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Tuesday, 15 January

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă’s message on the National Culture Day

We are celebrating today the National Culture Day and we mark 169 years since the birth of the “complete man of the Romanian culture” as Constantin Noica wrote about Mihai Eminescu, in the works of whom the Romanians identify one of their most valuable legacies, shared by all generations.

The National Culture Day calls for reflection on Romania and Romanianism, on our traditions and beliefs we are proud of, we have the duty to respect, defend and make known worldwide. It is also an opportunity for us to meditate on the fundamental role of culture in the Romanian nation’s unity, in the development of the society and of each of us.

The Romanian cultural identity has got new valencies once with the country’s integration in the great European family. The national cultural values with their imprint assert our individuality, but also our affinities, complete and consolidate the European cultural heritage.

Through all the cultural actions that Romania will promote at the helm of the Council of the European Union, we will contribute to ensuring harmony and unity in diversity at European level and to strengthening the sense of belonging to the great European family, while maintaining at the same time the cultural identity of nations. We shall promote the cultural and intellectual wealth of Romania, of the Romanians, a true national treasure and never-ending source of inspiration for the next generations.

On behalf of the Romanian Government, I address thanks to the Romanians everywhere for their daily contribution to the preservation and affirmation of the Romanian cultural heritage, values and traditions.


Prime Minister

Viorica Dancila

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