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Monday, 05 February

Transparency and active citizen participation in the government act, priorities of Dăncilă Cabinet

Vice Prime Minister for Romania’s Strategic Partnerships’ Implementation Ana Birchall participated on February 5, in the European Open Government Leaders’ Forum.

The main aim of the Forum’s debates attended by European political leaders and representatives of the civil society throughout Europe, was to identify solutions to improve civic participation in public policies. Also, in the margins of the event, the representative of the Government of Romania had bilateral meetings with Helen Turek, OGP Programme Coordinator for Romania, Thea Tsulukiani, Justice Minister of Georgia, and with Marianna Madia, Minister of Public Administration and Simplification of Italy.

Vice Prime Minister Ana Birchall outlined that Romania’s readiness to undertake a better citizen connection to the government act, in line with the OGP principles.

“I am honored to represent the Government of Romania at the European Open Government Leaders’ Forum. First of all, I would like to convey Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă’s greeting and appreciation for the importance that you attach to the theme of open government, and to assure you of the determination of the Prime Minister and the Government of Romania to act in accordance with the OGP principles in a more active manner for a better citizen participation in the actual act of government, " stated Ana Birchall in her speech on this occasion.

In the message delivered at the European Open Government Leaders’ Forum, Vice Prime Minister Ana Birchall emphasized that “shaping public policy processes and public administration services in line with the citizens’ direct interests, represents a foremost preoccupation of the Romanian Government. We are determined to act transparently and stimulate a broad public participation in the Government’s works, for the voice of citizens to be best heard”.

At the same time, Vice Prime Minister Ana Birchall pointed out that for the open government principles to be successfully implemented, the involvement of all walks of life is required.

“We need national and local institutions, civil society, academia and business community to show real interest, to actively participate in the development and implementation of National Action Plans. Concepts such as: e-government, citizens' budget, open contracting data standards, open education, open data, open Parliament, cities and sustainable communities, should not remain at the stage of ideas. On the contrary, these concepts have become part of everyday life and we need to use them more for the benefit of our citizens, " argued Ana Birchall.

In view of the debates on this topic, Vice Prime Minister for Strategic Partnerships’ Implementation has stated that "the openness of the administration and the civic participation are essential conditions for building a more inclusive society, a more efficient and fairer economy, and a more transparent democracy, and the exchange of good practices in the field of open government can be an important support for our country in continuing to fulfill commitments such as those related to transparent public procurement, open data or access to information of public interest”.




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