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Tuesday, 28 Nov

Vice Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu: The BRUA project is a priority for the Government; it is of particular importance to Romania’s energy security and independence

Statements by Vice Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu at the contract signing ceremony for the natural gas pipeline execution works – phase 1, of the BRUA Project


Ion -Marcel Ciolacu: Your Excellencies, members of the Cabinet, Ladies and Gentlemen! The BRUA project has been a priority for Mihai Tudose Cabinet ever since its investiture: it is of particular importance to Romania’s energy security and independence. As regards the stage of the project, the Energy Ministry issued on February 27, 2017, the construction permit, and procedures to award the works were subsequently unfolded, for the design and for the stations equipment. We participate today in the signing of contracts for the execution works, for the first phase of the natural gas pipeline of 478 -km, between Podisor and Recas localities and three compressor stations located in Podişor, Bibeşti and Jupa, Romania. The total investment is estimated at 480 million euros, of which, approximately 180 million are non-repayable funds. Minister Marius Nica is here, he will, of course, detail for you.

We succeded to unblock thus a particularly important project for Romania’s energy security and as BRUA project stipulates, it is a project between Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria. The main priority remains to increase Romania’s energy security. In addition to this, nearly 4,000 new jobs are estimated to be created under this project, while demand for consumer goods will increase following new jobs creation, additional revenues-attracted to state budget, gas resources –diversified and Romania’s energy security will be improved, other investments and related businesses will be boosted, the local economy is stimulated to develop by increasing the value of the land near the new pipeline, and increasing the number of households, economic agents that will connect to the natural gas network. In addition to security of energy independence, the Government has several other energy priorities as set out in the programme for government, and the new energy strategy 2016-2030, and among them are a  few which I would like to mention: protecting vulnerable household consumers, namely those who for various reasons, have no access to natural gas, reducing energy poverty, and  fully regulating gas purchase prices. Thank you once again.  Congratulations!


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