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Thursday, 19 April

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila welcomes the Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni at Victoria Palace

Joint press statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni


Viorica Dancila: Good afternoon. I greet the presence in Bucharest of Prime Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni, and I want to thank him for the substantial talks we had in a cordial and constructive atmosphere.

Mr. Gentiloni’s visit to Romania takes place in a symbolic moment, when we are celebrating two decades of strategic partnership and a decade of consolidated strategic partnership. Our wish that we discussed before, is to strengthen even more our bilateral relations, which are currently already excellent. Romania and Italy are privileged partners, strongly connected from a historic perspective, culturally and linguistically as well, that share the same vision on a united, cohesive and strong Europe. We agreed with the Italian Prime Minister, as soon as the Italian Government is formed, to have a joint meeting, which could contribute to the diversification and also strengthening of the already very good sectoral cooperation existing between our countries, in such fields as: security and defence, economy, energy, environment, agriculture, justice and internal affairs, healthcare, culture and education. We noticed together with satisfaction the positive economic trends in both countries, in which context we believe that it would be high time now to boost our economic relations. Italy represents a strategic partner for our country, with a trade exchange volume that reached almost EUR 14 billion in 2017, a record level for the last decade. Moreover, we see in Romania an extremely diversified presence of Italian investments, with more than 21,000 companies with Italian capital representing the most numerous foreign presence on the Romania market, and to an eqaul extent, the most diverse.

Today, we discussed about the importance of the Romanian community in Italy, but also about the Italian community in Romania, both of them representing a connection bridge between the two states. I expressed the wish to actively contribute to the discussions on the future of the EU, including in the light of Romania taking over the presidency of the Council of the European Union on  January 1, 2019. I believe that together we can respond to some challenges such as Brexit, the multi-annual financial framework, but also the future of the European Union post-Brexit. Our discussions focused on a unitary approach and we talked about solidarity in coping with other challenges that can emerge at European level. I congratulated Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni for Italy taking over, this year, the presidency of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and I assured him of Romania’s firm support in the efforts to manage Europe’s complex security challenges. I would like to thank once again Mr. Gentiloni for his openness regarding aspects on the talks agenda  and to assure him of my full availability in deepening bilateral cooperation between Romania and Italy. Finally, Mr. Gentiloni, I would like to thank you for the support you granted to Romania during your tenure, and to wish you success in your future activity.

Paolo Gentiloni: Thank you! Thanks to Prime Minister Dancila! Our meeting is an occasion to strengthen relations which are already excellent. We must rightly mention that the basis of this relationship is, indeed, grounded on cultural and linguistic relations, and basically, we should reaffirm these international positions. Our countries are involved at the level of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance and are supported by excellent economic relations. As Prime Minister recalled, in 2017, we reached the record figure of EUR 14 billion trade exchanges and Italy is Romania’s second commercial partner. There are 25,000 Italian societies present and active in Romania. These are partly SMEs, and others are banks or enterprises or Italian societies. We are interested in investments in the agricultural sector, technological innovation, energy,  credits, defence sector and in numerous other sectors. Our relations are strengthened by the very relevant presence of a Romanian community in Italy, 1,300,000 persons. It is perhaps the most consistent Romanian community abroad. I assure you that it is the most consistent foreign community in Italy. I agreed together with Prime Minister Dancila that the integration levels along the years were increasingly better and are currently satisfactorily. Where problems arise, our Governments commit to intervening to solve them. Finally, I agreed with Ms. Prime Minister on the fact that consultations between our countries should continue, within some bilateral meetings at the level of the two Governments. We are very interested by this, exactly because we consider the presence very important and Italian interest in Romania not as a temporary one, but a strategic one. I therefore thank Madam Minister and we will continue our observations and talks within a working luncheon. Thank you!


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