RSS - Guvernul României Guvernul Românieiro-ROÎntâlnirea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu reprezentanți ai sindicatului RADET, pe tema asigurării cu apă caldă și căldură a CapitaleiȘtiri din 21.10.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the debate held by the Bucharest City Hall on the heating and hot water supply Good evening. I congratulate you, Mrs General Mayor, the district mayors, for this initiative, to gather at the dialogue table stakeholders from various fields of activity, from RADET, trade unions from RADET, Members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, legislative stakeholders and from the Romanian Government, and last but not least, district mayors, lawmakers for Bucharest, municipal counselors. I think that dialogue is important, it is important to see the challenges to which you need a response and for us, it is important to identify the solutions in order to respond to these challenges. I have carefully listened to what the previous speakers have said. I could hear there are problems, I have also identified solutions too, but I am sure that we should find a balance and come up with applied things so that RADET does not face the same problems encountered every year. I know that Mrs General Mayor has spoken a lot about RADET, put her heart into this issue, and tried every time to identify solutions to the problems you are facing. Even in her speech, I could identify balance regarding RADET employees and I was glad that she denied the rumour about redundancies within RADET. Laying off employees is not a solution, I do not think this was the solution that RADET employees have expected. The second thing I have appreciated in the General Mayor's speech, and that of the other previous speakers, was the issue pertaining to investment, retechnologization, identification of financial solutions for RADET modernization, and also for taking important steps forward. I have seen that equally important is to access government funds and we extend all our support in this respect. Equally important are European funds, and I was glad to hear the reference to the large infrastructure operational programme, it is equally important for the general mayor, to use local funds, both for development, and modernization, and RADET support. I have seen that it is important to apply the exchange of good practices, and equally important are the legislative measures we adopt in the Romanian Parliament, and the legislative documents regarding energy, and RADET, which were adopted during the Cabinet meetings. You raised two issues, one pertaining to ELCEN, it is true that it is a problem which appears every year, as to me, these attacks against RADET and especially the Bucharest general mayor are not justified. Regarding the second issue raised, the cap on the natural gas price at 68 lei, decision we made via the Government Emergency Ordinance 114, it is true that here we should come with a change that we have already requested to the Energy Ministry, namely defining the vulnerable consumer, so that this cap on the energy price be found on each vulnerable consumer's bill. This helps RADET too because ELCEN cannot raise the price to affect RADET. Mr Visan spoke about the past, present and future. It is true that there have been a lot of attempts to adjust things that did not operate, to your requests. This implied involvement on the part of the general mayor, on the part of the Romanian Government, the Parliament, and Energy Committees, to give a favourable response to your requests. In fact, it is not a favour that we make to RADET, I think it is an obligation we have towards RADET, towards Bucharest inhabitants and the inhabitants from other localities in the country. As regards the current situation, we are a partner of the general mayor, we are a partner for you, to give a favourable answer to your requests. With respect to what will happen over the ensuing period, it is hard to give you an answer, I can tell you that we will be the same supporters of you, irrespective of the position we will hold in the Romanian state, because as you know, we ensure an interim government but we will be your supporters even if we are not in office. It is important to back you as we have done so far, to back the City Hall, the district halls, as we know that you, alongside people, Bucharest inhabitants are at the centre of their attention, and I think no effort is too big to follow this path. I wish you success, I know that we will succeed together, you will meet all challenges, I know that through your effort, your support, the efforts of the general mayor, of district mayors, of the colleagues in the Romanian Parliament, we will succeed in implementing the necessary legislation, and the measures you are expecting. I wish you greater success and never give up in front of challenges as I hold the firm belief that good shall always prevail over evil, and your activity is for the benefit of citizens. I wish you much success! 2019-10-21 19:17:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la ceremonialul militar și religios organizat cu prilejul repatrierii pentru reînhumarea Reginei-Mamă Elena a RomânieiȘtiri din 18.10.2019 16:10:00 Viorica Dăncilă trimite Corpul de Control la Ministerul Transporturilor și TAROMȘtiri din 18.10.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă ordered the PM's Control Body to start an inquiry at the Transport Ministry and TAROM SA national airline in order to get clarifications over the managerial aspects reported by the media. The inquiry pertains to the activity from 1 January 2019 to present, and aims to: 1. Check compliance with the legal provisions regarding corporate governance rules at TAROM SA 2. Check compliance with the legal provisions regarding the operation of the aircraft in the TAROM fleet 3. Check the way the Ministry of Transport fulfilled its rights and obligations arising from the position of shareholder in TAROM SA. I have ordered an immediate inspection to clarify the serious aspects reported by the media. It is imperative to establish the truth and to make sure that the legal provisions have been observed. In case the authorised institutions find infringements of the law, the guilty must be penalised, stated Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă. 2019-10-18 10:13:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la evenimentul de semnare a proiectului „Multirisc Modul III”, destinat îmbunătățirii pregătirii personalului IGSU, Serviciilor de Ambulanță, Unităților și Compartimentelor de Primiri Urgențe, Salvamont și SalvaspeoȘtiri din 16.10.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the signing of the Multi-risk Module III project, designed to improve the training of the personnel of the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations (IGSU) and the subordinate units Dear colleagues, Dear General Mayor, Dear guests, We are taking today another decisive step to boost the quality of rescue operations in emergency situations. Over 9,000 employees of emergency services will pursue training courses and will be trained to intervene as efficiently and rapidly as possible to rescue people in life-threatening situations. The training program aims at medical personnel of ambulance services and emergency reception units and specialists of the emergency inspectorates. Specifically, those who intervene to save people, whenever they are in danger. It is another governmental measure which comes to continue the demarches to equip with fast intervention means, modern equipment and instruments, and improve the legislation on critical situations. As you know, at the end of June, it was signed the Framework Agreement on the supply of light helicopters destined to mountain search-and-rescue missions and medical emergency interventions. It was only one of the important steps which we took for the development of the new concept of emergency situations management, 2020 vision. Moreover, we amended the legislation and made significant progress to improve the 112 national emergency call system. I am pleased that in my tenure as Prime Minister, we have succeded in taking all these vital measures to reduce response time and for professional intervention in case of life-threatening events. People need the fast intervention of authorities. Romanians must have confidence that in critical situations the rescuers arrive in due time and intervene in a professional way. I would like to thank all rescuers: doctors and nurses, employees of Emergency Inspectorates. I thank the General Mayor for implementing the governmental policies for the benefit of Bucharest citizens. I also thank Minister of European funds who granted the necessary support for these projects to obtain European funding! Last but not least, I thank Mr Raed Arafat, the Head of the Department for Emergency Situations for his dedication, professionalism and for his soulful engagement in everything he is doing! I hope for the new Cabinet to carry forward these projects and develop them to the Romanians benefit. Thank you. 2019-10-16 11:25:00 Viorica Dăncilă a participat la dezbaterea moțiunii de cenzură în cadrul ședinței comune a Camerei Deputaților și SenatuluiȘtiri din 10.10.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the debate of the motion of censure in the plenary session of the Parliament [Check against delivery] Dear President of the Senate, Dear Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Dear leaders of the parliamentary groups, Dear guests, Dear colleagues, Today, we have come again in Parliament for the vote on a new motion of censure. I am looking in the hall and I see the same amateurish and irresponsible people. You havent changed much since we were in the same context in which I, personally, thought you had learned something. I thought you understood that you cannot come in Parliament to bring down a Government with unfinished homework, that you cannot defy the Romanians again, that it is mandatory to come with a governmental team and a programme for government, if you wanted to rebuild Romania, as you so loftily say in the text of the censure motion. So far it is clear to us how you want to bring it down. It was clear for us how much you can do this when we all saw the effort and scandal you put in conceiving this text, but how are you going to rebuild, esteemed signatories of this motion of censure? Unfortunately, you havent understood a thing. Let us see how we reached here nevertheless, who are the artisans of this situation of instability in which Romania was thrown so that you can profit from. First of all, this Cabinet was the constant target of the President of Romania, a dangerous precedent for any democracy, for the principle of the separation of powers, and independence of institutions, as we have a President who is first of all PNL's candidate, before being head of state, he is the candidate of the main Opposition party who forgot his role in state and infringed the fundamental law of the country on several occasions. Dear Opposition colleagues, you enjoyed the President of Romania's support and his full involvement in this aggressive campaign to destabilize the Government, you had in your favour, a virulent approach of the candidate Iohannis who mocked on the Constitution and the rights and interests of Romanians, the blind fight started by the most irresponsible president Romania has ever known, acting against his own people, a president who forgot about Romanians, and his country and who initiated a toxic campaign against the Government. Secondly, we have Mr Tariceanu who also made his contribution to this doomed action, running from the government and sacrificing his party in an incredible game against the Romanians who voted for us in 2016. Despite all his experience, Mr Tariceanu fell shamefully into the trap of Victor Ponta and secured a lamentable sunset to his political career. It was nevertheless a predictable destiny as this happens to those who form an alliance with Victor Ponta, they are betrayed and sacrificed in the name of the personal interests of the Pro Romania's leader, another shadow artisan of this attempt, the facebook resigning Prime Minister, master of lies and expert in zero-purpose backstage games. However, not even so, with the President -candidate on your side, and the alliance partner shamefully running from the government in Pontas arms, you have failed and you will not be able to do anything good, for the simple reason that you have no plan for Romania. You do not fight for a project, a vision or for the well-being of Romanians. You do not strive to do good to people, to make any form of progress in the daily life of everyone. You fight against the Social Democratic Party, you fight with each other, you fight with the interest of the country and the Romanians. You have allied with new people with zero political experience and zero government performance who cannot even manage their own party, and with experienced people who deserted from their government office, and with those who plunged Romanians into poverty during 2010-2012. This is a circumstantial alliance that today wants to bring the government down, a bunch of interests and amateurishness. How can you assume the reconstruction of Romania, when you do not know what to offer to Romanians tomorrow or over a week? What plan do you have? How will you do it? You play the very brave in the motion text, but then do come in front of Romanians and present your programme for government. Tell people what is your projection, your governmental team, your plan for the future of the country and the Romanians. Dear Opposition representatives, your shallowness is shameful. It is embarrassing for anybody pretending to be an alternative to government, to present themselves in this manner in front of us, and of the entire country, and it is even more embarrassing as you do it for the second time this year. I guess it should not surprise us nevertheless. You are those who never learn from past mistakes. You do not have the political maturity and have no idea how to govern for Romanians. Although you increased the VAT to 24 percent, you cut all public system salaries by 25 percent, the minimum wage by 25 percent, and you taxed pensions while in office. Today, you come up and threaten people with the same thing and you are so unconscious to do all these things again and also so naive to believe that Romanians will endorse it. This means you do not know your country and people, that you fail to understand the needs of people and your mission. I read the text of this motion and I can say that it fully represents you. It resembles the group of its signatories: an incoherent mix of falsehood. It is a very weak piece of patchwork, with no figures, no accurate data, full of subjective appreciations and demagogy, which perfectly shows the character of improvisation and the lack of seriousness of this project. Again, dear colleagues, you played government. You are the only opposition in history that has succeeded in filing its motion and then running away from voting. You made a fool of yourself in front of your own voters when we invited you to vote on this act as soon as possible. If this step was not worth sacrificing a Saturday, good luck in explaining to people how you will govern and how you will rebuild Romania. Good luck to Mr Ciţu in explaining voters about future income cuts. He should look in the eyes of doctors, teachers, firemen and policemen to make them understand what a political failure they are, they should come up in front of young entrepreneurs and tell them that any measure designed to support them is an unimaginable waste of money, let Mr. Caramitru from USR, look in the eyes of retirees and tell them that increasing pensions throws the country into bankruptcy and they are not worthy of it, let Mr Orban come in front of IT employees, not the presidential candidate Iohannis, but Mr. Orban and let him tell them about his desire to tax the IT sector employees' incomes. Mr Anastasiu should explain too to the state sector employees how hundreds of thousands of Romanians will remain jobless if you come to the office. Is this the Opposition to the government party? Is this the vision of Romania with which you want to bring the government down? You cannot say that either we or the Romanians have not understood well, as we invited you to sign the Welfare Pact, in order to commit in writing that you will not cut people's incomes ever again. But you all declined. None of the opposition parties dared to sign that commitment. Mr Ponta did not miss the opportunity to make headline by saying he will sign it. But it was a lie as usual. It did not surprise us. This should be debated here now, dear colleagues, this pact for the continuation of the increase of Romanians' incomes, of the support measures for entrepreneurs and SMEs. This should be your concern if you want to take office. But, probably, you very well know that you, without cuts, you would not know or have the ability to function. You showed it once, in the sad times of PDL government, when you lost anyone's confidence that you can form a competent Cabinet. The differences between PSD Government and your Governments are many. You criticized anything to invalidate this government but your step will not be successful. We have a recent example, even from Mr Iohannis, the president - candidate or the anti- Constitution President who used the tragedy of Ialomita to attack the Social Democratic Party. In an immoral, absurd attitude, devoid of any form of empathy or respect for the pain of some people, the PNL candidate found it appropriate to launch outrageous attacks on the Government. It is sad for all of us and for this country to have yet another candidate who tramples on peoples misfortunes in order to win electoral points. We still have one, you know him very well, and unfortunately for the Romanians, your rhetoric started to bear striking resemblance to his rhetoric. These are the differences between us, esteemed representatives of the opposition. You are trampling on laws, principles, decency. You are trampling on the interests of Romania and Romanians. We govern for the country, and we did not it perfectly, but we have always done it better than you. Let us take a look at the figures. We increased the minimum wage from 1,250 lei in 2016 to 2,080, 2,350 lei respectively for Romanians with higher education. I know you do not agree with it, all you know is to cut incomes. The pension point rose from 871 lei in 2016 to 1265 lei. We reduced the income tax from 16 to 10 percent. We have a 1 percent tax for SMEs, 94 percent of the total 600,000 companies registered at the Trade Register and a tax of only 5 percent on dividends. There is no country in the EU with more friendly taxation for the business sector. You mentioned investments, but only in the first six months of the year, the overall investments in the economy increased by 12. 4 percent, the highest dynamic after the crisis, and direct foreign investments in our country exceeded 2.9 billion euros, being by 22 percent over those in the same period of the previous year, by 532 million euros higher. This Cabinet has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs over the last two years, we managed to increase the purchasing power of Romanians, and bring the pensions and wages to a decent level. What did you do for Romanians? You tripled Romania's public debt throughout 2009 -2011 from 13. 4 percent of GDP in 2008 to 34 percent of GDP in 2011, in 2016, the USR Ciolos Cabinet reduced the state revenues by 10 billion lei compared to 2015, at the same time with increasing public debt by 22 billion lei, same government in which the European funds absorption was zero. What does Romania look like today under the PSD government? We have the sixth smallest public debt in the EU, the biggest convergence speed in EU, of living standard approaching the European average, Romanias development potential is now double the EU's average. We are the tenth country in the European Union as a contracting rate for European funds; employment is at the maximum of the last 17 years; we have the lowest unemployment rate in the last 30 years and a record number of employees in the last 20 years; during this government, and not your governments, the world leader of stock index classification decided that Romania acquires the emerging market status as attractive country for investors and states that this reclassification comes after the optimizations implemented by the Romanian authorities. It is our government and not yours that equipped all county hospitals with CT and MRI. We have increased the irrigable area of Romania from 300,000 hectares in 2016 to 1.8 million hectares at present. We have approved the PNDL 2 program through which 7,179 local projects worth over 30 billion RON kicked off, projects that you all see especially in rural areas, projects aimed at introducing water and sewerage networks, modernizing roads, repairing and modernizing schools; 441 projects from PNDL 2 have already been finalized, and the Romanians benefit from their results. It is our government that tripled the salaries of the doctors and increased the salaries of the teachers by 80 percent. We increased pensions and supported 1 million farmers. We adopted the One family, one home programme and the Invest in yourself programme, through which young people can benefit from interest-free loans. The current government and not your government achieved all these things and many others that you know very well, but you deliberately ignore with the hypocrisy that characterizes and is common to both of you. Dear colleagues, today's motion will not pass. You attempted this in the past and you made a fool of yourself at the vote because not all MPs stand behind the so-called future prime minister, Mr Orban, known only by his counter-performance at the Ministry of Transport and his artistic skills. Not everyone finds themselves in your projection of austerity, of massive cuts in people's incomes. Not all feel comfortable with your lack of vision and team. This is why the last censure motion did not pass, and neither will this, because good - faith people cannot cast a real vote of support on nothing. The arrogance you have shown so far, cost you once the shame of seeing your motion of censure rejected at voting. Today, you will experience again this shame because you have not learnt the lesson of responsibility. There are lawmakers who wil return after this vote in the communities they represent, and in front of whom, they will have to answer for. They will have to explain to mayors that their projects for people will not be implemented anymore. They will have to answer for the fact that they let you stop the National Local Development Programme, the investments initiated in communes, for allowing you to dismiss 400,000 state employees and to remove any support measures that we have implemented so far. They will have to explain why they let the - alliance of cuts decide the fate of these communities, the destiny of Romanians. There are many MPs that have the responsibility of the vote and who very well understand that alongside you, there is no future, there is no progress and today, you will learn this poignant lesson. I tell you one more thing, dear colleagues: do not underestimate the Social Democratic Party! Dont believe we will ever stop, in power or in the Opposition, fighting against you, those who wish to divide Romania and see it poor again. And because I personally do not believe you truly want to govern this country, I urge you to imagine the scenario of elections next year with the PSD in opposition and you, the alliance of amateurs, in government. You were crushed before, you know how it is. Thus, esteemed colleagues, let the Government do its job and continue the measures and reforms started. Remain in the Opposition, where, thankfully, all your threats and ideas remain just words. In government, esteemed colleagues, youd be a true disaster and a danger to this country and Romanians. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's remarks at the debate of the motion of censure in the plenary session of the Parliament [Check against delivery] Viorica Dancila: You display hatred from the position of someone who pursued her studies in Moscow and speaks accordingly. I will start with a piece of good news for Romanians who look at us and whom we want to show the results of true government. The National Institute of Statistics reconfirmed the 4.4 percent growth of the Romanian economy in the second quarter of this year. This says a lot, many do not understand because, when they were in office, they could not speak of economic growth. I will try to answer punctually as much as I can, as some of your statements, certain insolent remarks, labels, I think nobody liked them and we should not pay them attention. They showed the way each of us is, and how we see politics, the respect due to each other and how much respect each of us has for citizens in case of taking office. Mrs Turcan, concerning the threat with criminal complaints that you referred to, I could never do it, because I would have the impression of agreeing with everything your party leader did: criminal complaint about high treason, for a strategic partnership. You could teach yourself lessons in this field, we hate this and we shall never do this. I think you speak from your own experience. Furthermore, I could see that both you and your colleagues have been speaking about the results of the elections for the European Parliament. Perhaps I could have agreed with you, if in 2016, when this party, the Social Democratic Party obtained a very high score at the parliamentary elections, Mr President Iohannis would have resigned because his party lost. I think it is time to learn that the elections for the European Parliament are for the election of MEPs, and have no connection with government or with the composition of the Romanian Parliament. Mr Ponta, it is hard to answer you, but I can firmly state one thing: I shall never betray this party! I shall have the power to be more of a man than you, to stand dignified even when this party goes through a crisis. I will not file my resignation on Facebook and I will not resign from the prime ministers office without talking to party members! You did not understand one thing: maybe you lied to some of our colleagues as you lied to us each time and you managed to persuade them to follow you . I am convinced that you shall betray them, as you betrayed this party, as you betrayed us all, but the measure of your naivety and misogyny is known, therefore, no one is surprised. Mr Barna, you said that the majority cannot be attained with six parties. I agree with you. What will Romanians do then? It is clear that we set off with the vote on a censure motion, but we see no finality. You said you wanted early elections. Esteemed colleagues, you vote for the motion, you vote for early elections? Let me hear from you! Do you agree with early elections? I dont think so. And Id like to see a proposal for early elections come here and Romanians should watch how many of you say yes and vote for early elections. Lets be fair to the end because you wouldnt agree to this and you are for elections on time. Mr Barna, perhaps you do not realize but through this game, through this vote, you are permanently subordinating yourself to Klaus Iohannis. I believe you should take this into account and hopefully, the coming period does not confirm this statement. Mr Pascan, I think you are not entitled to speak about government or about a better life for Romanians. You are speaking about education, seeming ignoring how many schools you closed! You are speaking about healthcare, but did you forget how many hospitals you closed? This is how despair looks like. I saw now a thing I want to refer to: this is how despair looks like! This is how people who are losing, behave. You lost, Mr Ponta! You lost people's respect, and besides the vote on this motion, you will be less respected. You spoke about money that we allegedly gave, promises regarding Ministers. I made no promise and I would not allow myself buying people as not everyone is for sale as you insinuated. You sold yourself cheaply. Nobody from our team will sell himself. Mr Pascan, you spoke about infrastructure - ask the two former Ministers of Transport, Traian Basescu and Ludovic Orban, how much they contributed to the infrastructure of this country? How many kilometres of highway did you build? It is very easy to finger-point but I think that you should first look in your yard. Calin, perhaps I would agree with everything you said. Nevertheless, nothing and nobody can explain your refusal to fully assume a government that you were a member of, from the very beginning until the pre-campaign, and today, you want to shut down this government. Mr Tariceanu, this government is your government too. I am sorry you turned against us, but I think you turned more against yourself. Dear colleagues, there are many things to say, but I am sure that the citizens summed up what we said. I am sure they judged each of us frankly and we will see the conclusions in the following period. You talked a lot, dear colleagues, but for pointless, beside the topic, I still havent heard how you want to govern this country and with whom. I thought you would talk about your vision, the team you will govern with. I firmly believe that when you lose, the country and Romanians are winning. Responsible people cannot vote this motion today, this is why I believe this motion will not pass, for the sake of this country and of Romanians who believe in concrete things, not in hatred, insults, insolence and division. I repeat the motion will not pass and this Cabinet will govern for Romanians and Romania. 2019-10-10 12:15:00 Viorica Dăncilă a participat la ”Forumul agricultorilor – bilanț și perspective”, organizat cu prilejul Zilei naționale a produselor agroalimentare româneștiȘtiri din 09.10.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the Farmers Forum - stocktaking and prospects, on the occasion of the National Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products Dear farmers, Dear colleagues, Dear guests, I am particularly glad to be today with you, at this event devoted to your performances that we have every reason to be proud of. Agriculture plays a vital role in society. It contributes substantially to economic growth and offers jobs for a quarter of Romanias active population. Your work ensures healthy food for Romanians and, at the same time, contributes to keeping an even trade balance. Ladies and gentlemen, The current Government fully understood the essential role of agriculture and the importance of developing the Romanian village. Since taking over the government, we have placed agriculture among our priorities and we have firmly supported this sector through all the available levers. We have granted subsidies in due time, so that you, the farmers, can benefit from the support you need to get the best possible results. Since PSD took office, the Romanian farmers benefited from funds of nearly 10.2 billion euros, 8.9 billion of which from European funds, an unprecedented fact so far. Next week, we will start paying the subsidy for coupled support. We are ready to pay farmers up to 1.4 billion euros, under the form of advance, by the end of November. Following the discussions with your representatives, we included in the programme for government and we implemented a set of measures to support farmers with a view to backing the Romanian products. I also mentioned the programs for tomato growing, for rearing Bazna and Mangalita pig breeds, for sheep breeders through the Wool Programme, as well as the state aid scheme for beekeepers. We have also invested over 335 million lei in the rehabilitation of the irrigation and anti-hail system, essential for the rural areas. We have developed and expanded the program whereby the farmers benefit from the reduction of the excise duty on diesel so that both the fisheries sector and the research sector receive this aid. We have provided and continue to provide state guarantees for farmers loans, an important lever to support investments in the Romanian village. We have met producers, but also consumers half way by reducing VAT from 9 percent to 5 percent for high-quality products. Thus, we encourage the production and marketing of traditional products, established recipe products and organic ones. We have earmarked one billion euros to support the mountain area over the next 10 years, the specific legislation of this ambitious program having already been adopted. It is the safest way to support the processing of traditional products and their availability to the consumer. Recent years have been particularly good for Romanian agriculture. And if we look towards the future, we are the only to guarantee that these benefits are kept, through the National Pact for Romanians' Welfare, already signed by over 1 million people. Dear farmers, What we all see exhibited here, the products you brought, show that we are on the right track. There are the results of your work and I am glad that for the third consecutive year, Romania has managed to have one of the best agricultural productions in Europe It is encouraging that more and more young people take interest in the field of agriculture and confidently access the governmental programs, associate and capitalize on the Romanian traditional products in large retail networks. We will continue to support the involvement of young generations and to attract even more young people to this area that provides satisfaction and safety to both entrepreneurs and population. Dear Romanians, We started a revitalization process of agricultural high - schools, to provide specialists for the future. The Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry will make investments in 58 high - schools with an agricultural profile in order to prepare tomorrow's farmers and to ensure highly qualified labour force. Like in agriculture: we prepare the land and sow the seeds for the future. The remarkable results in the agricultural field have motivated us to take reorganization measures for the research sector to be properly funded. In less than 3 years, we have managed to contribute to the reorganization of 49 agricultural research stations and institutes given that in early 2017, only 3 research stations and institutes benefitted from this measure. In a short time, we will complete the process of reorganization from the administrative point of view too and for the last two institutes. It is very important to protect the results of the research work in the agricultural field, to diminish dependence on imports and to ensure Romania's food security. For these reasons, we have recently decided on establishing a bank of vegetal genetic resources for the plant, flower farming, aromatic and medicinal plant sectors. This will be organized at Buzau, where there is the oldest vegetable pool in Romania and where about 10,000 varieties of seeds are being kept. Lets capitalize on the fertile land of Romania by preserving the agricultural products and cultures with tradition here! We support the modernization of agriculture, but we also leave room for organic products, cultivated as we know from our parents and grandparents, and which are gaining more and more popularity. Our organic products are sought on the external market, and the traditional Romanian cuisine is appreciated not only home, but also abroad. What can be tastier than an authentic Romanian traditional recipe, prepared like at home, from exclusively Romanian ingredients? Dear farmers, The Romanian agriculture has tradition, potential, and the future secured as I can see in this room dedicated, diligent people, good Romanians loving the land, the people, the country. I congratulate you on your work, on what you have been able to do with much effort! You have a firm supporter in me! I have the belief that together we can restore to agriculture the pride and traditional value, and to bring prosperity to the Romanian village. I assure you that I will continue to strongly support traditional and high-quality products, Romanian varieties and the measures designed to support vegetable growers and livestock breeders. I will fight, as until now, for proper funding of agriculture. I will promote on every occasion the Romanian village and its values, the community spirit and the national traditions! Dear Farmers, I served as Vice-Chair of the European Parliaments Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. I worked with many of you, took over some of your goals and transposed them into European legislation. Measures are required both at European and national level. European Commissioner Phil Hogan spoke about the common agricultural policy, a common agricultural policy in which the Romanian farmer, the Romanian agricultural worker, should find themselves, in which we should have more flexibility, a simplification, a common agricultural policy in which to address the convergence of direct payments. For all these, the Government of Romania has to fight in Brussels, and here home, rest assured that the Prime Minister of Romania, the Government of Romania will stand by each farmer. We will promote the measures you envisage, because together we must show that Romanian agriculture deserves appreciation both nationally and at European level and - why not - in other third countries. I would like to thank you and wish you success and congratulate you on what you have achieved so far! 2019-10-09 12:39:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, cu vicepremierul și ministrul Apărării Naționale din Republica Macedonia de Nord, Radmila Sekerinska-JankovskaȘtiri din 08.10.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă had today a meeting with the Minister of Defence of the Republic of North Macedonia Radmila Sekerinska-Jankovska who is paying a visit to Bucharest. The two officials appreciated the recent bilateral political dialogue recalling the recent contacts at the level of Prime Minister, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. They voiced satisfaction over the constant increase of trade between Romania and the Republic of North Macedonia stating that there is still the likelihood of developing it, given the economic potential of the two states. As regards relations in the field of defence, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă voiced her strong belief that they will further intensify following the direct dialogue between the two Defence Ministers. On the discussion agenda, there was also the topic of the European and Euro-Atlantic path of the Republic of North Macedonia. In connection with this subject, the Head of the Romanian Executive mentioned that Romania was among the first states to ratify the NATO accession protocol of the Republic of North Macedonia (March 2019) and voiced her confidence that the two states will have excellent cooperation within the Alliance. Prime Minister also emphasized the attention extended by Romania to EU enlargement during its tenure at the helm of the EU Council and reaffirmed the firm support granted to North Macedonia in its European path. 2019-10-08 18:32:00 Prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu ocazia Zilei naționale de comemorare a victimelor Holocaustului din RomâniaȘtiri din 08.10.2019 are paying tribute to Romanias Holocaust victims with the same determination to promote a society of tolerance and to combat any form of anti-Semitism and hate speech. Romanias National Holocaust Remembrance Day marked each year on October 9, is just a reminder of a dark chapter of history, which brought about suffering and injustice to millions of people around the world, including Romania. Seventy-eight years since the beginning of the mass deportations of 1941 of Romanias Jews to Transnistria, the fight against anti-Semitism is a constant topic that captures the attention of the Government of Romania, and it was a priority topic of Romania's first tenure as president of the EU Council in the first half of 2019. The actions promoted by the Government to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and to combat Holocaust denial will continue so that the next generations will know the historical truth and become aware of the extent of the suffering caused by anti-Semitism. I have closely supported the initiative to open a National Museum of Jewish History and the Holocaust in Romania and the development of Holocaust studies, and I think that no effort is too great if we want to combat prejudices that fuel anti-Semitism, racism, intolerance, xenophobia and discrimination in any form. Allow me to extend my homage to the victims of the Holocaust, and voice respect for their suffering and the suffering of the survivors of that dramatic period in history. We pray for them and keep their memory alive! This year, the National Holocaust Remembrance Day coincides with the celebration of the great Yom Kippur holiday.On this occasion, I want to convey to the entire Jewish community of Romania and all over the world - Gmar Chatimah Tova - May you be inscribed in the Book of Life! Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă Prime Minister of Romania 2019-10-08 17:23:00 Mihai Fifor: România rămâne cel mai solid susținător al eforturilor Republicii Moldova în parcursul său europeanȘtiri din 05.10.2019 Prime Minister for Romanias strategic partnerships implementation Mihai Fifor met with a delegation of Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, led by Deputy Speaker Monica Babuc Vice Prime Minister for Romanias strategic partnerships implementation Mihai Fifor had a meeting today, at the Victoria Palace with a delegation of Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, led by Deputy Speaker Monica Babuc. The Romanian Government remains a firm supporter of the Republic of Moldova, in the spirit of the bilateral Strategic Partnership, an essential basis of our special relationsHIP which enjoys a permanent interest at the level of both societies, underlined Vice Prime Minister Mihai Fifor. Vice Prime Minister for Romanias strategic partnerships implementation conveyed a message of encouragement to the Republic of Moldova in the direction of continuing the European objectives and implementation of reforms assumed in the context of the Association Agreement with the European Union. Romania remains the firmest supporter of the Republic of Moldovas efforts in its European path. We have all the openness to put at the disposal of our partners in Chisinau expertise at several levels, especially in the European affairs area, considering the experience gathered in the context of holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, stated Vice Prime Minister Mihai Fifor. The meeting also occasioned a consistent dialogue on the priorities of the bilateral relationship and the common projects developed in the social and economic areas. In this context, the Romanian official highlighted the importance of strengthening the community of language, culture and history, which lays at the basis of the special relationship with the Republic of Moldova. The Romanian Government is fully determined to continue the programmes granting identity scholarships to students learning in the neighbouring countries and the Balkans, in the Romanian language or, who study Romanian as a first language, as well as support entitlements for the teaching staff teaching in Romanian. Moreover, the Romanian Executive will further support the programme on improving school and pre-school infrastructure in the Republic of Moldova, the Vice Prime Minister for Romanias strategic partnerships implementation stated. With respect to the projects in the economic area, the emphasis was placed on energy interconnection investments, a solid support pillar with a view to ensuring the irreversibility of the Republic of Moldovas European path. All our cooperation projects aim to contribute to the improvement of the life of the Republic of Moldovas citizens and strengthen the special relationship between our countries, based on the community of language, culture and history, Vice Prime Minister Mihai Fifor underlined. In her turn, Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Monica Babuc thanked for the constant support granted over time by Romania and highlighted that the authorities in Chisinau further count on this support. 2019-10-05 13:38:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul Zilei Internaționale a ProfesoruluiȘtiri din 05.10.2019 the World Teachers Day, we celebrate those who undertook the noble mission of shaping destinies and promoting knowledge. A country's development relates also to the level of education of the population, in which the teachers play an essential role. I would like to thank you, dear teachers, for your work, professionalism and dedication to training generations after generations and for conferring value to Romania's human resource! The Government has honoured the pledges it has made so far to teachers, and we will continue on this path, as we want a performing educational system for Romania, with motivated teachers and investment necessary for modern infrastructure in education. I assure you that the teachers' work enjoys all my appreciation and that of the Government. It would be natural for the education area to enjoy the same appreciation from everybody. It is sad nevertheless when we see that the political or electoral interests of a man amazingly coming from amid the teachers cast a shadow over the work of other teachers and a generation of young people ready to step into the beautiful doctor career. The Government is ready to find the required solutions for the Romanian educational system to keep its high standards which won its worldwide recognition. A Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers, to everybody involved in educating the young generations! I wish you success and accomplishments at professional and personal levels! Viorica Dăncilă PRIME MINISTER OF ROMANIA 2019-10-05 13:23:00 Viorica Dăncilă a participat la deschiderea noului an universitar, la Universitatea Petrol - Gaze din PloieștiȘtiri din 01.10.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă's speech at the opening ceremony of the academic year It is an honour for me to be with you today, on the occasion of the opening of the academic year. I admit that I come back with joy and emotion in this education unit which has profoundly left its imprint on my training as I am sure that it happened with other thousands of graduates. Honorary audience, dear professors, we have all admiration, and respect for people devoted to the training of generations of young people. Dear students, we are very confident that you will become the true professionals that Romania needs so much! Everything we invest now in the young generation represents a guarantee for our future as a society. The higher Romanian education has undeniable merits, nevertheless, we need to keep up with the present and add it even more value. My expectations for the 2019-2020 academic year are linked to confirmation through results of the measures which we have taken so far for the integration of graduates on the labour market. The experience which the youngsters can accumulate, including throughout their studies, through internship programmes, will make the employers more confident in the graduates. In order to support and motivate students and young graduates, we improved the Internship Law. The Government increased the monthly entitlement offered to every intern to 2,080 lei gross. Moreover, as of this year, the period of internship is considered seniority. We have also developed programmes to stimulate entrepreneurs to hire young graduates. There are good measures and I am sure that they will bring benefits to both the interns and employers. We also want to ensure the quality of the education act, and for this, we support investment in people and university infrastructure. In 2019, we substantially increased the teachers wages, including the university professors wages. We want to continue these actions so that the incomes reflect the status of the teaching staff. With respect to investments in the university infrastructure through the Development and Investments Fund, which is already operational, we are funding projects of universities: construction and modernization of teaching, research infrastructure, housing and dining facilities and conference rooms. We will also support with the necessary co-funding the upgrading programs of universities from European funds, and I am confident that an increasing number of universities will follow the example of the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploieşti that recently became the first higher education institution of the seven component counties of the South Muntenia Development Region that got funding through the Regional Operational Programme 2014 -2020. I assure you that you will have all the Government's support in this respect and I wish you success in the academic year ahead! 2019-10-01 10:59:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul Zilei Internaționale a Persoanelor Vârstnice 1 octombrie 2019 Știri din 01.10.2019 08:05:00 de lucru a prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, în Statele Unite ale AmericiiȘtiri din 28.09.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă: I encourage as many Romanians in Diaspora to return home or to develop businesses in Romania Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă and the members of the governmental delegation met with the representatives of the New York-based Romanian community whom they presented our country's evolution and development potential. Prime Minister emphasized that Romania is dynamic, attractive, full of opportunities and encouraged the Romanians in Diaspora to return home or to develop businesses in the country. Among the programs developed by the Government, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă mentioned Diaspora Start-up, financed by European funds, and Start-UP Nation, financed by government funds, which offer opportunities to return to Romania and capitalize on one's professional and entrepreneurial skills. Another opportunity is represented by the nonrefundable financing that the Government of Romania, through the Ministry for Romanians Abroad, allocates for preserving, promoting and asserting the Romanian identity abroad. Prime Minister showed that the Government advocates the promotion and observance of the rights of Romanians living abroad, in this context, the Romanian authorities are preparing the optimum organization and conduct of presidential election this autumn. The Government adopted a set of measures for an optimal organization of the electoral process, and Romanians living abroad will have three days to vote, and the right to vote can be exercised in the polling stations or via postal voting. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Romanians Abroad are running an information campaign for the Romanians living abroad to know all the details related to the electoral process. I plead for trusting a future we can build together, Romanians home and you, Romanians living abroad, starting from the realities of the present stated Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă. The representatives of the Romanian community appreciated the Government's steps towards promoting and preserving the national values and traditions, Romanian identity and language in the diaspora communities and they emphasized that they will continue to act towards strengthening the relationship between Romania and the United States. 2019-09-28 09:18:00 de lucru a prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, în Statele Unite ale AmericiiȘtiri din 27.09.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă: The Romanian Government has adopted some of the most ambitious business stimulus measures in the region On a working visit to the United States, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă attended a meeting with representatives of the American companies interested in the business opportunities offered by the Romanian economy. Attending the meeting were also Public Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, Health Minister Sorina Pintea, National Defence Minister Gabriel Les, and the Communications and IT Society Minister Alexandru Petrescu. In this context, the Romanian Prime Minister underlined the importance of the transatlantic partnership for the prosperity and economic security of Europe and the United States of America and pointed out Romania's desire to strengthen and deepen the economic dimension of the Strategic Partnership with the United States. Prime Minister and the Finance Minister presented the investors the measures adopted by the Romanian Government as well as the opportunities that our country offers in essential areas such as energy, healthcare, research and innovation, information technology and communications, alongside the invitation to invest in our country. The two Romanian officials stated that the FTSE Russell announcement on the BVB passing to the emerging market status is a strong signal and a confirmation of the fact that our country is a favourite and stable destination for investors. The Romanian Government has adopted some of the most ambitious measures in the region to stimulate businesses and to reduce and simplify bureaucratic procedures. We also ensured a broad funding framework for business projects, through state aid schemes intended for large companies, small and medium-sized companies, and entrepreneurs Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă highlighted. The Government also drew up a list of large projects which can be of interest for U.S. companies, regarding road infrastructure, railways, ports and airports, the metro network, energy, tourism and healthcare and can be achieved through public-private partnerships. The recently adopted public-private partnership law includes several elements of attractiveness for interested American companies, such as extended contract terms and increased flexibility of funding conditions, which now allow the use of public funds and a better risk-sharing between the public and private partners the Head of the Bucharest added. Our economy is crossing one of its best times in terms of economic growth sustainability and future development potential. Romania has one of the highest growth rates in the European Union, the sixth-lowest public debt to GDP ratio in the EU, and the lowest unemployment rate in the last 30 years, indicators certified by the rating agencies and European and international profile institutions. This is the solid foundation on which Romania builds an increasingly developed economy and constantly reduces the gap with the European average, stated the Minister of Public Finance, Eugen Teodorovici. Prime Minister and the Ministers reiterated the Government's readiness to maintain a constant and constructive dialogue with the American investors interested in the Romanian market, including for identifying optimal solutions to ensure the success of projects and investments in our countrys economy. The representatives of the American companies appreciated the openness to dialogue and the fact that the Romanian Ministers have an active presence in the investment forums organized by the business community. They also praised the measures taken by the Romanian Government regarding the increase of the budget for investments in healthcare and infrastructure, as well as the growth opportunities of the strategic defence industry. Attending the meeting were representatives of the following companies: Alexandrion, Access Softek Inc., Kunstadt Associates, Intermediate Capital Group, RACC Florida, Auerbach Grayson, Franklin Templeton Investment Management Ltd., Herzfeld and Rubin, Stein Mitchell Beato and Missner LLP, RACC NY, Cross Range Capital, EisnerAmper LLP, Modern Pulse Consulting Group, Ascending Markets Financial Guarantee Corporation, Amazon, Teva Pharmaceutical, RACC International, Mercury LLC, Developing World Markets, Misonix Inc., GAMCO Investors Inc., EisnerAmper LLP, DeltrexUSA, Squire Patton Boggs, Honeywell. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă: Through a well-consolidated network and effective coordination, we can mobilize all stakeholders that have the ability to contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda On her working visit to the United States, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă had a bilateral meeting with the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Mrs Amina J. Mohammed. Prime Minister emphasized the importance and the role of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as a vehicle for substantial progress in attaining the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) and their development targets. The state of the SDGs implementation in Romania was presented in this context, Prime Minister outlining the fact that only through a well-consolidated interinstitutional network and an effective coordination, can we rally all actors - the business environment, the academic milieu, trade unions, the civil society, NGOs, that have the ability to contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă emphasized the importance of youth involvement in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs), a topic that Romania advocated during the exercise of its presidency of the EU Council. The meeting occasioned greater visibility for Romania's activity in the sustainable development field and the opportunity to further strengthen the position of regional center that our country has within the UNECE. The importance of partnerships was highlighted in this context as well as our country holding in partnership with the UNECE in April 2019 the regional conference on 2030 Agenda: partnerships for sustainable development. The Head of the Executive underlined that the 2030 Agenda objective of - Leaving no one behind implies conservation of a sustainable planet for us and future generations and saluted the emphasis this year on topics pertaining to climate change and sustainable development, of permanent interest for Romania. Prime Minister also reiterated Romania's support for the approach promoted by the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed on the UN development system reform from the point of view of the substance and financial and operational implications aimed at an increased efficiency of the 2030 Agenda implementation by the UN development system. The UN Deputy Secretary-General thanked Romania for its constant involvement in the activities of the Organization. More information: In September 2015, Romania joined the leaders of the 193 UN member states at the Development Summit, adopting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a global action program with a universal character that promotes the balance between the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. Sustainable development and economic, social and environmental pillars represent the new framework for global, regional, national and local development, and their promotion is a general objective for the European Union and the Member States. Romanias presidency of the EU Council introduced this topic among the priorities of its Work Program. The Government of Romania has the role of coordination at the national level the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (1. No poverty; 2. Zero hunger; 3. Good health and well-being; 4. Quality education; 5. Gender equality; 6 Clean water and sanitation; 7. Affordable and clean energy; 8. Decent work and economic growth; 9. Industry, innovation, infrastructure 10. Reduced inequalities; 11. Sustainable cities and communities; 12. Responsible consumption, production; 13. Climate change; 14 Life below water; 15. Life on land; 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions; 17. Partnerships for the goals. 2019-09-27 21:26:00 de lucru a prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, în Statele Unite ale AmericiiȘtiri din 26.09.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă: The Government will continue the actions to combat anti-Semitism, xenophobia and any form of intolerance On her working visit to the United States, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă had meetings with Ronald Lauder, President of the World Jewish Committee, Arthur Schneier, Senior Rabbi of New York Park East Synagogue, and Malcolm Hoenlein, Vice President of the American Jewish Congress. During the talks, Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the Strategic Partnership with the United States and reaffirmed Romanias commitment to combating anti-Semitism, xenophobia and any other form of intolerance. The Romanian Government will continue the actions to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and to combat negationism, including through the opening of a National Museum of Jewish History and the Holocaust in Bucharest, but also the development of programs in Holocaust Studies. The fight against anti-Semitism is a constant topic in the attention of the Romanian Government and has represented a priority direction of the 2019 Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila also thanked for the constant involvement of Jewish organizations in supporting these projects and voiced the hope that Romanias candidacy for OECD membership and the liberalisation of the travel visa regimes to the USA for Romanian citizens, two objectives of particular interest to the Government, will benefit from the same support. The Prime Minister also underlined the opportunities of the business environment in our country, the governmental measures to stimulate investments and the projects that will be carried out in public-private partnership. In his turn, the President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder underlined the special merits of the cooperation between Romania and the United States of America, but also between Romania and the State of Israel. Also, during the meetings, the representatives of the Jewish community expressed their appreciation for Romanias commitment to combating anti-Semitism and xenophobia. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila was welcomed at the East Park Synagogue by the New York Jewish community whom she conveyed wishes for a good year on the occasion of the start of a new year in the Hebrew calendar, on September 29. 2019-09-26 22:23:00 de lucru a prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, în Statele Unite ale AmericiiȘtiri din 25.09.2019 Romanian Delegation attended the launch of the Global Hub on the Governance for the SDGs at the United Nations Headquarters in New York *** Romanian Government, among the initiators of a Global Hub for sustainable development In the context of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), alongside the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), organized in New York a high-level event to launch the Global Hub on the Governance for the SDGs. The Government of Romania through its Department for Sustainable Development is among the initiators of this initiative, alongside the Government of Colombia. The Romanian Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici delivered an address at this event. As of 2020, the national annual budgets will take into account the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. I would like to point out that the Government of Romania, through the Department for Sustainable Development, alongside partners from all social segments, started a movement at the level of the entire society and succeeded in establishing a network of thousands of people dedicated to sustainable development. We strive to bring welfare to every Romanian and not leave anyone behind. We will partake in the activities carried out by the Global Hub that we have launched today. We are ready to share from our experience and to adjust to the national particularies the success stories from other states, stated the Finance Minister. The Hub launched today is an initiative whose role is to facilitate intergovernmental cooperation and the exchange of good practices for the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. Based on the expertise of the OECD and UNDP, but also on the experience of Governments, a new instrument will be created to provide the best solutions in terms of public policies in the sustainable development field. The Hub also includes an online knowledge platform that provides access to successful examples for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Furthermore, it provides a modality of assistance for ensuring public policy coherence, monitoring and assessment or result-based budgeting. Romania continues to act as a regional leader in promoting the 2030 Agenda. Due to our intense activity over the past years, we gained significant experience and we succeded in establishing a series of partnerships that facilitate international cooperation in the field of sustainable development. This is already the second high- level event that we are organizing with OECD. We also have other ongoing projects that will facilitate the implementation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development, and also the affirmation of Romania internationally as regards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda , stated Laszlo Borbely. Among the keynote speakers at the event were personalities such as the OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria, UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner President of Colombia Ivan Duque Marquez, as well as other heads of state and government, but also coordinators of the 2030 Agenda implementation. The Coordinator of the Department for Sustainable Development is set to attend in New York the first Summit on accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, which takes place 4 years since its adoption. The State Counsellor also attended the Leaders for Nature and People event, organized by World Wildlife Fund, which brought together Heads of State and Government, among whom: Prince Albert II of Monaco; Alexander Van Der Bellen, President of Austria; First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans; British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg, and other Heads of state and government. The organizers wish that the - Emergency Declaration for Nature and People be signed at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly due for September 2020, to give a strong signal for the future of the planet. The leaders attending the event undertook to sign such a document. The Department for Sustainable Development will take the necessary steps internally so that the Romanian Government joins this important demarche too. Climate change and loss of biodiversity were the main topics of debate. Undoubtedly, humanity is going through a great challenge caused by environmental degradation. We need urgent action from the leaders of the world, but also from the citizens. Romania, through its important natural heritage, can play an extremely important role at the global level in coagulating this direction, added Laszlo Borbely. Alongside Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, Laszlo Borbely attended a meeting with the OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria, an important component of which were talks on sustainable development. 2019-09-25 17:37:00 de lucru a prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, în Statele Unite ale AmericiiȘtiri din 24.09.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă met with the U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă had a meeting today with the U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry in the context of her working visit to the United States. On this occasion, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Romanian Government and the U.S. Government on cooperation in the civil nuclear field. The Memorandum is the result of the common vision on the strategic role of nuclear energy development for peaceful purposes and marks the commitment to working towards intensifying cooperation in the civil nuclear field. The document offers the perspective of strengthening economic relations between the two countries and promoting the essential objective of ensuring energy security, as a basis for Romanias long-term prosperity. The document is intended to serve as a basis for bolstering bilateral cooperation in the promotion of state-of-the-art technologies in the nuclear field, radioactive waste management, the development of the nuclear medicine sector, research activities on the applicability of emerging nuclear technologies in physics, biology, as well as agriculture. The senior Romanian official conveyed to the American party the determination of the Romanian Government to develop on a pragmatic and mutually advantageous basis, the economic component of the Strategic Partnership, underlining the opportunities in other essential areas such as the infrastructure or the modernization and digitization of existing capacities. Prime Minister emphasized that the Romanian Government has a major interest and the instruments necessary to strengthening the transatlantic trade and investment relationship, which can contribute to ensuring the sustainable prosperity and security of the states on the two sides of the Atlantic. The topic of developing the exploitation of energy resources from the Black Sea continental shelf, a relevant topic to the regions and Europes energy security has also been addressed in this context. At the same time, Prime Minister reiterated the availability of maintaining a constant and constructive dialogue with the US investors interested in the Romanian market, including for the identification of the optimal solutions to ensure the success of projects and investments in our countrys economy. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă met with Angel Gurria, Secretary-General of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Prime Minister Viorica Dancila had today a meeting with the Secretary-General of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Angel Gurria, in the context of her working visit to the United States. The meeting was an occasion to discuss the prospects for strengthening relations between Romania and the OECD, in the context of the advanced state of Romanias candidacy to the Organization. Prime Minister appreciated the support granted up to now by the Secretary-General to Romanias candidacy and voiced hope regarding the rapid adoption of a decision in the OECD Council regarding enlargement. The Head of the Executive highlighted that Romania continues to be firmly dedicated to the objective of OECD membership- endorsed by the entire political class and all relevant actors in the Romanian society - and that it is ready to start accession negotiations. In this context, the Romanian dignitary emphasized the positive economic developments in Romania, the results of the Government's reform program and the active participation of the institutions in our country to the activities, projects and programs of the OECD structures, as well as to the regional and global initiatives of the Organization. OECD accession will constitute an important additional way to stimulate reforms in Romania, subsumed to the objective of increasing the welfare of citizens, and will be in the benefit of the companies which are running their activities in our country, Prime Minister Dancila added. The OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria emphasized the merits of Romanias candidacy, advocating the intensification of cooperation between Romania and the OECD, which would consolidate the premises for a favourable decision regarding the accession invitation. Additional information The OECD is an intergovernmental forum devoted to identifying, disseminating and assessing the enforcement of appropriate public policies to ensure sustainable economic growth and social stability. The OECD orientates its activity in four priority directions: (1) (re) establishing market confidence by streamlining and levelling the mechanisms that make it work; (2) improvement and consolidation of national fiscal policies; (3) promoting innovation in the economy; (4) capitalization on human capital by labor force training. The OECD promotes, in particular, structural reforms, a social agenda focused on countering inequalities and sustainable development. The 36 members of the OECD (most of them are Europeans - 24) are developed states, holding over 70% of global production and trade and 90% of global foreign direct investment. 2019-09-24 22:10:00 de lucru a prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, în Statele Unite ale AmericiiȘtiri din 23.09.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă met with the American Jewish Committee (AJC)'s leadership Prime Minister Viorica Dancila met with David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), in the context of her working visit to the United States During the talks, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance that the Strategic Partnership with the United States has for Romania, as well as our countrys attachment to the partnership with the State of Israel. At the same time, Prime Minister highlighted Romanias strong support for a robust transatlantic relationship, as an essential prerequisite for ensuring common security and prosperity. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă reaffirmed Romanias commitment to the fight against anti-Semitism, xenophobia and any other form of intolerance, this being a priority of the Romanian presidency of the EU Council. In this context, the Head of the Executive mentioned the events subsumed to this topic, held in Brussels and Bucharest during Romania's tenure at the helm of the EU Council. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă also presented the actions of the Romanian Government aimed at preserving the memory of the Holocaust and combating negationism, mentioning, among them, the opening of a National Museum of Jewish History and the Holocaust in Bucharest, but also the development of Holocaust study programs. Representatives of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) leadership appreciated that the first event organized by PRES RO 2019, in Brussels, was devoted to the fight against anti-Semitism. They appreciated the measures of the Romania Government regarding the opening of a National Museum of Jewish History and the Holocaust and the importance our country attaches to the promotion of Holocaust education at the level of the entire Romanian society. Romania will improve primary and preventive healthcare services, with the help of the World Bank Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă had today, in New York, in the context of the working visit to the United States, a meeting with the World Bank representatives, at the end of which, it was signed the Agreement on increasing citizens' access to primary healthcare services and promoting preventive medical services, especially in less developed areas. The program is also intended to increase access to medical services provided by family doctors and to improve the efficiency of healthcare spending. The EUR 500 million loan agreement was signed by the Romanian Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, and the World Bank country manager for Romania and Hungary Tatiana Proskuryakova. It is a program that will benefit the patients, as it will increase funding for family and community medicine, including by endowing the medical offices with advanced equipment and training primary healthcare staff. Thus, citizens from isolated or more difficult to reach areas will have easier access to health services, in order to be diagnosed in the early stages, get the correct treatment and better care, highlighted Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă. The results-based health program, to be first implemented in Romania, will encourage this field to focus more on the patient. The program comprises three main objectives: improving coverage with primary healthcare services for the under-served population, by strengthening community healthcare and extending the basic services package in primary healthcare for uninsured vulnerable people; reorienting the medical system, now centered on the hospital, towards efficient primary healthcare, by diversifying the package of primary healthcare services and improving payment mechanisms. De minimis aid scheme will also be implemented for family doctors' offices; increasing spending efficiency in the healthcare sector by addressing critical aspects related to costs. The agreement focuses on result delivery in the healthcare sector and endorses the Government's initiatives to bring major changes in the medical assistance provision, especially in rural communities, stated the Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici. By attaining the targeted objectives, we expect this to become a success story in the Region and a point of departure for future similar projects. This program will help us guarantee what we want for a long time: equal access for all citizens to medical services stated Health Minister Sorina Pintea. The National Health Strategy will also improve the way public money invested in the healthcare system is being spent. Despite progress in healthcare, the death rate in Romania which could be prevented by access to medical care is among the highest in the EU, especially among the poorest population, and there is now this opportunity to improve these results stated the World Bank country manager for Romania and Hungary Tatiana Proskuryakova. We appreciate the efforts made by the current Government as well as the commitment it undertook to provide a more balanced and integrated healthcare system. The loan was approved at the World Bank Group Board of Directors meeting held on September 17 in Washington, DC. It will finance the governmental program, attract EU funding for the implementation of the activities required for the proposed indicators, and provide technical assistance. The loan was negotiated by the World Bank and the Romanian Finance Ministry within the framework of the 2019-2023 Country Strategic Partnership. 2019-09-23 18:02:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la recepția organizată cu prilejul Zilei Naționale a Republicii Populare ChinezeȘtiri din 19.09.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă on the occasion of the National Day of the Peoples Republic of China Your Excellency, Dear Madam Ambassador, Dear members of the Romanian Government and the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Bucharest, Ladies and gentlemen, It is an honour for me to be with you this evening, to celebrate a special moment for the Peoples Republic of China, the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the Peoples Republic. On behalf of the Government of Romania, I address you my sincere congratulations, wishes for prosperity and success, and thoughts of appreciation and friendship for the Chinese people. This year has a special significance for the political and diplomatic relations between Romania and the Peoples Republic of China: we are celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations between the two states and 15 years since the signing of the Joint Declaration on establishing a Broad Partnership for Friendship and Cooperation. Romania was the third country to recognize the proclamation of the Peoples Republic of China, on October 5, 1949, expressing, through this political gesture, its firm desire to cooperate in the spirit of mutual trust and respect. The seven decades of uninterrupted political and diplomatic relations, built with patience and perseverance, have undergone a permanent development. The numerous exchanges of visits and political contacts at all levels, the projects of sectoral cooperation in areas of interest, as well as the very good cooperation within the multilateral formats, have demonstrated the mutual respect and friendship existing between our countries and nations. I gladly recall the substantial meetings I had in the last two years with the Prime Minister of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China, Mr. Li Keqiang, on the sidelines of the Summits of Heads of Government of the Central and Eastern European Countries- China cooperation format (17+1)in Sofia, on July 2018 and in Dubrovnik, on April 2019. The Peoples Republic of China remains Romanias largest trading partner in Asia, and one of the most important overall trading partners of our country. We want to achieve a dynamic balance between the volume of exports and the volume of imports. In this context, I appreciate the organization by the Peoples Republic of China of important international fairs and exhibitions, events that encourage the increase of imports of goods from friend states of the Peoples Republic of China but especially increased direct contacts between the representatives of the business communities of the two states. We wish to capitalize on this constant attention that Chinese investors have extended to the Romanian market, and I assure the representatives of the Chinese business community in Romania that we are willing to continue our dialogue on economic projects and mutually beneficial sectoral cooperation. The inter-human, business, tourism, cultural exchanges between Romania and the Peoples Republic of China, in youth and academic issues, are an essential pillar for deepening bilateral relations that are very important for Romania. In Romanias mandate at the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, we have made a significant contribution to the development of dialogue and cooperation within the EU - China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. I assure you that you can count on Romanias support for strengthening and deepening this important strategic partnership not only for Europe and Asia, but also for the whole world, especially from the perspective of the implementation of the European Union Strategy for Connecting Europe and Asia, and the advancement of cooperation within the EU - China Connectivity Platform. At the same time, I would like to reiterate Romanias interest in capitalizing on the opportunities of pragmatic cooperation opened by the 17 + 1 format, for the benefit and prosperity of the nations of the two regions. I am confident that together we will be able to further build the Romanian-Chinese collaboration, on a pragmatic basis and in the same spirit of openness that underpinned the traditional relations of friendship and cooperation between our states. Once again, I wish the Chinese people peace, prosperity and progress! Thank you. 2019-09-19 19:43:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la ceremonia de înmânare a cheilor apartamentelor achiziționate de PMB pentru personalul medical din spitalele subordonate, împreună cu ministrul Sănătății, S. Pintea, și cu primarul general al Capitalei, G. FireaȘtiri din 19.09.2019 19:39:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu președintele Curții Europene a Drepturilor OmuluiȘtiri din 19.09.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă welcomed at Victoria Palace, Mr Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos, President of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) who is paying a visit to Romania. During the visit, the two officials discussed the progress achieved by the Court with a view to streamlining its activity as part of the institutional reform process, with focus on the future of the system of the European Convention on Human Rights. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă highlighted that the Romanian authorities are actively participating in this process of reform and reflection on the future of the system of the Convention. Prime Minister also reiterated Romania's trust in the European Court of Human Rights, in its role in protecting the fundamental rights and liberties and emphasized the attachment to the values of the Council of Europe. In his turn, the President of the European Court of Human Rights praised the good cooperation with the Romanian authorities. Attending the meeting were the Secretary-General of the Government Toni Greblă, the Head of the PM Chancellery Costin Mihalache, and the Government agent before the ECHR Maya Teodoroiu. 2019-09-19 15:44:00 interguvernamentală România - PoloniaȘtiri din 18.09.2019 PRESS RELEASE The exhibition The Alliance of the Hearts: Romania-Poland, hosted by the Victoria Palace The Government of Romania hosts at the Victoria Palace, the exhibition The Alliance of the Hearts: Romania-Poland, in the context of the Romanian-Polish intergovernmental meeting held today in Bucharest. The exhibition illustrates, through photographs and copies of documents from the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the history of bilateral relations which celebrate a hundred years this year. At the same time, the exhibition is a tribute to the heroic resistance of the Polish people in the Second World War. Today marks 80 years since the Polish refuge in Romania, when high representatives of the Polish government and army, as well as about 100,000 other Poles, among whom 60,000 soldiers, temporarily regrouped themselves on our soil. In addition to humanitarian protection, Romania also facilitated the transit of the Treasury of the National Bank of Poland (70 tonnes of gold), another 4 tonnes of gold that could no longer be sent, being kept safely, until the end of the war. The most important historical moments captured in photos and documents: - Restoration of Polish statehood at the end of the First World War (1918) - Convention on Defensive Alliance between Poland and Romania (March 3, 1921) - Marshal Jozef Klemens Piłsudskis visit to Romania and his welcoming by King Ferdinand I (1922) - Visit of the Sovereigns of Romania - King Ferdinand I and Queen Mary - to Poland (1923) - Treaty of Guarantee between Romania and Poland (1926) - Visit of the President of Poland to Romania (1937) - Visit of King Carol II to Poland (1937) - The support granted to Poland by Romania during the Second World War (protection granted to Polish refugees, the transit of the Polish Treasury through Romania). Joint press statements at the end of Romania - Poland Intergovernmental Meeting [Check against delivery] Viorica Dăncilă: I am particularly glad to welcome the presence in Bucharest of the Polish Prime Minister and the important delegation of Polish Ministers accompanying him. I thank them for the presence at the second round of Romanian - Polish Intergovernmental consultations. The first round of consultations between our Governments, held in Warsaw, on May 25, 2018, in the year of Romania's Greater Union Centennial and the Polish Independence Centennial, represented a pivotal moment for the bilateral relationship and a good opportunity to boost Romanian - Polish cooperation at all levels. The consultations between our Governments are taking place in a particular context, marked by the celebration by Romania and the Polish Republic of 100 years of diplomatic relations this year. We also mark 10 years of strategic partnership. Poland is a close friend, key strategic partner and a trustful ally of Romania. Based on a relationship with tradition, convergent interests and common destiny, Romanian - Polish collaboration developed into a strong, viable and future-oriented strategic partnership. Today's consultations allowed the review of the progress achieved in the cooperation between our countries and establishing benchmarks for future cooperation. I also hail the signing of several Memorandums of Understanding in relevant fields for the development of our countries such as infrastructure, energy, transports, communications, digitalization, entrepreneurship, EU funds management, cooperation between the Police Academies of the two countries. During the talks, I advocated the further strengthening of our strategic partnership and the dynamic, comprehensive and complex political dialogue at all levels. I outlined the promising prospect of a robust and fruitful economic cooperation given that the bilateral trade has been reaching increasingly higher levels. We are glad that the Polish businesspeople increased their investment in our country while the Romanian investors show in their turn an increased interest in the Polish market. I am sure that we can strengthen our economic and sectorial cooperation so that it reaches the level of our cooperation in the security area, where collaboration on NATO's Eastern flank reached an excellence level. We established by common agreement to continue meetings in this format, which should become a practice by holding annual consultations between our Governments, as well as to deepen Romanian - Polish coordination at regional, European and Euro-Atlantic levels. We focused on the European issues too, where we intend to closely cooperate based on the similar vision, positions and approaches on a series of topical issues on the European agenda, such as Brexit, the Multiannual Financial Framework, the Cohesion Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy. I thank my counterpart for the excellent cooperation throughout the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and for his words of appreciation for the way Romania exercised its mandate. We also discussed the importance of regional cooperation, especially within the Three Seas Initiative. I argued that exploring new cooperation opportunities should take into account the need for a pragmatic approach and for generating value-added. The constant dialogue and the commitments undertaken by our governments are the solid basis of future cooperation for the economic development of the region we belong to and for increasing security in the area. We will continue to work together to strengthen the European project on the success of which depends the future of the citizens we represent and in the name of whom we are acting. I hold the firm belief that Romania and Poland will continue to cooperate at the regional level in order that they consolidate their contribution in the region, at the level of the entire EU and at NATO level. I want to thank once again my counterpart, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for the constructive dialogue and the approach our delegations had today. I am sure that they will lead to the consolidation of our bilateral economic and commercial relations. They will strengthen aspects pertaining to European dossiers such as strengthening our common involvement in European policies, very important to Romania and Poland, I refer to the Common Agricultural Policy, the Cohesion Policy, Transports. Finally, I would like to wish good luck to the Polish Government's nominee for the post of Common Agricultural Policy Commissioner. I want to thank you and wish greater success to you and the Government you are leading! Mateusz Morawiecki: /.../ In the 30s, Poland and Romania were very close partners. Today, Poland commemorates hard times, eighty years since the outbreak of World War II. It is 80 years since the Red Army crossed the border, invaded Poland and the Polish authorities ensured the continuity of the power in exile. Romania, the Romanian government, gave them help. We remember this very well and know how the relations between Poland and Romania developed later on. What connected us in the past is also important for our present relationship, it is about this common history that is important for todays issues. Moving on to contemporary issues, we can say that in almost all aspects we had common, convergent opinions, we get along very well in many areas. I will say a few things about energy. Romania plays an important role, it has gas reserves in the Black Sea and it also has energy reserves on land that have the possibility to ensure gas supply to Central Europe. We are also building an infrastructure so that Poland can become a gas distributor, a connector from Slovakia, through Hungary, to Romania. We can also ensure this way the security of sources based on partnership in joint projects. Our joint interests in building the infrastructure can be clearly seen, this is about the Via Carpatia project linking the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, that would increase trade cooperation, tourism potential between our states and between our communities, it is a very ambitious project. Poland and Romania have agreed on a long-term collaboration to represent their position at European level, starting with the climate policy, the budget policy, the Multiannual Financial Framework, in the industry field, in the field of competitiveness. At our joint session [e.n. -the round of intergovernmental consultations] we have also discussed extensively the issues of competitiveness and the implementation of the regulations of the European Union Treaty, for instance, in the field of service delivery, as these regulations are not fully observed. This can be very well seen in the way some Western European states capitalize on the workforce potential of our countries, talents of our countries, benefit from the openness of the Central and South-Eastern European market - it is about the service area. We underline how important the openness of the Western countries' services market is, and not the enforcement of some protectionist approaches, which can be called the anti-mobility package that we spoke about during the bilateral meeting. It is paramount for us to ensure freedom of movement, but, at the same time, to take into account the competition with the countries of Western Europe so that we can find ways of economic development for Poland and Romania. We also discussed the budgetary policy. It is about the budget for the next seven years that will be negotiated. We established our joint stance within the group of friends. I had the same stance as Mrs Prime Minister regarding the Transport Commissioner dossier, the field of mobility for us; it is an important issue for enhancing the degree of security in Central Europe. The partnership with Romania is a very important mission, the Commissioner for Transport is very important. Mrs Prime Minister also commented on the important achievements, namely the Commissioner for Agriculture dossier, both Poland and Romania need increased opportunities for the Polish and Romanian farmers and that is why the Commissioner from Poland will act efficiently in ensuring equal rights for the Romanian and Polish farmers, it is about the implementation of the rural programmes. Poland and Romania are two countries that are NATO pillars on the Eastern flank, within the Transatlantic Partnership, therefore, this topic could not miss from our discussion, we also discussed issues related to the defence policy. We have contingents of the Polish army in Romania and of Romanian military in Poland, which makes this military collaboration ever closer. We are getting to know each other better and I am very glad that our history is registering this growing cooperation in the field of defence and of enhancing the degree of security. These are important areas. Not too long ago, 10 years ago, this collaboration was hardly visible and threats existed. We have also discussed the collaboration in the field of commercial exchanges, investment exchanges. Romania is a very good partner for Polish investors, we are opening more and more horizons in the economic field for Polish investors. We want this exchange in Central Europe to grow, at the economic level of the European Union. Romania has a good economic growth, a record in the EU, 4.5 percent, even more, of the GDP and we want to make the most of this important moment in boosting the economic relations between us. We also discussed reforms in the energy area, and in the field of climate policy. In this respect, Romanians and Poles will stand together, have convergent views, will tackle together the issues in this important field, the energy policy and the environmental protection. Dear Madam Prime Minister, thank you very much for your invitation, a symbol of our historical, economic ties, of the relations between our countries, and at the same time, a meeting that gave us the opportunity to discuss several concrete aspects that would enhance the efficiency of Romania and Poland's representation and participation policy in relations with our partners, such as the United States and other EU partners. It is true that our Western partners have another level of economic development but of course, we will make every effort to reduce gaps and to improve the living standards of our citizens. I want to thank you once again and congratulate you on your EU Council presidency, a fruitful one, which solved very many issues, dossiers such as the energy resources issue. I am very glad to have such a serious and solid partner. I also attended the meetings of the Visegrad Group, the entire group from Visegrad is glad that we have a partner in Romania that we can rely on, that Romania is a state that is at an appropriate level of economic development, of carrying out reforms in the post-communist period. We must come out successful following this reform and to act together as efficiently as possible, to explain our partners in Brussels that we have achieved many things! Thank you very much, Madam Prime Minister for the fruitful discussions! 2019-09-18 13:49:00 marchează Ziua Mondială a Siguranței PacientuluiȘtiri din 17.09.2019 13:57:00ția 2019 a Programului Oficial de Internship al Guvernului României, la final Știri din 13.09.2019 11:55:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul Zilei Pompierilor Știri din 13.09.2019 10:05:00ții de presă susținute de prim-ministrul Viorica DăncilăȘtiri din 11.09.2019 Dăncilă: Good afternoon. In my capacity as Prime Minister, I decided to nominate ALDE representatives for the portfolios that remained vacant following the resignations at the end of August. I have all the appreciation for those ALDE members who understood that Romania needs stability and that Romania and Romanians are important, beyond the personal interest or the political stake, and decided to respect the people's vote of 2016 and the programme for government that we assumed together. It is important to continue the government mandate, to provide stability, to mobilize to consolidate Romania's image abroad, especially at this particular time when we must support our representative to the European Commission. Based on Romania's and Romanians' interest, we took the decision to nominate ALDE representatives for the three vacant portfolios. Therefore, I will send to the President of Romania the following nominations: Mrs. Gratiela Gavrilescu for Minister of Environment and for Vice Prime Minister, Mr. Ion Cupă for Minister of Energy, and Mr. Stefan Băișanu for the Liaison with Parliament portfolio. Considering that on September 12, the interim term at the helm of the Internal Affairs Ministry expires, and we need to prepare first the presidential elections and to respond to current challenges, also taking into account that on September 18, the interim term at the helm of the Ministry of National Education expires, and the office of Vice Prime Minister on economic matters is vacant, I will send the following nominations to the President: Mr. Dan Chirilă for Minister of Internal Affairs, he currently serves as Secretary of State in the same Ministry, Mrs. Camelia Gavrila for Minister of Education, and Mr. Dan Matei for Vice Prime Minister. I hope that this time, Mr President Iohannis will act like a President of Romania and not like a candidate for this office, and will not block any initiative to bring back normality to Romania. It is an important demarche, it is important to ensure stability, to show responsibility, and I believe that, beyond the political battle, the personal interests, Romanias and Romanians interest should prevail. We must act so that the people be able to receive their salaries, pensioners receive their pensions, and we should encourage the projects that Romanians expect to see materialized. And I believe that, when it comes to the interest of Romania and Romanians, regardless of the position we occupy, we must act with very much responsibility. This afternoon, I will send the six nominations to Cotroceni Palace. Thank you. 2019-09-11 17:44:00 de înmânare a unor acorduri de finanțare semnate în baza schemei de ajutor de stat 807/2014 pentru stimularea investițiilor cu impact major în economieȘtiri din 11.09.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the handover ceremony of some funding agreements signed on the basis of the state aid scheme no.807/2014 for stimulating investments with a major impact on the economy Dear representatives of the business community, Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to host at Victoria Palace the fifth handover session of funding agreements for another seven investment projects with a major impact on the economy. This indicates that the business community trusts the Government and considers it a fair partner that encourages and stimulates investment. The data on economic development demonstrates that we have every reason to be confident. The National Institute of Statistics and Eurostat have confirmed the real GDP growth of 4.7 percent in the first semester of this year, considering that the economic advance from one quarter to another continues to be high. Romania registered in the second quarter of 2019 an economic growth of 4.6 percent, the second largest in the EU. It is important to underline the fact that half of the economic growth was due to total investments in the economy, a dynamics to which direct foreign investment had a very important contribution. The economic advance continued to be in the first semester of this year a sustainable one and it was based on the following economic activities: trade, transport, hotels and restaurants, constructions, information and communications, scientific and professional activities. These sectors represent the engine of economic growth and benefit from the Governments policies to boost the business environment, among which I would mention the exemption from the income tax payment for the IT programmers, incentives for builders, granting holiday vouchers. Ladies and gentlemen, The good evolution of the economy is due to a great extent to Romanian and foreign investors that our policies are addressing, including the state aid scheme with significant impact in the economy, based on which the seven financing agreements were handed over. We will thus back investments in areas with a major impact: the production of non-food consumer goods, the car and machinery construction industry, the automotive industry, the food industry. Therefore, there are projects with a positive impact in the short, medium and long term, such as the development of the economic activities of the enterprises in the less developed regions, important social benefits, through the creation of new jobs, development of the products and services offered by the local suppliers and, implicitly, an increase in the standard of living. Only through this state aid scheme, the Romanian Government supports 35 investment projects with a total value of over 3.5 billion lei, which generate approximately 5,300 new jobs. Through this public policy, and other decisions and measures, the Government stimulates investment and alongside the business environment, contributes to Romania's development. Finally, I want to congratulate you, dear investors, and wish you greater success! I also congratulate Minister Eugen Teodorovici and the team of the Public Finance Ministry for the way they manage this aid scheme designed to boost investment with major impact on the Romanian economy! Thank you! 2019-09-11 15:14:00 de semnare a contractelor de finanțare pentru proiectele ”Sistem informatic de management al şcolarităţii – SIMS” și ”Platformă digitală cu resurse educaţionale deschise - Biblioteca virtuală”Știri din 10.09.2019 12:42:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la deschiderea anului școlar, la Școala Gimnazială din Sântămăria Orlea, județul HunedoaraȘtiri din 09.09.2019 14:58:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ocazia Zilei PetrolistuluiȘtiri din 08.09.2019 09:36:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă la Spitalul orășenesc Mioveni, unitate medicală construită din fonduri guvernamentale și ale administrației publice localeȘtiri din 05.09.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă and the Health Minister Sorina Pintea at the opening of the Mioveni Hospital [Check against delivery] Reporter: Mrs. Prime Minister, there is this suspicion that you came today here to inaugurate a hospital that does not have all operating authorizations and you are in the electoral campaign. Viorica Dăncilă: Anything can be interpreted. So far, many people reproached us with failing to open any new hospital or make an investment in healthcare. Today, I have come to this hospital commissioning. I would like to congratulate Mr. Mayor and the local public administration for their involvement. It is a modern hospital, I have seen the medical equipment they endowed the hospital with. Therefore, investment has been made, and I think this is important. It is an investment in which the Romanian Government has participated. It is natural to attend this commissioning. I would not link everything to the election campaign. I have seen that there are persons who associate everything to the electoral campaign or their personal interest. For me, as Prime Minister, it is important that, hospitals are being built in Romania, that we have very good medical equipment, endowments that the Minister of Health will talk about, that whereas others were talking about closing hospitals, we are trying to e endow all hospitals in Romania with high-performance equipment and, at the same time, to build new ones. I think its a positive approach. Reporter: Mrs. Prime Minister, in 2016, PSD promised eight regional hospitals. Your party has been almost four years in power. Where are those eight regional hospitals? Sorina Pintea: Allow me please to answer your question. Viorica Dăncilă: Madam Minister will give you all technical details and I will make additions. Sorina Pintea: I am glad that you asked this question as each time, I publicly presented the state of works, people reacted with disbelief. The hospital in Mioveni. The story dates back to seven years ago - conception, design, execution. The regional hospitals - their story began in October 2017, when the first land plot was transferred to the Ministry of Health. We are in 2019, we have three feasibility studies completed and designers and builders can tell you what it means to conduct a feasibility study for a 150,000 square meter building, with the associated logistics. Reporter: How could these people build this hospital in less than four years? Sorina Pintea: Seven years. The construction took four years and another three years the feasibility study and the design along with the auction procedures. I was trying to tell you that we completed the feasibility studies, they were submitted to the Ministry of Development and the Development Ministry prepares the financing requests for Brussels, we concomitantly started the tender procedure in Iasi. I believe that in seven years we will also have regional hospitals, just as we promised. We kicked it off and we advanced a lot in this respect because as aforementioned, their story began in 2017. Reporter: This means that you have one more government mandate. Sorina Pintea: It is obvious that we will have one more government mandate, but I can tell you that health has no political colour and this Government has shown this. And I can give you countless examples in this respect. Reporter: What do you think about this hospital here, in Mioveni? Sorina Pintea: I visited it with the Prime Minister and the Mayor and the hospital staff. I can tell you that it complies with all the orders that the Ministry of Health issued regarding the functioning of the hospitals and on every floor, I was reminded of this and it is indeed so. It is endowed with the necessary equipment to provide the medical services needed in the area and I tell you very frankly what pleased me the most: there was a doctor in the angiography room who told me that this hospital is ready to do thrombolysis and maybe even thrombectomy - these are procedures that are performed in acute stroke, program started on January 1, 2019. And as far as investment is concerned... Reporter: Do you want to add something, Mrs. Prime Minister? Viorica Dăncilă: You mentioned the continuation of the Government's involvement in building hospitals, regional hospitals. I think the approach should be changed in Romania and what a good Government started, must be continued because this approach according to which what other government started, must be stopped as it was the work of other government, is not a constructive one for this country and I hope everyone will pay it the due attention. We will get involved in the period ahead to attain the objectives we set ourselves in terms of the healthcare programme. Reporter: Madam Prime Minister, this evening, President Iohannis will make a press statement. Have you had any discussion with him about the interim Ministers? Viorica Dăncilă: No, I have not discussed with Mr. President Iohannis lately - I told you about our last discussion. I saw Mr. President's reaction. I am waiting for Mr. President to come up with a decision to show that he wants a normal Romania, a Romania in which the Government is also functioning as it should be. Reporter: Did you submit the referral to the Constitutional Court of Romania? Reporter: Will you file a criminal complaint, Mrs. Prime Minister? Reporter: If he appoints the interim Ministers, will you notify the Constitutional Court? Viorica Dăncilă: I notified the Constitutional Court. If he comes up with the proposal for the interim Ministers, a part of the referral will no longer have an object, although we mentioned in the referral the five nominations for PSD Ministers because we still have no motivation for rejection. Reporter: And what are you complaining about here? Viorica Dăncilă: I think we should see this referral to the Constitutional Court as an instrument to have some rules in the future, to establish some rules, because I think that, beyond the political struggle, there is no need and it is not opportune to block the activity of the Government, given that there are projects that we carry out for the citizens. Reporter: What does this blockage mean? Cant you pay invoices or salaries /.../? Viorica Dăncilă: I will give you one example: we had to have a Cabinet meeting. Before attending the commissioning of this hospital in Mioveni, I participated in a forum with Romanians abroad. We had to have on the Cabinet meeting's agenda an emergency ordinance whereby we extend the deadline for the registration of Romanians abroad with the Electoral Register for postal voting. We could not achieve this. There are many objectives that cannot wait any longer. This blockage meant that everything we had on the daily agenda should be postponed for the next week and I think this is not a normal situation. Reporter: Is it the article 85 of the Constitution advisory for you or not? The one urging you to go to Parliament following the change in the political composition of the Cabinet. Viorica Dăncilă: I said and I repeat: we have 45 days since the president appoints the interim ministers. In these 45 days, we will choose the date when we go to Parliament. Reporter: As regards Romanias nominations for European Commissioner position, there are reports that the two nominations, Mr. Nica and Mrs. Plumb, were rejected. Viorica Dăncilă: I have not seen anything official. I saw the desire of some to have the commissioners rejected because, as I said before, for some, the political advantages are more important than the image of Romania. I want to tell you one thing: I was a member of the European Parliament and, regardless of who was nominated for European Commissioner - Mr Cioloş himself, when he became Commissioner for Agriculture, I was a member of the European Parliaments Committee on Agriculture, and I endorsed his candidacy because he was Romania's nomination. I would like to see the same approach and the same responsibility from all. Reporter: Madam Prime Minister, have you filed a criminal complaint? You said ... Viorica Dăncilă: I have not yet filed a criminal complaint. We are working on it, I will file it for that statement that the Government is a corrupt one. I believe that everyone, when stating a certain thing, must prove it. Thank you. Reporter: Mr. Melescanu remains the PSD nomination for the office of Senate President? Viorica Dăncilă: Yes. Reporter: Do you still endorse him? Viorica Dăncilă: Yes. 2019-09-05 16:37:00țiunea susținută de premierul Viorica Dăncilă la deschiderea Forumului Românilor de PretutindeniȘtiri din 05.09.2019 Cabinet colleagues, Dear representatives of religious denominations, Dear Romanians, I am particularly glad to attend this event gathering together Romanians living in the country and abroad, who are willing to work together to search solutions in support of everyone. This Forum is a good opportunity for us to discuss projects and initiatives designed to keep Romanians abroad connected with the country, and even to persuade them to return home. I refer to the projects that the Romanian Government has financed for maintaining, promoting and affirming the Romanian identity in the countries and communities where you are living. An important role is played by programs whereby we support mother tongue education for the children of the Romanian ethnics in the historical regions. The programme of scholarships we developed for the pupils of the Romanian ethnics in Ukraine is a model of good practice. It is essential for children and young people living abroad to know the Romanian culture and civilization. In addition to the cultural projects carried out in the Romanian communities abroad, we continued and developed the ARC camp programme to give the possibility to more Romanian children and young people living abroad to return to Romania and get to know the country of their parents and grandparents. Promotion and observance of the rights of Romanians abroad were constantly in the Government's attention. In this respect, 2019 is the second year in which the national campaign Stay informed home, safe in the world has reached all the counties of the country, but also all the communities in which you chose to live. We have taken steps to simplify and cut through red tape and we have eliminated the consular fees to support Romanians abroad and we will continue to improve consular services, which is why the dialogue with you is very important. Together with the Parliament and the other relevant public institutions, we have started preparing the organization and conduct of the ballot due this autumn for the election of the President of Romania. The Government adopted a set of measures for the better conduct of the electoral process home and abroad. As you know, Romanians living abroad will have three days to vote and they can do it at the polling stations or by mail. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Romanians Abroad have carried out an information campaign so that Romanians abroad know all the details related to this electoral process. I have asked the Permanent Electoral Authority to extend the deadline for the registration of Romanians abroad with the Electoral Register in order to increase the number of those who can vote using postal voting. Dear guests, Honourable audience, At the same time, we have projects through which we set out to persuade as many Romanians as possible to return home. Obviously, economic growth and the consistent increase in wages are solid arguments. To these add a set of programs by which Romanians are encouraged to return to the country to develop their own businesses. I would like to point out the Diaspora Start-up Programme, financed from European funds and the Start - up Nation Programme financed from governmental funds which offer opportunities to return in the country and capitalize on the professional and entrepreneurial skills. In addition to the entrepreneurial training courses, Romanians abroad who wish to open their own business in Romania can access funds of up to 40,000 euros for each project. I congratulate all those who have submitted projects and who have accessed these funds to develop successful businesses! Therefore, we have many programs and measures dedicated to you, to those who keep Romania in your soul and mind and return home dearly whenever you can. It is our way of thanking you for keeping in touch with Romania and for carrying the traditions, values and culture of the Romanian people in the world. During my trips abroad, both as MEP and as Prime Minister, I met well-welded communities of Romanians, strongly attached to Romania, but also involved in the society they belong to. I want to congratulate you on the solidarity, seriousness and involvement you have shown in the countries where you work or study, qualities that earned the appreciation of your host states. Therefore, you are an asset for the countries where you are living but please remember that you are also very important to Romania. I hold the firm belief that the sessions of this forum will outline solutions and initiatives that would draw you even more close to Romania as you should not overlook that you are always awaited home. I know that wherever you are in the world, you have the Romanian tricolour in your soul. I know that when you listen to the national anthem, your heart leaps for joy the same as ours. I know that you always wear our popular costume with pride and that you keep alive our very beautiful traditions and customs. Many times we invite you to return home and we are telling you very frankly that we would like Romanians to come home, in great number. But as a Prime Minister, I know we need to create the conditions for you to come home. We need to create the conditions so that you enjoy the same opportunities as in your host countries. I assure you that we will be relentless and very involved in doing so. It is essential for us to stay connected with you, and for us, you represent the Romanians who feel like us, who shared the same experiences and who love this country. I know that wherever you are, you carry a story with you, a little story about a small part of this country and that you hold it in your soul as a fond memory. I am glad to be in your midst today, it is an honour to meet you, and please have confidence in the Government of Romania, maybe we will not succeed in everything we have set ourselves, we are not a perfect government, but we will do everything we can for you to return home. Thank you! 2019-09-05 09:55:00ță pentru AUR (Apele Unite ale României) de Ziua Rezervației Biosferei Delta DunăriiȘtiri din 02.09.2019 Department for Sustainable Development in partnership with the Ivan Patzaichin-Mila 23 Association held yesterday the national conference The United Waters of Romania - AUR for 2030 in Tulcea. On this occasion, an alliance was signed which, in the context of the National Strategy for Romania's sustainable development 2030, aims to be a collaboration platform for the implementation of its objectives. The current challenges, such as climate change, compel us to take concrete steps to ensure a sustainable future. The responsible use of water and the capitalization on water resources certainly bring us closer to this goal. We need partnerships and the involvement of every citizen to ensure that this endeavour will be a real success, Laszlo Borbely stated. Through this conference, the organizers tried to raise awareness among public administrations, as well as citizens about the role of rivers in strengthening sustainable communities in Romania. The event was held within the International Rowboat Festival, RowmaniaFEST, at its 9th edition, 2019. - I was glad to be for three days among people who love sports, water and nature in general. These are the ingredients whereby we can strengthen true sustainable communities. People are receptive to our messages, and our active presence in Tulcea is fully contributing to the popularization of sustainable development and the Government's activity in this field, added the State Counselor. The Alliance for the United Waters of Romania aims to make a considerable contribution to the implementation of 6 of the 17 Objectives for the Sustainable Development of Agenda 2030. Participation in the Alliance is open to the following categories of members: public administration institutions, NGOs, experts or interested citizens, schools, student associations, research institutions, professional associations, companies. Keynote speakers at the conference were: Ivan Patzaichin, the state counselor Radu Țipișcă, the governor of ARBDD Cătălin Țibuleac, the director in the Ministry of Waters and Forests Gheorghe Constantin, the Chairman of Tulcea County Council Horia Teodorescu, the mayor of Tulcea Constantin Hogea, Head of Unit within the National Romanian Waters Administration Claudia Crisan, and also other representatives of local public authorities and civil society. 2019-09-02 10:18:00ții de presă susținute de prim-ministrul Viorica DăncilăȘtiri din 28.08.2019 evening. I watched with profound disappointment the performance offered by the presidential candidate, Klaus Iohannis, who unfortunately did not understand his constitutional role even after 5 years in the position of president of Romania. Mr. Iohanniss attitude is not at all surprising, for two and a half years he has used his position to prevent, block and criticize this Cabinet without real foundation. For Mr Iohannis replaced his constitutional duty of a mediator among parties with that of a saboteur. The President does not understand this time either how much Romania needs maturity on the part of its political class, the stability of state institutions that must function regardless of the electoral interest. This behaviour is as immature and selfish as that of Mr. Tariceanu. One abandons the government, another blocks the appointment of ministers. In spite of all these obstacles in recent days and in spite of all these gentlemen who pretend to be statesmen, who, for electoral reasons, maintain instability, we will continue our activity. Well go to Parliament and well try to get the necessary support to carry our mandate through. I am saying this not because we are holding on to our positions, as some say, but because we have a responsibility to the country and to Romanians, we have the responsibility to carry through our government programme, as we promised in 2016. As I have said many times, we still have many things to do for the country, we have not had a perfect government, but we have had an effective one. Like yesterday, Mr Iohannis praises himself and guarantees that Romania is a stable country while doing everything possible to destabilize it, systematically blocking the activity of this Cabinet. We have a president who has managed to obtain the counter-performance of blocking countless times the government by turning down at will the nominations for Ministers. We have a president who has never trusted this Cabinet and I would like us to recall the Presidency of the EU Council, which started with the criticisms of Mr Iohannis and ended with the appreciation of all the Member States and not only. If Mr Iohannis is of the opinion that this Cabinet failed because of raising pensions and wages, generating one of the highest economic growths in the European Union, bringing unemployment to a historic low and considerably increasing investments, it means that a successful government is what the Opposition he encourages, is proposing us: cutting pensions and salaries, eliminating support for employees, cutting the incomes of IT specialists, giving up ownership and living together in groups. Is this the presidents vision of a successful government? It is absolutely revolting that Mr. Iohannis utters from the official tribune of the Presidential Administration the phrase Corrupt Government. I urge candidate Klaus Iohannis to urgently present evidence for this statement that deeply damages Romanias image. I assure all Romanians that as far as I am concerned there has never been any corruption act or any judicial issue that could taint my activity. Mr. Iohannis is selling his slogan, but in fact, he doesnt truly want any normal government, any normal Parliament or any normal society. This Government that Mr. Iohannis says is incompetent is the same Government commended by President Trump for its economic performances, it is the same Government praised by all European Union member states and by all European officials for the good management of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the same Government that raised Romanians incomes and made investments in almost all local communities. It is the same Government that obtained the citizens trust by the vote in 2016, because that vote gave the parliamentary support for todays Government. I will never tolerate the Romanians vote be discredited. I could see Mr. Tariceanus cowardice, Mr. Pontas lies, Mr. Orbans criminal complaints and Mr. Barnas insults. I could see again the attacks of Mr. Iohannis. I understand that I have to fight with all these Romanian men of state who does not understand that the political struggle is on projects and not on who screams the loudest or offends the most. If all these politicians who are running this state and have power in their parties stand against one person, it means that I should have on my side the Romanians, the women of this country, all the good people who will never accept this manner of speaking and conduct and who want balance, consensus and responsible people in the state leading positions. We will carry our mandate through with dignity and we will have the courage to look Romanians in the eyes because we have never taken any measure against them. Thank you! 2019-08-28 20:42:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu Ekaterina Zaharieva, viceprim-ministru pentru reforma justiţiei şi ministru al afacerilor externe al Republicii BulgariaȘtiri din 26.08.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila had a meeting today with Deputy Prime Minister for Judicial Reform and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Ekaterina Zaharieva who is paying a visit to Bucharest. The Bulgarian official's visit takes place in the context of a year with significance in the bilateral relationship marked by the celebration of 140 years since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Romania and Bulgaria. During the meeting, the Romanian Prime Minister saluted the relations of good cooperation existing between Romania and Bulgaria, in the context of the special dynamics of the political dialogue at all levels this year, against the backdrop of holding in March 2019, the fifth meeting of the High - Level Cooperation Council between Romania and Bulgaria. Prime Minister voiced the wish to deepen the Romanian - Bulgarian cooperation, including by establishing concrete ways of cooperation for capitalizing on the economic opportunities existing between the two states. In this respect, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila reiterated the importance of projects such as: ensuring optimal navigability of the Danube throughout the year, energy markets interconnection, optimizing the use of cross-border cooperation programs, capitalizing on the opportunities offered by the Danube Strategy. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila reiterated the necessity of a tight collaboration with the Bulgarian partners for attaining the priority objectives at European level and maintaining some important allocations for the cohesion policy and the agricultural one within the negotiations for the new multiannual framework, for the promotion of the regional cooperation and the Black Sea region, advancing the enlargement policy in Western Balkans and Eastern partner countries' rapprochement to the EU. 2019-08-26 15:11:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă la primirea șefilor de misiuni ale României, în cadrul Reuniunii Anuale a Diplomației Române Știri din 26.08.2019[Check against delivery] Mrs Minister, Dear Secretaries of state, Your Excellencies, Ambassadors, Consuls general, and Heads of missions, I am particularly glad to see you again today at the Victoria Palace and to continue the dialogue started last year. Romania has held, as a first, the Presidency of the Council of the EU - a true test of our European vocation. It was a veritable successful exercise and the basis for future important projects for the Union, for Romania and for our foreign policy. Beyond the fact that it had an impressive quantitative dimension, expressed through the significant number of legislative dossiers concluded, events organized and conclusions adopted, the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU represented a qualitative leap in the consolidation of the European construction and in the improvement of the lives of European citizens. In this respect, I can mention the progress registered in the negotiations on the future Multiannual Financial Framework 2021- 2027, in strengthening the Banking Union and the Capital Markets Union. We had an important contribution in finalizing the single digital market. It is also worth noting our contribution to consolidating the social dimension of the Union, to the development of a common vision regarding the fight against climate change, to energy security. Moreover, this domain is in your concerns and constitutes a key subject both in the cooperation at the level of strategic partnerships, as well as at the regional level. I support you in intensifying diplomatic demarches to promote government policies in this domain which is vital and strategic for our country. We also acted to increase the security of citizens in the EU, to advance negotiations on the reform of the European asylum and migration policy, and to adopt a sanctions framework in response to cyber-attacks. This last aspect represents a field in which I encourage you to become more and more active, at the level of bilateral cooperation and not only, in order to be able to contribute to the current efforts at European level, highlighting the Romanian experience. Regarding the external dimension of our activity, reflected in the pillar Europe - global actor, of special interest for your activity, we acted to strengthen the profile of an active and efficient Union, involved in its neighbourhood and credible, by honouring its international commitments. Progress achieved in relevant fields and areas, such as the Eastern Partnership region, the Western Balkans, the Black Sea region has been appreciated at the European level. These results were only possible due to consistent efforts undertaken by the entire Government. In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs naturally played an essential role. I want to take this opportunity to directly thank you and the teams you are leading for your efforts, for the dedication shown to make sure that the objectives of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council are fulfilled. In the next period, the European topics and the cooperation with the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council of the European Union remain a priority on the government agenda, with emphasis on our countrys accession to the Schengen area and the conclusion of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism as soon as possible. In our opinion, our joint efforts at European level should focus on four main aspects: promotion of an inclusive and sustainable economic growth to contribute to ensuring a real convergence within EU; deepening the Single Market, guaranteeing the safety of European citizens, defining an efficient external action. The policies on gender equality, fighting intolerance and anti-Semitism are also essential topics. I would like to recall the establishment, this year, of the Inter-ministerial Committee on combating anti-Semitism, xenophobia, radicalization and hate speech and to encourage you to contribute with ideas and examples of good practices to the drawing up of a future national strategy in the field. Ladies and gentlemen, In 2018-2019, we deepened the governmental dialogue with the majority of the members in the Council of the European Union, continuing cooperation in sectoral areas such as energy, transport and security, cooperation doubled by the negotiation and signing of an appropriate bilateral legal framework. In fact, with many of the Member States, we continued this agenda in the joint government meetings format. In the next period, we will continue this kind of meetings with the main European and regional partners. We extended special attention to the further development of the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America, and in the talks I had with Vice President Mike Pence and the President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, on the occasion of my visit in March, I underlined the importance of intensifying economic exchanges and increasing the American investment presence in Romania. We hope that in the next period the bilateral dialogue will be mainly devoted to projects in the field of energy, security and communications. In line with the objective of increasing Romania's role within NATO, and our country's contribution to strengthening the Alliance, in January 2019, I paid a working visit to Brussels, and I had a meeting with the Secretary General of NATO. I offered the Ministry of National Defence my full support for attaining the undertaken investment objectives. I gave priority attention to our country's relationship with the Republic of Moldova, in the context of Romania's objective of strategic importance to support the European path of the Republic of Moldova. In November 2018, I chaired the joint meeting of the two Governments and last month, I received the visit of the new Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova - her first visit since taking office. Subsequently, a first meeting of the Joint Inter-ministerial Working Group Romania - Republic of Moldova already took place. It was thus agreed that the priority focus should be on concrete projects in the field of environmental protection and waters, in the field of education, culture, healthcare, home affairs and cross-border cooperation, public finances, as well as in the field of telecommunications. I reiterate and I underline it even now, in front of you, requesting you to act in the same line: Romania will remain the most sincere supporter of the Republic of Moldova's efforts in the European path. We will constantly act to increase the benefits of the EU's external action in the Republic of Moldova. As far as regional cooperation is concerned, the three quadrilateral meetings I had with the Bulgarian and Greek counterparts and with the Serbian President over the last months, continued to offer a platform of political support for infrastructure projects of strategic importance for the region. We also used this format to support the European path of Western Balkans We encouraged Romania to undertake an active role within the Three Seas Initiative as well as within the Danube Strategy. As regards the Western Balkans, we had a very intense and comprehensive agenda of dialogue with counterparts and other officials from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia within some bilateral visits and in the margins of multilateral meetings. Romania will remain a supporter of the European process of the states in the region. Ladies and gentlemen, Last year, I had a dialogue with you regarding the economic and business environment that I want us to continue. As you know, Romania continues to have a high economic growth of 3. 5 percent times the EU average. With a GDP growth of 4.8% in the first semester of this year, Romania ranks second in the European Union. Thus, we manage to reduce the economic and social disparities with the other European states, for the benefit of the Romanian citizens. As a result of the high economic growth of the last years, at the end of 2018, the gross domestic product per inhabitant in Romania, compared to the standard purchasing power, came to represent 64.4% of the EU average. The sectors that benefited from the governmental policies contributed significantly to economic growth, and I think that within the bilateral cooperation, these are relevant domains requiring your active involvement and attracting partners and investors. I would begin with the constructions sector which represented the support for the implementation of the investment programme. Due to the governmental policy, including the acceleration of investments, the volume of construction works registered a record dynamics after the crisis, respectively 23.3% in the first semester. A second sector, in which Romania has great potential, tourism, has remarkable performances this year, with a significant increase in turnover. You have constantly promoted this field in your activity and I hope that this trend will continue. Another defining element, in line with the government programme, is the evolution of modern services, namely IT and scientific and technical services. IT service sector increased its turnover by 24.4% in the first semester this year compared to the first semester of 2018. With respect to the digitalization of public services, we have unfolded projects financed from the budget and the European funds in order to achieve new progress. We also continued the steps for endowment with emergency intervention equipment, meaning that a framework agreement was recently signed for the supply of light multifunctional helicopters, suitable for aeromedical and search-rescue missions in the mountain environment or hard to reach environments. In a first stage, four such helicopters will be purchased, followed by another six. At the same time, we contributed to creating a favourable environment for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and we aimed to reduce bureaucracy, through the adopted normative acts. To address the labour market deficit, we adopted a set of measures regarding the increase of the minimum wage, tax facilities and stimulating professional qualification. This year, we earmarked over 10 billion euros from the budget for public investment, especially for infrastructure, education, healthcare. We have another 800 million euros available for investment through the four operational programs. We intend among other priorities to rehabilitate and modernize 280 medical units and 35 emergency care units this year. The National Local Development Programme continues to unfold, with consistent budget allocations. Over 12,600 local investment objectives are financed or about to be financed, over 70 percent of them being in rural areas. The newly launched Development and Investment Fund is another instrument for investment promotion and support that aims at the harmonious development of all local communities. Over 3,000 projects have been submitted, and for 2,265 of them, with a value requested for the financing of 41.24 billion lei, a first assessment has already been made. We unblocked and carried out important works in the transport infrastructure that we want to complete as soon as possible. The Ploiești-Brașov highway section received the CSAT approval and was included in the critical infrastructure category. This will allow us a much more efficient and faster execution procedure. A month ago, works began on the Pitești-Sibiu highway, on the Sibiu-Boița section, where the tender procedure was completed and the company in charge of the highway design and construction was designated. It is an important project for producers and businesses in the area. Also, the works on the Pitesti-Craiova expressway were accelerated. We continue to stimulate investments with a major impact on society, through specific state aid programs. One of the most important ones, which is already fully operational and enjoying wide appreciation, is the state aid for significant investments in the economy, which applies to investments over 1 million euros. The program has been simplified and is carried out in a continuous session, that is requests can be submitted anytime, they are evaluated and if the criteria are met, the funding is granted quickly. Since September last year, when this program was revitalized and up to now, we have granted state aid in total value of over 400 million euros, for investment projects initiated by 39 companies, both Romanian and foreign companies. The total value of investments for which this type of financial aid was granted, exceeded 1.2 billion euros. Thousands of new jobs were created especially in high - tech areas. We envisage new measures to simplify the procedures to access two of the state aid schemes for projects in the field of rural development and economy, and we will maintain the financing of the programs of the Start - Up Nation type and those designed to encourage exports. In the field of European funds, we achieved significant progress, bringing the absorption rate to 31 percent, very close to the European average of 34 percent, after a common difficult start at European level. Romania managed to draw 9.44 billion euros through the two important investment policies - the cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy. Today, Romania has open financing lines, in amount of 94 percent from the allocation assigned to it as EU Member State. As European money means tangible results for our citizens, let me share with you some projects signed in a very short period and which many Romanians will benefit from. The project to continue stopping coastal erosion and extending Romanias beaches, with a huge impact on tourism. Also, the suspension bridge over the Danube in the Braila area - a project with special implications for the regional development of our unique Danube Delta. For the development of water infrastructure, Romania has made great progress due to the nonreimbursable funds. Lately, we have signed numerous financing contracts, in order for our citizens to have access to such services to the highest European standards. The counties of Constanța, Timiș, Galați, Satu Mare, Olt are just a few recent examples in this regard. The Romanian entrepreneurs benefit from the nonreimbursable funds we have available. To date, we have launched calls for projects with SMEs as potential beneficiaries, in amount of nearly 3.8 billion euros. More than 8,700 startups were set up from European funds in the current programming period. This figure means newly developed businesses and new prospects for young Romanian entrepreneurs. It equally shows us that Romania is in a continuous move, development and search of new rejoicing prospects for us all and that the European funds are turned to good account. I presented some sectoral developments, as I know that there are debates on Romania's capacity to continue to develop in an accelerated manner without affecting the macroeconomic balances. We assure you that Romania will continue to record high and sustainable economic growth as we take measures to intensify investments and stimulate the private sector to invest more in our country. As you probably know, we have set up a department to monitor investments and we are weekly monitoring the fulfilment of the commitments assumed by Ministries regarding the investment projects. Currently, Romania has the second-lowest tax burden from EU, which shows an attractive tax environment for foreign investors. This is particularly seen in the evolution of foreign investment in Romania. Over the first six months of 2019, direct foreign investments amounted to 2.3 billion euros, by 30.2 percent more than in the same period last year. In each of the last two years, there were additional 20,000 companies. Therefore, investors are interested in and are confident to start new businesses in Romania. That is why I want to convey a clear message: we expect more than ever that the activity of economic diplomacy focuses on promoting with professionalism and efficiency the interests of Romanian companies present on foreign markets. Whether we are talking about foreign trade, economic cooperation activities, or about attracting foreign investments in Romania, investments and Romanian companies' purchases in other countries or other types of economic operations, our diplomatic missions must consolidate their status of support points for all Romanian companies interested in the opportunities existing in foreign markets. Of particular interest, as a permanent objective, is the promotion of public-private partnerships, an aspect that I would like to point out today again. I am confident that you will involve yourself programmatically in the achievement of major objectives of economic diplomacy, such as Romanias participation in the major axes of regional and global connectivity, ensuring national energy security and participation in major regional energy projects. Romanias candidacy for OECD membership remains one of the foreign policy objectives which I kindly ask you to support. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to assure you of my full support, as well as that of the government team. It is in our strategic interest that you can fulfil your mission, not only successfully, but at the highest level of expectations - both yours and those of the Government. I am confident in the Romanian diplomacys ability to make a significant contribution to economic development and to the promotion of national interests. I wish you success in your mission! Thank you! 2019-08-26 12:29:00ări între reprezentanții Guvernului și cei ai Confederației Patronatului RomânȘtiri din 21.08.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila and several members of the Cabinet met today at Victoria Palace with representatives of the Confederation of Romanian Employers. The meeting took place at the initiative of the Prime Minister and aimed at relaunching and improving dialogue between the Government and the business sector. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila highlighted the Romanian Government's openness toward a partnership with the employers representatives in order to boost investment and secure a dynamic, competitive economic environment to bring prosperity to the Romanian citizens. I want us to develop an applied and pragmatic dialogue with the business sector and I want you to take an active part in drawing up public policies. Through the efforts we make daily at the Government level and based on your experience and involvement, we can build a business framework that will bring added value to the economy by implementing measures to support the business environment, stated Prime Minister Viorica Dancila. The representatives of the Confederation of Romanian Employers presented the main challenges facing the local business community and thanked the Government for its openness displayed in identifying the best solutions to be implemented in the period immediately ahead. In this regard, the Head of the Executive proposed the creation of a working group coordinated by Minister for Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship Stefan Radu Oprea to centralise and analyse all the proposals received from the employers, so that they would be translated into actual governmental measures. The solutions will be discussed within monthly meetings between the representatives of the Government and those of the Confederation of Romanian Employers. Discussion topics included economy, taxation, labour, tourism, agriculture, education, healthcare, and European funds. Attending the meeting on behalf of the Government were Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici; Minister for Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship Stefan Radu Oprea; the Minister of the Economy Niculae Badalau; Minister of Labour and Social Justice Marius Budai; interim Education Minister Valer Daniel Breaz; Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petre Daea; Minister of Tourism Bogdan Trif; Secretary-General of the Government Toni Grebla; President of the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) Mirela Calugareanu; state advisers Dan Matei and Dragos Stoica, as well as representatives of other Ministries. 2019-08-21 21:05:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu președintele ales al Comisiei Europene, Ursula von der LeyenȘtiri din 20.08.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă had today in Brussels a meeting with the EC President-elect Ursula von der Leyen, in continuation of the dialogue that the Romanian Prime Minister and the European official had initiated on the occasion of their telephone conversation of July 29 this year. The Romanian Prime Minister congratulated the European official on her nomination at the helm of the future European Commission and gave assurances of her entire support for the European Commission's efforts to strengthen the European project and to respond to current challenges. The President-elect of the European Commission thanked Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă for the remarkable results that Romania achieved in the exercise of its mandate at the rotating Presidency of the EU Council. During the discussions, aspects related to the future European Commissioner from Romania were addressed, including with respect to shaping the portfolio assigned to our country within the European Commission. The two officials had an ample discussion about the priorities of the future European Commission and the implementation of the EU Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024. In this context, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă presented Romanias objectives for the period corresponding to the mandate of the new European Commission, in areas related to energy security, the digital sector, climate change, the EUs role at a global level. The two senior officials agreed on continuing dialogue over the next period. 2019-08-20 11:13:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ocazia Zilei Marinei RomâneȘtiri din 15.08.2019 Romanian Navy Day, 15 August, is a celebration with a special significance for both the military and civil sailors, the naval constructors and port workers, as well as for entire Romania. Today, on the Assumption of Virgin Mary, protector of the sailors, we recall the hero sailors who have fallen in the line of duty whose names are written on the Sailors Cross a memorial placed on the Constanta seafront, close to the sea they have so much loved. With gratitude, we salute the veteran sailors whose experience is the very grounds of the current generations success and a source of inspiration for the students preparing for a career in this field. We thank the sailors who represent us in internal and international missions, showing loyalty and respect for the national flag wherever they are, promoting Romania's reputation throughout the world. Romanian sailors' involvement in numerous international exercises ( Sea Shield, Sea Breeze or Saber Guardian) and their participation in training marches in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea do honour to Romania and are hailed by our allies. We are crossing a period of ample changes of the Romanian Army. The allocation of 2 percent of GDP for Defence, for the third consecutive year, allowed the launch of an ambitious program of procurement for endowment with modern equipment. The Naval forces modernization is a concern of the Romanian Government for turning the Romanian Army into a modern, strong, credible institution capable to carry out its missions at the national or allied level. In this context, I reaffirm the full support of the governmental team for the construction of a military naval force capable to better sustain and protect the national interests at the regional or international level. Dear sailors, I thank you for your consistency, work capacity, dedication, and courage, personal qualities and professional competences recognized around the world! On the occasion of the Romanian Navy Day, I convey you my sincere congratulations and wishes of success in everything you are undertaking! I wish you to continue this extraordinary path and to enjoy this day alongside family, friends, colleagues. I wish good health, lots of joys to all Romanians celebrating their name day, and be they always be protected by the Blessed Virgin Mary! Happy Anniversary! 2019-08-15 08:59:00ţii de presă susţinute de premierul Viorica Dăncilă, viceprim-ministrul pentru implementarea parteneriatelor strategice ale României, ministrul afacerilor interne, interimar, Mihai Fifor şi secretarul de stat pentru tehnologia informaţiei, Marian MurguleţȘtiri din 08.08.2019 Dăncilă: It has been two weeks today since Alexandras first call. The tragedy in Caracal showed us the image of unimaginable cruelty, making very clear to us that we must wage a real war against crime. It showed us that we must change laws, rules, people in positions of authority, attitudes. I have not hesitated for a second to make the necessary changes in these two weeks and I will not hesitate from now on. As you know, I sacked the entire leadership of the responsible institutions and, further on, all those who handled this case so badly. There are ongoing inquests into how these people acted. Whoever does not understand their mission and cannot comply with it, leaves. Whoever mocks the institution they represent, leaves. And whoever has to bear the legal consequences for their mistakes, they will do so. Each one will be penalized for any proven error, so that only those who do their job well, and for whom the interest of the citizen prevails, will remain. There are many professionals and dedicated people in this system. Lets not lose confidence in them and the institutions they represent! Because the state institutions must remain strong. This is mandatory for any European state, for any consolidated democracy. Ever since the first days, we set up an inter-ministerial working group regarding the 112 Emergency Call System, which has already drawn up a package of 14 measures that we will implement to make more efficient the response time in critical situations. Simultaneously, we launched in public debate a draft law which brings essential changes to improve the search of the missing persons and the interventions to localize them. We will launch within the next weeks the Government platform for order and safety, the central point of information and dialogue on aspects related to the observance of the law and Romanians safety. At the same time, the Ministry of Justice has initiated an analysis of the criminal legislation in the case of serious and very serious crimes and will put forward proposals for amending the law, including for toughening punishments. As Prime Minister, I will issue the necessary emergency ordinances and I will notify in writing the presidents of the two Chambers of Parliament, to convene an extraordinary session of Parliament. These legislative amendments must be debated and implemented immediately! I assume this. I promise you one thing: I said that I want drastic punishment for murderers, rapists and paedophiles. I will issue an emergency ordinance to establish life imprisonment, respectively to toughen penalties for such deeds. I have zero tolerance for the lack of humanity and the disrespect for the citizen. I have zero tolerance for mistakes - from attitudes devoid of responsibility and professionalism, to procedural errors and non-compliance with the law. I cannot accept that in my tenure, Romanians have fears for safety! We will reform this system, we will urgently correct everything that is wrong and we will implement the prevention mechanisms so that tragedies such as the one in Caracal dont ever happen again. Thank you 2019-08-08 20:16:00ții de presă susţinute de secretarul de stat Raed Arafat, președinte al Comitetului interministerial privind sistemul apelurilor de urgență 112Știri din 07.08.2019 21:38:00 României marchează Ziua Europeană de Comemorare a Holocaustului împotriva romilor - 2 augustȘtiri din 02.08.2019 Conference: Past, present and future - the European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day- 2nd August, devoted to the European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day was held today, in Bucharest, and during which, wreaths were laid at the Holocaust Memorial in Bucharest. The Prime Minister Chancellery through the office of State Counselor Dana Varga, with the support of the National Agency for Roma, the Department for Interethnic Relations, the National Roma Cultural Center, the Romanian Peasant Museum, the Sukar Manus Association and the Association of Traditional Roma Craftsmen and Traders organised the event that was attended by two of the last survivors of the Roma Holocaust who told the audience the dramatic events they went through during the Holocaust. History was not an easy one for the Roma community. No one can ignore the historical reality of World War II genocide of Roma, as well as other forms of persecution, such as deportations. We have to know our history, to keep the facts in memory so that such horrors are no longer possible in the future , said Dana Varga, State Counselor with the Prime Minister Chancellery. Members of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Government and the ministries, as well as representatives of the diplomatic missions and the civil society, attended the conference. On this occasion, a fair with Roma craftsmen was organized at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, where guests could admire the crafts - part of the Roma tradition. An exhibition devoted to the European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day was also organized at the Horia Bernea Hall of the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant. 2019-08-02 15:52:00ții de presă susținute de premierul Viorica DăncilăȘtiri din 31.07.2019 Dăncilă: It is five days now since the terrible news of the happenings in Caracal has hit us. It is a shocking case, a tragedy that has shaken us all. We are human beings above all. We all have families, relatives we care about and want to know they are well and it is natural to be hurt by an image beyond description, and also of an inability on the part of those who should have acted responsibly, with care and maximum of attention for the safety and for the life of a child. Unfortunately, we cannot turn back time, and words are not enough to encompass all pain of parents, family, of all those who think these girls could be their children. We cannot turn back time, but we can look ahead - Romania must very quickly get over this crisis of the institutions in charge of the citizens security, to mend what it is to be mended, to replace what it is to be replaced, to make them operate as soon as possible, the way they should have operated five days ago and unfortunately they failed to. We must put together all the forces - state institutions, political forces, NGOs, Romanian nationals - to fight against crime, against all the deeds that endanger our safety and harm our fundamental rights. We can move things. We can start the reforms. And this is what we are going to do. I will make an updated summary of the measures taken in recent days in this case: The leadership of all institutions involved in the process was sacked and there were sackings along all the chain of command. The Head of STS and the Minister of Internal Affairs also resigned. I asked from the very first hours that the Internal Affairs Minister be present on-site and personally coordinate the investigation. All necessary resources were rallied for a thorough analysis. I asked MAI (Ministry of Internal Affairs) for a minute - by - minute report of all events for the truth to be found, the case to be tackled in the CSAT meeting and urgent measures to be taken. I asked a CSAT meeting to be convened as soon as possible. The analysis of the MAI report and decision - making regarding STS, in this case, was mandatory from the very beginning. 5. On, Saturday I decided on the setting up of an interinstitutional working group led by Mr. Raed Arafat, with powers of analysis and drawing up of a plan of urgent measures to streamline response times in critical situations at the level of the entire state apparatus. There were already meetings of the working group, following which a roadmap was drawn up, to be discussed for implementation. 6. I decided to request the Parliament to convene in an extraordinary session for the Executive to implement these measures by emergency ordinance. 7. I asked the Control Body of the Prime Minister to start a special inquiry into the way the police officers who took over the 112 calls, acted, and in a weeks time, I will have a report. In case of a human error that has vitiated the process of saving the child, it is compulsory for the judicial bodies to act. The culprits must bear the full legal consequences. All civil servants whose job responsibilities include the safety of the citizens, their rescue must understand that in cases like the one of Luiza and Alexandra, if you do not do everything to save the respective persons, you bear some of the blame for their death and you will be judged for it. 8. I nominated Mr. Mihai Fifor for interim Minister of Internal Affairs. I mandated him to start a series of controls in all the county police inspectorates across the country. We demanded the initiation of an operation to restore public order, increase the number of police staff, reinstate the policeman of proximity, increase the permanent presence of police in public spaces; 9. I also requested a report on all the kidnapping cases that are currently in the police investigation. I pay maximum attention to this topic and I will order the allocation of all the necessary resources, in combined efforts, for the immediate resolution of these cases. 10. I requested the creation of the national sex offender registry and I ordered the continual monitoring of these offenders. We focus on the prevention of recidivism and therefore, we will focus on the continuous monitoring of these cases where there was a precedent. There are ten immediate measures taken in less than five days. Other important measures will ensue in order to punish those who failed and to lay solid bases for a system reform to substantiate what starts these days: a merciless fight with any factor interfering or attempting to jeopardize the following principles: Law, Order, Safety. In this regard, even today I asked the Minister of Internal Affairs to urgently promote the draft law on the search of missing persons, which is currently being approved by the Ministry. And I will ask the Parliament to pass this draft law in an emergency procedure. I also asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Mr. Raed Arafat to present a plan of measures regarding the merger of the dispatching units of the Police, SMURD, Firefighters, Ambulance. I also ordered that the measures needed to enact the Sex Offender Register Law, be presented over the next days. That first entails a quick assessment of the necessary budgetary and logistic resources to register all offenders of this type. We must keep the feet on the ground, take action where people need it, implement these measures even in the smallest police station in the farthest corner of the country. Lets have a top-down approach so that no citizen be ever let down by a state institution. I discussed this case with all heads of branches of the Internal Affairs Ministry. I could see their desire to get involved and I requested them a set of organizational and legislative measures to prevent such situations. I asked the same thing from all entities that that can play an important role in removing dysfunctions. The people's revolt these days is justified. But Romanians must not be afraid. Our country does not belong to criminals, rapists, paedophiles, or human traffickers! I am a woman, a mother, I brought up a child, I know what cares means, I know how much it means to us to know our children and family in safety. Therefore, I will personally get involved in this reform. I will supervise and coordinate all efforts to eradicate these phenomena. Without mercy, reserves, compromises or delays, I wage war against crime! These problems are not of yesterday or today, they have been dragging on for years and we cannot speak of innocents. Those who were able to do something and failed to do it, are guilty. So far, there was an exclusive focus on the fight against corruption, and the fight against crime stayed behind, on the second level. We cannot accept this. The fight against corruption must go on, and yet we have to focus it from the showing off area and exclusive allocation of resources and attention to the prevention area, towards establishing some mechanisms to control and prevent this phenomenon. The first thing we need to protect is life. I call on the political class and everybody with responsibilities in this approach to get involved. This war against crime implies that all those who want safety to become a priority should join the Prime Minister in this step. It is not about being politicians, but simply human beings. I call on NGOs in the field of combating domestic violence, human trafficking, abuses and in the field of minors protection to join us. I invite them to the Government to work together with the specialists in the Ministries to find the right solutions. Lets fix whats so profoundly wrong. For me, as a woman and as a mother, what happened at Caracal shocked me. But Im that woman and mother who has the levers needed to redress the situation. Out of solidarity with all the Romanian women, with all the parents and with all those who think of the well-being of someone dear every day, I will do everything in my power for law and safety to prevail in Romania. 2019-07-31 20:32:00 de presă susţinut de purtătorul de cuvânt al Guvernului, Nelu Barbu, și ministrul Finanțelor Publice, Eugen Teodorovici, la finalul şedinţei de guvernȘtiri din 31.07.2019 18:45:00ții susținute de premierul Viorica Dăncilă la sediul Ministerului Afacerilor InterneȘtiri din 30.07.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă's statements following the CSAT meeting Viorica Dancila: Good afternoon. Today, I attended a meeting of CSAT(Supreme Council for National Defence), needed and awaited by the entire society during which reports of the institutions in charge of managing interventions in Caracal case were presented. Following the CSAT meeting at the Cotroceni Palace, I had a meeting at the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the heads of the branches of this institution to request everybody's involvement in the investigation of this tragedy and in the future actions designed to prevent such situations. As you know, both the Head of STS and the Minister of Internal Affairs resigned. There have been dismissals in the chain of command in the system and, most likely, more will follow. I want it to be clear: these resignations do not replace the drastic punishment of those who, following the investigation, are found to have failed. I assure you that we will continue to take the strictest measures. We have both a moral and a legal obligation to severely punish all those who are found guilty. I demand all decision-makers involved to investigate and treat with the utmost responsibility the actions that took place and to present as soon as possible the results of the investigation. I ask their engagement and close scrutiny not only in the investigation of this case but in all future actions. I already sent to the President the nomination of Vice Prime Minister Mihai Fifor as interim Minister of Internal Affairs. I would like to state that I will be personally involved in rendering efficient the way the state institutions deal with the citizens' issues as it is more clear than ever that there are several dysfunctions with respect to managing the situations in which the rapid intervention of institutions is required. The first task of Mr. Fifor will be to urgently ask verifications in all the country's counties, of the way the police inspectorates are operating, the way the intervention procedures are being observed in emergency cases. A thorough analysis of the professionalism of those involved in defending the citizens is also required. We will assume this objective too as we have this duty towards citizens and professionals in the Internal Affairs Ministry. Romanians should further trust the Internal Affairs Ministry and we should take the required measures to boost its efficiency. I had a discussion as I said before, with Heads of Units and Directorates in the Internal Affairs Ministry. We discussed this tragic event, the required measures and also what we should do in the future, for such things to never happen again. We discussed restructuring, legislative amendments that are needed both for MAI and the STS [Special Telecommunications Service], changes in terms of legislation, which would punish these things more drastically. The fight against corruption has been intensely promoted in the public space, which is the right thing, and it should continue, but the fight against crime, against drug and drug trafficking networks, against rapists and paedophiles, against criminals, against those who destabilize society in the meanest ways, should not be overlooked. Romania is not a country of offenders, it is not the country of criminals; it is not the country of pimps and rapists. As a prime minister, I will not allow this label to stick to Romania, but I think we need to show consensus, we have to see what each of us can do to correct things. We will punish, as I said, those who are guilty. We know that we cannot, unfortunately, bring back what has already taken place. We are with Alexandras family, Luizas family; words cannot express what each of us feels, what each mother feels in Romania, but it is our duty, the duty of all those who can get involved, to take all measures so that these things will not happen again. We have a moral duty to punish the guilty, but we also have the responsibility to regulate things so that such events will no longer take place in Romania. I said that I requested analysis to each county, an analysis to show the existing reality, because, if we dont know the reality, we certainly shall not be able to take the necessary measures, measures required by the society, measures to make sure that these things shall never occur in Romania again. I discussed with all those who can get involved. I found here at the Ministry of Internal Affairs a greater availability, desire to get involved and regulate things and I believe that it is not opportune to put the blame on each other, this does not bring anything good, it only brings division in society, the results matter. I believe that we need a pragmatic approach, an approach to bring added value, an approach to bring to the forefront the measures we take to regulate the things that don't work well. I have the entire availability to convene Parliament in an extraordinary session and to issue an emergency ordinance to correct these deficiencies in functioning, whether it is the MAI or other entities that need these regulations, and I think this should be everyone's approach. If we come out with political statements, we shall not solve the problems. The people are tired of these statements, we have to come out with concrete things and then, I believe that we will generate a wave of credibility in institutions, I think that this should be the path we have to follow. I assured all the chiefs of service branches, all the directorates of the MAI, as I assure all those who want to get involved in the positive sense that they will have in the Romanian Prime Minister a partner in regulating all these things which made certain interventions or certain things that didnt work well in Romania impossible. At the same time, I want to assure you as I said from the very first day that I will follow every decision, every step that is made in the Caracal case, as it is important that this investigation is conducted as fast as possible. We have the moral duty to bring the truth to the forefront, and I believe this is expected from us by the families in suffering and by the citizens who are waiting to see the authorities next moves, our response to this tragedy. Thank you. 2019-07-30 18:11:00 telefonică a premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu președintele ales al Comisiei Europene, Ursula von der LeyenȘtiri din 29.07.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă had today a telephone conversation with the President-elect of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. During the above-mentioned phone conversation, the Romanian Prime Minister congratulated the President of the European Commission on her election and reiterated the Romanian Government's support during the latters mandate. The Romanian Prime Minister also highlighted that for Romania, the European Commission remains a key partner and a vital pillar in the European Unions institutional design. As regards to shaping the future European Commission, Prime Minister Dancila voiced interest in a consistent portfolio within the College of Commissioners that would reflect Romanias expertise, as well as our countrys contribution to the European agendas enhancement and development, a fact also proven by the successful exercise of Romanias mandate at the presidency of the EU Council. The President-elect of the European Commission congratulated the Romanian Prime Minister for the results achieved by our country as president of the Council of the European Union. The two senior officials agreed on continuing the dialogue both within Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's visit to Brussels and the President-elect of the European Commission's visit to Romania. 2019-07-29 21:11:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu ambasadorul Republicii Franceze în RomâniaȘtiri din 29.07.2019 17:59:00 va beneficia de noi elicoptere pentru operațiuni medicale și de căutare-salvareȘtiri din 29.07.2019 16:50:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ocazia Zilei Imnului Naţional al României - 29 iulie 2019Știri din 29.07.2019 12:11:00ţii de presă susținute de premierul Viorica Dăncilă, la Palatul VictoriaȘtiri din 27.07.2019 afternoon! These days, a young soul who could have been saved left this world. We are all angry and full of grief, sadness and frustration over what happened. I have taken several necessary decisions as a Prime Minister, but we need more. I cancelled all today's visits and events. Upon my arrival in Bucharest, I immediately met the Minister of Interior, who informed me about all the measures that have been taken so far in this case and the action plan for the following days. I asked Minister Moga to go back to Caracal to continue the coordination of this investigation. Also today, I called an emergency meeting today at the Victoria Palace with the head of the Department for Emergency Situations Raed Arafat, the Director-General of STS (Special Telecommunications Service), Sorinel Vasilca, and also with the Minister of Communications, Alexandru Petrescu. I decided to set up an inter-institutional working group to come up with a plan of urgent measures to shorten the reaction time in crisis situations at the entire state apparatus level. The working group will be led by Mr. Raed Arafat. I will propose this aspect in Tuesday's CSAT(Supreme Council of National Defence) meeting, given my capacity as Vice-Chair of this authority. I am considering calling a referendum on harsher penalties for crimes such as murder, rape and paedophilia, and also issuing an emergency ordinance to remove all legislative deficiencies that the working group will identify. I discussed with Mr Arafat and we want to have an analysis and a plan of action within maximum 15 days. I already sacked the Head of the Romanian Police, quaestor Ioan Buda, the Deputy Chief-Inspector of the Olt County Police Inspectorate and the Olt Subprefect. I also called the Olt Prefect from his holiday to sack him. There will also be sacked all those involved in this process and who managed disastrously the situation, and not just the leadership. We are already doing what depends on the Government, and the institutions under its authority without discussions or delays. But it is the duty of all us who are in charge, to take measures and decisions to prevent such tragedies from ever happening again. I asked for a very detailed report to be presented before CSAT, minute by minute, since the moment the emergency call was made at 11:05 am, which report should include, minute by minute, all the decisions made by everyone involved, depending on their responsibilities. I expect the same from all institutions and entities involved in this process: President Klaus Iohannis, STS, the General Prosecutor. I call on the political parties to behave in a responsible manner and not to politicize this case. It is unacceptable to allow politicians building their image and electoral campaign, by taking advantage of such tragedy. We have already postponed the PSD Congress of August 3, as we need firm actions to take the necessary measures and correct the procedural errors that led to the death of an innocent child. I assure the families and all the Romanian citizens that all the guilty ones will pay, according to the offices held. I wont allow anyone to play with the citizens safety and lives. As a human being, as a mother, I am by the side of those in suffering and I will make everything in my power to support them. I send them condolences and all my compassion. As far as the measures required in this case are concerned, I assure them that no one will remain unpunished. Thank you. 2019-07-27 14:15:00 Viorica Dăncilă a solicitat ministrului afacerilor interne, Nicolae Moga, să coordoneze direct ancheta în cazul cutremurător din OltȘtiri din 26.07.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's request, the Minister of Internal Affairs Nicolae Moga will directly coordinate on-site, the investigation meant to clarify the authorities' intervention in the horrific case that happened in Olt County. Prime Minister also asked the Minister of Internal Affairs to allocate all the necessary resources of the Romanian Police in order to accelerate the investigation. - It is a terrible tragedy. I firmly call on all authorized institutions to analyse this case and impose tough sanctions, and also correct the eventual vulnerabilities and procedural errors in order to prevent such tragedies from ever happening again stated Prime Minister. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila also requested the President an accurate analysis of STS(Special Telecommunications Service) responsibilities in this case, to be presented in the CSAT meeting of July 30. 2019-07-26 18:48:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la lansarea lucrării “Carta Albă a IMM-urilor din România”, ediția a-XVII-aȘtiri din 25.07.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the launch of the 17th edition of the White Charter of SMEs in Romania [Check against delivery] Ladies and gentlemen, Dear guests, The launch of the White Charter of SMEs in Romania is a good opportunity for us to meet and maintain the dialogue between the Government and the representatives of the private environment. The public policies implemented by the Government cannot be efficient without collaboration with employers unions, entrepreneurs, irrespective of the origin of capital: Romanian or foreign. A constant dialogue is needed to adjust these policies, given that our common objectives are: a knowledge-based economy, one that is oriented towards exports with a high added value and reducing gaps between Romania and the developed EU countries. In terms of governmental action, we contributed to the creation of a favourable environment for the development of the small and medium-sized enterprises, and for supporting businesses. The Government made major progress in reducing bureaucracy, one example being the implementation of the Prevention Law, which balances the relationship between taxpayers and the control institutions, by eliminating possible abuses. Of course, there are still many things to do and hopefully, we can overcome these obstacles together in the future. In order to encourage private investments, the Government also intends to adopt new measures, , to simplify and improve the procedures, so that investors be able to easily access two state-aid schemes for projects with a major impact on the economy or meant for regional development. There are measures that meet the needs of the real economy, encourage competitiveness and the creation of new well-paid jobs for highly qualified employees. We envisage other governmental projects and actions to support the business environment that the Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici will detail. We are making progress in the digitalization process of public services through projects funded from the budget and from the European funds. The Government continues to finance the Start-Up Nation type programs and those designed to encourage exports. Romania's economy needs an active class of entrepreneurs who can bring innovation and competitiveness. The Start-Up Nation program succeeded in writing a success story: young people in Romania see that there are viable models and the number of those who want to become entrepreneurs grows steadily. At the same time, in my term, I had a series of economic diplomacy actions in the Gulf Zone. The Governments objective is to increase Romanias exports to strong economies, where there is a demand for quality services and products. That is why I think we should turn our attention to the emerging markets of the Maghreb, the Middle East and East Asia, areas where profit margins are higher than in mature markets and where Romanias brand is known since the 1980s. In the same line, the EUs trade policies, to which Romania contributed decisively in the first semester of this year, bring major export opportunities to other far-reaching markets as well. The entry into force of Free Trade Agreements puts us in a favourable position to develop Romanias exports through competitive advantages and the promotion of quality products with Protected Geographical Indication. In order for Romanias economy to benefit from such openings, it takes a bold action of private companies, employers associations and Chambers of commerce. The GDP growth rates are in itself an impetus for the development of the private environment. I assure you that the Executive focuses on maintaining strong and sustainable economic growth, with great attention on maintaining macroeconomic balances. Stimulating public investment and high technology transfer are also opportunities that I invite you to take in your quality of service and products providers. The expectations of the private environment are very high and we are in a race against the clock to deliver results. On the infrastructure side, we have removed and will continue to remove barriers that prevented the adoption of an expected construction pace. We adopted a set of measures to counter labour market deficits - raising the minimum wage, tax incentives and boosting professional qualification. I hold the firm belief that both the Government and the business environment have lots in common regarding the general outlook on the development needs and our actions and the constant dialogue will lead us on the safe path of common achievements. I thank Mr Ovidiu Niculescu for being the soul of this initiative - the White Paper on SMEs and the way it has helped to promote entrepreneurship. I also congratulate Mr. Florin Jianu for organizing this event and invite you to trust the economy, to invest, to associate and to access the export markets. Thank you! 2019-07-25 10:42:00 Grupului de lucru interministerial mixt România – Republica MoldovaȘtiri din 23.07.2019 meeting of Romania - Republic of Moldova Joint Inter-Ministerial Working Group attended by Ministers designated by both sides, took place today, July 23, 2019, at Victoria Palace. Romania - Republic of Moldova Joint Inter-Ministerial Working Group was established following the agreement signed by Prime Minister of Romania Viorica Dăncilă and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu on July 2, 2019, concerning the launch of a common exercise to identify the fields of immediate interest on which Romania will focus its support for the Republic of Moldova. This represents the expression of Romania's commitment to backing the Republic of Moldova's efforts to advance its European path, being at the same time a benchmark of the common interest to strengthen the bilateral Strategic Partnership for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova. Attending from the Government of the Republic of Moldova were Nicolae Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Georgeta Mincu Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Liliana Nicolaescu - Onofrei, Minister of Education, Culture and Research as well as Ala Nemerenco, Minister of Health, Labour and Social Protection, alongside a team of experts from several Ministries and institutions from the Republic of Moldova. Attending from the Government of Romania were: Toni Greblă, Secretary-General of the Romanian Government, Teodor Melescanu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Petre Daea, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marius Constantin Budăi, Minister of Labour and Social Justice as well as representatives at the level of Secretary of State and experts of other Ministries who are running projects and programs of cooperation with the Republic of Moldova. Participants in the meeting of the Working Group carried out a thorough analysis of the ongoing projects that require priority attention with a view to generating direct benefits for improving the lives of all citizens of the Republic of Moldova. They also analyzed ways to launch new projects, starting from the Republic of Moldova's priorities and in line with the common objective of firmly supporting its European path. In this context, it was agreed that over the next period, Romania'support towards advancing the European path of the Republic of Moldova, focuses with priority on some concrete projects in the field of environmental protection and waters, education, culture, healthcare, internal affairs and cross-border cooperation, public finances, as well as in the field of telecommunications. It also led to Romania's commitment to continuing and deepening the cooperation programs aimed at institutional consolidation, including through participation with experts in key areas from the perspective of the reforms assumed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova. It was reconfirmed the strategic importance of the energy interconnection projects. It was highlighted the importance of putting into effect the Agreement between the Romanian Government and the Government of the Republic of Moldova on implementing the technical and financial assistance program, based on a nonrefundable financial aid in amount of 100 million euros granted by Romania to the Republic of Moldova as well as of the unfolding of official assistance projects for development with direct impact on the quality of life of the citizens from the Republic of Moldova. The results of the meeting of the Romania - Republic of Moldova Joint Inter-Ministerial Working Group will form the object of coordinated actions of both sides over the next period, in the perspective of the future sitting of the Government of Romania and the Government of the Republic of Moldova. 2019-07-23 17:57:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ocazia Zilei Aviaţiei Române şi a Forţelor AerieneȘtiri din 20.07.2019 11:43:00 Programului Oficial de Internship al Guvernului României, ediția 2019Știri din 17.07.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă's statements at the opening of the Government Official Internship Programme Dear colleagues, Dear young people, I would like to congratulate all of you on the results achieved. You have all gone through a rigorous process, and those who have got here are young people with outstanding academic achievements and innovative spirit coming from all the major university centers of Romania, from the Republic of Moldova, but among you there are also students or graduates of prestigious universities in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy or Denmark. It is a confirmation that the Governments Internship Programme has matured, that the success of previous editions is appreciated by students and young graduates. The Romanian Government stands by you and backs this programme and any initiative designed to help young people at the beginning of their professional careers. As you know, the interns' activity was always appreciated, but beyond recognition, starting this year, the internship period is considered seniority at the workplace. In order to support young graduates and also employers open to hosting internships, we have completed the Internship Law during this government. Another motivation is the increase of the monthly allowance offered to each intern so that it reaches 2,080 lei gross. The most important gain of the two months of internship spent in government institutions will be the experience you will have acquired. You will be able to put into practice what you have accumulated in the study years under the close coordination of specialists from the 55 institutions involved in this programme: ministries, authorities and central public administration agencies. I am sure that you will enjoy the opportunities offered within the programme: meetings and roundtable meetings with senior officials of the Romanian state, ministers, secretaries of state, visits to the Constitutional Court, to Parliament, to embassies accredited in Romania, but also to other benchmark institutions. I wish you keep your enthusiasm, curiosity and to be pleased by the activity you will carry out. I am convinced that public administration professionals will be delighted to welcome and guide you. I urge you to experiment and learn from your colleagues and tutors by working in a team, fulfilling the tasks assigned to you. Discover yourselves, exceed your limits! I wish you good luck in everything you have set out to do. 2019-07-17 10:44:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la StrasbourgȘtiri din 16.07.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's remarks at the end of the debates in the European Parliament [Check against delivery] Viorica Dancila: I would like to thank you all for your words of appreciation! Indeed, Romania held the rotating Presidency at a time full of challenges which the European Union hadnt had before. I am referring to the Brexit process, to the fact that there were the elections to the European Parliament, which made that all the Presidency activity be carried out in the first part, in the 100 days. It is true we would have wanted to conclude 100 dossiers in 100 days, but we only concluded 90, but I believe Romania took steps forward and, indeed, for Romania it is a reason of celebration for the entire people, for all those who believe in Romania and who want to represent Romania with dignity. It is true that we could have achieved more, that we would have wished to achieve more, but its not easy to create consensus among 28 member states where priorities differ and we know that during the rotating Presidency we have to be a very good mediator and a consensus facilitator, and I believe Romania did this and managed to achieve these results. As regards the Multiannual Financial Framework, it is true, I am positive that the new Parliament alongside the European institutions will obtain results regarding the financial projection, however, in this chapter as well, Romania took important steps both in terms of the Cohesion Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy. Projects can continue, but of course, for a project to have all the efficiency we all expect, it should be doubled by a proper financial projection. We chose - cohesion as the main topic, as we believe that cohesion is needed. We need unity at the level of the European Union, as only if we prove cohesion, will we be able to take important steps and maybe we will take bigger steps by ourselves but I am sure that we will take thorough steps together. This is why I believe that cohesion is very important not only during the rotating presidency but cohesion should guide the future of the European institutions in the future as well. Mr, Tudorache, I will respond specifically to you. It is not Romanias functionaries or diplomats who carried out the presidency. The presidency was headed by the Romanian Government. At each meeting, a Minister chaired the works; it was very good co-operation, for which I congratulated our experts, all those who got involved, who really worked for Romania, and not against Romania. A few minutes ago, someone asked me: do you think the Romanian MEPs will be united in bringing a plus to Romanias image? To which I said, yes. Now, Im leaving a disappointed person, because with people like you we will not improve Romanias image. Solve your problems at home; do not come with them to the European Parliament, because such things do not add to the image of our country. Moreover, everyone has congratulated the Romanian presidency; there were things that some of the MEPs thought we could have done better, but they did not criticize and you will not see here in Parliament many MEPs criticizing their own country, but you did criticize yours when Vice-President of the European Commission [Maros Sevcovic] said that Romania has a reason to celebrate. Moreover, I want to tell you that the European Union has no powers related to health, education, and culture, you should search that beforehand, it just comes up with projects, so you have also talked about three things that you do not know, and I think you know nothing about the Romanian Presidency's achievements. You do not know that a country cannot intervene while holding the presidency; it has to be a consensus builder, and that is what Romania did. I would have been delighted if this project, which is particularly important to my country, important to all European citizens, had found consensus, because we found consensus with the European Commission, found consensus at the European Council, found consensus among many MEPs; I found consensus with the president of the European Parliament. We have all understood that the European Union is at a turning point, and if we fail to act united, we will not give a good sense to the European construction, and we have listened to all of the advice and together we have achieved all of these things. I believe they should guide us over the ensuing period so that we may create added value. The citizens do not need scandal, the citizens need things to help them in their everyday lives, policies that are closer to them, instead of things that we bring up in public believing that we have more political significance. Mr. Lamberts, I am sorry...As far as logistics is concerned, I liked this - chapeau bas!. I think that Romania deserves it. To us, all dossiers were important. With respect to GRECO, we are analyzing each point of GRECO, but I believe they should also take a look at Belgium, a member country, there are 15 recommendations, out of which they implemented only one, we must not intervene on GRECO, but the magistrates should. If indeed, we want justice independence, magistrates must find consensus, and it mustnt be implemented by us. Finally, I would like to thank you all, everyone who trusted us. You trusted not only the Romanian Government, our experts, and diplomats, but also a country that held for the first time the Presidency of the Council of the EU, a country that took its first exam in this office, and which I consider - and I have seen many of you think the same - that our country passed it successfully. Thank you once again for your involvement, for your support, for the way we cooperated. I wish again every success to the newly elected Parliament and I hope you will have it here in this very important European forum where I worked for nine years because your success is the success of the entire European construction. Thank you! Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilăs address at the plenary session of the European Parliament [Check against delivery] President of the European Parliament, Vice- President of the European Commission, Dear Members of the European Parliament, Ladies and gentlemen, It is a particular pleasure for me to be here today before the newly elected Parliament to present a review of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, review which also contains benchmarks for the common European path that we have ahead of us. As a former member of this Parliament, I know closely and I appreciate the special role that the European Parliament and you have in the European decision - making process. I would like to congratulate you and wish you every success in fulfilling your mandate. Ladies and gentlemen, It was important to demonstrate that the European institutions are working for the citizens, and especially that they attain results that improve their lives and offer prospects for the future. I have the satisfaction of stating that Romania succeeded in achieving this. We took over and assumed this responsibility as a mission in the service of the citizens and European unity. We deemed it necessary that all our actions be structured around Cohesion - as a common European value. Romania demonstrated that it can perform successfully against the backdrop of challenges and trends which called into question the Union's determination to move forward. We proved Romania's capacity to contribute to the added value of the European Union as reflected in the substantial activity report we are leaving behind: 90 legislative dossiers concluded and nearly 2,500 events and meetings organized. We also facilitated the adoption of 84 conclusions of the Council of the EU on several topics of common interest. In carrying out this mandate, we wished to achieve visible and sustainable results that citizens can clearly and easily relate to. These results confer a veritable identity to our first Presidency, and I think that we can all ascribe this to ourselves. For instance, I would like to believe that when the European citizens have fairer and more transparent access to the labour market that will provide them a better work-life balance, they will know that these decisions were made during the Romanian presidency. I would also like to believe that the European citizens will feel safer and better protected within the borders of the European Union due to the efforts of our presidency as well. We managed to take a qualitative leap forward in this direction. Henceforth, we will be able to carry out checks more effectively at the external borders and improve the security of our ID cards. We achieved consistent results on all four priority pillars of our presidency: Europe of convergence, a safer Europe, Europe as a global actor, Europe of common values. Under the pillar entitled Europe of convergence, the Romanian presidency made intensive efforts to advance negotiations on the future Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, both on political and sectoral levels. We also succeeded to conclude negotiations on a substantial number of legislative dossiers aimed at strengthening the Banking Union and the Capital Markets Union, and we ensured a long - term vision for the Single Market. Furthermore, the concrete results achieved in areas such as the internal market - in all its dimensions, energy, social affairs or climate change, are elements that will remain landmarks and have already been taken over by our Trio partners, Finland and Croatia. At the same time, the challenges of the digital era, among which, the artificial intelligence, were also tackled in the first set of Conclusions of the Union dedicated to this topic. Our presidency made an important contribution to completing the single digital market through the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. In all our demarches, we aimed to put the citizens' interests at the core of our vision. Strengthening the social dimension of the Union represented thus a priority, and establishing the European Labor Authority is an example of success. As regards the Energy Union, we adopted the proposal for amending the (Natural Gas) Directive that will ensure for the first time a unitary and transparent regulatory framework in the field of natural gas interconnections with third states. We also aimed at fostering reflection on the development of a common long - term vision for climate neutrality. We adopted the first regulations in the field of CO2 emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles. A safer Europe, the second pillar, was the framework within which we worked to increase security at the EU level, taking into account the expectations of our citizens. We consolidated the mandate of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, and by adopting legislation on interoperability, we sent a clear signal that European-level information systems need to complete each other. This is an excellent example of continued cooperation among the Member States to strengthen internal security and the functionality of the Schengen area, a goal to which Romania wishes to continue to fully contribute. In the field of migration, we made efforts to advance negotiations on the reform of the European asylum and migration policy. Despite all the persistent disagreements over this issue, we succeeded in advancing negotiations on the Return Directive as well as the discussions on establishing temporary arrangements. We also completed negotiations on the functioning of the European Migration Liaison Officers Network. In order to improve the response to cyber attacks, a framework of sanctions was adopted to respond to cyber-attacks. More specifically, this framework allows the EU for the first time to impose sanctions on persons that are responsible for cyber-attacks which constitute a threat to the EU or its member states. Romania will continue to work in this respect, pursuing the objective of hosting a European agency specialized in this field. As far as the external dimension of our activity, as reflected in the pillar Europe - a global actor is concerned, we made sustained efforts to strengthen the profile of an active and effective Union, involved in its neighborhood, and credible, due to honoring its international commitments. Progress was made in relevant areas, such as the Western Balkans, the Eastern Partnership, the Black Sea region. Enlargement represents a geostrategic investment in the economic, political and security welfare of the European Union. In the Western Balkans, we managed in a complex context to preserve the remarkable, even historical developments of last year as well as to maintain the strategic opportunities created for the partners in the region, I refer to Albania and North Macedonia. Our goals have major relevance for the pillar: Europe of common values. The disinformation phenomenon is of undeniable topicality and that is why we sent the European Council a report on combating disinformation and securing fair European election. Another major goal of our presidency was combating anti-Semitism, xenophobia, hate speech and all forms of intolerance. We are confident that our Trio partners will continue all these efforts. We believe that promoting gender equality and equal opportunities is a major objective that was found in the architecture of the new European institutions, the European Parliament and the European Commission. We assumed that we will act to strengthen the European project and during our six- month mandate, we demonstrated that the pro-Europeanism needs to be fed through constant action. I got personally involved, with full dedication, in the optimum unfolding of this presidency, also due to a personal motivation, determined by my deep commitment to the ideal of the European project. I am part of the generation that matured with this aspiration to the fullness of European integration and its recognition for Romania. I believe that this feeling of recognition of the significance that the European Union has for citizens needs to be constantly cultivated through concrete results. Our project must not promote a multi-speed Europe or a Europe of concentric circles. Romania will continue to promote the common goal of strengthening the European project and it will at the same time pursue the completion of its integration. I am referring here, of course, to the full integration of our country into the Schengen Area, within which we are already acting as a de facto member. We will continue to act, in a pragmatic manner, to promote the Principles of the Sibiu Declaration, and we remain deeply committed to observing the democratic values and the rule of law. It is important, however, that there are no differences between the Member States, divisions that can create different standards for European citizens. By exercising the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Romania confirmed its full-fledged member status, which shows the legitimacy of our countrys aspiration to end the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism. I strongly continue to believe that our future, of all of us, cannot be imagined otherwise than in a stronger and more cohesive Europe to the benefit of which we worked with enthusiasm, confidence, and professionalism over the past six months. I hold the firm belief that the efforts of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU represent a consistent basis for continuing to advance the European agenda over the ensuing period and I wish every success to the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. I would like to thank you for your support over these six months, for our good cooperation together and I am sure that the rotating presidency held by Romania over these six months, will be remembered by both Romania and the European Union as a successful presidency. Thank you! PRESS RELEASE Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă met with the President of the European Parliament David - Maria Sassoli Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă had today a meeting with the President of the European Parliament David - Maria Sassoli, on her visit to Strasbourg, to present the results of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, in the plenary session of the European Parliament. The Romanian Prime Minister congratulated David - Maria Sassoli on his election in this office, and conveyed thanks to the European Parliament for the close cooperation throughout Romania's tenure at the helm of the EU Council. At the same time, Prime Minister voiced her firm belief that the interinstitutional cooperation between the Romanian authorities and the European Parliament will continue in the new legislature, thus contributing to the consolidation of the European project. As regards the results of the election for the European Parliament, the Head of the Executive appreciated that the increased turnout and the fact that the pro-European forces succeeded in winning the majority support of citizens are positive signals that need to be capitalized in the years ahead, in terms of European institutions getting closer to citizens, and achieving results with direct impact on the quality of their life. Furthermore, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă summed up the results of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, highlighting the fact that these results contribute to the fulfillment of the major objectives at European level, in line with the guidelines recently set out by the new Strategic Agenda. Prime Minister also pointed out that Romania will further support the advancement of the European project and will advocate strengthening unity and cohesion within this project. 2019-07-16 16:18:00 guvernamental pentru refacerea Mănăstirii RâmețȘtiri din 16.07.2019 11:24:00 premierului Viorica Dancilă la concertul de gală organizat cu prilejul încheierii mandatului Președinției României la Consiliul Uniunii EuropeneȘtiri din 12.07.2019 by the Prime Minister of Romania at the Romanian Athenaeum, at the closing ceremony of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council Distinguished representatives of the Romanian Parliament, Dear members of the Government, Distinguished representatives of the diplomatic corps, Ladies and gentlemen, It is an extraordinary joy and great honour to have you with us at this event, where we mark Romania's success in the exercise of its first mandate at the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In this symbolic building of national culture and creativity, the Romanian Athenaeum, we gathered in January with the leaders of the EU institutions to launch our vision on the future of the European project. Today, almost two weeks after the formal conclusion of our mandate, we can proudly say we have every reason to celebrate. We have achieved our goals, we have proven efficiency, performance and balance, we delivered one of the most appreciated Presidencies at the European level. First and foremost, we demonstrated that Romania approached this mandate as a mission in the service of European citizens. We built all our actions around the concept of cohesion. We worked in this spirit and, qualitatively and quantitatively, we achieved important results for European citizens, we succeeded in maintaining unity in supporting the European project. We strengthened the European Unions social dimension, because a strong Europe is a Europe of prosperous citizens, whose equal rights are guaranteed and observed. We placed cohesion at the core of our actions, because the success of the EU is the success of every Member State, of every region, of every community. A developed Europe secures equal opportunities and unrestricted access to resources for all. We advocated for more solidarity in the European community, because in a Europe ready to successfully face changes, no one should be left behind. We involved all partners in consultations and debates, because in a Europe that provides safety, the opinions of all are listened to. We involved young people in decision-making, because a secure future is built on empowering youth. We fought for an inclusive European Union, because a strong community means promoting unity in diversity and a place where hatred, discrimination and violence do not belong. We brought back into the spotlight the fundamental social values of the European community, values which unite and hold together over 500 million citizens, because a strong Europe is one that strengthens its foundation. We had many challenges: high-stake dossiers, the negotiation of the Multiannual Financial Framework and the Brexit process, a turning point for the European Union. Our fundamental principle, the red thread that constantly guided us in the approach and conclusion of the dossiers under debate, was cohesion. The results of the Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union are impressive: 90 files / dossiers closed in the first 90 days of the mandate, 84 conclusions of the Council of the EU, numerous decisions on which we have facilitated consensus. All these achieved in about 2500 meetings. These dossiers are quintessential for the European project; their results and impact directly influence the lives of European citizens in key areas: social, energy, economy and finance, digital, environment and climate change, agriculture, European values and freedoms, countering disinformation. From the simplest to the most complex, these dossiers have implications in our daily lives and contribute to the progress/development of the European society. I refer here to shaping the post-2020 EU budget, the functioning of the European Single Market and the competitiveness of European industry, bolstering the digitalisation of European industry and the development of Artificial Intelligence, strengthening social rights, consolidating the internal security agenda, continuing the fight against terrorism, managing the challenges of migration, defining the future of the EU. Ladies and gentlemen, The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union fulfilled the priorities laid down in its program, as well as its objectives - all dedicated to advancing the European agenda, in the spirit of the unitary, cohesive and inclusive approach we committed to at the beginning of our mandate. We proved the maturity of European Romania and we delivered beyond expectations in a complicated European context. Our Presidency results are opening up new opportunities for Romania. We now have a strengthened position at the European level. It is one of Romania's major gains as a member of the European Union. The Romanian Government acted with utmost diligence and full involvement. Together with our European partners and teams of experts, we succeeded in giving substance to the internal and European agenda. We had a successful Presidency and it is not just us saying it! Our European partners appreciate our results and the pro-European, solid track record achieved by the Romanian Government, along with the team of diplomats, experts and professional negotiators. Romanians can be proud; we rose to the challenge. The effective manner in which we chaired the Council sessions proved that Romania has the capacity to fulfil in a credible, professional and dynamic way the most important responsibilities within the Union. I am glad we succeeded in bringing the European project closer to the Romanian citizens and that we showed our partners the potential of European Romania. Esteemed guests, This gala concert is dedicated to our joint effort and to the involvement of all those who worked for Romania's mandate at the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. For your effort and dedication in these extremely intense months, I thank you all: Ministers, teams from ministries and all institutions involved, the team of the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union, members of the Romanian Parliament, our colleagues in the local administration, volunteers and everyone who stood by us. I thank each and every member of this Presidency team for their dedication, competence and energy vested in the fulfilment of this veritable country project, the most important since our accession to the European Union. We proved that the Romanian people strongly believe in the European values and in our common future; that Romania has the power, the resources and the people able to bring added value to the European project and to promote the rights of all European citizens. We wrote an important page of Romania's European history! We succeeded in this together, the European team of Romania alongside our European partners - and we proved, once again, that we are stronger together. I thank you, all! 2019-07-12 19:27:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la recepția organizată cu prilejul Zilei Naționale a Republicii FrancezeȘtiri din 12.07.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă on the occasion of the National Day of the French Republic [Check against delivery] Your Excellency Madam Ambassador Michele Ramis, Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen, It is a real pleasure to be today with you and I wish to congratulate you on my behalf and that of the Romanian Government for the 230th anniversary of the French Revolution. Throughout history, France has been a key partner to Romania. Our countries are linked by a profound friendship that manifested itself in key moments of our common history. Today, we share a dynamic relationship, we are partners in the European Union and NATO, and we have a Strategic Partnership with perspective for the future that creates the premises for more structured and more ambitious cooperation. I assure you of Romania's full commitment to advancing and deepening the Romanian-French cooperation both bilaterally and at European level, as I also told Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on the occasion of our recent talk. We agreed on continuing a constant and direct dialogue and I hope we will be able to meet soon to agree on and sign the updated Strategic Partnership Roadmap, which will mark a new stage of our bilateral and European cooperation. Ladies and gentlemen, The Romanian - French relations currently benefit from a particularly favorable context, Romania - France Season, which debuted with the celebration on December 1, 2018, of the Greater Union Centennial and ends now, with the National Day of France, but also with the first Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The Romania - France Season had a special symbolic dimension, as the first such event that France organized with an EU member state. This was the result of the common will to rediscover each other through culture, to better understand the communion between the Romanians and the French, the depth and diversity of this unique relationship, The Romania - France Season has also generated extremely useful economic contacts and opportunities for the business environment of the two countries. It started with a large - scale Economic Forum in Paris, in December last year, and it continued with other Romanian - French economic Forum held in June, in Bucharest, which I had the great pleasure to attend and where we could personally notice the dynamics of the Romanian - French business environment and its potential. Bilateral economic cooperation is an essential tier in the success of our relationship. In the past few years, we have witnessed a continuous increase in trade exchanges that exceeded last year the record-high line of 9 billion euros. France is today the fifth most important investor in Romania, with 3,000 enterprises that create more than 120,000 jobs. This is proof of the fact that the business environment in our country is propitious and favorable to new investments that benefit from the impact of government initiatives. The French - Romanian relationship is also based on strong links at the level of decentralized cooperation, and this is great as we are speaking about direct contacts between local communities in the two countries and which have recently reflected in the organization in Lyon of the Decentralized Cooperation Forum. Ladies and gentlemen, The challenges the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU had to meet were far from few, but we believe that the results are equally matching. Through their constructive cooperation, the French partners have been at our side during this tenure. We further rely on close cooperation with France in developing the European project in a spirit of unity, solidarity, and fairness, with the goal of a Union closer to the citizens. I hold the firm belief that only together will we be able to overcome the challenges and strengthen the European Union. In the end, I make a call for convergence and solidarity that Europe today needs more than ever, and I am sure that the privileged relationship between our countries can serve as a pivot for tomorrow's Europe! Happy anniversary, France! 2019-07-12 15:30:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, cu șeicul Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al KhalifaȘtiri din 12.07.2019 15:05:00 Mesajul premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul aniversării a 160 de ani de la înființarea Institutului Național de Statistică (INS)Știri din 12.07.2019 14:48:00 de semnare a trei contracte de finanțare din fonduri europene pentru digitalizarea serviciilor publiceȘtiri din 11.07.2019 15:32:00ță de presă susținută de vicepremierul Daniel Suciu, ministrul Dezvoltării Regionale și Administrației Publice, și de consilierul de stat Gheorghe PopescuȘtiri din 10.07.2019 18:20:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la ceremonia de semnare a Memorandumului de Înțelegere între Romaero S.A. București și Raytheon CompanyȘtiri din 10.07.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between Romaero SA Bucharest and Raytheon Company Ladies and gentlemen, Dear guests, The Romanian Government started this week with a partnership in the healthcare sector. Today, we host an important event for the defence industry, and tomorrow, we will sign several financing contracts from European funds for the public services digitalization. It is proof of the fact that Romania's economy is dynamic, in continuous adaptation to international trends, and has the capacity to meet the challenges of competitiveness. At the same time, the Romanian Government is engaged in ensuring the sustainability of economic growth, by stimulating investments, supporting added-value economic sectors, and creating production capabilities. The defence industry is one of the sectors with high development potential. This year, the Government allocated important amounts to operators running on state capital to develop and upgrade their production capabilities. Moreover, considering Romanias operational duties as NATO member, our country firmly committed to making a continuous effort to endow the Army and earmarked, for the third consecutive year, 2 per cent of its GDP for Defence. This decision proves that we fully understand the strategic role our country plays in the Black Sea area, in particular, and on the South-Eastern Flank of NATO, in general. However, the Governments objective is to see these funds earmarked for the Army, returning to the Romanian economy, as much as possible, to contribute to the revival of the national defence industry, through industrial cooperation and technological transfer. The signing of this memorandum of understanding and our cooperation confirm the potential of the Romanian industry to strengthen the defence capabilities in as many theaters of operations as possible. By turning expertise and specific knowledge into products and services with high added value, Romaero will have the possibility to export production at the global level. I would also like to underline the security benefits. The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding will underpin the local industrial collaboration for the Patriot program, a new, purely defensive, life -saving system. Patriot was the best choice for the defence of both our country and its citizens, and the full observance of our obligations as a member of the Alliance. It is very important for Romania as NATO member for 15 years, to significantly contribute to the roles and missions the Alliance is building alongside its members around the world. Last but not least, this cooperation is yet another proof of the functioning and deepening of the Strategic Partnership with the United States and strengthening relations in the economic and technological areas that Romania is very interested in. I wish greater success to the two partners and I assure them of the Romanian Government's full support! Thank you! 2019-07-10 10:50:00 Viorica Dăncilă a solicitat revocarea directorului general interimar al CNAIRȘtiri din 08.07.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila requested the Department for the Development, Promotion, and Monitoring of Infrastructure Investment Projects an analysis of the status of several investment projects in transport infrastructure. Thus, the Prime Minister asked for explanations regarding the design and execution delays for sections 2 and 3 of the Sibiu-Pitesti motorway, as well as the delay in launching the execution procedure for the 4th section of the same project. Moreover, the Prime Minister also demanded explanations of why the tender procedure for the execution of Sections 3 and 4 of the express road Pitesti - Craiova was not resumed, as a result of contesting the initial procedures. At the same time, the Prime Minister voiced her firm dissatisfaction with the fact that the current management of the CNAIR(National Company For Road Infrastructure Administration) disinformed about the status of the works for the 3rd and 4th lots of the Lugoj-Deja motorway, assumed to be finalized by the end of 2018. Following the analysis that revealed unjustified delays and poor management of the CNAIR leadership in the implementation of transport infrastructure projects, and given the Governments determination to no longer admit delays in making investments, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila asked the Minister of Transport Razvan Cuc to revoke Narcis Neaga as interim director general of CNAIR. 2019-07-08 19:04:00 de semnare a Acordului de servicii de asistenţă tehnică pentru implementarea proiectelor între Ministerul Sănătăţii şi Banca Europeană de InvestiţiiȘtiri din 08.07.2019 18:50:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la evenimentul de lansare a Programului de Tabere ARC 2019 pentru românii de pretutindeniȘtiri din 06.07.2019 16:22:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la recepția oferită de Ambasada Statelor Unite ale Americii cu ocazia aniversării Zilei IndependențeiȘtiri din 04.07.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilăs message on the U.S. Independence Day The celebration of the U.S. Independence Day gives me the pleasant opportunity to evoke the close and dynamic relationship Romania is developing with one of its strongest allies and partners. The Romania - U.S. dialogue is shaped by the major lines of action laid down in the bilateral Strategic Partnership. Developing, deepening and expanding the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America in the political, military, security, economic and social areas are priorities of the Government of Romania. The implementation of the major goals of the Partnership is in line with Romanias constant interest in strengthening its profile and attachment to the system of shared values with the United States of America - peace, prosperity, and democracy. Romania has confirmed its status as a trusted partner for the United States and also as a reliable ally in ensuring regional and global peace and security, with its acknowledged fifth most important contribution to the NATO Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan. We are also highly interested in strengthening relations in economy, technology, and research, as well as in the higher education area, by capitalizing on the less explored opportunities. The Government of Romania appreciates and warmly welcomes the role of the Romanian community in the U.S. as an element of closeness, cohesion and solid inter-human, social and cultural connection. Just as until now, we will further count on the key support of this community for Romanias objective of becoming a powerful pole of regional development. I would like to offer warm congratulations to the United States, along with wishes for peace and prosperity to all American citizens! Happy Independence Day! 2019-07-04 12:39:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în cadrul conferinței de bilanț pe tema exercitării de către România a Președinției Consiliului Uniunii Europene Știri din 03.07.2019[Check against delivery] Good afternoon. I will present today a review of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, alongside Minister George Ciamba. It has been a successful tenure in which Romania has proven its strong attachment to European values and has acted to strengthen the European project, for a Union of the citizens, of our liberties, our efforts and our combined capacities. In the six- month mandate, we have proven efficiency, promptitude, and professionalism, given that the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council took place in a complex and dynamic context, marked by European election, and also the Brexit related developments, by an ever-changing international environment. The Presidency of the EU Council has had a special significance for Romania which has led to significant results, both for us, as Member State as well as for the European Union as a whole. The Romanian Government, the teams of diplomats and experts as well the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union have made sustained efforts over these six months. Romanians can be proud of what we have succeeded in doing, of our results as a country! Romania has done its duty and has proven that it is a responsible Member State, preoccupied with advancing the European agenda for the benefit of citizens. This was the main expectation of the European partners of our mandate. Their praise and reactions at the end of the six - month Presidency prove us that we have been successful in our approach. We reconfirmed the fact that Romania has a deep and accurate understanding of the European context, of the decision - making process at the EU level and the sensibilities of the Member States. We confirmed that Romania has an important say in defining the European project. Our actions fell under the motto of the presidency- Cohesion, a common European value, to which we circumscribed our entire activity. We promoted cohesion among the Member States, between regions and communities, among citizens. We acted in this manner with the belief that the European Union can move forward in the spirit of the founding ideas of the European project, only by maintaining cohesion and bridging all gaps among the Member States. The rights and freedoms of all citizens are observed in a strong Europe, and nobody is left behind. In order to have a more accurate picture of our efforts during this term, I would like to mention some data on the results of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. The review is impressive: about 2,500 meetings and events, of which over 2,000 meetings of working groups, 64 EU Council Ministerial meetings, a total of 300 events organized in Romania, as well as hosting the Sibiu Summit. In terms of results, we can also speak of a more than generous review: 90 legislative dossiers closed in a record time of three months until the end of European Parliaments legislative activity, one dossier per day on average. We add 84 EU Council Conclusions adopted on multiple topics of common interest, numerous Progress Reports of the Presidency developed, Council Decisions approved. At the same time, the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council prepared and endorsed the EU stance in various international fora. In addition, it was an extremely dense schedule of visits and political meetings attended by members of the Romanian Government. As Prime Minister, I paid six working visits to Brussels, I received the visit of several of my counterparts in Bucharest, and I participated in several high - level events held in the context of the Romanian Presidency. We have campaigned for the equal observance of the rights and freedoms of all citizens, for the promotion of Romania's interests and for instituting dialogue as the main instrument of the decision - making process. We have had good consultations with European leaders on the dossiers on the EU agenda and on our priorities as a Member State. Romania was the first state to hold the rotating presidency that presented, at the level of Prime Minister, the mandate's priorities in the plenary session of the European Economic and Social Committee. We maintained a constant dialogue with the representatives of the European Committee of the Regions as we wanted an increasingly active involvement of all those interested in strengthening the European project. We advocated advancing the social dimension, promoting gender equality and combating anti-Semitism, xenophobia and hate speech. We campaigned for the- Bucharest EU Childrens Declaration to be drafted under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency, an instrument that provides the basis for the consultation of children and young people in the decision-making process of the European Union. Through what we did during our tenure, alongside the colleagues, the Ministers, and the expert teams, we achieved concrete results and progress which , as we intended in the work program presented at the beginning of our mandate, make the Union more cohesive, more unitary, stronger, in line with the motto of our Presidency. We have achieved visible, sustainable results, to which citizens can easily and clearly report, we have been able to finalize and advance negotiations on important dossiers that have beneficial effects for the lives of European citizens. We had several achievements on all four key pillars we set out in our program of priorities: Europe of Convergence, safer Europe, Europe- Global Actor, Europe of Common Values. The on-time results will be detailed by Minister- delegate for European Affairs, Mr. George Ciamba. As you well know, the EU agenda under the Romanian Presidency was marked by the developments on a number of horizontal dossiers of major relevance to the future of the European project, such as the Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2021-2027, the management of the Brexit process or the definition of the Strategic Agenda 2019-2024. At the same time, a series of decisions of great importance have been formulated during our term, in relation to many of the EUs policies, such as those in the social, energy and climate change areas, the Digital Single Market, as well as the EU internal security and the Economic and Monetary Union. Following the mandate of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, both the European path of the Western Balkan states, the European Unions commitment to the Eastern Partnership partners, and the geopolitical relevance of the Black Sea are re-positioned on the EUs agenda. The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union proved dynamic and capable of substantial sustained effort, qualities that contributed decisively to the significant advance of the negotiations. We had very good cooperation with all European actors and the Member States. Our results ultimately reflect the work of all Member States at the Council level and the support of all European institutional actors, without which our mission would have been much more difficult. We have succeeded in building bridges, in strengthening the dialogue between the Member States and the European institutions, between the Member States and the citizens, to consolidate the trust of the citizens in the European institutions. I will highlight a few elements whereby the Romanian Presidency remains in the institutional memory of the Union: We contributed to defining the Union's future; We acted for greater cohesion in Europe; We worked for a safer Europe and for strengthening the external borders; We acted for promoting digitalization and innovation; We delivered results for strengthening the Energy Union and combating climate change; We worked for strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union and making the European economy more resilient to crises; We helped to strengthen the EU's role in the vicinity and the world; We actively maintained the Union's enlargement agenda, a policy of considerable strategic importance; These results were possible only through a sustained work at the level of Government and the entire Romanian public administration. I would like to publicly thank all those who have contributed to this joint effort: the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union, the Unit for Preparing the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who coordinated this process under the guidance of Minister George Ciamba, also the Romanian experts who worked in the institutions in Bucharest, and also Romania's diplomatic missions abroad. Due to the dedication of all these people involved, Romania has acted throughout this time also in its role as presidency of the Council of the European Union, to facilitate consensus among member states, contributing to advance the European agenda and thus create opportunities for our citizens , in line with the responsibility assumed upon taking office. The Romanian Presidency has achieved its established objectives in relation to the profoundly pro-European approach that defines the Romanian society. The exercise of the Presidency was Romania's maturity exam as EU member state, the exam of our ability to perform in a complex European context, to demonstrate that we know how to evaluate the variables that condition our activity and that we are a capable and solid European administration, which makes a direct, genuine contribution to the development of the European project. The achievements of the Presidency and the appreciation of our partners strengthen our self -confidence, our confidence in our European capability and performance. Romania reconfirmed that it is a strong European voice, a serious partner that leaves a strong foundation for the next chapter of the European construction. Finally, I wish great success to the Finnish Presidency of the EU Council in its mission for the next six months. Following the experience of this mandate, Romania will continue to work towards meeting the objective of strengthening the European Union, European policies and promoting solidarity and unity within the EU. I welcome the fact that the negotiations between the Member States, within the European institutional framework, produced a formula for the appointment at the helm of the European institutions. The Government of Romania is willing to work with the new leadership of the European institutions to advance the European project. 2019-07-03 11:04:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, cu prim-ministrul Republicii Moldova, Maia SanduȘtiri din 02.07.2019 press statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu [Check against delivery] Viorica Dăncilă: I am particularly glad by the presence in Bucharest of Mrs. Maia Sandu, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, on her first visit since taking office. I take this opportunity to congratulate her and wish her success in her activity. I especially praise the interest of the Republic of Moldova's Prime Minister and Government in strengthening the special relationship with Romania. I assure you that we are ready to reciprocate. I take this opportunity to reiterate the full availability of the Romanian Government and myself for an excellent collaboration with Prime Minister Maia Sandu and the new governmental team in Chisinau, in the spirit of our bilateral strategic partnership for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova, the essential basis of our special relationship which arises expectations and permanent interest in both societies. Today's meeting offered us the opportunity of a substantial dialogue on the priorities of our bilateral relationship. We have a solid basis on which we will build, especially that we have bilateral projects on all dimensions of the economic and social life. At the same time, we highlighted the importance of strengthening the community of language, culture, and history that underpins the special relationship with the Republic of Moldova. Today, we conveyed a strong message encouraging the Republic of Moldova to continue the European objectives and to implement the reforms undertaken in the context of the Association Agreement with the European Union. I indicated that Romania knows from its experience the challenges posed by the implementation of an ambitious reform agenda and at the same time, I gave assurances that there is no other alternative for ensuring the democracy and prosperity of the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, we underlined that Romania will remain the most sincere supporter of Moldova's efforts in the European path. Thus, we assured Mrs. Prime Minister that we will continue to work within the European consensus to increase the benefits of the European Union's external action in the Republic of Moldova. We have shown that we want to contribute to the EU's stronger involvement in supporting the European path of the Republic of Moldova so that it becomes irreversible. In consultation with our European partners and the European institutions, we are ready to support the release of EU financial assistance to the Republic of Moldova and to provide bilateral expertise at many levels , and here I am particularly interested in European affairs, considering the expertise accumulated by Romania in the context of holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union. Today's discussions clearly showed the common interest in advancing the multitude of bilateral projects, with a special emphasis on energy interconnection projects. We have encouraged the sustained implementation of these projects as they are a solid lever of support to ensure the irreversibility of the European path of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, we have also shown that through all sectoral cooperation projects we put the citizen at the core of our approach. We want to make a direct contribution to the improvement of the living standards of all citizens of the Republic of Moldova. I have identified today alongside the Prime Minister the areas of immediate interest on which we will first focus in the next stage considering the needs of the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, the two Governments will start working within an intergovernmental working group, and we will look at which of the ongoing projects requires immediate attention. If necessary, we can also consider running new projects to support the European advancement of the Republic of Moldova. The outcome of the discussions within the working group will be capitalized on, in the context of a future joint meeting of the Governments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. This will be a concrete, substantial step and with an immediate impact from the angle of the common goal of improving the lives of all citizens of the Republic of Moldova, as well as a benchmark of our common interest in strengthening the bilateral strategic partnership. I want to assure Prime Minister Maia Sandu that Romania will continue to support the Republic of Moldova in relation to our European and transatlantic partners. I have also outlined in the discussions with the Prime Minister the major relevance given by Romania to the settlement of the conflict in the Transnistrian region, respecting the territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova and not affecting its pro-European vector. I would like to thank once again Prime Minister Maia Sandu for the discussions today and I invite her to take the floor. Maia Sandu: During the meeting, we had constructive and important discussions on both the bilateral relations and the European agenda of the Republic of Moldova. The visit is taking place in an important political context for both countries. Romania successfully concluded its first mandate at the helm of the EU Council. In this respect, I congratulated the authorities of Romania at the conclusion of their mandate. Moreover, this visit takes place only a few weeks shy of the time when the political crisis in Chisinau was overcome, and the Government I am leading was invested. I have given thanks for Prime Minister Viorica Dancila's congratulatory message on the government investiture, and the support messages conveyed in this difficult period for us. We took this opportunity to exchange views on the synchronization of joint actions to provide more substance to the development of the European Strategic Partnership between the Republic of Moldova and Romania. During today's meeting, we reiterated our desire to deepen institutional collaboration in various fields. We approached the opportunity to maintain the format of the joint government meetings which have proved to be an instrument useful for coordinating aspects of the bilateral agenda. Another topic of strategic importance addressed during the discussions was the one aimed at the implementation of projects in the field of energy, with emphasis on finalizing the construction and putting into operation of the Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline. We reiterated the vital interest in completing the works on the entire site during 2020. We also discussed the importance of the interconnections of the high voltage power lines as well as the construction of the Unirii motorway and of the bridge over Prut river, in the Ungheni town area. Another priority discussed during the meeting with the Romanian counterpart was aimed at increasing trade and mutual investment. In the given context, we welcomed the increase of the presence of the Romanian business environment in the economic life of the Republic of Moldova and we encouraged the Romanian companies to come to invest in the Republic of Moldova. We pointed out that Romania is currently the biggest trade partner of the Republic of Moldova and we reiterated the confidence that the economic relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova will continue. We welcomed the positive developments in promoting twinning partnerships at the local public administration level. I consider that this form of cooperation is a successful one and deserves to be supported by both governments. We need Romania's support and expertise in strengthening the capacities of local and central public administration in the Republic of Moldova. I would like to conclude on an optimistic note for the bilateral Strategic Partnership, thanking you once again Madam Prime Minister for the support that the Republic of Moldova has obtained over time, and to tell you that we still greatly count on the support of the Romanian authorities and the citizens. Thank you very much. 2019-07-02 11:58:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la sediul Renault Bucharest ConnectedȘtiri din 28.06.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the headquarters of Renault Bucharest Connected Mr. Director general of Groupe Renault, Mrs. Ambassador, Dear guests, Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to be today with you in an important moment for the company: the activity's move to new, modern offices which provide facilities and better conditions to employees. I want to congratulate you for your concern for your employees! In recent years, the automotive industry in Romania enjoyed a steady growth, and last year, our country reported a record production of automobiles. This shows that we are on the right track and that Romania offers a beneficial climate for the business sector. The automotive industry is one of the key economic growth sectors, backed by the Romanian Government through a set of tax incentives, and also by programs and policies aimed at stimulating the production of new cars. A third of the investment projects with significant impact in the economy, supported through state aid granting, has the automotive industry as field of activity. In fact, just over the last ten months, out of the 28 investment projects supported by state aid, nine are in the automotive area. It is a measure with certain economic and social benefits through our contribution to the creation of nearly 1,850 new jobs in the automotive industry. At the same time, the Romanian Government has consistently supported Dacia-Renault and Ford car makers by encouraging citizens to buy new cars. We kept and developed the Car scrappage Programme, one of the longest running programme that reached its 16th year since its creation. In 2018, we increased the number of Car scrappage vouchers from 30,000 to 50,000 and this year, the first series of vouchers made available to Romanians was already exhausted. We simplified and developed this program and we are taking concrete steps towards the transition to eco-mobility and support of the electric vehicle network. The Romanian government supports this trend by issuing a voucher whose value is the largest in Europe for electric vehicles, namely 10,000 euros. I am glad of the fact that Renault contributes to the renewal of the car park of Romania, and we are looking forward with great interest to launching the Dacia model one hundred percent electric. I welcome the new investment projects of your company, they are an important signal of confidence in the Romanian economy. In these two years of our tenure, we have taken good measures to stimulate investments and encourage the business sector. We know that there are many things to be further done, but we have all determination to continue in the same pace. I would refer to the infrastructure field, a common concern. I accelerated important investment through simplification of the legislation, procedures and granting the necessary funding. This year, I supplemented the investment budget by 15. 7 billion lei compared to last year, 6 billion of which are for transport infrastructure. We are preoccupied that things advance rapidly and I am glad that two of the road infrastructure projects that will be achieved in public - private partnership, are unfolded according to the calendar we established. I refer to the contract of the Ploiesti - Brasov motorway project. The public - private partnership contract has already been finalized. The public procurement procedure has already started at the project of the motorway Targu - Neamt - Iasi. Some large projects are already in construction, both with budgetary funds and with European funds: Lugoj - Deva Motorway (2-4 road sections), Sebes - Turda Motorway (1-2 sections), Express road Craiova - Pitesti, Moldova Motorway - Bacau beltway. As Prime Minister, I am also preoccupied with creating new jobs and increasing the incomes of employees. Although the average pay raise in the automotive industry is above the salary level per economy, I hold the belief that there is room for better, especially regarding the car components. In conclusion, I wish success to Renault Company and I assure you that the Romanian Government is a reliable partner for you. Thank you. 2019-06-28 10:26:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, cu comisarul european pentru vecinătate și negocieri privind extinderea, Johannes HahnȘtiri din 27.06.2019 the context of her visit to Brussels, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila had today a meeting with the European Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn. On this occasion, they addressed topical issues on the external European agenda, at the end of the tenure of Romanias Presidency of EU Council. The enlargement policy topic, priority to the external dimension of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council was addressed alongside the interest developments from the perspective of the EU's neighborhood policy. Romania's efforts to step up the progress regarding this dossier during the six month-mandate were commended as well as the results obtained, including through the Conclusions adopted on the occasion of the General Affairs Council of June 18, 2019, which ensured the continuity of the process, and led the strategic opportunities to be maintained for the candidates to the accession process. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila voiced appreciation for the support of the European Commission, important partner in this process, which allowed the release of the most favorable scenario at present, for the partners in the region within the enlargement policy. On this occasion, Prime Minister of Romania discussed with the European official about the developments in the Republic of Moldova. The Head of the Romanian Executive expressed her support for the continuation of the Republic of Moldova's European path and stated that the Romanian Government intends to deepen bilateral cooperation in the spirit of the bilateral Strategic Partnership and the special relationship with the Republic of Moldova. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila voiced hope that the European institutions will contribute to identifying the best ways to support the European path of the Republic of Moldova. 2019-06-27 09:54:00 de lucru a prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă la BruxellesȘtiri din 26.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă will pay a working visit tomorrow, to Brussels. On this occasion, Prime Minister will have meetings with European senior officials to address several topical issues on the European agenda. The visits schedule, organized in context of the end of the tenure of Romanias Presidency of EU Council, includes a meeting with the European Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn. Talks will focus on the enlargement policy, as well as on the interest developments within the EU neighbourhood policy, with an emphasis on the current situation in the Republic of Moldova. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă will also meet with Iratxe Garcia Perez, president of the S and D Group in the European Parliament, and with Sergei Stanishev, president of the Party of European Socialists (PES), on which occasion the topics regarding the European political cooperation will be addressed. 2019-06-26 19:10:00Întrevederea reprezentanților Guvernului cu cei ai Coaliției pentru Dezvoltarea RomânieiȘtiri din 26.06.2019 Government and the Coalition for Romanias Development (CDR)( will collaborate to stimulate economic growth, which will also be reflected in the improvement of the citizens living standards. That was the conclusion of the meeting held today at Victoria Palace between Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and several members of the Cabinet with representatives of the Coalition for Romanias Development (CDR). Prime Minister emphasized that the Executive has all the openness to dialogue with the business sector represented by the CDR and appreciated the mechanism of the monthly consultations, which will continue at a more sustained pace in the future. The CDR representatives welcomed the Prime Ministers stance and emphasized that a constant and substantive dialogue is a prerequisite for a predictable legislative process, that would lead to public policies for the benefit of all. Topics of common interest in the economic, taxation, infrastructure, tourism, European funds, communications, labour areas were discussed during the working meeting. The Ministers of Regional Development, Public Finance, Labour, Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurship, Tourism, European Funds, European Affairs, Head of the Prime Ministers Chancellery as well as representatives of the Ministry of Transport attended the meeting. Attending from the CDR were representatives of Romanian and foreign investors, namely the Romanian Businesspeople Association (AOAR), the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham), the Foreign Investors Council (FIC), the National Council of Private Small and Medium Enterprises Romania (CNIPMMR), the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK), the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIFER), the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation (RBL). 2019-06-26 18:40:00 Viorel Ștefan își va încheia mandatul în cadrul Guvernului RomânieiȘtiri din 25.06.2019 19:36:00ța de presă: ”Un nou început pentru negocierea colectivă în Europa”,susținută de ministrul Muncii și Justiției Sociale, Marius Budăi, alături de Luca Visentini, secretarul general al Confederației Sindicatelor Europene (ETUC), Nils Trampe - președintele Comitetului pentru Relații Industriale de la BusinessEurope și Bogdan Iuliu Hossu, președintele Cartel ALFAȘtiri din 25.06.2019 14:46:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la prima reuniune a Comitetului Interdepartamental pentru Dezvoltare DurabilăȘtiri din 25.06.2019 Government is working on an action plan for sustainable development The first meeting of the Inter-department Committee on Sustainable Development took place today, at Victoria Palace. The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă who stated that this body has the role of monitoring and assessing the implementation of Romania's National Sustainable Development Strategy 2030. - We intend to have working meetings at least twice a year in this formula, with a view to harmonising the sectoral policies and ensure effective cooperation between state institutions. The Consultative Council is about to be established, it will gather specialists. The Department also backs the establishment of a Coalition for the sustainable development of the civil society stated Prime Minister Viorica Dancila. Prime Minister further argued that the Romanian Government is backing the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Objectives that our country assumed in 2015. This is why the Ministries are working on drawing up an action plan and a set of national indicators in cooperation with the National Institute of Statistics. - The sustainable development goals provide concrete solutions for improving peoples lives, from reducing the use of antibiotics to fighting poverty. They are dealing with an extensive area of everyday life issues, such as healthcare, education, economic development and an inclusive society. There are the everyday goals of all the people, around which we must build a sustainable future. In addition to the institutional framework, we will also draw up an action plan involving all ministries. We need to have a clear picture, to make sure that we meet the goals assumed by this Strategy, added the Prime Minister. Romania's progress in implementing and promoting the Agenda 2030 was highlighted by both Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă and Laszlo Borbely, coordinator of the Department for Sustainable Development. The two officials highlighted Romania's results at the EU Council Presidency, among which there is the adoption of the set of conclusions Towards a more sustainable Europe by 2030. - We are a recognized regional centre in the implementation of the Agenda 2030. We have a strategy for implementing the sustainable development goals and we are active in promoting them at the level of the states in the region. The way we managed the presidency of the Agenda 2030 Working Group at the level of the EU Council fully contributed to strengthening our position as regional leader, stated Laszlo Borbely. The Inter-department Committee on Sustainable Development was set up through Government Decision on the Cabinet meeting of May 8. As for its structure, this includes besides the Prime Minister, other 27 Ministers, among whom: the Vice Prime Ministers. Two annual meetings are scheduled, but the Committee can meet in extraordinary session wherever it is necessary. The Committees standing secretariat will be ensured by the Department for Sustainable Development who is drawing up an annual report on the implementation stage of the Strategy. Speech by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the first meeting of the Inter-department Committee on Sustainable Development Good morning. Today, we have the first meeting of the Inter-department Committee on Sustainable Development, a structure that aims to put into practice, monitor and assess the 17 sustainable development goals which Romania assumed in 2015. At the Government level, we are preoccupied with taking good measures to the citizens benefit, stimulate economy and build a sustainable society. In other words, we are concerned with both the present and the legacy we want to leave to the future generations. Sustainable development goals provide concrete solutions for improving peoples lives, from reducing the use of antibiotics to fighting poverty. They are dealing with an extensive area of everyday life issues, such as healthcare, education, economic development and an inclusive society. There are the concerns of all the people, around which we must build a sustainable future. The Sustainable Development Department had been running for two years within the Government and, at the end of last year, it completed the revision of Romanias 2030 National Sustainable Development Strategy (SNDD). The Strategy is tailored to the national specificities and proposes the necessary institutional framework for monitorisation and implementation. We intend to have working meetings at least twice a year in this formula, with a view to harmonising the sectoral policies and ensure effective cooperation between state institutions necessary for the implementation of the National Sustainable Development Strategy of Romania. The Consultative Council is about to be established, which will gather specialists from various areas of activity who can contribute to a sustainable development. In addition to the institutional framework, we will also draw up an action plan involving all ministries. We need to have a clear picture, so as to make sure that we meet the goals assumed by this Strategy. In this respect, the National Institute of Statistics, along with the Sustainable Development Department, will work on a series of national indicators. At European level, Romania proved involvement and professionalism in exercising the Presidency at the EU Council. We played an active role in terms of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we also obtained an agreement of all member states for the set of conclusions Towards an increasingly sustainable Europe by 2030. It is the confirmation of the fact that we are a regional center in implementing the Agenda 2030, and our activity in this sector is strongly hailed by our European partners. We will remain active in implementing the 17 sustainable development objectives to offer a better life to Romanians now and in future. I give the floor to Mr. State Advisor Laszlo Borbely, coordinator of the Department for Sustainable Development. 2019-06-25 09:52:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la deschiderea Conferinței organelor parlamentare specializate în afaceri comunitare și europene/COSACȘtiri din 24.06.2019 address by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of the Parliaments of the European Union (LXI Plenary COSAC) Your invitation honors me and I would like to thank the Romanian Parliament for its major involvement in the unfolding of the activities of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. To the Romanian Government and to me as Prime Minister, holding the rotating Presidency represents after our country's EU accession 12 years ago, a confirmation of our attachment to the European project. We fully assumed this mandate and we have engaged in such a manner so that at its conclusion, we can deliver the results to which the citizens can clearly and unambiguously relate. We succeeded in solving important dossiers and in advancing negotiations on many topics which were lagging behind over the past years, and which have translated into positive changes in the life of European citizens. We invested much energy to ensure a positive review at the passing from one European legislature to other, to provide an optimum framework for unfolding the European elections, to advance negotiations in order to reach consensus regarding the future European budget and for an adequate management of the UK's withdrawal dossier, irrespective of the outcome of the Brexit process. Since the beginning of the mandate, the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council has managed over 1,750 meetings and events, more than 60 of them were formal and informal Ministerial meetings. Our efforts led to the completion of negotiations in a significant number of legislative dossiers. I refer here to dossiers aimed at combating disinformation and ensuring the citizens' increased access to information. There are also dossiers aiming at a better data protection, increased security of ID cards, and at the same time, at a more effective exchange of information and a better protection of external borders as counter-terrorism measure. At the same time, we have managed dossiers aimed at providing consumers with correct information on food quality and sanctioning deviations from rules or dossiers aimed at achieving a work-life balance and ensuring and promoting equal opportunities and gender equality on the labor market. We have managed to obtain the consensus of all Member States on complex dossiers that awaited a solution for many years, such as the one on ensuring European energy security and creating a safer economic environment. At the same time, 56 Council Conclusions were adopted in the last two months under the mandate of the Romanian Presidency in areas such as: the European Unions external relations, the fight against terrorism, climate change, education, regional strategies or industrial policy. We also organized events that highlighted the attention we extended to the European values uniting us. As an example, I would mention here the fight against anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, radicalization and hate speech, as well as combating the phenomenon of fake news, priority themes of our presidency and which highlight the special attention with which Romania is facing real challenges at the level of the European society. We want these topics to be continued by the following Presidencies too. Through our general approach and the results obtained in each of the managed dossiers, we have reconfirmed the fact that Romanian society is deeply attached to the European values. However, what is most important is that through all our actions, we advanced the European agenda, through a unitary, cohesive and inclusive approach, we managed to bring the European Union closer to citizens. We did so in close cooperation with the European Parliament and the European Commission. I can reassure you that based on the expertise gained as a result of this mandate, Romania will continue to work towards fulfilling the goal of strengthening the European Union, the European policies and promoting the vital importance of solidarity and unity within the European Union. Thank you! 2019-06-24 11:38:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul Zilei Universale a IeiȘtiri din 24.06.2019 10:32:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu șeicul Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-ThaniȘtiri din 20.06.2019, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila had a meeting with Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar, who is on a visit to Romania. The two high dignitaries assessed the Romania-Qatar bilateral relations and analysed the ways to develop them in the future. In this context, they hailed the excellent level of the bilateral contacts that have a positive impact on the economic and commercial cooperation. Moreover, the need to maintain the high level contacts was emphasized, with a view to identifying new opportunities of sectoral cooperation in agriculture, energy, transport, healthcare, culture and education. The talks occasioned an exchange of views on the regional and international developments with an emphasis on the Middle Easts political and security situation. 2019-06-20 14:54:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul Zilei Mondiale a Refugiaților - 20 iunie 2019Știri din 20.06.2019 Romanian Government expresses its solidarity with the persons displaced from their homes, communities and countries of origin because of war, violence, persecution or other causes independent of their will. Strengthening a Safer Europe for all its inhabitants is one of the priorities of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In this respect, Romania has facilitated a political agreement with the European Parliament on the issue of revising the legal framework for the operation of the European network of migration liaison officers. It is a result which contributes to combating smuggling of migrants and to improving the coordination of EU member states with third countries. At the same time, at the central and local level, the Government of Romania has extended particular attention to the migration phenomenon. It has taken concrete measures and created effective mechanisms designed to protect and facilitate the integration of all citizens, irrespective of their origin. Refugees need understanding, protection and integration, proof of our empathy and solidarity. Currently, the thought that being a refugee is not a choice must be more present than ever, but helping the person next to us is a choice that each one of us can make. 2019-06-20 11:54:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la forumul ”Managementul integrat al frontierelor în contextul Președinției României la Consiliul Uniunii Europene”Știri din 19.06.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila at the forum - Integrated border management in the context of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council [Check against delivery] Good afternoon to everyone! Welcome! I hail today's event organized by Intact Media, I congratulate the hosts for this initiative and I thank them for having invited me here. I also greet the participants in the forum - Integrated border management in the context of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council - representatives of authorities, business sector, employers, associations in the field, and of course, the media. I am honored to be with you and I am sure that the exchange of ideas that ensues, will lead you to useful conclusions which can become measures of the state in the steps of preventing and combating border illegalities. The theme of this forum is important for citizens, communities, the Romanian society. The rigorous and effective border control implies the safety of citizens, their goods, protection of resources and public money, safer and more solid investment. Romania, as EU member state, is preoccupied with ensuring the free movement of persons, goods and services transiting the border legally but also with an effective control at external borders, adapted to the means in continual diversification of ill- intentioned people. This is why we periodically review the measures of combating border trafficking, according to Romania's new realities or priorities, we made the most recent amendments at the Government level last year. Although the threats remain essentially the same - terrorism, illegal migration, trafficking in human beings, drug trafficking, smuggling of excisable or counterfeit products - the means to put such threats into practice are constantly changing, increased ingenuity, especially in the context of the unprecedented explosion of information and communications technology. And then there is a need for a constant updating of the state security measures with the reality. In our tenure at the helm of the Council of the European Union, A safer Europe is one of the four pillars among Romanias priorities. In this respect, we have taken some very important steps due to the intelligence, dedication and sustained activity of our specialists and persons in leading positions. The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council managed to close negotiations in two dossiers of major importance for the consolidation of the EU internal security : the first refers to the interoperability of the IT systems in the field of borders, visas, police activity and judicial cooperation; and the second refers to the extension of the current Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency) mandate. We also obtained a partial general agreement on the reform of the Return Directive and we advanced discussions on agreeing some temporary arrangements to organize disembarkation of people rescued at sea following search-rescue operations. Romania continued to support, including as President of the EU Council, the strengthening of EU action in cooperation and assistance for North African countries and Western Balkan countries, which will in particular lead to the control of illegal migration flows. In addition, we completed the legislative negotiations on improving the security of identity cards and the cross-border access to the use of financial data by law enforcement authorities - as an important preventive measure in the context of counter-terrorism efforts. Pursuing the security objectives over the next 5 years, partial overall approaches have been obtained regarding all internal affairs policy funding instruments, including the program on borders and visa. Last but not least, we continued our efforts to significantly advance the negotiations with the European Parliament on the proposal for a Regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online. We believe that adopting this project is very important in supporting the fight against terrorism and we are confident that the two co-legislators will soon be able to reach a compromise on this dossier in the new European legislature. It is obvious, I believe, that through our actions, we contributed to stepping up efforts to strengthen the internal security of the EU, given its strategic importance in the overall policy objectives of the Union for the coming years. We have specialists at all levels of executive power who have worked alongside the governmental team and the Permanent Representation of Romania to Brussels. I take this opportunity to congratulate once again all those to whom we owe the success of our country in its first mandate to the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. I would add that the internal security of the European Union means not only the safety of the individual and their assets, but also the elimination of economic gaps, the fair distribution of public revenues, social predictability. Or offenses at the external borders also affect these aspects of life, generating tax evasion, creating economic and social disparities. I also congratulate the Border Police and the other institutions involved in securing Romanias external border, because, as we have already said, we technically fulfill the conditions for accession to Schengen as early as 2011, which the European Commission confirmed. But, as you know, the decision is a political one. We are acting as a de facto member of the Schengen area and it would be normal and legitimate for Romanians to benefit from the rights deriving from this membership. I congratulate you, the organizers and participants in today's event for your civic spirit and involvement in finding solutions to the issues of public interest. Good luck to debates! 2019-06-19 11:39:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă la forumul economic franco-românȘtiri din 19.06.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the Franco-Romanian Economic Forum [Check against delivery] Ladies and gentlemen, It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you on behalf of the Romanian Government and myself in this suitable framework for building new partnerships in the business sector. I followed carefully and I gladly noticed the intensity of actions carried out under the aegis of such an ambitious and comprehensive project - Romania - France Season in which I appreciate that the economic side has a special meaning. The season aims to mirror our societies anchored in the 21st century. Within the season, we intend to give a voice to contemporary creators, local communities and also economic operators. The organisation in Bucharest of this session of the Franco-Romanian Economic Forum, six months from the Economic Forum in Paris, is proof of the great potential of the economic relations between our countries. This event politically falls within a dense calendar that has defined the bilateral relationship in recent years. The high-level political and diplomatic contacts in Paris and Bucharest have reflected the consistency of the strategic partnership that ties Romania and France in all areas of cooperation, both at bilateral and European level. Last year, our countries committed themselves to continuing their efforts to deepen cooperation so that this partnership be strengthened by agreeing and signing a new roadmap that would contribute to the development of policies of common interest for the following years. During the term of the Romanian Presidency at the EU Council, we are currently strongly committed alongside France to contributing to the strengthening of the European project, to convergence and socio-economic cohesion, as well as to deepening integration within the EU. Ladies and gentlemen, We could all witness recently a real economic revival in the bilateral relationship in the last period, with many successful projects that have helped the French-Romanian trade to exceed EUR 9 billion last year. In this particular context, I would like to welcome the presence of the French investments in Romania, which are proof that Romania is a good place for the business environment. France is the fifth foreign investor in Romania today. There are over 3,000 French enterprises generating around 120,000 direct jobs, France currently ranks third among the countries of destination of Romanian products and sixth among the countries of origin of imports. Nevertheless, I can say that the potential of the business sector is still high, and you are still welcome and I encourage you to invest in Romania. Ladies and gentlemen, Allow me to present you some of the advantages that make Romania an attractive destination for new investment, worthy of considering at both regional and European level: For the year 2019, economic growth is estimated to stand at 5.5 percent of GDP, given the recovery of the services and investments sector. These are realistic estimates, confirmed by the recent data made public by Eurostat and INS [the National Institute of Statistics], which places Romania on the second place in terms of economic growth at the EU level in the first quarter of this year. These are figures that encourage us to continue on this path - supporting public investment and fostering private projects. Over the next two years, economic growth will be based mainly on investment in strategic sectors in the economy, conducive to domestic production development. At Government level, we are considering more programs conducive to investment, in order to ensure a harmonious development of the country's regions. Only for 2019 we earmarked in the budget over EUR 10 billion for public investment, especially for infrastructure, education, health. We have a complex approach to investment development and we appeal to all available sources of funding: budget funds, European funds and public-private partnership, in parallel with fostering private investment. At the same time, Romania ranks fifth in Europe in terms of gas and oil production. We are also very well placed in the renewable energy sector. Another area that has seen a significant growth is that of new technologies, where the digital and IT services sectors occupy a central place, and here I emphasize that Romania has the second fastest internet connection in Europe. The telecommunications infrastructure is also at a very good level. Here are just a few examples that make Romania an attractive country for investments. There are areas that I mentioned also because they represent the structure of our strategic partnership. In conclusion, I want to thank you for your important contribution to this dynamic relationship and I invite you to capitalize together on this favorable context and on our full trade and investment potential. Thank you! 2019-06-19 10:11:00 susținut de premierul Viorica Dăncilă la dezbaterea moțiunii de cenzură în cadrul ședinței comune a Camerei Deputaților și SenatuluiȘtiri din 18.06.2019 Dear President of the Senate, Dear Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Dear lawmakers, Dear guests, Dear colleagues, It is the third time when I come to Parliament as Prime Minister because of a censure motion and I see the same approach from the Opposition: mystification of truth, lack of a viable solution for the Romanians and Romania, the supremacy of insults over the common sense politics. I have read the text of this censure motion in hope of finding at least a constructive idea that will bring the improvement of the act of governing to the benefit of society. I have not found it. In fact, the entire text of the censure motion shows only one thing: the Oppositions incapacity to deliver a serious project for the good of this country. Its obvious that you dont represent an alternative to the governing. Dear Opposition colleagues, Im asking you with all honesty: do you really want to come to govern, do you really want to change this government until the next elections? I know that you dont. I havent seen any proposal of a programme for government on your part, not even a beneficial measure for the Romanians, not a concrete idea about the functioning of the economy in the interests of the citizens. However, I have seen in the public statements of the leaders, many metaphors and slogans. Ive seen that you want to cut farmers subsidies, you consider the minimum wage as noxious, you want to impose taxes on IT professionals, you want to lay people off, remove vacation vouchers, reduce and cut. What do you propose to Romanians, what will they gain by you possibly coming to governing? Slogans? Forced metaphors? Austerity? Because if so, you have to publicly assume it and tell the Romanians to prepare themselves. Tell them youre the Austerity Alliance. If you knew how to govern Romania,you would have made your government programme public alongside the motion against the government. It is the third time you come before Parliament without any vision. The third time you propose to oust the Government from office without coming up with something in place. The amateurishness of your approach is no novelty to me, but I am confident that Romanians know to make the difference between electoral demagogy and responsible government. I will present some arguments: Since taking office, the PSD - ALDE Alliance increased economic growth over the entire 2009-2016 period. Romania has the largest aggregate economic growth in the EU in the last two and a half years, and the growth prospects for this year are confirmed by the progress made in the first quarter. The number of employees in the economy has reached the peak of the past 20 years, and the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed reached the minimum level of the last 28 years. In two years of PSD-ALDE government, the income of all Romanian workers increased throughout the period 2007-2016, and the wealth of the Romanians reached the peak of the past 10 years. This government does not let anybody behind. In the PSD-ALDE government, the number of Romanians at risk of poverty and social exclusion has declined considerably. The extra budget revenues in the PSD-ALDE tenure are higher than in the 2008-2016 period. There is evidence that Romanians are doing better. I do not say it. Eurostat says it. Youll probably insist that theres some statistical data. But you should know that behind these figures are people, citizens who managed in this government to buy a house - the development of the real estate sector shows it. There are many Romanians who could buy a car in these two and a half years as shown by the surge in the number of car registrations. There are many families who can provide a better chance for their children. There are many seniors who are not compelled anymore to choose between buying food and medicines, as their pensions increased and the medicines prices declined. Of course, there are many things to be done further on, for Romania's development, the increase in Romanians' revenues, improvement of the living standards, especially in the rural areas. This is why, this Cabinet has all determination to continue its mandate. Ladies and gentlemen, Governing is about what you are doing and especially what you are doing well for people, not about scandal, insults and instability. If you come to office, gentlemen and ladies from the Opposition, you will be obliged to talk about what you have not established yet that you are going to do for people, their incomes, the education and health of their children. You will have to demonstrate to Romanians how you can be better than us regarding reducing unemployment that currently reached the lowest level in the past 28 years, compared to 700,000 people who lost their jobs in your tenure. You will have to detail how you will increase labor productivity more than us, we reached a historic peak in 2018, by 45.5 percent more than in 2010. It is the biggest growth in the Union compared to the European average of only 8 percent. Let us see how you will bring arguments in favor of your allegation that you can be better than we are in government, taking into account that in the first two years of our government, the incomes of all workers in Romania grew by 107 billion lei, as throughout the entire 2007 -2016 period. The truth is that poverty was too much rooted in your government to be eradicated in two and a half years. But we have results that cannot be challenged. During this period, we collected additional revenues to the budget higher than what all the former prime ministers, signatories of this motion, brought together. We also count Mr Boc, who is not here today, but whose rule is not a reason of pride anyway. I remember how far you were from the economic truth of our government programme. In December 2016, you claimed that the increases we announced were not sustainable, that it was a populist programme, that they could not be put into practice, and that we would lead the economy to collapse. Dear colleagues in the Opposition, economic data contradict you. There is evidence that you cannot deny. Based on this programme you challenged, Romanias GDP increases by 266 billion lei. I mean more than in 7 years, before our coming to office, when the GDP rose by only 234 billion lei. This is a reality that you avoid commenting, for the simple reason that you do not have what to say. The economic data is way too visible to let room to interpretations. You are throwing empty words, but you do not answer because you cannot, at the incontestable arguments we are bringing to you. The more you decline to comment the positive, certain economic data, measured by Eurostat, INS, or other caliber institutions, you will not be credible when you attack us. We are accused of lack of investment. An empty speech, which I answer with concrete data. In the first five months of the year, public investment increased by over 10%. Total investment in the economy increased by 5.7%, placing Romania among the first countries in the European Union at this chapter. Last year, we had investment of 5.1 billion lei for objectives with major impact in the economy, and in 2019, I assure you that we will exceed this threshold. This year, we budgeted over EUR 10 billion for public investment, particularly in infrastructure, health, education. And in terms of European funds, we have available other 800 million euros for investment through four operational programmes. For this year, we set to rehabilitate and modernize 280 medical units and 35 emergency care units. We created the legal framework for Pillar II private pension funds to be invested in public-private partnership projects. We launched the Investing in Children, Investing in the Future program for the construction of 2,500 private kindergartens, with sports profile. This week begins the enrollment in the Infrastructure Development Programme in all spa resorts of national interest whereby local authorities and private companies receive a total nonrefundable assistance of 80 million euros by the end of the year. You say that foreign investment is needed, but you criticize the instrument we have created to attract such investment. I am referring to the Private Public Partnership, where we approved 22 strategic investment projects. Things are advancing rapidly and I give you some examples as well: the Ploiesti - Brasov highway project, that is already in the completion phase of the public - private partnership contract. The public procurement procedure kicked off for the Targu - Neamt - Iasi highway project. Other three strategic investment projects have substantiation studies completed, and are to be soon approved by the Government. As for the road infrastructure, we have as priority for this Cabinet and some large projects are already in construction, both with budget funds and European funds: Lugoj - Deva Highway (lots - 2-4), Sebeş-Turda Highway (lots 1 - 2); Expressway Craiova - Pitesti; Moldavian Highway - Bacău Beltway. As I mentioned the public-private partnership, I have to dismantle a lie that you are rolling out, namely that the projects achieved with this instrument would not benefit from European funds and that, instead of using European money, we put pressure on the state budget. The law clearly stipulates that up to 25% of the value of each project of this kind can be funded from European funds. But I assume that when you do not have solutions anymore its simpler to roll out untruths. In this context of investment, you criticized in the motion text the fact that we are missing the chance of development by means of European funds. Your allegation is incredible given that you, from PNL and USR endorsed Mr. Ciolos who ran the Zero Government that left nothing behind, no project, no authorized management authority. All payments made from the European Union during the technocratic government were made on the basis of the projects left by the previous PSD government. Currently, we have an absorption rate of 29%, very close to the European average, which translates into the entry of 8.7 billion euros in the economy. Dear Opposition MPs, I will further refer to the other untruths you wrote in the censure motion. One of them is that we [the Govt] would have increased the debt. If the debt was as high as you say, it would be seen in the budget deficit, which, during our tenure, did not exceed the 3 percent threshold admitted at the EU level. Then you should admit that this debt, which you are invoking, mostly represents the refinancing of some bad, short-term loans that you made when you were in power. In reality, the public debt declined from 37.3 percent of the GDP to 34.9 percent of the GDP. We are less than half the level of indebtedness in the European Union. We currently have a debt of 34.9 percent of the GDP, compared to the European average of 80 percent of the GDP. We have the fourth lowest net debt of the GDP at the Union level. This is the reality. You wrote in the motion text that, through the amendments made by this Government, the energy bills increased. Totally false. I remind you that we have taken steps to ensure that Romanians have fair and affordable tariffs for electricity and natural gas. Other lie that you are spreading and which I have seen in the motion text is that the Government did not observe the legal deadline to increase pensions as of January 1, 2019. Please stop this big hypocrisy. As of 2017, pensions increased in advance of legal deadline. I understand it is difficult to you to figure it out. It is normal, you are those who cut the Romanians' revenues, therefore, you cannot understand the increases. But I will remind you. We increased pensions in January 2017 as law provides. In the same year, in July 2017, we increased them a second time, in advance of January 1, 2018. Alike, last year, on July 1st, we increased in advance of January 1, 2019. The increase that follows on September 1, this year is not a delay compared to January 2019, but an increase in advance of January 2020. If we had applied the timetable and formula you invoked, on January 1, 2019, the pension point should have been 1,045 lei, not 1,100 lei as it is today. On September 1, the pension point will increase by another 15 percent and will reach 1,265 lei, or 220 lei more than it would have been according to the formula you are claiming. The conclusion is clear: pensions have not increased late, but in advance! And not by less, but by more than the law you referred to, provides. I am calling on you not to spread lies as you did when you alarmed the population that there would be no more money for pensions and salaries. We are a responsible government, we have money for pensions and wages and the payment of all social rights, which we grow as we committed to. The biggest lie that I could read in this motion is that Government would have allegedly been late with the increase in child benefits. I would recommend you to put the motion in an envelope and send it to the President, directly at Cotroceni. Because the delay in increasing child benefits resulted from the state budget having been blocked. We had foreseen the legal framework for the payment of the increased benefits as of March 1, but because of the fact that the budget was blocked, by referral to the Constitutional Court, the increase had to be postponed for a month. Thats simple reality, and no matter how much you do not see it, people see it and understand it. Beyond such mystification, metaphors and slogans that you use in the absence of solutions, projects and programs, you let an undeniable truth at sight: you admit that we increased pensions, salaries and allowances. Your attacks do not aim at the fact that these would not have increased, but they did not increase enough or in due time. But even you admit that the Romanians' incomes increased. I recommend you to leave a little bit the political games. Compare the motions against our government, which talk about revenues increases and motions filed against the PNL government taking about cuts. This is the essential difference between you and us. We increase incomes, you cut them. We reduce and eliminate taxes, you rise them and impose new taxes. We create jobs and reduce unemployment, you dismantle jobs and therefore increase unemployment. We build, you demolish. Dear MPs, I will say a few words about the incident at the Valea Uzului cemetery, a subject that was heavily inflamed by electoral interests. From the beginning, I reject any form of extremist manifestation, any radical action, any act of violence on ethnic grounds. The political approach to such a subject only fuels the conflict, generates dissension and instigates hatred. I firmly reject it! Throughout this period, we sought solutions to make sure that all citizens enjoy the holy right to honor their heroes. We are considering adopting a solution by which the Ministry of National Defence to take over the Valea Uzului Cemetery and to offer to this war necropolis the status of an international cemetery, given that there were buried military of several nationalities. It is a decision that we will take following the dialogue. The Ministry of National Defence proposed to counterparts in Hungary the organization of a working meeting on June 24-28. I am convinced that through dialogue and cooperation we will find the best solutions, accepted by all the parties involved, so that the situation returns to normal and that there will be no such tensions in the future. As for the insinuation that those events had been staged by government-controlled institutions, I categorically reject it. As far as I am concerned, I will respect the Hungarian minority regardless of the vote of UDMR parliamentarians today. I respect the representatives of all minorities because they are Romanian citizens, and I am the prime minister of all Romanians. But I will not tolerate, and even less, I will not participate in the staging inter-ethnic challenges in Romania. And with this, I think I have clearly defined my position. Dear MPs, Honored audience, I would like to use this opportunity to address a topic of utmost importance for Romania: the mandate of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. It was an action-packed period in which all ministers of the Cabinet, the team of specialists and the Romanian Representation in Brussels deployed important efforts, commended by our European partners. We had and continue to have a busy agenda, with particular attention being extended to topics of interest for the entire European Union, such as the reflection process on the future of the EU, the Multiannual Financial Framework post-2020, the future Strategic Agenda. Romania has important achievements, and I would like to mention three relevant aspects for the activity of our rotating presidency. First, we placed back on the European agenda the idea of cohesion as a European value. We have advocated for this idea to stay clear and included in the European Unions policies and resources, as that is the fundamental of the European integration process. Secondly, over 100 legislative files are closed, which is a tremendous outcome acknowledged as such by the European institutions. Romania has proven not only that it can manage the Presidency, but that it can do so at a very high level. Last but not least, we have been able to advance considerably the social agenda and the reduction of inequalities, which many European Union member states are facing. As eloquent examples in this respect, I would mention to the point partial agreements with the European Parliament on a number of sectoral proposals relevant to the future Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, the revision of the Gas Directive, the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, the New Deal for Consumers package, the legislative package on interoperability between EU information systems, extending the mandate of the European Border Guard and Coast Guard Agency, the Banking package, as well as the Legislative package on a capital markets union. The activity report of the Romanian Presidency at the EU Council is undoubtedly a positive one given the fact that we have achieved substantial results with major impact on the European Union and its citizens in negotiating the legislative and non-legislative files we had to manage. But to you, the Opposition, these results do not matter, it only matters the political game you are playing. It does not matter that you are promoting instability, as it did not matter for you before Romania took over this mandate. Back then, you showed Romania in a bad light by claiming it was not ready to take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union. Now, you are going on and want to oust this government at the end of a successful tenure. What signal are you sending to our European partners? Dear MPs, I will refer to the issue of Romanians' votes that you brought into discussion in the censure motion. In this motion, you are critizing the Government that it returned to the uninominal vote for the election of the presidents of the County Councils. Practically, you ignore the fact that the uninominal vote brings more legitimacy to this position and makes more accountable those who ask the vote. Should we understand that you want this position to be occupied via a political barter and not the vote of the Romanians? You also say that I will be liable not only politically but also legally for the way in which the European Parliament elections were organized. An extremely serious accusation that shows that in the absence of solutions for government, you hope to see your political opponents behind bars, even if there are no grounds for such a move. You should know, dear Opposition MPs, that you do not intimidate me. I am an honest and responsible person, determined to do my best in my position. As you know, we increased the number of polling stations abroad, double that in the case of the other European Parliament elections. I remind you that at the previous European Parliament elections in 2007, 2009 and 2014, there were 190 polling stations abroad. This Government increased them to 441 polling stations, despite the fact that at the legal deadline when these stations had to be established, President Iohannis had not yet announced the organization of the referendum. The Romanian Government acted according to the law. The timely summoning of the referendum at the same time with the European Parliament election would have made it possible to establish more accurately the number of polling stations outside the borders. As a matter of fact, it is up to the good institutional cooperation for us to know the concrete facts on which to establish a number of polling stations corresponding to the increase of the voting time. Lets be well understood. For each Diaspora voter who voted on the supplementary lists, several papers had to be filled by hand, with the mention of the voter's identification data and address. This lasted 3 -4 times more than in the case of a voter previously registered on the permanent electoral lists. In addition, the Government cannot determine by itself how many polling stations are necessary. That is why we have ambassadors. They should discuss with the Romanian communities and search locations for new polling stations. But all the attacks focus on the government, because that suits you politically. And this obviously partisan approach shows the hypocrisy with which you address the real issues of the diaspora vote. You are not interested in establishing real responsibilities and solving problems. For you, its just a political game whereby you want to hit your opponents. I invite everyone to get involved. Presidential elections ensue. I look forward to seeing how many proposals to set up new polling stations will come from you, from the opposition parties, and how many proposals will come from President Iohannis and the embassies. I promise you, as Prime Minister, I will financially support these proposals. Finally, I would like to appeal to reason and common sense. This motion does not come up with valid arguments nor does it provide a solution to the countrys problems. More seriously, we have parties, signatories of the motion, that openly stated that, if the motion passes, they will not participate in the future governing formula. And then I ask you: what is the political solution of this censure motion and where is the responsibility of the parties endorsing it? The country needs stability and continuity in the good things we have achieved so far. I am confident that the parliamentary majority on which the current government is based, as well as the responsible Opposition MPs, are aware of this. Therefore, I urge them not to vote for the motion and to prevent Romanias entry into chaos. Thank you! *** Remarks by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the debate of the censure motion in the plenary session of the Parliament Viorica Dancila: I have listened carefully to what you stated. I thought you would have different approaches, you would use arguments, not insults. But it seems to be a scenario you repeat each time when there is a censure motion. You mentioned the emergency ordinances. I want to remind you, you may not know this or you do not want to know it or to accept it. Within a year, the Cioloş Cabinet issued 114 emergency ordinances. The Boc Cabinet issued 130 emergency ordinances. The Dăncilă Cabinet issued 114 emergency ordinances. But there is a difference - the Dăncilă Cabinet did not do what the Ciolos Cabinet did, did not modify 151 articles in one night from the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. Why do you use, gentlemen, the double standard? Why do you say only what you like and do not accept reality? I think you would be more credible and more honest, not in front of us necessarily, but in front of the people who look at us. Mrs. Turcan, you are talking about ignoring the peoples vote. We have learned from this vote, we have seen the mistakes and we do not repeat them, but you ignore the Romanians vote. The Romanians voted in 2016 for a majority of the PSD-ALDE in the Romanian Parliament, precisely to govern this country. Try to make a difference between the vote in the parliamentary elections, the vote at the European Parliament elections, the vote in the local elections. I will ask someone to explain you the significance of each vote, as I see that you cannot make the difference. At the same time, take it easy with threats, dear lady, I know you can defend a PhD in criminal complaints as you file such complaints for everything you do not like. Will you file criminal complaints against all who did not vote for you and will never vote for you as you do not inspire trust? Is this the method you want to use? Does this mean democracy? Whoever disagrees with you is against you and you can file a criminal complaint against them. Moreover, you may file a complaint for high treason, because we are accustomed to this. And then I wonder, how do you represent this country? With criminal complaints against the Prime Minister for a strategic partnership with another country? Is this your approach? Is this the way to persuade the Romanians that you are much better to govern this country? I said and repeat, people do not appreciate hatred, insults. I wanted you to come up with arguments. I think it would have been much better. And if youre talking about small parties, as you say, I think youre referring to the party that promoted you, to PDL, by no means to PSD. You have become too early arrogant, and this arrogance will lead you to perdition, just as it did another time. We will see you at the next general election and we will see if you speak in the same way. It is not a threat, it is the confidence that we can generate from people, that people will give us for what we do, not for the insults that you always bring in the foreground, as you lack arguments, you do not have a programme for government, what Mr. Citu nevertheless acknolwedged saying that: we do not have a government plan, we only want to fix mistakes. Therefore, if you do not have a plan for government, a programme for government, how do you want to govern this country? Mr. Barna, are you able of anything for your interest, for the electoral interest? Your derision of the results of the EU Council presidency does not do you any honour. The outcome is recognized by all member states and not only. They all appreciated the way in which we managed this challenge, the first challenge of this kind that Romania had. You want to ignore even this. It is the outcome of Romania, not of the Prime Minister as at European level, they do not say - the Romanian Government or the Romanian Prime Minister but they say Romania had a very good rotating presidency and I think that you should depart from these things. Mr. Pascan, you make a serious confusion. Once again, we understood what Romanians conveyed to us, but you are not MP following the European Parliament vote, you were in the European Parliament. Try to make the difference. If you cannot, we may help you. If you insult, do not think you are stronger. It means you have no arguments, I get used to these things. Otherwise, I will not offend, because I have common sense. And this just shows that we are much stronger than you, because we do not resort to the same methods. Mr. Viziteu, your approach is embarrassing. I cannot lower myself and answer your allegations. I am sure that the Social Democratic Party remains in history for the good decisions it has taken for the Romanians, because it has never taken any decision against the Romanians. Others did it, and the Romanians do not forget it, but you will remain in history through the hatred that you have brought into Romanian society and this will be charged by the Romanians. There are many things to say. We thought wed have a constructive dialogue. We thought you would come up with things we can actually take over, but you came up with the same way of working: with insults, accusations, with the desire to remove certain things without putting anything else in place. Im polite. I will never say Citu, I will say Mr. Ciţu, because I believe that when you show respect for people, you are more respected by those around you. You must, first and foremost, learn to respect the others. I think you look in the mirror when you say these things. I have never had any criminal problems, and do not judge people /.../ This approach just shows how an MP should not be. Its embarrassing and Im not going to lower myself to this level. I have confidence in those who want the well-being of Romania, those who really believe in Romanians, those who want this country to have stability and predictability will not vote for this censure motion. Thank you. 2019-06-18 15:41:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu procurorul general al Statelor Unite ale AmericiiȘtiri din 18.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila had today at Victoria Palace a meeting with the U.S. Attorney General William Barr, during which Prime Minister underlined that Romania remains a solid and a trustworthy partner of the United States and the continuation of the strategic partnership between the two countries represents the central pillar of the Romanian foreign policy. - The Romanian Government and the Romanian society are deeply attached to the European and Western values. To the Romanians and the Romanian Government, the future of our country is in the European Union, alongside its strategic partners, with the U.S. being a priority stated Prime Minister. During the meeting, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila request the U.S. Attorney Generals support for the inclusion of Romania in the Visa Waver Program, an issue under the attention of Romanian authorities. Prime Minister also pointed out that the Romanian Government is committed to finding the best solutions for the further reform of the judiciary and criminal legislation, in line with Romanias international commitments, but also with recommendations in the report on Romanias progress under the CVM, the Venice Commission and GRECO, as well as the U.S. recommendations. At the same time, Romania is committed to continuing its strategic partnership with the US in the field of international judicial co-operation in criminal matters and to stepping up such co-operation through a continuous dialogue and a positive approach. Additional information As holder of the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, Romania will host on June 19 a meeting of the US and EU Justice and Home Affairs Ministers. 2019-06-18 14:04:00 găzduiește expoziția fotografică „What if” pentru marcarea Zilei Mondiale a RefugiatuluiȘtiri din 18.06.2019 11:51:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la Conferința internațională Perspectiva unei viitoare strategii privind prevenirea și lupta împotriva antisemitismului, rasismului, xenofobiei, radicalizării și discursului de urăȘtiri din 18.06.2019 address by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the International Conference Perspective to a Future Strategy to Prevent and Fight Antisemitism, Racism, Xenophobia, Radicalization and Hate Speech -Check Against Delivery- Your Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen, Distinguished audience, The International conference - Perspective to a Future Strategy to Prevent and Fight Antisemitism, Racism, Xenophobia, Radicalization and Hate Speech which I have the pleasure to open today, is the third event of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, which addresses the topic of combating anti-Semitism, xenophobia and all forms of intolerance. Dear audience, I welcome the presence to this international conference of the Congress members and leadership, the national coordinators on fighting anti-Semitism, the representatives of the Jewish communities in the world and the leadership and members of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania. I thank them for their presence today, in Bucahrest, and for the entire support they granted to the Romanian Presidency's projects devoted to combating anti-Semitism! The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union has been closely linked to the fundamental European values of cohesion, including the acceptance and promotion of these values within an ever-changing Union. We talked about fundamental values - unity, tolerance, understanding, solidarity - in a context influenced by the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. We addressed issues such as migration, integration, inclusiveness, even against the background of an electoral campaign marked by multiple messages ranging from the pro-European to the populist ones. As regards the fundamental values we referred to, democracy, freedom, human rights and respect for human dignity, the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU has set as its essential objective the promotion of the effective fight against racism, intolerance, xenophobia, populism, anti-Semitism and the deterrance of hate speech. Given that the fake news dissemination phenomenon is becoming increasingly acute, the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council has proposed measures to combat online misinformation and fake news, including by improving media literacy and developing European mechanisms which promotes good practices in combating misinformation. As regards combating anti-Semitism, Romania benefited from the expertise acquired during more than a decade, by assuming the recommendations of the Wiesel Commission that led to a series of positive amendments in promoting education for combating anti-Semitism, preserving the Holocaust memory, granting compensations to the Holocaust victims and perpetuating the memory of the Righteous Among the Nations. Romania has thus become a recognized regional model. During our tenure at the EU Council presidency, we organized a set of events devoted to this issue, in Brussels and Bucharest, as a natural development of our preoccupations and as the continuation of the Austrian Presidency's steps, also with the hope that these efforts will be continued throughout the trio Romania - Finland - Croatia. The first event organized at the European Parliament on February 7, 2019 was devoted to combating anti-Semitism at European level. We consider this event a success because the international Jewish organizations, partners in organizing the event, circulated a document comprising a list of recommendations for the Member States and Jewish communities, to ensure the concrete implementation of the provisions of the December 6, 2018 Declaration of the EU Council regarding the fight against anti-Semitism. The Bucharest event of March 13, 2019 approached the role of memorial museums in combating anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial and focused on promoting one of the most important projects so far, at national level - opening of the National Museum of the Jewish History and the Holocaust in Romania. Todays event brings to mind major concerns included both on the agenda of European and international institutions. I would recall the importance of increasing coordination between the EU Member States as well as making some decisions on the appointment of a European coordinator on issues related to anti-Semitism. There are even more important issues as we find ourselves at a time of reshaping the architecture of the future Commission. During the rotating presidency, Romania reiterated the importance of respecting human rights and reducing the gap between EU citizens, and I consider these elements to be of major relevance to the dialogue we have with the Jewish communities. We are all concerned with developing education about the Holocaust with all the issues arising from it and there are many proposals - a common curriculum, the setting up of a guide under the aegis of international forums being just the first of a long list. I voice my belief that you will propose a coherent and impact model that will be largely adopted. Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you the Romanian Governments involvement on this topic will continue. We would like Romanias efforts in the field of Holocaust education, research and memory and the fight against anti-Semitism to be a point of reference for all states in the region but also internationally, we also want Romanias ambitious projects in this field to be continued and implemented. Events such the one today represent important steps towards deterring the development of extremist and intolerance phenomena. If Romania, along with you, suceeded in contributing to the adoption of a working definition of anti-Semitism, we can think together of creating instruments to combat hate speech and fake news. I would like to thank you for attending today's event and to wish you good luck at the conference sessions! 2019-06-18 11:05:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la dineul oferit cu ocazia reuniunii la nivel înalt ”Perspectiva unei viitoare strategii privind prevenirea și lupta împotriva antisemitismului,rasismului,xenofobiei,radicalizării și discursului bazat pe ură”Știri din 17.06.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the dinner hosted in honor of the participants in the high - level meeting: Perspective to a future strategy to prevent and fight anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, radicalization and hate speech Ladies and gentlemen, Honoured guests, It is a great pleasure for me to wish you welcome in Bucharest, this evening! The topic of the conference and our meetings these days imply in-depth discussions about the dramatic events of the past and what we need to do to prevent them from happening again. There are many actions, facts and figures that could be evoked: from the assumption of past and history to finding answers to todays challenges; from the theme of the righteous among peoples, and I would mention here Viorica Agarici, who, in 1941, had the courage to stand in front of the train of death full of Jews, thus saving hundreds of lives, to my countrys efforts in the field of prevention and the fight against anti-Semitism. I believe that this evening's meeting should be under the sign of celebrating a common cultural heritage. And what could be more representative of the culture and legacy left by the presence of the Jewish community in Romania than the first professional theater in the world in Yiddish, the Jewish Theater Pomul Verde, founded in Iaşi in 1876. Why did I mention the Pomul Verde(Green Tree) Theater? Because I think that what you do through your constant efforts to raise public awareness of hate and anti-Semitic manifestations are much like its mission. The Green Tree was not only a cultural institution, not just a meeting center of the Jewish community, but a place where the next generation was educated. The theater then moved from Iasi to Bucharest, becoming the core of the Jewish State Theater, one of the few such theater institutions in Europe. Promoting a culture of tolerance and good understanding, the actors made tournaments around the world, received applause and won hearts. Many of them took this tradition to Israel or to Europe and America. In the next few days, we will have the opportunity to discuss the contribution of the Jewish community to the national culture within the Bridges of Tolerance project, organized by the Bnai Brith Romania Forum and the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania. Through its theme Contribution of national minorities in Romania to the diversity and vitality of European culture, the meeting aims to strengthen interethnic dialogue and highlight the common contribution to the national cultural heritage. Your presence to Bucharest and the background of the discussions are of particular relevance to the future of the global society we are living in. The challenges of human rights in the countries of Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa prompt us to become more united than ever in defending the values that define a democratic society: fundamental freedoms, pluralism and tolerance. In combating and deterring anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic manifestations, education in its broad - traditional and non-traditional sense - has an overwhelming role. But education cannot be a singular pillar in preventing and combating anti-Semitism. I think we need complementary instruments at national and international level - by creating international coalitions, by firm stances, by changing a law, starting projects and programs to prevent surge in racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic attitudes. Honored audience, I would like to thank president Ronald Lauder for his availability to organize in Bucharest, this meeting on combating anti-Semitism, during Romania's rotating presidency of the EU Council. To an equal extent, I would like to thank the president of the Jewish Communities Federations in Romania, Mr. Aurel Vainer, and his team for facilitating this meeting in a decisive moment for the future of Europe. I would like to thank you special representatives for combating anti-Semitism who arrived from all corners of the world to contribute to the success of this event. I hope that following today and tomorrow's discussions, we all have a clearer understanding of future steps of preventing and combating anti-Semitism manifestations. The Romanian Government will back the initiatives aimed at reaffirming the universal democratic values. I would like to conclude returning to the story of the beginnings of the Green Tree Theater, which managed to break through the times of history, with all its dramatic events, to the present day. Through this symbolic journey, we are aware of our valuable historical and cultural past. Thank you once again for your presence here in Bucharest! 2019-06-17 22:19:00 Viorica Dăncilă a transmis un mesaj de susținere prim-ministrului Republicii Moldova, Maia SanduȘtiri din 16.06.2019 behalf of the Romanian Government, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă sent a congratulatory message to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu, for taking office. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă voiced confidence that the new Government in Chisinau will continue the European path of the Republic of Moldova, by successfully implementing the necessary reforms, the Association Agreement and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă reiterated the full availability of the Romanian Government to continue the Republic of Moldova's Strategic Partnership for European Integration, an essential basis of the bilateral relationship between the two countries. The Republic of Moldova's prosperity, stability and security will be based on the responsibility, determination and work capacity of the Government you are leading. I consider it essential to keep very high the European commitment in your activity or the activity of your colleagues, and to promote our common, European values emphasized Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă. The Head of the Romanian Executive considers it is of major importance for the new Government of the Republic of Moldova to continue the standpoint regarding the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, with the observance of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova within its internationally recognized borders, and without affecting its pro-European course. At the same time, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă invited Prime Minister Maia Sandu to pay her first visit abroad, to Bucharest, as soon as possible, to continue the tradition of the natural cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. 2019-06-16 08:48:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ministrul afacerilor externe și cooperării internaționale din Emiratele Arabe UniteȘtiri din 13.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă met today, June 13, 2019, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. During the talks, the two officials reviewed the state and prospects of bilateral economic and trade relations. Thus, the discussions pointed out the common interest in the development and consolidation of the overall bilateral cooperation, within the framework provided by the Joint Declaration on establishing an economic strategic partnership between the Romanian Government and the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă voiced satisfaction for the ascendant trend of the bilateral relationship. In this context, Prime Minister outlined the need for further maintaining the pace of high - level political and diplomatic contacts. Prime Minister also outlined the importance of continuing approaches to identify new concrete opportunities to boost cooperation relations in fields of common interest, with focus on investment. The dialogue occasioned an exchange of views on recent regional and international developments, focusing on the political and security situation in the Middle East. 2019-06-13 17:04:00ță de presă susținută de ministrul Culturii și Identității Naționale, Daniel BreazȘtiri din 13.06.2019 12:28:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu secretarul general al Ministerului Afacerilor Externe al Sultanatului OmanȘtiri din 12.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă met today, June 12, 2019, with a delegation led by the Secretary - General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman, Sayyid Badr Bin Hamad Al Busaidi. The talks highlighted the common will to further strengthen cooperation between the two states, both at political and economic level. The Head of the Romanian Executive highlighted the development potential of the Romanian-Omani trade relations. In this context, Prime Minister pointed out the need for identifying such flexible mechanisms of cooperation to foster the Romanian and Omani business sectors. Moreover, during the meeting, they discussed about strengthening sectoral cooperation, through increased exchanges in various fields of activity, such as: defence, energy, culture, education, transport and tourism. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and the Secretary - General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman, Sayyid Badr Bin Hamad Al Busaidi, pleaded for the joint participation in projects of interest for both states. The two officials also voiced satisfaction with this year marking the 45th anniversary since the establishment of uninterrupted diplomatic relations between Romania and the Sultanate of Oman, an important and auspicious anniversary of cooperation in all fields of interest, on pragmatic, solid bases. 2019-06-12 20:16:00 susținut de premierul Viorica Dăncilă la dezbaterea ”Upgrade România: Marile proiecte de investiții în 2019”Știri din 12.06.2019[Check against delivery] Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to start by congratulating the organizers for having chosen this topic, one of great interest for both the Government and the business environment. Investments play an essential role in the development of a country through the benefits they generate on the labour market, through the effects of multiplication and the facilities they bring to the areas where they are made. 2019 is the year when the Government extends an increased attention to Romanias development projects, both at a local, regional and national level. The official data confirm the increase in net investments in the economy in the first quarter of this year by 5.7 per cent compared with the same period last year. These figures encourage us to continue on this path: supporting public investments and stimulating private projects. Romania recorded one of the highest economic growths in the EU in recent years. Eurostat and the National Institute of Statistics have recently released new information related to the GDP growth: and we have the second highest economic growth in the EU in the first quarter of this year. This is a sustainable advance to which almost all segments of the economy contributed. For 2019, the economic advance is estimated at 5.5 per cent of the GDP, in the context of a normal agricultural year and the recovery of the services and investments sector, with economic growth to rely in the following two years especially on investments in the strategic sectors in economy and which will develop domestic production. At the Government level, we are considering several programs to foster investments, designed to ensure an harmonious development of the country's regions and which are beneficial to a large number of citizens. A first programme aims at fostering investment with major impact in the economy, a mechanism whereby, , we supported projects of more than 5.1 billion lei in 2018, we will go beyond this value in 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, More than 10 billion euros were earmarked in this year's budget for public investments, especially in infrastructure, education and healthcare. Important projects, long-awaited by Romanians, were unlocked and kicked off in the field of transports. I will not detail here as I am sure that the Minister Cuc will speak about these investments, as well as about those we will carry out over the next period. This year, we earmarked a historic budget, six times bigger than the one last year, for the healthcare investments, priority of the Romanian Government. In addition to the funds of nearly 1 billion lei for the purchase of medical equipment, we earmarked approximately 740 million lei for investments in healthcare units under the coordination of the Health Ministry and in the local public authorities network. In this respect, we earmarked important amounts for the expansion of the Oncology department of the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, for the Regional Oncology Institute of Timisoara and for building new spaces within the Oncology Institute of Cluj - Napoca. At the same time, we will continue the projects we started many years ago, such as the construction and endowment of the Children's Hospital of Timisoara, the construction of which started ten years ago. We earmarked money for the endowment of the Operating Block at the University Hospital in Bucharest, where the renovation works started 10 years ago, they were finalized, but they did not have the necessary equipment. There is also the Hospital in Fălticeni, where construction works started in 1990. Last year, these works were finalized while, this year, we will finance the endowment with the necessary medical equipment. We provide financial support for investment in public hospitals in the local authorities healthcare network, such as construction works, capital repairs, purchase of medical equipment. 800 million euros from European funds are available for healthcare, funds whereby we will finance the rehabilitation and modernization of 280 medical units and 35 emergency care units. In addition to the funds earmarked from the state health budget, for the year 2019, an extra amount of more than EUR 200 million is earmarked for the continuation of the construction works and endowment of healthcare units across the country, under a loan agreement concluded with the World Bank. An important investment project is the purchase of incubators to endow all healthcare units with neonatal care units. The Ministry of Health provides funding for the purchase of 1170 incubators, the procurement procedures are completed and the incubators will be delivered in the second half of this year. Education was one of the main beneficiaries of the National Local Development Program, whereby we provide funds for objectives included in the minimum package of public services in each locality of the rural and urban areas. There are projects in strategic areas: besides education, in healthcare, water- sewerage, thermal power and electric energy (including public lighting), transport / roads, sanitation, culture, religious denominations, housing and sports. Through a financial allocation exceeding 47 billion lei, in the two stages of the programme, we managed to include more than 12,500 objectives in funding. Nearly 3,400 of objectives were kindergartens and schools. I would like to emphasize that each commune has benefited from funding for at least one objective through this programme. But, of course, Vice Prime Minister Daniel Suciu will give you more details in this respect. Other programme, complementary to PNDL(National Programme of Local Development), is the Development and Investment Fund, with annual allocations of over 1 billion euros. Although launched in less than two months, this programme is highly appreciated by mayors. So far, approximately 1.500 funding applications have been submitted, most of them regarding investment in transport infrastructure, in the water and sewerage networks, in electrical power and gas networks, including their expansion. I encourage local authorities to apply for the governmental aid in order to carry out investment projects and to develop local communities and to boost the living standards of Romanians. As there is a very high funding need, we appeal to available sources to support investment. The European funds represent a very important source to develop projects in various fields with direct benefits for Romanians. We have achieved substantial progress since taking office, so that the absorption rate grew by 29 percent, very near to the Member States average which stands at 31 percent. Another solution is carrying out large investment projects in public - private partnership. We profoundly changed the legal framework for the public - private partnership, in order to simplify and render efficient the awarding and achieving process of investment projects in public - private partnership. In a relatively short time, the Government has approved 22 large strategic projects that are about to be achieved in public - private partnership. A part of these projects has already entered the final work stage, for instance Ploiesti - Brasov Motorway has now a certain builder: association between the biggest company in China and one of the most important companies in Turkey. At the same time, there is a set of large projects that had already the substantiation studies completed or in a very advanced stage, and here I refer to Targu Neamţ - Iaşi Motorway, Argeş River Arrangement Project, the Tarniţa - Lapustesti Hydropower Station, and building and operating a national bank of blood, human plasma and stem cells. From a legislative point of view, this year, we have also regulated the involvement of investment funds or companies, including privately managed pension funds that want to participate in a public-private partnership in order to carry out these strategic projects. I am sure that the Public Finance Minister, Mr. Teodorovici will give you more details in this respect. These are important steps that we have taken and we are considering in the next period in order to foster public and private investment, the main engine for economic development and prosperity for Romanians. I am sure that my Cabinet colleagues have also projects, each on his/ her own field of competence, and constructive and beneficial ideas will result following debate. Again, I congratulate you on the theme chosen and I wish you great success! Thank you! 2019-06-12 14:00:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu Vytenis Andriukaitis, comisar european pentru sănătate și siguranța alimentelorȘtiri din 11.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila had today, June 11, 2019, a meeting with the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petre Daea also attended this meeting. The subject of transboundary diseases, a common danger for European states and economies was on the discussion agenda. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă assured the European Commissioner of the full involvement of the Romanian authorities in the fight and prevention of these diseases. At the same time, she thanked her interlocutor for the full technical and financial support granted to Romania to stop the evolution, and to eradicate the African swine fever virus. Moreover, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila pointed out that Romania will continue to act during the presidency of the EU Council and later on, in order to ensure the healthy nutrition of the population and the efficient management of the food resources. 2019-06-11 14:38:00 de premiere a sportivilor și antrenorilor care au obținut performanțe la Campionatele Europene de canotaj de la Lucerna, ElvețiaȘtiri din 11.06.2019[Check against delivery] Minister, Dear athletes and coaches, Honorary audience, It is a joy to award today, at Victoria Palace, the best Romanian rowing athletes. Together with Minister Bogdan Matei, I want to congratulate you for your work and the results achieved at the European Rowing Championships in Switzerland. You have succeeded, this time too, to bring the Romanian tricolor on the European podium, to make a whole country proud of your achievements, and I want to thank you for that! You represent one of the sports on which we have pinned the highest hopes for next years Tokyo Olympics. You enjoy the support of the Government, the Ministerial team and the Federation. This year, we managed to double the budget of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and this can also be felt in the budget of the rowing federation. It is a sign of appreciation and support for this sport activity. Dear athletes, Beyond your commendable achievements, you also play an important social role. Demonstrate to your generation, young people and children the benefits of a healthy life, and especially that when you work with dedication and perseverance, the results are not late in appearing. Your merits will entitle you to guide other children and young people to practice this sport, move and live an active and healthy life. If this lies in your power, do not hesitate to do it! Because the health of a generation is also closely related to practicing mass sports and encouraging an active life. Finally, I would like once again to congratulate you on your performance and to wish you much success further on! Thank you! 2019-06-11 11:34:00 României face un apel la toate forțele politice din Republica Moldova să respecte procesul democraticȘtiri din 09.06.2019 Government of Romania has been closely watching the political developments in the Republic of Moldova. As the state holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union and a state that firmly advocates the European path of the Republic of Moldova, Romania appeals to all of the political forces to observe the democratic process and the citizens will expressed by vote at the February 2019 election. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova need a politically negotiated solution capable to ensure their prosperity, the continuation of the reforms and the consolidation of the countrys European path. 2019-06-09 12:47:00 Viorica Dăncilă solicită ferm respectarea simbolurilor statale ale României și normele de ordine publicăȘtiri din 08.06.2019 PRESS RELEASE Prime Minister Viorica Dancila firmly asks respect for Romanias state symbols and public order norms Prime Minister Viorica Dancila firmly asks respect for Romanias state symbols and public order norms and makes a call to responsibility as regards the political actions and statements referring to the situation in Valea Uzului. I have closely followed that happened these days in Valea Uzului. I havent publicly expressed an opinion on this topic as I did not wish to contribute to the escalation of the situation, but alongside my colleagues in the Government, I reacted for things to get back to normal and find solutions accepted by the local community, Romanians and Hungarians alike. The Romanian citizens, irrespective of their ethnic origin, are awaiting solutions from us, concrete proposals, not blunt statements. The governmental authorities and politicians have the option of dialogue, and any instigation to division among Romanian citizens, as we have unfortunately seen these days, is intolerable stated the Prime Minister. At the same time, Prime Minister points out that over this period, the Government has been seeking solutions in the spirit of ensuring the unrestricted right of every one to commemorate their heroes and honour the memory of those who defended the Romanian peoples freedom, integrity and dignity with the supreme sacrifice. One of the proposals, is aimed at the National Defence Ministry taking over the cemetery of the heroes fallen during the two world wars - Valea Uzului and the consecration of the international cemetery status, considering that military of different nationalities were buried in this cemetery. Nevertheless, any decision will be made after consultations with all parties involved. The Head of the Executive disapproves any action meant to fuel the conflict among Romanias citizens and the statements instilling hatred and lack of respect for our countrys state symbols. Moreover, the Prime Minister highlights that the political approach of the situation in Valea Uzului is not able to contribute to a constructive solution and rejects any attempt of some political leaders to obtain political capital. The Prime Minister requests the authorities in charge to maintain public order and ensure the rights of all Romanian citizens. 2019-06-08 12:21:00 Viorica Dăncilă a avut o convorbire telefonică cu omologul său francez Edouard PhilippeȘtiri din 07.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila had today June 7, 2019, a telephone conversation with her French counterpart Edouard Philippe. Topics of interest on the bilateral relations agenda as well as topical issues on the European agenda were addressed during the talks, in the context of Romania exercising the Presidency of the EU Council. The close cooperation relations between the two countries in numerous areas were also highlighted, within the Strategic Partnership. In this respect, it was outlined the importance of agreeing on the Updated Roadmap of the Strategic Partnership, which will mark a new stage in the bilateral and European cooperation. The two dignitaries agreed on continuing the constant and direct dialogue in order to contribute to the convergence of stances at European level, in an essential period for Europe's future. Last but not least, the senior officials deemed that the France-Romania Season (reaching Romania in April with numerous events) offers an excellent opportunity to present in both countries a multitude of contemporary images of Romania and France respectively, from different fields of activity, and to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the fields of culture, science and the economy. 2019-06-07 16:58:00 Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ambasadorul Republicii Federale Germania, Cord Meier-KlodtȘtiri din 07.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă had today, June 7, 2019, a meeting with H.E. Mr. Cord Meier - Klodt, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Romania. The discussions outlined the special character of the German - Romanian relations, defined by strong social links, significant economic relations and political cooperation expertise. During the talks, the officials exchanged views on the economic and bilateral trade relations. Cooperation at sectorial level was also hailed. Moreover, the interlocutors discussed the role of the German minority and of the Romanian community in Germany as important bridges between the two countries. In this context, the Romanian Prime Minister pointed out that a new session of the Joint Romanian-German Committee for German Ethnics in Romania, important instrument in strengthening bilateral cooperation, will be held soon. The two officials also emphasized the very good cooperation on dossiers of mutual interest on the European agenda. The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Cord Meier - Klodt praised the very good manner in which the rotating presidency of the EU Council is taking place and the Prime Minister's desire to strengthen the European path of Romania. 2019-06-07 11:35:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la deschiderea Conferinței Internaţionale „Dimensiunea pozitivă a libertății religioase: cum pot guvernele să sprijine organizațiile religioase”Știri din 06.06.2019[Check against delivery] Your Beatitude, Dear leaders and representatives of religious denominations, Your Excellencies, Ambassadors, Dear guests, It is a great pleasure for me to attend the opening of the International Conference: - The positive dimension of religious freedom: how can governments support religious organizations, event organized by the State Secretariat for Religious Denominations in the context of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, and which enjoys a prestigious participation. The mandate of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union has been a particularly dense period so far both in terms of negotiations on legislative dossiers and of numerous meetings and events that have occasioned valuable debates on topics of European interest. I would like to underline three aspects which I deem very important in the context of the topic of this conference. First of all, we managed to place again on the European agenda the idea of cohesion as common European value. It is the motto of our Presidency and one of the pillars underpinning our actions because we considered it is essential for the principle of cohesion to be found in the policies and the access to the Union's resources. At the same time, the completion of more than 100 legislative dossiers represents an extraordinary performance, recognized as such by the European institutions. These dossiers are priorities of the EU citizens and companies, and we have fully done our duty acting with determination, inventiveness, and involving all member states, without discrimination. I would like to outline the fact that we managed to advance in a considerably manner in terms of the social agenda and reducing inequalities , problems that many of the EU Member States are facing. I am referring here to both the dossiers on social issues and to numerous debates on combating discrimination, rasism, intolerance, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, on deterring the hate speech and promoting the fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as gender equality. There are real gains for the European community, for the unity and cohesion of the Member States. There are substantial steps towards consolidating the European project in a manner that highlights its added value for the European citizens. Honored audience, Dear guests, Last year, we enjoyed attending the consecration of the Peoples Salvation Cathedral, a place of worship that symbolizes our nation's struggle to achieve state independence and the national unity fully accomplished in 1918, as well as the European spirit of the Romanian nation. The consecration of the new Patriarchal Cathedral in the year we celebrated the Great Union Centennial was possible due to the involvement, energy and tenacity of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, as well as to the support of the Romanian Government that demonstrated it understood the symbolism and utility of this large scale national and European project. The religious and ethnic pluralism, the richness of cultural diversity are strongly backing our effort to build a more consensual and democratic society. We were glad to have in recent months two important Christian religious leaders in our country: His Holiness Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarch, at the consecration of the National Cathedral, and last week, His Holiness Pope Francis, who undertook a three-day visit to several regions of our country. The Romanian people welcomed them with warmth and all openness. The Romanian Government considers as beneficial the public affirmation of religious denominations and associations as actors that can contribute in a substantial manner to the development of the Romanian and European society. The Romanian Government's support for the activity of religious denominations is constant and aims at projects of common interest, designed to pursue the welfare of the society. It is an extraordinary opportunity for our country that through events such as the one today, to present to Europe the Romanian model of relations between state and religious denominations and to speak about the importance of protecting religious freedom, one of the oldest democratic rights. I am sure that these debates will contribute to both a beneficial exchange of expertise among the member states representatives, those of European institutions, and to a greater visibility of Romania within the European Union. I would like to thank you and wish you good luck in debates! 2019-06-06 17:51:00