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Saturday, 01 December

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă attends the National Day celebrations

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă’s message on the National Day of Romania in Centennial Year


We celebrate today the National Day, in the Centennial Year, thinking of the unity of those who one hundred years ago believed in Romania's future and in the sacred duty that we have to be inspired from this accomplished ideal of our forefathers.

On this occasion, I convey to all Romanians a message of peace and unity. I trust that the Romanian society has further resources aplenty for consensus, balance and political wisdom so as to promote our joint interest as European nation.

We should enter the second century of modern Romania following the example of the Greater Union forefathers, in order to carry out the strategic projects we envisaged for Romania. Let us not interrupt these projects on grounds of having been started by the others! There is no place for political hubris and personal interests on this road.

The fact that we all want to live in a prosperous Romania, attached to European values and which maintains its national identity represents the best argument to unite our efforts in the interest of citizens and ours as a nation. The famous motto "by ourselves" that the Brătianu family put on the frontispiece of the Great Union must find a correspondent in our present too, and this does not make us less pro- Europeans.

I believe in consensus, balance and cooperation. Differences of opinion must not place us in adverse positions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. We can debate, negotiate, there are legislative and institutional levers that work and must be observed.

It is time when political peace is needed and in this respect, I am calling on the political class. As Romanians, when speaking about Romania, regardless of our official capacity, we need to be well-balanced in statements, and put aside electoral or political stakes.

Let us be united in view of the forthcoming mandate of Romania to the presidency of the Council of the European Union in which we play the role of impartial mediator. Let us show that our country is ready to carry out this high responsibility in a dignified manner!

Let us unite our efforts so that the economic development of Romania allow the adoption of the euro in 2024.

 Let us be united so that the admission of Romania to the Schengen area be decided only on the mandatory technical criteria.

These are the main reasons which should bring us together. 100 years after the Great Union, I am convinced that we have at least 100 reasons to act as a dignified and powerful nation: natural beauty of Romania, history, natural resources, traditions, cultural personalities, men of science, great political and sporting personalities, who made Romania’s name known in the entire world.

Above all, we have the responsibility of our future and that of future generations.

Through dialogue and openness, we can build a strong Romania for hundreds of years to come.

Happy Birthday, Romania! Happy Anniversary to all Romanians!


Viorica Dăncilă

Prime Minister of Romania

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