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Tuesday, 27 February

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's working visit to the Republic of Moldova

Joint press conference by Prime Minister of Romania Viorica Dancila and Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip


Pavel Filip: Distinguished Prime Minister, distinguished media representatives, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to wish a warm welcome to the Romanian Cabinet delegation in this extended format, and to thank Madam Prime Minister for having accepted the invitation to pay this visit despite the very busy agenda and only short time after taking over.

It is a very important visit because Romania was and stays the most consistent supporter of the Republic of Moldova, be the support of the reform agenda implementation domestically or the implementation of our European agenda, the association agenda. The exchange of opinions was constructive and sincere and the proposals made within them confirm the wish to strengthen the strategic partnership between our countries. I can state that we found understanding and full support on all topics addressed.

I briefed Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on our progress with domestic reform and foreign actions in the context of the promotion of our European agenda. In this respect, we expressed gratitude for the balanced messages promoted by Romania both within bilateral formats and within Brussels institutions about the internal situation in the Republic of Moldova and progress with the implementation of reforms. I especially thanked Romania for its efforts in organizing the meetings of Moldova’s Friends Group, including yesterday, February 26, in Brussels.

Along with Prime Minister, I reviewed the bilateral relations and we noticed that their level is solid, the relations between the Republic of Moldova and Romania are excellent: we outlined the multiple instruments which can render this dialogue more effective, I refer, first of all to the joint sittings of our Cabinets which were very efficient in the past, and we agreed that soon, we will have a joint meeting of Cabinets, and this time, I proposed this meeting to be held in Chisinau.

The commercial economic cooperation was also punctually assessed. You all know that the Republic of Moldova has increased its exports to the European Union market, these reached more than 65 per cent, but at the same time, we must say the most significant exchanges were with Romania. Last year, we reached 1.303 billion dollars in trade exchanges with Romania, which is our top investor, and not just in terms of trade exchanges, but also of investments. Companies with Romanian capital are the most numerous when we talk of foreign capital in Moldova.Under the aspect of further capitalization of investment, we greeted the entry of the Banca Transilvania on the Republic of Moldova’s market and the opening at Chisinau of the Transgaz (Romanian natural gas carrier) subsidiary and its decision to participate in the privatization contest of state enterprise Verstmoldtransgaz. On this occasion, I would like to announce that yesterday, February 26, the Committee for the privatization contests announced the result of contests, where SRL Eurotransgaz, in which unique shareholder is Transgaz SA Romania, became the winner of this contest. Whereby this exercise, we must admit that Transgaz Romania and ultimately, the Romanian state, confirmed the good and serious intentions to contribute to boosting our state’s energy security. I think it is no doubt how important for the Republic of Moldova is energy security. And to date, we were talking about the possibility to import natural gas from just one source, this investment will ensure us to diversify the import sources of natural gas, which in fact underpins the energy security of a state. I am sure that not only the investor, the Romanian state or the Republic of Moldova but, finally, the natural gas consumers, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova will be beneficiaries.

We also discussed the projects on bridges construction, vital projects for the country’s economy, and especially for our citizens. We expressed once again our gratitude for its inclusion in the national project for the construction of the highway in Romania, Targu-Neamt –Iasi –Ungheni, including the construction of Ungheni bridge.

As you could notice, the support and cooperation with Romania is multidimensional, the assistance provided by Romania’s support is not confined to our political –diplomatic demarches or our bilateral diplomatic relations, but itis also a material direct support; and here I cannot but thank for the non-reimbursable aid from Romania. We are talking about hundreds of minibuses offered to pupils so that they can get to school as a result of the school optimization project. We are also talking about the renovation and repair of hundreds of kindergartens in the Republic of Moldova, where children can already enjoy quality repaired buildings, as well as investment projects in cultural objectives. I am also talking about Sala cu Orga (the Organ Hall) a beautiful edifice, located in the center of Chisinau, about the construction of the Cahul Theater, the repairs to the National Art Museum and, last but not least, offering scholarships for the children of the Republic Moldova, who have the opportunity to study in Romania and obtain a European diploma. And last but not least, it is not for the first time, but it is an important issue for me, which marked me: in 2016, when the Republic of Moldova faced a crisis and it was very difficult for us , Romania was the country that offered us a 150 million euros loan when foreign funding was blocked, and of course, I will never forget this. When it was harder for us, Romania helped us.

I want to close with this optimistic and gratitude note. I am sure that the future of our relationship will be better and at the same time, Prime Minister, I want to thank you once again for all the support and achievement of the major goals that we have proposed in our relationship.

Viorica Dancila: Prime Minister, distinguished media representatives, I am glad to be in Chisinau for the first time in my capacity as Prime Minister of Romania, in the year of the Great Union centennial celebration. It is not just by chance that my first visit is to Chisinau, in my capacity as Prime Minister and this shows my attachment to the Republic of Moldova. The relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova has been and stays a special one, a theme both societies have expectations and interest in. Developing our relations is a top priority of the Government of Romania and the strategic objective is the European integration of the Republic of Moldova. Today’s visit and the substantial talks with Prime Minister Filip offered the occasion of reviewing both the ongoing projects and identifying new initiatives aimed at advancing bilateral cooperation, as well as the European agenda. We have a substantial portfolio of ongoing projects, which have a common point, the irreversible connection of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union, including to Romania, in terms of energy, infrastructure, institutions and values as well.

We mainly discussed the interconnection projects, and the operation of the interconnector Ungheni-Chisinau is a priority not only for Bucharest and Chisinau, as it is a major project with regional relevance on the agenda of the European Union, within the framework of the Eastern dimension policy.

The Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau project, mentioned by Prime Minister Filip too, reconfirms the role of Romania as the main partner of the Republic of Moldova, consistent with the latter’s European integration effort, including under the aspect of the effective connection to European space. I told Prime Minister Filip that Romania wants to increase its investment in the Republic of Moldova. We welcome the progress achieved in connection with the energy interconnection in the natural gas area that the Prime Minister talked about, and we are interested in finalizing, as soon as possible, the negotiations between Transgaz and the partner from the Republic of Moldova, while complying with all the conditions.

Today, I am scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of the Association of Romanian Investors of the Republic of Moldova. This will undoubtedly create new opportunities to diversify the presence of Romanian investment and thus contribute to consolidating Romania’s position as the first trade partner of the Republic of Moldova.

We also discussed the continuation of the reform process assumed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, in the parameters agreed with the European Union, under the Association Agreement, as well as with the IMF.

I gave assurances that Romania will continue as to date, to support the Republic of Moldova in this respect, including through intense exchanges of expertise in the field. I do not conceal the fact that last week, on my visit to Brussels, where I discussed with the leaders of the European institutions, I reiterated Romania’s willigness to support the Republic of Moldova on its European path.

At the same time, Romania will continue to invest in the modernizaton of the Republic of Moldova, in citizens’ welfare and country’s European path. We remain consistent to our principle, Romania’s investments, be it education, healthcare, culture, energy, agriculture, or banks, they are destined to all citizens of the Republic of Moldova, as the citizen must be at the core of all policies, as I talked with the Prime Minister too.

I also discussed with Prime Minister about deepening the contacts agenda in this respect, about planning the next joint Government meeting which we will achieve in the first half of this year, where we will punctually and sectorially talk about joint projects and points between Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

So far, our colleagues of the two Executives will closely cooperate in order that we can advance our cooperation and announce new projects. Therefore, as you could notice, we have a rich and active bilateral agenda and I would like to thank you for that.

Distinguished journalists, you can ask two questions, a question from each party. 

Reporter: My question refers to that grant offered by Romania, worth 100 million euros, 40 millions of which have been invested so far. /.../ other 60 millions. If you managed to discuss, what are the projects in which you could invest this money?

Viorica Dancila: I discussed with Mr. Prime Minister. We want to make punctual investment, this is why up to the first Cabinet meeting, the priorities will be established by the Government of the Republic of Moldova so that on the Cabinet meeting, according to the priorities and items established by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, we can come up with the amount we pledged to give to the Republic of Moldova. We will have a punctual discussion, on each element implying the use of these funds.

Reporter: Good afternoon. Prime Minister, can you please tell us the importance for Romania and the Republic of Moldova of the future purchase by Transgaz of the similar company in the Republic of Moldova?

Pavel Filip: I talked at the meeting I had with Madam Prime Minister, but also within the delegations format, how important are these investment projects in the Republic of Moldova. If we were to talk about the gas transport system interconnection, I said in my address too, is much more important for the Republic of Moldova, and this project should be regarded not only as a simple investment but through the angle of ensuring the Republic of Moldova’s energy security. It is undoubtedly that when you supply from one source, you are vulnerable.  Sources diversification always provides you the possibility to feel safe. Furthermore that we should talk not only about natural gas connection between the Republic of Moldova and Romania, but because Romania is EU Member State, we are talking about an interconnection to the European energy system. This is why this should be regarded much than a simple investment from Transgaz in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, I want to outline other important investment: Transylvania Bank’s entry in the Republic of Moldova and entry in the shareholder of an important bank. If you remember, the 2015 crisis in the Republic of Moldova was generated by a banking crisis and all efforts we have made even during our negotiations with IMF for a programme, but also when we had talks with those from the World Bank, but also when we spoke with our partners in the EU for resuming financing, the number one topic was represented by re-establishing banking balance, strengthening the National Bank and stability of the banking system. The entry of the Transylvania Bank in the Republic of Moldova should not be regarded only as a simple investment or a simple purchase of a package of shares but also given the fact that the Republic of Moldova has become a stable partner and this is a signal for other investors too.

Viorica Dancila: Furthermore, I think that Prime Minister has given very many details, but it is important to recall yet another item: I think this means strengthening cooperation from the energy standpoint between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. We talked about education, culture, healthcare, I think our cooperation must be diversified, and the issue related to Transgaz shows a closer cooperation in the energy field between Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Reporter: I want to ask you in the context of the situation related to DNA, for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, we know that this activity is appreciated as exemplary. What is your message for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, in the context of DNA future, taking into account Justice Minister’s proposal regarding the revocation of Madam Kovesi? Thank you very much.

Viorica Dancila: I want to mention the fact that as you know, Minister Tudorel Toader is Minister in my Cabinet, he is a very good Minister, member of the Venice Commission that I very much trust.

In connection to what you said, I stated several times that nobody should interfere with the judiciary, neither the politicians, nor anybody else. Judiciary must be independent and do its duty. Minister came up with his assessment report, a very well documented report, this must follow its course, and those who will decide, will have to be from the judiciary. Of course, the final answer will come from President Iohannis.

Reporter: Thank you. If we are speaking about Romania’s investments, today, you were to visit a kindergarden from Bardar which in fact was renovated from money offered by the Romanian Government. I want to ask you why you cancelled this visit, and if you know that this kindergarten risks closure as employees there receive wages worth nearly 50 euros, one thousand and something Moldovan lei, and they announced in recent days a general strike? What do you believe about this and why you cancelled this visit? Thank you.

Pavel Filip: If you allow me, I do not think Madam Prime Minister knows the situation from Bardar –based kindergarten. The schedule was drawn up by us alongside the Embassy of Romania here, in Chisinau, and then, it was coordinated with the Romanian side. This is why it is fair to ask me, and not Prime Minister Dancila about this. I want to tell you that, if you want us to speak about the wage level, it is an issue related not only to Bardar kindergarten but one we are facing in the Republic of Moldova, and many populist statements can be made, and I can tell you about the low salary level within Ministries, wages of employees there, of those working in the fields of culture, education, and local public administration. This is why we can make tough and populist statements, but it is better to start working and implement the agenda of reforms, which is a very ambitious one for the Republic of Moldova and to attract investments, and through these investments, taxes are collected to the state budget, and therefore, we can afford paying higher wages for all categories of civil servants and not only for them. Thank you very much, Madam Prime Minister.










Strengthening bilateral cooperation including in the field of investments, and Romania’s firm support for the pro-European path of the Republic of Moldova –themes of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila’s meeting with the president of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Andrian Candu.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila conveyed on this meeting too, in Chisinau, with Andrian Candu, president of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Romania’s firm endorsement of the pro-European path of the neighboring country, both through supporting the European aspirations of the Republic of Moldova at the level of the EU states, and strengthening bilateral cooperation on the investment dimension.

The Head of the Executive highlighted at the same time Romania’s readiness for a closer coordination this year of the Great Union Centennial, including by accomplishment of some joint strategic projects with direct benefits for citizens and multiplication of Romanian investment in the Republic of Moldova.

„We have many bilateral cooperation projects which we hope to launch, strengthen and complete with the Republic of Moldova, and which represent extremely important action directions, especially that in short time, on March 27, we will mark the 100th anniversary of Bessarabia’s union with Romania”, the Head of the Executive stated. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila added that the Romanian party counts on the presence of the president of the Republic of Moldova, Andrian Candu and of as many lawmakers from Chisinau at the joint solemn sitting of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament, to be dedicated to the centennial of Bessarabia’s union with Romania.

Investment of Transgaz National Gas Carrier that has Romanian state as major shareholder and of Transilvania Bank over the Prut, represent only the beginning of a deep cooperation relation and a clear signal sent to other Romanian and foreign investors regarding the attractiveness of the business environment in the Republic Moldova. Energy interconnection, both in terms of natural gas and electricity, as well as the interconnection of transport infrastructures, are strategic priorities for both states.

Bilateral projects in the fields of health and education, but also in communications and information technology also have a significant potential for deepening bilateral cooperation.

"We are interested in multiplying Romanian investments in the Republic of Moldova," stated Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, recalling the role of a legislative framework to encourage Romanian investors or other EU countries investors to develop business in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the fact that the Romanian investors present in the Republic of Moldova decided to form an Association will be an additional opportunity to strengthen the bilateral investment cooperation.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila appreciated the Chisinau Parliament’s increased involvement in pursuing the reform efforts and the fulfillment of European commitments and deemed very useful that the positive developments achieved so far in the Republic of Moldova’s European dossier, be capitalized in the perspective of Romania’s holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the first semester of 2019.

Another topic addressed during Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's meeting with the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Andrian Candu, focused on the importance of the legislative election to be held by the end of this year in the Republic of Moldova, for the pro-European path of this country.



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