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Thursday, 29 Nov

Solemn Government sitting in Alba Iulia

Statement by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the beginning of the solemn Government sitting in Alba Iulia


Dear Romanians,

It is an honour to be today at a solemn meeting organised to celebrate the National Day of Romania and the Great Union Centennial. The Union Hall where we are - a symbol and temple of Greater Romania, where the Great Union Act  was decided and signed - is the place where people really feel the pride of being Romanians.

The Act of Union achieved a hundred years ago was possible due to the historical circumstances that the country leaders at that time knew to make the best use for the good of Romania. Those leaders did not only have political wisdom and diplomatic talent, they also came with a vision for Greater Romania.

We have the historical privilege of being Ministers of the Romanian Government at the anniversary of the Greater Union Centennial, proclaimed here in Alba Iulia. At a symbolic level, it is probably the most emotional moment of our term of office. We will continue to implement public policies in the service of the country and to the benefit of its citizens. Let us show our children and our descendants that we have the capacity to leave them a legacy, a dignified, prosperous, more united and stronger Romania!

The symbolic meeting of the Government is a moment of great importance that we are all living out here in Alba Iulia, not just to celebrate, but also to think about the future.

The efforts we have made , all the initiatives and measures that we have taken, are designed to build and consecrate at European and international levels a modern, active, dynamic Romania with a solid economy and a united society, a country that adapts to domestic and international economic and social developments and takes care of its citizens.

On today's meeting, we will adopt measures whereby we honor heroes, war veterans, and contribute to the well-being of citizens and the younger generation.


On today’s agenda, we have a normative act with reparative value for a category of people to whom society owes gratitude, and the state has an obligation to provide decent living standards. We approve a significant increase in allowances for persons with disabilities, war veterans and widows. This is an average increase of almost five times of these allowances: from 259 to 1,500 lei per month for those with the first degree of disability, from 231 to 1,000 lei per month for war invalids with the second degree of disability, and from 196 lei to 900 lei per month for those with the third degree of disability; All these increases will take effect from January 1 next year.

We are setting up today a savings mechanism for children - the Junior Centenary Savings Account - to facilitate access to education and to cover the lack of income.

All children in Romania will be included, up to the age of 18, in an active savings mechanism. Specifically, the state will open at the Treasury a special savings account for every child under the age of 18. In this account, parents or legal representatives of the child can deposit money and the state contributes with an annual premium. Thus, as of 2019, for a minimum amount of 1,200 lei deposited annually by the parent or, the state, in the case of children in the state social protection system, the state contributes with a premium of 600 lei annually to the special savings account.

The money saved through this instrument can be withdrawn after reaching the age of 18 to fund university studies or to cover the lack of income at that time. The money thus saved is not taxed and receives from the budget an annual interest rate of 3%, a stimulating and constant interest rate.

We continue to adopt measures aimed at stimulating the domestic economic sector and developing market instruments to integrate business offers into agriculture. We are considering increasing the added value and capitalization of this important economic sector, while promoting and capitalizing on domestic products on major foreign markets. The agricultural and rural development policies implemented by the Romanian Government have provided incentives for the agricultural sector to continue to be an engine of economic growth. We also want to create a source of employment for rural population, while guaranteeing farmers' incomes to avoid migration to urban areas. Through the programme for Government, we have assumed the objective of setting up UNIREA Agro-Food Trade House, a name that marks 100 years of high quality agriculture and Romanian products.

Today, we are adopting a normative act establishing this functional trading mechanism, conducive to superior capitalization of national agricultural resources and production and to support Romanian farmers and farms on the domestic and foreign markets.

On today's meeting, we will also approve, through memorandums, two agreements in priority areas for Romania: constructions and education, which we will sign with trade unions and employers immediately after this solemn meeting.

Agreement in the field of construction: We will declare this sector a priority one, of national importance for Romanian economy for the next 10 years.

We will establish a minimum gross monthly wage of 3000 lei for the construction sector, we will eliminate the labor taxes for the employer, and for the employee, we will establish them so that the minimum monthly wage exceeds the equivalent in lei of 500 euros. We will introduce further measures to combat undeclared work in this sector.

Other measure would be to introduce the obligation to pay 30% advance for work contracts, irrespective of the source of funding, and its refund by means of percentage discounts on each invoice until the project is completed. In order to support the financing of the construction sector, a Construction Guarantee Fund will be set up, with a state participation of 80% and of the construction companies by 20%.

Through the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Representative Trade Union Federations of Education, we commit ourselves to taking measures to support education, in line with the priority role of this field in the Programme for government.

We have in mind:

Increasing the amounts to fund the education by at least 15 percent annually compared to the previous year’s budget so as to reach at least 6 percent of GDP.

The wage increase envisaged for 2022 to take place until September 1, 2020;

Granting two gross wages per year for personal development and purchase of teaching materials;

Granting an amount of up to 5000 euros to the teaching staff living in rural areas for home buying or upgrading as well as for buying land necessary for construction,

Granting a state guarantee of 80% for loans taken for the purchase of a dwelling

Granting a setting up -premium in the amount of three gross average wages per economy for the teaching staff who got tenure in rural areas.

Teachers with an effective seniority in education of at least 30 years receive six gross average wages upon retirement.

Creating a unique development account whereby all universities can start or complete investment projects.

Construction of at least 1000 kindergartens with physical education curriculum

The Executive I am leading has assumed as main mission reducing gaps in society and the results can already be seen.

100 years on since the Great Union, we must carry forward a more united Romania, in which all citizens feel safe and have equal rights in order to build a better future.


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