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Monday, 12 March

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila met with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and Greece, in the presence of the Head of the Romanian diplomacy


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila had a meeting today with Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva and Greece's Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, in the presence of the Head of the Romanian diplomacy Teodor Melescanu. The meeting was held on the occasion of the tenth Romania-Bulgaria-Greece trilateral that was held on the same day in Bucharest. The second trilateral meeting in this format was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, on May 7, 2014.

The meeting of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and the Foreign Ministers of Greece and Bulgaria is in line with the recent foreign policy actions, focusing on the regional dimension - a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and a telephone conversation with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov - and it occurs as at the EU level, priorities regarding the Western Balkans are being discussed. In the same regional logic, a meeting of Foreign Ministers in a Bucharest 9 (B9) format will take place in Romania these days. Enhancing regional cooperation from both a European and a strategic perspective is thus pursued.

Romanian Prime Minister welcomed the presence of the two Ministers in Bucharest and expressed her satisfaction with the continuation of the aforementioned trilateral format for more than two decades that proves useful and adds value especially in the context of regional cooperation and interconnection projects.

The officials emphasized the privileged nature of the relations among the three states, as reflected on bilateral cooperation, as well as shared interests that bring their positions closer on a regional level - with emphasis on the European integration of the states in the area - and in Europe, where they share the objective of a united and cohesive Europe that shows solidarity.

In this respect, all three countries voiced their full readiness o to continue to develop bilateral and regional cooperation and to jointly promote projects of shared interest for the benefit of their citizens.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila congratulated Bulgaria on the successful start of the Bulgarian presidency of the EU Council, assuring the Bulgarian party of full support in fulfilling the set objectives. There was highlighted the wide range of opportunities that Romania and Bulgaria benefit from, as neighbouring states, EU and NATO members, which the two countries want to capitalise on.

The Romanian Prime Minister underlined the role that Romanian ethnics in Bulgaria and Bulgarian ethnics in Romania play in the development of bilateral relations, as bridges between the two countries.

At economic level, the need to encourage contacts between businesspeople and to give a more pronounced dynamics to bilateral trade and mutual investment to create new jobs was revealed.

The officials agreed on the importance of effective implementation of regional development programmes and cross-border cooperation between Romania and Bulgaria, in order to unfold concrete projects on European funds to secure economic and social convergence in the two states.

The Romanian Executive also mentioned a lasting friendship between Romania and Greece and their people, based on links with deep historical roots and numerous similitudes and approach convergences on current themes of interest at regional and European level, which confers the bilateral relationship an important potential of development and diversification.

The Romanian dignitary voiced desire to boost bilateral political dialogue and to resume high –level contacts.

The contribution of the Romanian community in Greece and the Greek community in Romania to the consolidation of the relations between the two nations and the development of cultural links was underlined. At the economic level, an increase in Romanian-Greek commercial exchanges in 2017 was hailed. At the same time, the importance of maintaining and consolidating this trend was emphasised, alongside the promotion of bilateral investment, given the existence of a great potential to explore and capitalize.

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