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Tuesday, 15 May

Third meeting of the National Committee for the preparation of Romania’s euro-area accession

The National Committee for the substantiation of the National Euro Changeover Plan, chaired by the President of the Romanian Academy, was convened at Victoria Palace, today.

Attending the meeting were representatives of the National Bank of Romania, of the Romanian Academy, Presidential Administration, parliamentary parties, trade unions, employers, associative structures, civil society and academic milieu.

Early in the meeting, it was underlined the fact that as of today, the National Committee will pass to a new stage, namely the design and drawing up of the assumed documents. After the analysis of the Diagnosis of the Convergence Criteria and the Road to the Euro, concrete steps will be taken today towards the working procedure of the National Plan and the Substantiation Report on Euro Changeover.

The President of the Romanian Academy submitted the daily agenda for approval, and university professor PhD Aura Socol presented the issues and the structure of the National Euro Changeover Plan and the Substantiation Report on the Euro Changeover. Both strategic documents are proposed based on the experience of Member States that have already joined the Eurozone (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus) or are preparing to join it(Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary), but also based on the guides proposed by the European institutions, examples of good practices, etc.

Given that all Member States or future members of the Eurozone have a National Changeover Plan, many of them even from the moment they joined the EU, it is time for Romania too, 11 years after its EU accession, to finally take the political steps to reach national consensus on such a project, particularly important for the country.

The documents put forward were analyzed by the members of the National Committee in order to obtain the agreement in principle on the draft content for the National Plan and the Substantiation Report of the changeover process.

Also discussed were the institutional and nominal composition of the working groups, their tasks and activities, as well as the timetable of the meetings to be held between 17-22 May this year.

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