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First Home program

Since the beginning of the First Home program  and until August 27, 2013, there were issued in total over 99 600 guarantees for accessed financing worth about EUR 3.871 million.


On August 7, .2013 the Government Decision 566 and on August 22, 2013 by Government Decision  615, there has been allocated additional ceiling of 1.2 billion lei, of which 500 million lei are intended for the purchase of housing built by National- Housing Agency (ANL ) . Guarantees of this ceiling will be granted only for loans in national currency.


General information about First Home program


• The maximum ceiling for state guaranteed loan:

60,000 euro , equivalent in lei - for old dwelling
70,000 euro , equivalent to USD - for  new dwelling
75,000 euro , equivalent in lei - for collective dwellings built from scratch



If the home you want to purchase is more expensive , you have to bear the difference in cash.

• The advance is 5% of the property value and the commission to the Guarantee Fund is 0.49 % per year.

• Interest on loans in lei is maximum three-month ROBOR + 2.5%.


State shall not guarantee entirely the loans- participating banks will take a 50 % risk of loan default.


What dwellings can be purchased ?

• Dwellings completed for the purchase , including those built and commissioned by ANL programs

• Unfinished dwellings, in various stages of construction for the purchase after completion, including those built by ANL programs

• New dwellings for purchase after completion, including those built by ANL programs


First Home allows you to build your own home. It is about:

• Dwellings to be built by individual beneficiaries, including those built by ANL programs

• Dwellings to be built by unincorporated associations consisting of at least two beneficiaries.

The prerequisite is that the land where collective dwelling is built to be owned by at least one of the members of the association.


Do you want to know if you can buy or build a home through the First Home program ? Here are the eligibility criteria:

• If you own a dwelling with a floor area less than 50 square meters, you can access a state guaranteed loan to purchase a home with a larger area;

• If you own aliquot parts of a dwelling, you can benefit from state guaranteed loans to purchase the aliquot parts difference;

• You may purchase under the program , only one completed  dwelling, located in Romania, registered in the land registry according to the law so you can just build a dwelling, alone or together with other persons , observing regulations in force on first Home program ;

• You must have an advance of 5% minimum of the purchase price of the dwelling and / or to cover the difference between the purchase price of the home resulting from pre-contract of sale and the guaranteed financing ;

• You must set up a collateral deposit to guarantee interest in the amount equal to three interest rates, valid throughout the financing;

• You must keep the purchased home at least 5 years from the date of acquisition;

• You must insure the acquired dwelling against all risks and designate the Romanian State represented by the Ministry of Finance, as beneficiary of the insurance policy for the duration of funding.

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