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Programme for Government


The 2017-2020 period is a challenge for Romania, from the perspective of both opportunities and risks. Our vision of public policies stems from the premise of building a balanced society, based on inclusive principles.

The PSD and ALDE governments generated economic growth and welfare for citizens. We can do it again, acting both domestically and internationally.

At internal level, our objective is grounding an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive economic growth, designed to provide the premises for the consolidation of a strong, proactive state, and of a balanced society, with an extended middle class.

The need to escape the trap of the economic model based on the advantage of cheap labor force, and the transition to qualified labor force represents the main challenge over the next years. Consolidation of the macroeconomic stability concomitantly with the increase of public and private investments will likely ensure the nominal and real convergence with the EU average development level.

The quality of the human resource is paramount. We regard education as a strategic development factor. Education has been and will remain a field of major interest, always on public agenda.

Education should be captivating, continuous and coherent. It may become captivating for those educated through contact with real world, focused on „to do” in full concordance with „to know” to ground and arouse the interest of pupil and student who is in full learning process. It should be continuous - keeping alive the interest and motivation throughout the educational process, from primary school to university.

It should be coherent – through the vision designed to assume a consistent message nationwide, to secure an integrated approach, with infrastructure based on modern technologies at all educational levels, and an entrepreneurial aproach with focus on creativity and innovation. Last but not least, it needs to stimulate and ensure the continuity of approaches through the extracurricular and relevant interdisciplinary activities.



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