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Sunday, 05 February

The Government Emergency Ordinance no.13/2017 has been abrogated

On its meeting today, the Government has approved the Draft Emergency Ordinance for the abrogation of the Government Emergency Ordinance no.13 / 2017 for the amendment and addition of Law no. 286/ 2009 on the Criminal Code, and the Law no.135 / 2010 on the Criminal Procedure Code, as well as for the amendment of Law no.135 / 2010 on the Criminal Procedure Code.
Also, during the same meeting, the Government has approved the Memorandum on the Approval of the declassification of the minutes comprising the debates of the Government meetings of May 18, 2016 (excerpt) and January 31, 2017 (in full). The information will be made public on the Government website today.
Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has asked that in the ensuing period the Justice Ministry initiates public debates as soon as possible with all political parties and the civil society on the topics in the ordinance that has been abrogated today. At the same time, Prime Minister has requested the relevant Ministry to cover all stages in order to have a draft law to put in agreement the Constitutional Court’s decisions, the European directives, the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, with a view to sending it to Parliament for debate.


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