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Monday, 20 Nov

Prime Minister Tudose: The Government is open to cutting through the red tape in the activity of family doctors and to increasing funds for doctor’s offices

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose had a new round of talks with representatives of family doctors, at the Victoria Palace, in continuation of consultations started last week.

The Head of the Executive expressed openness to adopting measures to solve the problems raised by the family doctors representatives, including cutting through the red tape in the activity of medical staff and increasing funds for the operation of doctor’s offices. Prime Minister Tudose also mentioned that he wanted to solve the long-term shortage of family doctors in disadvantaged areas. He emphasized that at the level of the Government, amid the drafting the 2018 national budget, solutions were being sought for an increase in the financial envelope for both the healthcare services and expenses related to the operation of doctor’s offices. On this occasion, the interim chairperson of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), Razvan Teohari Vulcanescu presented a proposal for a gradual increase in the doctor’s office revenues, enforceable through the implementation of the new framework –Contract, completed later by additional funds granted through budget rectifications.

Prime Minister and CNAS Chairperson put forward proposals in response to the requests of family doctors who reiterated the difficulties they had been facing, especially those relative to medical offices funding, and cutting through the red tape in the activity of family doctors. On this occasion, the doctors submitted to Prime Minister a draft framework contract for next year, which is to be discussed with the Health Ministry and CNAS representatives. Physicians also called for the uniformity of the salary scale of family doctors, to the same level as that of physicians working in clinics.

Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health, Corina Silvia Pop mentioned that family doctors could also benefit from European non-reimbursable funds by participating in national screening programs for the population, run by the Ministry of Health.

Discussions will continue with representatives of the Ministry of Health and CNAS on the framework contract and clinical protocols with a view to finding a solution in favor of both parties.

Also attending the meeting were Vice Prime Minister Ion Marcel Ciolacu, Minister of Public Finance Ionut Mişa, Minister of Public Consultation and Social Dialogue Gabriel Petrea, Interim chairperson of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), Răzvan Teohari Vulcănescu, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health, Corina Silvia Pop, and Advisor to the Prime Minister on healthcare, Professor Florian Popa.

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