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Wednesday, 28 Nov

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă attended the solemn plenary session of the Parliament dedicated to the Great Union Centennial

Speech by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the solemn plenary session of the Parliament dedicated to the Great Union Centennial


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Mr. President of Romania, Mr. President of the Senate, Mr. Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. President Emil Constantinescu, Mr. President Traian Basescu, Your Beatitude, Your Holiness, Dear representatives of the religious cults, Distinguished members of the Royal Family, President of the Constitutional Court, President of the Court of Accounts, President of the Legislative Council, President of the Romanian Academy, Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps, Honorable Guests,

I have come today in Parliament to the solemn session honoring the Great Union Centennial, in my capacity as Prime Minister, with a message of peace and unity to all Romanians.

The Centennial is about celebrating the national ideal, recalling the deeds of our forefathers who succeeded in channeling the force and energies of this people, about the values, principles and faith that united Romanians and about paying tribute to the heroic deeds of those who sacrificed their lives for Romanians and Greater Romania.

As Prime Minister, I trust the ability of the entire Romanian society to follow the example of those who believed in the future of Romania, and I am convinced that the Centennial Anniversary must unite us, because we have a sacred duty: to pass on to our children this notable legacy we received from our forefathers 100 years ago. And the Romanian society has resources aplenty to attain this important objective.

I believe in consensus, balance and co-operation.

We all see that, unfortunately, there are situations when consensus is very difficult to reach, but I am confident that these obstacles can be overcome.

There is no place for political hubris and personal interests on this road.

I greet the opposition parties.

I greet the Liberals for the essential contribution of the Bratianu family to the achievement of Greater Romania and the Union in 1918. It is a precious political legacy left to you by the founders of the PNL(National Liberal Party). But it is also a high pitch left to those who are leading this party today.

However fierce the political struggle here in Parliament would be, there is no reason in this world to justify a vote against your own country.

Differences of opinion must not place us in adverse positions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. We can debate, negotiate, there are legislative and institutional levers that work and must be observed.

 I would recommend those who represent Romania at one level or another, that, regardless of their political or personal views, they should first think of our common interest as an European nation, not just of their personal grievances.

The famous motto "by ourselves" that the Brătianu family put on the frontispiece of the Great Union must find a correspondent in our present too.

"By ourselves and not by others" we should solve our problems in Romania.

"By ourselves, not by others" we should defend our national interests in Europe and the world in general, and this does not make us less pro-European.

"By ourselves, not by others" must still be the motto of Romania, after the 100 years that have passed since the Great Union.

One can criticize, express opinions or dissatisfactions, but as a Romanian, when talking about Romania, you have to be well-balanced in your statements.

As a politician, regardless of doctrinal beliefs, you are dutybound to defend and promote the rights of Romanian citizens, to fight for your country to be treated with respect, to do your best, through the legal levers and the scope of the office, for Romanians to enjoy the same rights and same freedoms like all the other European citizens.


Dear Romanians,

On this Centennial anniversary, I would like to convey a message to the representatives of national minorities in Romania. I am also addressing the UDMR parliamentarians and of the 18 other minorities represented in the Romanian Parliament.

I would like to remind you all that the fundamental rights of the minorities in Romania were guaranteed even by the Act of the Great Union we celebrate today.

The Resolution of the Alba-Iulia National Assembly of December 1, 1918, enshrines the following principle that is valid at present too:

" Full national freedom for all the co-inhabiting peoples. Each people will study, manage and judge in its own language by individuals of its own stock and each people will get the right to be represented in the law bodies and in the government of the country in accordance with the number of its individuals”.

 In this so simple form, we find the rights of minorities to use their mother tongue in education, administration and justice. We find that the right of representation in the Romanian Parliament is observed today by your presence in this Chamber.

On behalf of the Government I am leading, I guarantee to all Romanian citizens of another ethnicity that they will continue to enjoy all rights and all our respect, regardless of the provocative statements that some foreign officials are launching from time to time against Romania. Regardless of their ethnicity or the language they are speaking, Romanian citizens belong to Romania! They must not be stigmatized because of irresponsible statements coming from outside the country!

Dear compatriots,

In this solemn session of the Great Union Centennial, I am sending a message of political peace to the President of Romania too, Mr. Klaus Iohannis. As I stated throughout my mandate, I hold the firm belief that irrespective of the political and electoral stakes ahead of us, in our official capacity – as Prime Minister or as President – we are dutybound to cooperate, to collaborate. It is a duty beyond any personal stake. It is a duty towards Romanians and Romania!

This would be the time to enjoy consensus,  tranquility, 100 years on since the Great Union.

I want us to celebrate the National Day in a climate of tranquility and peace, without division. The national interest should prevail over the political one.

In this solemn moment of the Centennial, I seek inspiration from the wisdom of the Great Union achievers and put aside division.

I put aside attacks, unjust criticism or even the insults targeting me  previously.

I am calling on you all for unity!

The takeover of the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union has now entered a straight line, and from January 1st, we will responsibly exercise our mandate for which we have been preparing throughout the year!

Let us, Romanians, stand united in the next six months when Romania will play an extremely important role! Let us show that our country fulfills this high responsibility in a dignified manner.

Let us, Romanians, stand united, so that we adopt the euro by 2024!

Let us stand united in order to carry out the projects of strategic importance to Romania. Let us no longer interrupt them just because they were started by others, let us carry them out for the Romanians and for Romania.

Let us, Romanians, stand united in the European Parliament and before the European Commission for Romania to be admitted to the Schengen Area and be no longer criticized for things that are well allowed in other EU member states.

Let us, Romanians, stand united for strengthening Romania’s position in Europe and in the North Atlantic Alliance

I trust that together we will successfully manage the important dossiers we will have on the table, ensuring balance and best representation for all European citizens.

100 years after the Great Union I am convinced that we have at least 100 reasons to unite us! We have at least 100 reasons to act as a dignified and powerful nation!

When Great Romania celebrates its 100th birthday, we have at least 100 reasons to be proud of being Romanian.

we have a beautiful and rich country;

a history full of heroes who made possible the existence of our nation;

we have inventions and inventors who have impressed the whole world;

remarkable geniuses who have woven gold with our cultural dowry;

famous athletes who have won worldwide awards and established new world records.

Above all, we have a common future, ours and that of future generations. It depends only on us how we will fulfill it.


Dear Romanians,

We must continue to love our country, to remain unshaken in our faith, to be united in defending and preserving in our heart the traditions, values ​​and symbols of this people. Let us have confidence that through consensus, dialogue and openness, we can build a strong Romania for hundreds of years to come.

Happy Birthday, Romania! Happy Anniversary to all Romanians!





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