could hurt us. Once again, thank you very much, Commissioner! 

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