RSS - Guvernul României Guvernul Românieiro-ROPrim-ministrul Viorica Dăncilă a transmis un mesaj de susținere prim-ministrului Republicii Moldova, Maia SanduȘtiri din 16.06.2019 08:48:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ministrul afacerilor externe și cooperării internaționale din Emiratele Arabe UniteȘtiri din 13.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă met today, June 13, 2019, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. During the talks, the two officials reviewed the state and prospects of bilateral economic and trade relations. Thus, the discussions pointed out the common interest in the development and consolidation of the overall bilateral cooperation, within the framework provided by the Joint Declaration on establishing an economic strategic partnership between the Romanian Government and the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă voiced satisfaction for the ascendant trend of the bilateral relationship. In this context, Prime Minister outlined the need for further maintaining the pace of high - level political and diplomatic contacts. Prime Minister also outlined the importance of continuing approaches to identify new concrete opportunities to boost cooperation relations in fields of common interest, with focus on investment. The dialogue occasioned an exchange of views on recent regional and international developments, focusing on the political and security situation in the Middle East. 2019-06-13 17:04:00ță de presă susținută de ministrul Culturii și Identității Naționale, Daniel BreazȘtiri din 13.06.2019 12:28:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu secretarul general al Ministerului Afacerilor Externe al Sultanatului OmanȘtiri din 12.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă met today, June 12, 2019, with a delegation led by the Secretary - General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman, Sayyid Badr Bin Hamad Al Busaidi. The talks highlighted the common will to further strengthen cooperation between the two states, both at political and economic level. The Head of the Romanian Executive highlighted the development potential of the Romanian-Omani trade relations. In this context, Prime Minister pointed out the need for identifying such flexible mechanisms of cooperation to foster the Romanian and Omani business sectors. Moreover, during the meeting, they discussed about strengthening sectoral cooperation, through increased exchanges in various fields of activity, such as: defence, energy, culture, education, transport and tourism. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and the Secretary - General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman, Sayyid Badr Bin Hamad Al Busaidi, pleaded for the joint participation in projects of interest for both states. The two officials also voiced satisfaction with this year marking the 45th anniversary since the establishment of uninterrupted diplomatic relations between Romania and the Sultanate of Oman, an important and auspicious anniversary of cooperation in all fields of interest, on pragmatic, solid bases. 2019-06-12 20:16:00 susținut de premierul Viorica Dăncilă la dezbaterea ”Upgrade România: Marile proiecte de investiții în 2019”Știri din 12.06.2019[Check against delivery] Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to start by congratulating the organizers for having chosen this topic, one of great interest for both the Government and the business environment. Investments play an essential role in the development of a country through the benefits they generate on the labour market, through the effects of multiplication and the facilities they bring to the areas where they are made. 2019 is the year when the Government extends an increased attention to Romanias development projects, both at a local, regional and national level. The official data confirm the increase in net investments in the economy in the first quarter of this year by 5.7 per cent compared with the same period last year. These figures encourage us to continue on this path: supporting public investments and stimulating private projects. Romania recorded one of the highest economic growths in the EU in recent years. Eurostat and the National Institute of Statistics have recently released new information related to the GDP growth: and we have the second highest economic growth in the EU in the first quarter of this year. This is a sustainable advance to which almost all segments of the economy contributed. For 2019, the economic advance is estimated at 5.5 per cent of the GDP, in the context of a normal agricultural year and the recovery of the services and investments sector, with economic growth to rely in the following two years especially on investments in the strategic sectors in economy and which will develop domestic production. At the Government level, we are considering several programs to foster investments, designed to ensure an harmonious development of the country's regions and which are beneficial to a large number of citizens. A first programme aims at fostering investment with major impact in the economy, a mechanism whereby, , we supported projects of more than 5.1 billion lei in 2018, we will go beyond this value in 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, More than 10 billion euros were earmarked in this year's budget for public investments, especially in infrastructure, education and healthcare. Important projects, long-awaited by Romanians, were unlocked and kicked off in the field of transports. I will not detail here as I am sure that the Minister Cuc will speak about these investments, as well as about those we will carry out over the next period. This year, we earmarked a historic budget, six times bigger than the one last year, for the healthcare investments, priority of the Romanian Government. In addition to the funds of nearly 1 billion lei for the purchase of medical equipment, we earmarked approximately 740 million lei for investments in healthcare units under the coordination of the Health Ministry and in the local public authorities network. In this respect, we earmarked important amounts for the expansion of the Oncology department of the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, for the Regional Oncology Institute of Timisoara and for building new spaces within the Oncology Institute of Cluj - Napoca. At the same time, we will continue the projects we started many years ago, such as the construction and endowment of the Children's Hospital of Timisoara, the construction of which started ten years ago. We earmarked money for the endowment of the Operating Block at the University Hospital in Bucharest, where the renovation works started 10 years ago, they were finalized, but they did not have the necessary equipment. There is also the Hospital in Fălticeni, where construction works started in 1990. Last year, these works were finalized while, this year, we will finance the endowment with the necessary medical equipment. We provide financial support for investment in public hospitals in the local authorities healthcare network, such as construction works, capital repairs, purchase of medical equipment. 800 million euros from European funds are available for healthcare, funds whereby we will finance the rehabilitation and modernization of 280 medical units and 35 emergency care units. In addition to the funds earmarked from the state health budget, for the year 2019, an extra amount of more than EUR 200 million is earmarked for the continuation of the construction works and endowment of healthcare units across the country, under a loan agreement concluded with the World Bank. An important investment project is the purchase of incubators to endow all healthcare units with neonatal care units. The Ministry of Health provides funding for the purchase of 1170 incubators, the procurement procedures are completed and the incubators will be delivered in the second half of this year. Education was one of the main beneficiaries of the National Local Development Program, whereby we provide funds for objectives included in the minimum package of public services in each locality of the rural and urban areas. There are projects in strategic areas: besides education, in healthcare, water- sewerage, thermal power and electric energy (including public lighting), transport / roads, sanitation, culture, religious denominations, housing and sports. Through a financial allocation exceeding 47 billion lei, in the two stages of the programme, we managed to include more than 12,500 objectives in funding. Nearly 3,400 of objectives were kindergartens and schools. I would like to emphasize that each commune has benefited from funding for at least one objective through this programme. But, of course, Vice Prime Minister Daniel Suciu will give you more details in this respect. Other programme, complementary to PNDL(National Programme of Local Development), is the Development and Investment Fund, with annual allocations of over 1 billion euros. Although launched in less than two months, this programme is highly appreciated by mayors. So far, approximately 1.500 funding applications have been submitted, most of them regarding investment in transport infrastructure, in the water and sewerage networks, in electrical power and gas networks, including their expansion. I encourage local authorities to apply for the governmental aid in order to carry out investment projects and to develop local communities and to boost the living standards of Romanians. As there is a very high funding need, we appeal to available sources to support investment. The European funds represent a very important source to develop projects in various fields with direct benefits for Romanians. We have achieved substantial progress since taking office, so that the absorption rate grew by 29 percent, very near to the Member States average which stands at 31 percent. Another solution is carrying out large investment projects in public - private partnership. We profoundly changed the legal framework for the public - private partnership, in order to simplify and render efficient the awarding and achieving process of investment projects in public - private partnership. In a relatively short time, the Government has approved 22 large strategic projects that are about to be achieved in public - private partnership. A part of these projects has already entered the final work stage, for instance Ploiesti - Brasov Motorway has now a certain builder: association between the biggest company in China and one of the most important companies in Turkey. At the same time, there is a set of large projects that had already the substantiation studies completed or in a very advanced stage, and here I refer to Targu Neamţ - Iaşi Motorway, Argeş River Arrangement Project, the Tarniţa - Lapustesti Hydropower Station, and building and operating a national bank of blood, human plasma and stem cells. From a legislative point of view, this year, we have also regulated the involvement of investment funds or companies, including privately managed pension funds that want to participate in a public-private partnership in order to carry out these strategic projects. I am sure that the Public Finance Minister, Mr. Teodorovici will give you more details in this respect. These are important steps that we have taken and we are considering in the next period in order to foster public and private investment, the main engine for economic development and prosperity for Romanians. I am sure that my Cabinet colleagues have also projects, each on his/ her own field of competence, and constructive and beneficial ideas will result following debate. Again, I congratulate you on the theme chosen and I wish you great success! Thank you! 2019-06-12 14:00:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu Vytenis Andriukaitis, comisar european pentru sănătate și siguranța alimentelorȘtiri din 11.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila had today, June 11, 2019, a meeting with the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petre Daea also attended this meeting. The subject of transboundary diseases, a common danger for European states and economies was on the discussion agenda. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă assured the European Commissioner of the full involvement of the Romanian authorities in the fight and prevention of these diseases. At the same time, she thanked her interlocutor for the full technical and financial support granted to Romania to stop the evolution, and to eradicate the African swine fever virus. Moreover, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila pointed out that Romania will continue to act during the presidency of the EU Council and later on, in order to ensure the healthy nutrition of the population and the efficient management of the food resources. 2019-06-11 14:38:00 de premiere a sportivilor și antrenorilor care au obținut performanțe la Campionatele Europene de canotaj de la Lucerna, ElvețiaȘtiri din 11.06.2019[Check against delivery] Minister, Dear athletes and coaches, Honorary audience, It is a joy to award today, at Victoria Palace, the best Romanian rowing athletes. Together with Minister Bogdan Matei, I want to congratulate you for your work and the results achieved at the European Rowing Championships in Switzerland. You have succeeded, this time too, to bring the Romanian tricolor on the European podium, to make a whole country proud of your achievements, and I want to thank you for that! You represent one of the sports on which we have pinned the highest hopes for next years Tokyo Olympics. You enjoy the support of the Government, the Ministerial team and the Federation. This year, we managed to double the budget of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and this can also be felt in the budget of the rowing federation. It is a sign of appreciation and support for this sport activity. Dear athletes, Beyond your commendable achievements, you also play an important social role. Demonstrate to your generation, young people and children the benefits of a healthy life, and especially that when you work with dedication and perseverance, the results are not late in appearing. Your merits will entitle you to guide other children and young people to practice this sport, move and live an active and healthy life. If this lies in your power, do not hesitate to do it! Because the health of a generation is also closely related to practicing mass sports and encouraging an active life. Finally, I would like once again to congratulate you on your performance and to wish you much success further on! Thank you! 2019-06-11 11:34:00 României face un apel la toate forțele politice din Republica Moldova să respecte procesul democraticȘtiri din 09.06.2019 Government of Romania has been closely watching the political developments in the Republic of Moldova. As the state holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union and a state that firmly advocates the European path of the Republic of Moldova, Romania appeals to all of the political forces to observe the democratic process and the citizens will expressed by vote at the February 2019 election. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova need a politically negotiated solution capable to ensure their prosperity, the continuation of the reforms and the consolidation of the countrys European path. 2019-06-09 12:47:00 Viorica Dăncilă solicită ferm respectarea simbolurilor statale ale României și normele de ordine publicăȘtiri din 08.06.2019 PRESS RELEASE Prime Minister Viorica Dancila firmly asks respect for Romanias state symbols and public order norms Prime Minister Viorica Dancila firmly asks respect for Romanias state symbols and public order norms and makes a call to responsibility as regards the political actions and statements referring to the situation in Valea Uzului. I have closely followed that happened these days in Valea Uzului. I havent publicly expressed an opinion on this topic as I did not wish to contribute to the escalation of the situation, but alongside my colleagues in the Government, I reacted for things to get back to normal and find solutions accepted by the local community, Romanians and Hungarians alike. The Romanian citizens, irrespective of their ethnic origin, are awaiting solutions from us, concrete proposals, not blunt statements. The governmental authorities and politicians have the option of dialogue, and any instigation to division among Romanian citizens, as we have unfortunately seen these days, is intolerable stated the Prime Minister. At the same time, Prime Minister points out that over this period, the Government has been seeking solutions in the spirit of ensuring the unrestricted right of every one to commemorate their heroes and honour the memory of those who defended the Romanian peoples freedom, integrity and dignity with the supreme sacrifice. One of the proposals, is aimed at the National Defence Ministry taking over the cemetery of the heroes fallen during the two world wars - Valea Uzului and the consecration of the international cemetery status, considering that military of different nationalities were buried in this cemetery. Nevertheless, any decision will be made after consultations with all parties involved. The Head of the Executive disapproves any action meant to fuel the conflict among Romanias citizens and the statements instilling hatred and lack of respect for our countrys state symbols. Moreover, the Prime Minister highlights that the political approach of the situation in Valea Uzului is not able to contribute to a constructive solution and rejects any attempt of some political leaders to obtain political capital. The Prime Minister requests the authorities in charge to maintain public order and ensure the rights of all Romanian citizens. 2019-06-08 12:21:00 Viorica Dăncilă a avut o convorbire telefonică cu omologul său francez Edouard PhilippeȘtiri din 07.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila had today June 7, 2019, a telephone conversation with her French counterpart Edouard Philippe. Topics of interest on the bilateral relations agenda as well as topical issues on the European agenda were addressed during the talks, in the context of Romania exercising the Presidency of the EU Council. The close cooperation relations between the two countries in numerous areas were also highlighted, within the Strategic Partnership. In this respect, it was outlined the importance of agreeing on the Updated Roadmap of the Strategic Partnership, which will mark a new stage in the bilateral and European cooperation. The two dignitaries agreed on continuing the constant and direct dialogue in order to contribute to the convergence of stances at European level, in an essential period for Europe's future. Last but not least, the senior officials deemed that the France-Romania Season (reaching Romania in April with numerous events) offers an excellent opportunity to present in both countries a multitude of contemporary images of Romania and France respectively, from different fields of activity, and to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the fields of culture, science and the economy. 2019-06-07 16:58:00 Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ambasadorul Republicii Federale Germania, Cord Meier-KlodtȘtiri din 07.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă had today, June 7, 2019, a meeting with H.E. Mr. Cord Meier - Klodt, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Romania. The discussions outlined the special character of the German - Romanian relations, defined by strong social links, significant economic relations and political cooperation expertise. During the talks, the officials exchanged views on the economic and bilateral trade relations. Cooperation at sectorial level was also hailed. Moreover, the interlocutors discussed the role of the German minority and of the Romanian community in Germany as important bridges between the two countries. In this context, the Romanian Prime Minister pointed out that a new session of the Joint Romanian-German Committee for German Ethnics in Romania, important instrument in strengthening bilateral cooperation, will be held soon. The two officials also emphasized the very good cooperation on dossiers of mutual interest on the European agenda. The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Cord Meier - Klodt praised the very good manner in which the rotating presidency of the EU Council is taking place and the Prime Minister's desire to strengthen the European path of Romania. 2019-06-07 11:35:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la deschiderea Conferinței Internaţionale „Dimensiunea pozitivă a libertății religioase: cum pot guvernele să sprijine organizațiile religioase”Știri din 06.06.2019[Check against delivery] Your Beatitude, Dear leaders and representatives of religious denominations, Your Excellencies, Ambassadors, Dear guests, It is a great pleasure for me to attend the opening of the International Conference: - The positive dimension of religious freedom: how can governments support religious organizations, event organized by the State Secretariat for Religious Denominations in the context of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, and which enjoys a prestigious participation. The mandate of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union has been a particularly dense period so far both in terms of negotiations on legislative dossiers and of numerous meetings and events that have occasioned valuable debates on topics of European interest. I would like to underline three aspects which I deem very important in the context of the topic of this conference. First of all, we managed to place again on the European agenda the idea of cohesion as common European value. It is the motto of our Presidency and one of the pillars underpinning our actions because we considered it is essential for the principle of cohesion to be found in the policies and the access to the Union's resources. At the same time, the completion of more than 100 legislative dossiers represents an extraordinary performance, recognized as such by the European institutions. These dossiers are priorities of the EU citizens and companies, and we have fully done our duty acting with determination, inventiveness, and involving all member states, without discrimination. I would like to outline the fact that we managed to advance in a considerably manner in terms of the social agenda and reducing inequalities , problems that many of the EU Member States are facing. I am referring here to both the dossiers on social issues and to numerous debates on combating discrimination, rasism, intolerance, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, on deterring the hate speech and promoting the fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as gender equality. There are real gains for the European community, for the unity and cohesion of the Member States. There are substantial steps towards consolidating the European project in a manner that highlights its added value for the European citizens. Honored audience, Dear guests, Last year, we enjoyed attending the consecration of the Peoples Salvation Cathedral, a place of worship that symbolizes our nation's struggle to achieve state independence and the national unity fully accomplished in 1918, as well as the European spirit of the Romanian nation. The consecration of the new Patriarchal Cathedral in the year we celebrated the Great Union Centennial was possible due to the involvement, energy and tenacity of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, as well as to the support of the Romanian Government that demonstrated it understood the symbolism and utility of this large scale national and European project. The religious and ethnic pluralism, the richness of cultural diversity are strongly backing our effort to build a more consensual and democratic society. We were glad to have in recent months two important Christian religious leaders in our country: His Holiness Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarch, at the consecration of the National Cathedral, and last week, His Holiness Pope Francis, who undertook a three-day visit to several regions of our country. The Romanian people welcomed them with warmth and all openness. The Romanian Government considers as beneficial the public affirmation of religious denominations and associations as actors that can contribute in a substantial manner to the development of the Romanian and European society. The Romanian Government's support for the activity of religious denominations is constant and aims at projects of common interest, designed to pursue the welfare of the society. It is an extraordinary opportunity for our country that through events such as the one today, to present to Europe the Romanian model of relations between state and religious denominations and to speak about the importance of protecting religious freedom, one of the oldest democratic rights. I am sure that these debates will contribute to both a beneficial exchange of expertise among the member states representatives, those of European institutions, and to a greater visibility of Romania within the European Union. I would like to thank you and wish you good luck in debates! 2019-06-06 17:51:00 Viorica Dăncilă: Executivul va continua aplicarea Programului de Guvernare, în beneficiul românilor, în condițiile asigurării echilibrelor economiceȘtiri din 06.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila met today with the IMF expert delegation led by Jaewoo Lee, Head of the IMF Mission for Romania and Bulgaria, who is paying the annual visit for the evaluation of the macroeconomic situation, a procedure of periodic consultation with national authorities. The Head of the Executive highlighted that Romania has recorded in recent years one of the highest economic growths in the EU, a trend which, according to the forecasts, will continue in the next years. The economic advancement is estimated to stand at 5. 5 percent of GDP, in 2019, in the context of a normal agricultural year and the recovery of the services and investment sector, and in 2020, economic growth is estimated to stand at 5.7 percent. This very morning, Eurostat and the National Institute of Statistics have given us good news again about the increase in the Gross Domestic Product. Romania records the second largest growth in the EU in the first quarter of this year. It is a sustainable advance, to which almost all branches of the economy have contributed. The official data on economic development validate the governmental measures and confirm us that we are on the right track, stated the Prime Minister. In this context, investments will consolidate amid an improvement in the implementation of projects financed from EU funds, in the context in which the absorption rate has increased to 29 percent, very close to the European average of 31 percent, the population incomes have increased, and the national budget funding sources have been widened and diversified. Morever, the fiscal stimulus measures granted by the Government to the construction sector have led to a significant revival of this activity in the first quarter of 2019, a positive trend that will contribute to economic growth as well as to streamlining investment. At the same time, Prime Minister showed that employment has a positive dynamics, concomitantly with a consistent increase in wages both in the private and in the public sector. Romania also maintains its competitiveness level, with a robust growth of exports and it continues to make significant gains in market share in exports, attracting an increasingly larger part of the trade related to the EU's production chains. Another aspect highlighted by Prime Minister Dancila was that Romania has one of the lowest government debts in the EU, being under the 60 percent threshold established under the Maastricht Treaty. Public debt represents 38.7 percent of the GDP at the end of March 2019, according to national legislation, and in accordance to the EU methodology, the public administration debt is 34.9 percent of the GDP, reported on the same date. The Executive will continue to implement the Programme for Government, to Romanians' benefit, in the context of ensuring the economic balance designed to achieve a sustainable development of Romania, through measures that will lead to the increase of investment and an efficient allocation of resources stated Prime Minister Viorica Dancila. The Government further aims at stimulating the sustainable economic growth, supporting investment, improving and simplifying tax legislation following the dialogue with the business sector, modernizing and improving the activity of the tax administration, with a view to increasing the revenues' collection. Also attending the meeting were Public Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, the Head of the PM Chancellery Costin Mihalache and ANAF president Mirela Calugareanu. 2019-06-06 14:52:00 de înțelegere între România și Israel în domeniul securității ciberneticeȘtiri din 06.06.2019 Speech by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the signing ceremony of the Romania - Israel Memorandum of Understanding on cyber security cooperation [Check against delivery] Ladies and gentlemen, The cyber security is a priority for the optimum functioning of any governmental system and beyond. In a technologized world, in which cyber attacks are in a continual change and evolution, we need increased data protection. In this respect, I consider that it is high time now to capitalize on the openness of the two countries: Romania and Israel, towards research, tehnology and industrial development cooperation, in the field of cyber security, to provide protection to organizations, institutions and our citizens. Romania successfully took over part of the State of Israel's practices in the field of cyber security, the most recent example being the launch of the single number 1911 to report the cyber incidents. I express my joy that we managed to intensify lately the cooperation in high -tech areas, such as the area of cyber security. It is important that the two states share a common vision regarding the opportunities and benefits of good cooperation in this very complex field of cyber security. Todays event is part of a productive track record of collaboration between Romania and Israel in the digital area. The Romania - Israel Cyber Security Forum, on which occasion was signed the memorandum of understanding on cyber security, represents a new stage with significance in the development of cooperation between the two states, in the digital sector. I welcome the presence of experts from both countries, the teams contributing to the development of joint projects, as well as the involvement of Ambassador David Saranga, a friend of our country. Dear guests, Romania has an ambitious agenda regarding the consolidation of this field, which encompasses both research and innovation projects nationwide, as well as exchanges of expertise with the authorities of states with advanced practices and strategies in this sector. The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council's success in the digital area reinforces the conviction that only through sustained cooperation, will we avoid the risks generated by the rapid evolution of technology and, more importantly, we can thus protect national economies, institutions and citizens from potential damages derived from generalization of the digital environment. We are aware of the need for higher education and training within institutions and companies, but also of informing citizens about cyber attacks and their consequences. In this respect, we foster the development of a culture of cyber security rules and regulations, while diversifying risk analyzes and boosting expertise in the field, the cooperation with the State of Israel being very important in attaining this national objective. Congratulations! Thank you! 2019-06-06 11:26:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ambasadorul Regatului Unit al Marii Britanii și Irlandei de Nord în România, Andrew NobleȘtiri din 06.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă had a meeting with H.E. Mr. Andrew Noble, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Romania. The meeting highlighted the excellent level of the Romanian-British strategic cooperation, and in this respect, there were reviewed the joint commitments to the security and defence of Europe, the trade dynamics, the growing social ties between the two states, as well as the values and the interests on which the bilateral political-diplomatic relations are based. Great Britain's withdrawal from the European Union occupied a central place on the discussion agenda. The Romanian side reiterated from the angle of the EU Council Presidency currently exercised by Romania, the interest in an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from EU on the basis of the negotiated Agreement. At the same time, the Romanian official emphasized the importance that our country attaches to the need to protect the rights of European citizens in the United Kingdom and guaranteed that Romania will undertake all internal legislative and administrative steps to observe the rights of British citizens in Romania, regardless of the scenario that will take shape in the coming months. At the same time, it was expressed the sustained interest in deepening and updating the Romanian-British Strategic Partnership, last revised in 2011, to better respond to European and bilateral needs and realities. Last but not least, the activity of the British NGOs in Romania was mentioned during the meeting. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila voiced appreciation for the involvement and the role these NGOs play at the level of society and at the same time assured that the Romanian Government will always be open to collaboration and will back the actions and projects carried out by these organizations. 2019-06-06 11:00:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ocazia Zilei Eroilor - 6 iunie Știri din 06.06.2019 09:07:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la reuniunea Consiliului Național Tripartit pentru Dialog SocialȘtiri din 05.06.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă chaired the meeting of the National Tripartite Council, convened today at the Victoria Palace by the Minister of Labor and Social Justice Marius Budăi, in his capacity as deputy chair of the National Tripartite Council. Prime Minister conveyed to social partners that the society needs debates so that the decisions made, be in agreement with the opinions of a large number of Romanians, in line with legal provisions and the state budget frame. Talks focused on the legislative initiative of amending the Social Dialogue Law 62/ 2011 and on solutions to amend the new Pension Law, in line with the Constitutional Court's decision. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă requested social partners to send in writing to the Government, their specific proposals regarding the amendment of the Social Dialogue Law, given the divergent opinions expressed today by the representatives of trade unions and employers on this topic. As regards the amendment of the new Pension Law, proposals to amend the law were put forward within the National Tripartite Council meeting, consistent with the decision of the Constitutional Court of Romania. During the National Tripartite Council meeting, the representatives of trade unions and employers addressed other topics as well, regarding the workforce shortage in certain sectors of activity, increase in the gross minimum wage per country, guaranteed in payment, harmonization of the insolvency law, enforcement of the legislation on the protection of the employees rights in case of the enterprise transfer. The Romanian Government's consultations with social partners will continue, on all topics under discussion, within the future meeting of the National Tripartite Council to be convened in early July. The trade unions and employers representatives praised the Government's openness to dialogue, in making decisions concerning all Romanians. 2019-06-05 18:51:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ocazia Zilei ÎnvățătoruluiȘtiri din 05.06.2019 10:26:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la BruxellesȘtiri din 04.06.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă had a meeting, Tuesday, June 4, with the President and the First Vice-President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker and Frans Timmermans, as part of her working visit to Brussels. The President and the First Vice-President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker and Frans Timmerman hailed the European approach of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and the Romanian Governments support for the European project, as well as the desire to continue the close cooperation with the European Commission. During the meeting, they also discussed the results of the European Parliament election. President Juncker thanked Prime Minister Viorica Dancila for the excellent activity so far of the Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union that closed more than 100 dossiers, the most important being the ones related to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, the European Labour Authority, the Copyright Directive and the Gas Directive. The President of the European Commission emphasized that this approach must continue, especially regarding the advancement of the Multiannual Financial Framework and the preparation of the Strategic Agenda 2019-2024. The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans hailed the Romanian Governments commitment not to advance the controversial reforms in the judicial system and to immediately resume dialogue under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, with a view to achieving progress in the reforms in the judicial system and in the fight against corruption. The two officials reconfirmed the European Commissions commitment to working closely with the Romanian authorities to find solutions with respect to aspects related to the rule of law and to resume progress under the CVM. 2019-06-04 15:19:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu comisarul european pentru agricultură, Phil HoganȘtiri din 03.06.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila had a meeting today with European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan, in the context of the European official's participation in the informal meeting of the Agriculture Ministers from the EU Member States. The meeting occasioned an exchange of views on the progress made by the Romanian presidency of the EU Council as well as on the remaining dossiers on the current European agenda. Regarding the progress made by the Romanian presidency of the EU Council, the Romanian Prime Minister reaffirmed the firm commitment to advancing the European agenda in the spirit of a uniform, cohesive and inclusive approach that Romania assumed when taking over the rotating presidency. In this context, the Romanian official praised the European Commission for its constructive approach and support, both technically and politically, during Romania's mandate. Aspects pertaining to the main remaining active dossiers under the Romanian presidency of the EU Council were also addressed. From this perspective, the two dignitaries discussed the latest developments in the negotiations over the most important European legislative dossier in the field of agriculture, namely the legislative package on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy in the post-2020 horizon. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila reconfirmed Romanias political will to contribute, as the holder of the EU Council Presidency, to making remarkable progress regarding this dossier of special importance, which generates both technical and political sensitivities for the member states, which is all the more relevant in the context of the overall negotiation of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2021-2027. In this context, Prime Minister reiterated that the Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union has made considerable efforts to manage, in a constructive and equidistant manner, during the five months of its tenure, the process of negotiations over the legislative proposals that will define the future architecture of the Common Agricultural Policy post -2020. Commissioner Phil Hogan praised Romania for the noticeable progress achieved during its tenure in all agricultural legislative dossiers, especially those concerning the legislative package on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. The European official also voiced confidence in notable progress being made with this legislative package by the end of June 2019, when Finland takes over the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union. 2019-06-03 16:47:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la Sfânta și Dumnezeiasca Liturghie – Omilia/Regina Coeli - Ceremonia de Beatificare a celor 7 episcopi greco-catolici martiriȘtiri din 02.06.2019 June 2, 2019, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă attended the liturgical service and the beatification ceremony of the seven martyred Greek Catholic Bishops, on the Liberty Plain of Blaj. The religious ceremony took place in a historical setting where, on 1 December 1918, the Catholic bishop Iuliu Hossu, the future cardinal, beatified by Pope Francis, assisted by Caransebes Orthodox Bishop Miron Cristea, the future Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, read out the Transylvania Union Act with the motherland. At Blaj, the Holy Father had a symbolic meeting with the local Roma community, a gesture designed to amplify the message of eliminating prejudice and discrimination, in favor of a tolerant attitude and the efforts at the level of the entire society focused on the harmonious support and integration of these people. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's participation in this moment of the visit of His Holiness in Romania is a sign of the special appreciation of the Romanian Government for the inter-religious and inter-confessional dialogue, the promotion of religious pluralism and the culture of religious freedom, as well as the promotion of balanced and democratic public policies in the field of religious life. The Romanian Prime Minister endorses measures fostering religious cults's involvement in society through numerous social, educational, cultural and spirituality projects. 2019-06-02 15:45:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă la Întâlnirea mariană cu tineretul și cu familiile, în piața din fața Palatului Culturii din IașiȘtiri din 01.06.2019 the invitation of the Bishop of the Roman-Catholic Diocese in Iasi, Petru Gherghel, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă attended today the ceremonies organized on the occasion of His Holiness Pope Francis's meeting with youth and families in the square in front of the Palace of Culture in Iasi. The events organized in Bucharest and across the country during His Holiness Pope Francis's visit to Romania, enjoyed the full support of the central and local authorities so that the pontifical visit takes place in optimum conditions. The Romanian Government responded promptly to requests for support from the Catholic Church in Romania, namely the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Alba Iulia, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Iaşi, and the Greek Catholic (the Romanian Church United with Rome) Major Archdiocese of Blaj. The Government of Romania understood and strove to develop, through all the means available, the partnership between state and religious cults. At the same time, it pursued the development of public policies devoted to youth, aimed at the labor market integration of young people and capitalization on their professionalism, so that the future of the new generations be closely linked to Romania. 2019-06-01 20:44:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă la Sfânta Liturghie de la Bazilica papală minoră închinată Sfintei Fecioare, din Șumuleu-CiucȘtiri din 01.06.2019 Saturday, June 1, 2019, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă attended the Holy Mass at the Minor Basilica dedicated to the Holy Virgin of Şumuleu-Ciuc, at the invitation of His Eminence Gyorgy Jakubinyi, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Alba Iulia. The Prime Minister and the representatives of the Government attended the Sumuleu-Ciuc ceremonies alongside believers from all over the country as well as from Central and Eastern European states, as a sign of the importance attached by the Romanian authorities to the ecumenical dialogue, an essential element for the promotion of religious freedom and human dignity. The Basilica of Şumuleu-Ciuc, founded by the Franciscan monks in 1442, has become one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Catholic Christians in Romania. 2019-06-01 13:46:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul Zilei Internaționale a Copilului – 1 iunieȘtiri din 01.06.2019 11:59:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la evenimente organizate în contextul vizitei de stat, pastorale și ecumenice în România a Sanctității Sale Papa FranciscȘtiri din 31.05.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă met with His Holiness Pope Francis Today, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă had a private audience with His Holiness Pope Francis who is on a state and apostolic visit to Romania. The Head of the Executive thanked His Holiness Pope Francis for the generous attention he extends to the relationship with Romania and mentioned the meeting she had on the occasion of her visit to the Vatican in May 2018. Moreover, the Romanian Prime Minister expressed joy for the apostolic visit the Holy Father pays to Romania, where he is expected with lots of warmth and hope by the Romanian people, and highlighted the special significance of His Holinesss visit in the context of Romanias holding the rotating Presidency of the EU Council, the 30-year celebration since the fall of communism and 20 years since the historical visit of Pope John Paul II to Romania. During the talks, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă emphasised the attention given by Romania to the religious freedom and mentioned in this respect the international conference organised in early June by the Romanian Government, devoted to the analysis of the ways to support the ecumenical dialogue and with the religious organisations, included in the Romanian Presidency of the EU Councils programme. Last but not least, the migration topic was also addressed, a phenomenon that preoccupies the Holy See and for which the European Union and its Member States have to find the most adequate answers. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă will also attend the ceremony held at the National Cathedral (Catedrala Mantuirii Neamului) as well as the Mass at the Saint Joseph Catholic Cathedral. 2019-05-31 16:50:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu ambasadorul Franței în RomâniaȘtiri din 31.05.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă met today, May 31, 2019 with H.E. Ms. Michele Ramis, Ambassador of the French Republic to Romania. Aspects of latest internal political developments, as well as aspects of bilateral co-operation and the one at European level were addressed during the discussion. The two officials also talked about the aspects regarding the priorities and the outcome of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. As regards the evolution PRES RO 2019 in its entirety, the Romanian Prime Minister outlined the significant efforts devoted to the European agendas advancement, in the spirit of a unitary, cohesive and inclusive approach assumed at the mandate take over. Both Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and Ambassador Michele Ramis voiced satisfaction for the way the Romania-France Season is unfolding in all its dimensions. 2019-05-31 16:18:00 Viorica Dăncilă l-a felicitat pe omologul său spaniol, Pedro Sánchez Pérez-CastejónȘtiri din 29.05.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă held today, May 29, 2019, a telephone conversation with the President of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Spain Pedro Sanchez Perez-Castejon. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă sent congratulations to her Spanish counterpart for the Socialist Partys (PSOE) victory in the European Parliament election. They exchanged opinions regarding the future political configuration of the European Parliament. The two senior officials also discussed the progress made by the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council in a significant number of dossiers, among which some of a very high complexity level. 2019-05-29 21:36:00 Premierul Dăncilă a transmis președintelui României propunerile de numire a noilor membri ai guvernului Știri din 29.05.2019 afternoon, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă sent President Klaus Iohannis the nominations for the new ministers for Justice, European Funds and Romanians Abroad, alongside the nomination for Vice Prime Minister for the implementation of Romania's strategic partnerships. Titus Corlatean, a career diplomat is the nominee for Vice Prime Minister for the implementation of Romanias strategic partnerships, Ana Birchall, with in-depth specialization in the legal field is the nominee for Justice Minister, while Roxana Manzatu, with 15 -year experience in the field of European affairs and funds, is the nominee for European Funds Minister. Natalia Intotero is the nominee for Minister of Romanians Abroad, having previously held this portfolio. 2019-05-29 17:24:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu directorul executiv al Băncii Mondiale, Kristalina GeorgievaȘtiri din 29.05.2019 World Bank CEO is paying a visit to Romania to attend, at the invitation of the Romanian Prime Minister, the High Level Conference on the role and status of women in modern society, organized under the aegis of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, on May 29 and 30, at the Palace of Parliament. The main topics addressed during the meeting were the promotion of gender equality and the cooperation between Romania and the World Bank. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă thanked the World Bank CEO for attending the Bucharest Conference and highlighted that promoting gender equality and reducing disparities between women and men are priorities of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. Prime Minister also pointed out that the actions taken in this respect have a direct impact on fighting poverty and ensuring sustainable economic growth, thus being circumscribed to World Bank's objectives. Moreover, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă appreciated the excellent quality of cooperation between the Romanian state institutions and the World Bank, pointing out that this effectively contributed to the modernization of our country and its economic development over the last decades. In this context, the Head of the Executive highlighted the results of the assistance programs that the World Bank has developed so far in Romania in various fields: healthcare, social assistance, fiscal field, judiciary, secondary education and environment. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă outlined the importance of further development of the bilateral cooperation relations on topics of common interest, such as: the digital agenda, connectivity, economic convergence, development cooperation, strengthening resilience to natural disasters, the Western Balkans. Moreover, Prime Minister stated that Romania will continue to actively promote the World Banks policies and will encourage the diversification of its financial instruments, with focus on their adjustment to the specificities of each country and on ensuring complementarity with other funding sources available. 2019-05-29 14:08:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu ambasadorul SUA la București, Hans KlemmȘtiri din 29.05.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă met today, May 29, 2019, with H.E. Hans Klemm, U.S. Ambassador to Romania. Aspects of the latest domestic political developments as well as aspects of bilateral cooperation were addressed during the discussion. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă reiterated the Romanian Executive's firm commitment to expanding and further deepening Romania - U.S. cooperation. The high Romanian dignitary also emphasized our country's firm support for a robust transatlantic relationship, as essential premise for ensuring security and prosperity. 2019-05-29 12:18:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la deschiderea Conferinței la nivel înalt „Condiția femeii moderne – între empowerment, leadership și discriminarea de gen”, organizată în contextul deținerii de către România a Președinției Rotative a Consiliului UEȘtiri din 29.05.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the opening of the high - level conference: The Role and Status of Women in Modern Society: Between Empowerment, Leadership and Gender Discrimination Ladies and gentlemen, Dear audience, It is a great pleasure for us to host in Bucharest, an event devoted to women's role and status in modern society, in the context of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. At the same time, I am honored to address you as woman, politician and especially as the first female Prime Minister of Romania, state holding the Presidency of the EU Council. More than 50 percent of Romania's population is formed of women, educators are mostly women, several women are involved in the political and civic life - we are therefore co-authors, with full responsibilities, to several of the legislative projects whereby we want to change the world. As Prime Minister of Romania, I say in front of you that we have already started doing it. In my tenure, I promoted several ladies as Ministers, they have had remarkable outcomes and they are implementing beneficial projects for citizens. I took an important step at the level of the Social Democratic Party of Romania, and we introduced the parity principle in the leading structures of the party. We want to promote this principle at the leadership of public institutions, as expanding the capitalisation on women's leading and professional abilities will bring superior quality to public institutions' activity. The studies on female entrepreneurs's initiatives place Romania in top 10 countries paying attention to this topic, namely the percentage of businesses set up and led by women. There are four key elements allowing women to unfold and develop successful businesses: entrepreneurial culture, access to quality financial services, simplification of bureaucracy, and support for women's initiatives. The Government is a reliable partner in this respect. I think that female entrepreneurs too are of this opinion, approximately 44 percent of the more than 30,000 companies participating in the new session of the Start - up Nation, are represented by women. I am glad to notice ladies' interest and to encourage them to have confidence and initiative and they will have our support. I would like to highlight my full support for gender equality, a fundamental principle underpinning the Union, and the European culture, a cross-cutting theme that I want as wide as possible at the level of the Unions policies and to which our Presidency granted a special interest. Our Presidency supported and will support gender equality. We cannot consider that common European values and principles are respected if gender equality is not given the necessary attention. We cannot speak of social welfare for all European Union citizens without promoting women in all areas of social life, whether we are talking about education, labor market, entrepreneurship or political positions at the highest level. We cannot speak of rights and freedoms without referring to victims of domestic violence, whom we have to defend through regulations, legal mechanisms and instruments promoted at European level. We assumed a set of major objectives in this field while exercising our mandate as rotating Presidency of the Council. Increasing the economic independence of women, for whom we need to envisage measures designed to help combat the gender pay gaps; Concerning the average pay between women and men, Romania ranks first in the EU member states ranking. Despite this, we further aim at new governmental policies to improve Romanias gender equality index calculated by the European Institute. Another dimension of the Romanian Presidencys action is to stimulate measures designed to support the participation of women in the labor market and, in particular, in decision-making positions. In this regard, we set the objective, and I am glad to say that we also accomplished this objective of completing negotiations on the work-life balance for parents and carers. Ladies and gentlemen, The economic challenges of recent years highlight the current role of women in the economy and their determination to have an increasing importance in the labor market. Women are an increasingly significant part of the workforce, both in Romania and in the European Union, and to a large extent, providers for their families. A World Bank study shows that when women enjoy equal opportunities to an active social and political life, the respective economies and societies are thriving. In general, a balanced participation of women in the decision-making process contributes to a positive evolution of society as a whole, bringing about changes in the legislation, policies, services, institutions and social norms. We have had a European dialogue on these topics in Brussels at the Womens Council on March 6. I am glad to continue this dialogue today in Bucharest, and I am sure that your proposals for the Manifesto to be adopted during this conference will represent part of the European agenda, both at institutional level and at the level of European Parliament. I am glad that you are going to meet female entrepreneurs who are supportive of Romanian creative industries both the innovative and the traditional ones and at the Village Museum, you will find an enthusiast group of experts and administrators, mostly women. Thank you very much for your participation and I assure you of my full support for your demarches to ensure gender equality! 2019-05-29 10:32:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la votul pentru alegerile europarlamentareȘtiri din 26.05.2019 14:01:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă la ceremonia de semnare a Contractului pentru finanțare proiect ”Facilitarea inserției pe piața muncii a persoanelor cu dizabilități” și lansarea a 2 apeluri de proiecte privind stagii de practică pentru elevi și studențiȘtiri din 23.05.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila at the signing ceremony of the Contract for funding the project: - Facilitating the insertion of persons with disabilities in the labour market and launch of two project calls for pupil and student internships [Check against delivery] Good afternoon. A month ago, we launched here, at Victoria Palace, the call for funding from European funds the project of facilitating the insertion in the labour market of persons with disabilities, a project that will change for better the life of thousands of Romanians. The signing today of this contract proves that the PSD +ALDE Government observes its commitments and I want to congratulate the teams of the Ministry of European Funds, Labor and Social Justice Ministry and the National Agency for Persons with Disabilities for the sustained pace in which they took the necessary steps to start this important project. Through the programme for government, we set the objective of stepping up the pace of spending the money allocated to our country from the EU budget, we are pursuing this objective and the results can be seen. Romania's absorption rate is now of about 29 percent, very close to the European average of 31 percent. The contracting rate grew 15 times from 2016 to present, more precisely from 5 percent in 2016 to approximately 79 percent from allocation, at present. We managed to unlock important projects in all fields of interest and beyond figures, we permanently have in view the benefits to be brought by these projects at social and economic levels. We are talking today about a project worth more than 23.5 million euros through which the persons with disabilities besides the specific counseling, will be helped to buy assistive devices to help them live as close to normal as possible, including from a professional point of view, thus facilitating their access to the labor market. There are people who deserve our respect for the courage with which they are fighting to overcome their limits and whose potential deserves to be turned to good account in a society that we want without borders. In addition, firms will be encouraged to employ people with disabilities by granting a subsidy of 2250 lei per month for a period of 18 months. Today, we are launching two calls for projects for the professional training of young people and I am confident that these projects will be implemented soon. With a funding of 70 million euros, respectively 30 million euros we are offering to more than 27 thousand pupils and five thousand students the opportunity of internships, including through dual education so that their training keeps up with the labor market requirements. Romania needs young people home, and their families need them here, we want to support them and also the business environment that is facing a lack of well-trained labor force. We facilitate through these projects Romanians' acess to well-paid jobs, we diminish the pressure on the social assistance system, and we support the development of the business sector. I assure you of all further support and we wish you success in implementing as many projects as possible that bring benefits to Romanians! Thank you! 2019-05-23 11:30:00ță de presă susținută de ministrul Transporturilor, Răzvan Cuc Știri din 22.05.2019 19:45:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în județul BacăuȘtiri din 22.05.2019 12:52:00ță de presă susținută de ministrul Muncii și Justiției Sociale, Marius BudăiȘtiri din 21.05.2019 19:00:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în județul VasluiȘtiri din 21.05.2019 18:18:00 de înmânare a unor acorduri de finanțare în baza Programului guvernamental START-UP NATIONȘtiri din 21.05.2019 17:00:00Întâlnire pregătitoare pentru negocierea și finalizarea contractului de realizare, în parteneriat public-privat, a Autostrăzii Ploiești-BrașovȘtiri din 21.05.2019 16:55:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul sărbătorii Sfinților Împărați Constantin și ElenaȘtiri din 21.05.2019 12:49:00 Viorica Dăncilă, vizită de lucru la Suceava și VasluiȘtiri din 20.05.2019 18:48:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în judeţul BrașovȘtiri din 20.05.2019 16:37:00 Viorica Dăncilă, vizită de lucru în BrașovȘtiri din 19.05.2019 18:44:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în judeţul GorjȘtiri din 19.05.2019 13:03:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în judeţul GorjȘtiri din 18.05.2019 17:28:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în judeţul MaramureşȘtiri din 18.05.2019 14:45:00 Viorica Dăncilă face apel la decență în ceea ce privește promovarea mesajelor în spațiul public și la respectarea valorilor și simbolurilor tradiționaleȘtiri din 18.05.2019 14:07:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în judeţul MaramureşȘtiri din 17.05.2019 18:43:00 Perioada de înscriere la Programul Oficial de Internship al Guvernului României - ediția 2019, prelungită până pe 26 maiȘtiri din 17.05.2019 10:35:00 de lucru a premierului Viorica Dăncilă în județul SălajȘtiri din 17.05.2019 09:56:00 de premiere a elevilor care au câștigat concursul de limbă şi literatură română “Carte frumoasă, cinste cui te-a scris!”Știri din 17.05.2019 06:37:00 de lucru a premierului Viorica Dăncilă în județul MureșȘtiri din 16.05.2019 19:11:00ță de presă susținută de Răzvan Cuc, ministrul transporturilorȘtiri din 16.05.2019 18:44:00 Viorica Dăncilă, vizită de lucru în județele Mureș, Sălaj, Maramureș și GorjȘtiri din 16.05.2019 12:00:00Întrevederea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu preşedintele Consiliului de Miniştri din Bosnia şi Herţegovina, Denis ZvizdićȘtiri din 16.05.2019 press statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Zvizdić [Check against delivery] Viorica Dancila: Good afternoon! I am particularly honored to be today, in the company of my Bosnian counterpart whom I invited to Romania in a very important period for our country, in which we are holding the Presidency of the EU Council for the first time. We had a very fruitful meeting during which we discussed in detail the state of bilateral cooperation, the prospects for Bosnia and Herzegovina to get the candidate status for EU membership. The continuation of the EU enlargement process with our partners in the Western Balkans represents a priority of the Romanian presidency of the EU Council, because we are certain that this successful policy of the Union is the only one that can guarantee the edification of a safe and prosperous region, which will contribute to the development and strengthening of the European project. We want the entire region to make progresses on their own merit and to meet the accession criteria. Our approach seeks to materialize the objectives established through the conclusions of the Council of June 2018, when the EU reaffirmed its commitment regarding its enlargement policy. As regards the objective of our partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to receive the candidate status to EU accession, I reiterated Romanias determination, while holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, to further support a positive decision in this respect, based on the principle of own merits and after undergoing the stages at EU level that would allow a decision of the Council based on the European Commission's opinion which is expected in the next period. I reiterated for my counterpart the fact that we stay committed to offering our friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina any kind of necessary political and tehnical assistance with a view to intensifying dialogue with European institutions. I assured my colleague of Bosnia and Herzegovina that his countrys success contributes, in our view, to the stability and prosperity of the Western Balkans, and also of the European Union as a whole. Bilaterally, we are glad to notice that the trade exchanges improved significantly over the past years, but we know that there is enough potential to intensify economic relations. We agreed on the need to better promote the opportunities offered by our economies to the business milieu in the two countries. We agreed especially on strengthening bilateral collaboration in the energy field, domestic affairs, social security, environment protection, tourism, education and culture. We discussed in this context about energy security in our region, which is of a capital importance for the stability and prosperity of South-East Europe. We analyzed together the bilateral legal framework and agreements in different stages of negotiation, while voicing hope that they will be signed as soon as possible at ministerial level and I am confident that their conclusion will fundamentally support our common objective of further strengthening bilateral cooperation.We also discussed about our educational, cultural and scientific cooperation and I invited the civil servants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the students, to fully capitalize on the training opportunities offered by our institutions and universities, acknowledging the existence of several initiatives and programmes of the EU in these fields. At regional level, we agreed that the EU member states, European institutions and strategic allies should be fully aware that stability in the Western Balkans region is a priority and a common goal and the threats to the security of the countries in Western Balkans require conjugated efforts. Romania participates thus directly to the security and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the presence of Romanian troops in the EUFOR Althea operation, with positive results for the increased safety of our country and the training of the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a conclusion, I want to thank you, Mr. Chairman of the Council of Ministers for the open and constructive talks we have had and to wish you greater success in meeting your country's objectives! Denis Zvizdic: Thank you very much! From the very beginning, I want to thank Mrs Prime Minister for support. Support for integration in the European Union is very important to Bosnia and Herzegovina...;I would like to thank for the support of a friendly state, which is very important for Bosnia and Herzegovina and for all Western Balkan states, although we in the Western Balkans use the notion of integration, instead of enlargement of the Western Balkans, because geographically speaking we are also part of Europe, and hence our use of this word. We discussed some important priorities to our co-operation, and also to the Western Balkans and our European perspective. We emphasized that preserving freedom and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a region of the Western Balkans is a step forward towards the democratisation of our society. The fight against crime and extremism is also important; economic growth is important, the Berlin process is important to us, which is an important objective. We talked about infrastructure connection, as it is very important to economic development, the development of the region, to the connectivity of the young people, and I mentioned that these are important steps forward in the integration of the Western Balkans in the European Union. This is one of our main objectives - European integration is a factor of integration in the Western Balkans as the message that the European Union has a real perspective to integrate Western Balkans in the European Union is significant for the development of the region and the collaboration of the Western Balkan states. I presented to Prime Minister Dancila the progress made by Bosnia and Herzegovina over the last four years with European integration. We were a credible partner to the EU in all our planned activities, culminating with the submission of our answers to the European Commission questionnaire containing 450 questions; our answer was 25,000-page large. What is most important is that Bosnia and Herzegovina over the last 4 years has done a very good job, just like the Western Balkan countries when they were granted the EU candidate country status. We have observed all the procedures, we look forward to receiving a positive opinion from the European Commission and we hope that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be given the status of a candidate country. This is not just an issue pertaining to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is about the economic development of all the sectors. I think this status is more important for Bosnia and Herzegovina than for all the other countries in Western Balkans. We are pleased with the progress made by our neighbours; I am convinced that both Albania and [North] Macedonia have to start negotiations, but we are convinced that Bosnia and Herzegovina should get this candidate country status. European integration and NATO membership are very important to our future, are two main purposes when it comes to foreign policy; they are an important pillar for stability in the Balkans, for economic development, for new jobs, to stop the departure of young people from the Western Balkans and the region. That is why we want to have a dialogue that will contribute to the development of stability in the region and we are convinced that we will continue to respect the internationally recognised borders in the Western Balkans. We will also observe the agreements signed with our neighbours, Croatia and Serbia. Economically, I have noticed that there is a great collaboration in various sectors: such as the energy sector, the metallurgy industry, the car sector, development in the agricultural field, IT sector, innovation, education, research, and last but not least, the tourism sector which is developing very rapidly in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the perspective of introducing a direct flight Bucharest - Sarajevo, and which would foster contacts among businesspeople, students and specialists. Co-operation at this moment does not reflect the potential that exists when it comes to bilateral cooperation between our countries. We agreed to develop this co-operation, to hold forums to include the Chambers of Commerce of our countries, meetings designed to enhance the economic collaboration between our states. Finally, allow me to thank Mrs Prime Minister, to thank Romania that is fighting for the future of the European Union, to thank it for its successful presidency, as you managed to keep high on the agenda the integration of Western Balkans , which is very important for the entire European Union. I hope that during your presidency, after elections for the European Parliament and the European Commission, we will be gladly waiting that the status of candidate country has been given to us, that the NATO Membership Action Plan has been activated, and in this respect, we are on the path leading Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union, because we, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we appreciate that we cannot have several players in the Balkans, we can have only one, that is the European Union and of course, those who understand the situation in Balkans, and respect the territorial integrity of all states, such as the United States of America. Stability in Balkans is important not only for our region, but also for the entire Europe. Thank you for the warm welcome! Thank you for the friendly attitude towards Bosnia and Herzegovina and I want to tell you that the Bosnia and Herzegovina's door is always open for you, for Ministers, businesspeople, and you are welcome! Thank you. 2019-05-16 10:36:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în judeţul PrahovaȘtiri din 15.05.2019 17:52:00ții de presă susținute de ministrul finanțelor publice, Eugen Teodorovici, la Palatul VictoriaȘtiri din 15.05.2019 17:15:00ță de presă susținută de vicepremierul Vasile-Daniel Suciu, ministrul dezvoltării regionale şi administraţiei publiceȘtiri din 15.05.2019 17:00:00ânia va beneficia de ajutor financiar de peste 8 milioane de euro din Fondul de Solidaritate al Uniunii EuropeneȘtiri din 15.05.2019 15:12:00 Viorica Dăncilă, vizită în județul PrahovaȘtiri din 14.05.2019 18:26:00ţă de presă susţinută de ministrul Sănătăţii, Sorina PinteaȘtiri din 14.05.2019 17:04:00ță de presă susținută de consilierul de stat, László Borbély.Tema: prezentarea bilanțului activităților Departamentului pentru Dezvoltare Durabilă în cei doi ani de la înființareȘtiri din 14.05.2019 14:23:00ță de presă susținută de ministrul Muncii și Justiției Sociale, Marius Budăi, la Palatul VictoriaȘtiri din 13.05.2019 19:13:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la Festivalul "Sâmbra Oilor", pe dealul Huta Certeze și Moișeni, din judeţul Satu MareȘtiri din 12.05.2019 14:43:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în județul Satu MareȘtiri din 11.05.2019 21:25:00 Viorica Dăncilă, vizită de lucru în Arad și TimișȘtiri din 10.05.2019 17:01:00ăncilă_la_mănăstirea_radna_din_arad.jpgVizita premierului Viorica Dăncilă în județele Cluj și AlbaȘtiri din 09.05.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă paid a working visit to Cluj and Alba counties Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă paid today a working visit to the Cluj and Alba counties. On this occasion, Prime Minister visited the Oncology Institute Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuţă Cluj-Napoca, the Emergency County Hospital Alba Iulia, that benefited from governmental funding. Prime Minister also had meetings with representatives of local authorities and deconcentrated institutions, as well as with businesspeople, beneficiaries of governmental programmes. Prime Minister was accompanied by several Cabinet ministers: Minister of Finance Eugen Teodorovici, Minister of Health Sorina Pintea, Minister for the Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship Radu Ştefan Oprea, Culture Minister Daniel Breaz. 2019-05-09 19:17:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă de Ziua Europei, 9 mai Știri din 09.05.2019 are celebrating Europe Day this year thinking about EU's future, the profile of which is being shaped in the debates hosted by Romania today, as holder of the EU Council presidency. The European Union is a project in full change, which compels us to keep up with the present, so that the future does not surprise us. Romania is part of this project and we feel responsible, equally with the other member states, for the Europe we will leave to future generations. Romania will continue to be a supporter of the European project based on convergence, cohesion, solidarity and sustainable development. We remain deeply attached to European values and we want a strong European Union in which all member states benefit from equal, non-discriminatory treatment, irrespective of the size of the territory, geographic location or seniority in the EU. The European project was born out of a desire to live in peace and prosperity, and that the member states can join their efforts towards attaining this objective. In the current context, European citizens want a safe Union, able to provide solutions to new internal and external challenges and more active globally. Shaping the European future is a complex process in which decisions must take into account the expectations of the citizens expressed in the debates and via the voice of their representatives in the European Parliament. Romania, as the state holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union, managed to unblock the discussions on several important issues for the European future. Romania is also responsible for organizing the European elections scheduled for the end of this month, 40 years after the first European Parliament elections. Romania extends full attention to a successful completion of its first term of office at EU Council Presidency. Attaining the objectives we set as rotating presidency represents not just Romania's success but steps ahead towards a European Union as desired by the citizens of the Member States. Today, May 9, 2019, almost seven decades after the Schuman Declaration announcing the foundation of the European project that Romania is part of, our country looks confidently towards their joint future and the efforts of those involved in its shaping. This historic day testifies to the incredible power of revival and regeneration that lies in people and communities united by common goals. At global and European levels, and here in Romania, May 9 shows again how bravery defeated despondency, and how the unity of values and principles generated a new community model and a new way of living. The significance of this day reconfirms our responsibility to our common history, of both Europeans and Romanians, to fight uninterruptedly and with all force for a Romania of solidarity, inside and outside, a member of a cohesive European Union, in a peaceful and prosperous world for all its inhabitants. Happy aniversary, European Union! Happy anniversary, European Romania! Happy anniversary, European citizens! 2019-05-09 10:03:00 reuniune a comisiei pentru Programul „gROwth - Investim în copii, investim în viitor”Știri din 07.05.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă attended today the first meeting of the committee for the implementation of the governmental programme - gROwth - Investing in children, we invest in future, the objective of which is building kindergartens with sports profile. The Victoria Palace meeting was attended by the members of the committee - Gabriela Szabo, Camelia Potec, Gheorghe Hagi and Florin Pelin as well as by the representatives of the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis, the institution that is running this programme. Together with you, we will develop this national programme with benefits for childrens health. Many young people will get a chance to practice a sport and even achieve performance. I have encouraged the promotion of this programme as well as other policies for children and young people, out of the belief that the most valuable investment is in their education and training, stated Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă. In turn, the committee members stated that building kindergartens with sports profile is a welcomed project, given that practicing sports from an early age has important health benefits. Prime Minister Dăncilă highlighted that she would provide all the necessary support for the promotion of this programme, including through the allocation of governmental funds. The Head of the Executive also stated that the selection of the dossiers to be financed through this programme will be made by the members of the committee, based on the eligibility conditions stipulated by the legislation. More information: The programme envisages the construction of 1,000 kindergartens with sports profile and consists in granting a nonrefundable aid of 500,000 euros, as well as a state guarantee for eventual loans taken by the beneficiaries of the Programme. The Session for Submission of Application Forms for Financing Agreement based on Decision 239/2019 for the establishment of a de minimis aid scheme for governmental programme growth - investing in children, we invest in the future started on May 2. So far, two applications have been filed, which will be analyzed by the committee in the next meetings. As a supporting tool, there is a special e-mail address for this programme: 2019-05-07 20:01:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la conferința ”Inovarea în domeniul auditului la nivelul UE și creșterea rolului de îndrumare al Instituțiilor Supreme de Audit, în beneficiul societății”Știri din 07.05.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the conference titled Innovation in auditing at EU level and increasing the guiding role of Supreme Audit Institutions for the benefit of society Dear President of the European Court of Auditors, Dear President of the the Romanian Court of Accounts, Dear President of the Senate, Dear Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Dear guests, I am glad to attend this conference devoted to strengthening the mechanisms of management and increasingly efficient use of public funds, to the benefit of citizens, organized by Romania in the context of holding the Presidency of the EU Council. By engaging in all debates on the most complex topics under debate at European level, staging consultations with all stakeholders with a role in shaping the European future and by closing more than 90 dossiers, Romania has demonstrated that it is strongly attached to European values and has the capacity to carry out a successful mandate. In addition to the dossiers discussed and closed in our mandate, events like the one today shows that we have a complex perspective of what means inter-institutional collaboration at national and European levels as well as the steps that we need to take to bring added value in the life of the citizens. One of Romanias mandate priorities at the presidency of the Council of the European Union is to secure convergence and cohesion for the purpose of sustainable and equitable development for all citizens, and the most secure way to accomplish this desideratum is to increase competitiveness and cut development gaps among the Member States, to promote connectivity and digitisation, to boost entrepreneurship and strengthen European industrial policy. The conferences theme that the President of the Romanian Court of Acounts chose, finds itself within these principles, because the worries and challenges at EU level are the same for each of us. Digitisation, the social dimensions development, the research and innovation promotion, with a view to boosting the competitiveness of the economy and of the European industry, the perils in connection to cyber security are as many challenges for both the audit and the EU governments. I am confident that as far as auditing is concerned, the Romanian Court of Accounts has the ability to innovate, to be pro-active, to anticipate and propose solutions to the challenges that occur in this changing European political and economic context. Together, through consultations and cooperation, can we find the best methods of choosing the audit themes, the necessary instruments and especially the suitable people so that Romania's future is in line with European developments from this perspective too. Ladies and gentlemen, The European Union is at a turning point in which it is necessary more than ever to strengthen the credibility of institutions and to boost the confidence of citizens in the European project. We can gain the confidence of our citizens through dialogue, consultation and collaboration, at all levels of political and social responsibility, between the institutions we are leading. The advisory role of the Romanian Court of Accounts in relation to audited institutions and the overall society is vital. Your experience and expertise are essential in order to see specifically whether the policies adopted, are producing results and whether the goal is achieved: improving the citizens' life. The institutions you are leading are important pillars in a democratic society, they can represent engines of social development or, on the contrary, factors that hinder development. It depends on the choices made and the role assumed by each institution. However, I am confident that the audit institutions will strengthen their role as modern guardian of public finances, concerned with the proper use of resources and the effective implementation of projects to the benefit of our citizens and communities. You will always have a partner in the Romanian Government in this respect. I would like to thank you for inviting me to this event and to wish you great success in this conference! 2019-05-07 10:48:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ocazia începerii lunii postului RamadanȘtiri din 06.05.2019 18:26:00țiunea premierului Viorica Dăncilă la evenimentul “Participarea copiilor la procesele de luare a deciziilor și de elaborare a politicilor la nivelul UE”Știri din 06.05.2019[Check against delivery] Dear children and young people, Dear guests, welcome! It is an honor to have your visit at the Victoria Palace and I am pleased to see the interest of children and teenagers in the future of the European Union. As a politician, I have a pro-European outlook, and I served in the European Parliament, as Romania's representative for nine years. I took part in decisions concerning the life of European citizens and I contributed alongside my colleagues, to strengthening the European project in which I firmly believe. In the 1950s, when they started building the concept of economic community, the fathers of the Union had not imagined that their idea would gain the nowadays' scale and importance. We are currently talking about a political and economic construction that brings together 28 states and over 500 million citizens, all of them Europeans, all equal in this family. This is the foundation of the Union that we must preserve. It is the basis on which we are shaping the European future: we are a family, a united European family. The Presidency-in-Office of our country at the Council of the European Union was built around unity, cohesion, as reflected in our motto: Cohesion, a common European value. What does cohesion mean? Cohesion means freedom; you cannot be free, if others are not. Cohesion means solidarity and reciprocity - you do not feel good if the person next to you feels bad. It also means equality of treatment, non-discriminatory access to material, social and cultural goods. These are fundamental values that we all have to resonate with. Children are the future of a nation and one in five European citizens is a child or a young person. Therefore, you, the children, represent the future of the European Union; it is on your shoulders that the European project, its consolidation and its adaptation to your requirements and new living conditions continue. We are nevertheless responsible for letting future generations have a stable and strong European Union. The first step we need to take in that direction is to strengthen the European project and to regain the trust of citizens in its institutions. In order to meet these desiderata, bringing the citizens closer to the European institutions and their involvement in decision-making are playing a key role. Among the successes of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, remarked by our European partners, there are open dialogue and ample consultations held on most important topics with all stakeholders and all institutions which bring added value to the solutions awaited by citizens. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified by all EU states, confers the children the right to participate and be consulted about decisions impacting them directly. Therefore, you are entitled to making your voice heard and to contribute to the way we are envisaging the future of the European Union. Today's demarche clearly shows the visionary way in which you want to exercise your right and I congratulate you for your involvement! During the rotating presidency of the EU Council, the Romanian Government's cooperation with important institutions promoting children rights places a special emphasis on the right to participate in decision-making process, a key priority of our presidency. The main objective of this cooperation is strengthening the children'stance in the decision - making process by establishing some general rules and specific mechanisms of consultation at European level that would guarantee constant involvement in all processes with impact on their future. The Bucharest Declaration was drawn up during the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, a framework document achieved by an ample consultation process with children and young people of all member states which will be completed these days within the International Conference - Children's Participation in Decision-Making and Policy-Making at EU Level. It is a vital document laying the bases of mechanisms whereby the children's opinion can become a permanent component of decisional processes at European level. I voice hope that our demarche will be continued by the states that are to take over the EU Council Presidency and as soon as possible, the children can more actively participate in drawing up the EU policies. I wish you all present here, paraphrasing the text of the Bucharest Declaration, to continue writing your story, through involvement, volunteering, activism, through a strong voice and representation. Because you are the future of Europe! Thank you! 2019-05-06 16:45:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, cu președintele comitetului director al EUROPALIA International, contele Georges Jacobs de HagenȘtiri din 06.05.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă had a meeting today at Victoria Palace with the Chairman of the EUROPALIA International Steering Committee Count Georges Jacobs de Hagen. The meeting took place as Romania is a special guest of the EUROPALIA International Festival, this year in its 50th edition, and it offered an opportunity to evaluate the state of preparedness for this event. Prime Minister congratulated EUROPALIA International team on the long and rich tradition of the festival and gave assurances that Romania will give due importance to its participation in the Festival. Prime Minister further stated that 2019 could be considered the year of Romania in Brussels after the series of activities carried out under the umbrella of the rotating Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union and their continuation with the projects foreseen in the EUROPALIA Festival. Among these projects, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă highlighted Constantin Brancusi Central Exhibition, the first exhibition exclusively devoted to the Romanian sculptor in almost 25 years. EUROPALIA is the largest cultural event in Belgium, organized once every two years under the patronage of the Royal Family of Belgium in Belgium and neighbouring countries - France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, and the United Kingdom. This year, Romania is a guest of the 50th edition of the Festival. For four months, from October 2019 to January 2020, a series of artistic events will emphasize, under a multidisciplinary programme, the cultural diversity of Romania. The Romanian Government supported the organisation of this festival by allocating the necessary funds, given the importance of promoting Romanias values internationally. 2019-05-06 12:59:00Întâlnirea premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu reprezentanții conducerii și liderii de sindicat ai CEH Paroșeni Știri din 05.05.2019 11:25:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în HunedoaraȘtiri din 04.05.2019 22:31:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă în comuna Nucet, DâmbovițaȘtiri din 03.05.2019 19:38:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu ocazia Zilei Mondiale a Libertății PreseiȘtiri din 03.05.2019 13:01:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la Marşul Internațional al Vieţii 2019 (March of the Living) şi la Ceremonia comemorativăȘtiri din 02.05.2019 RELEASE On May 2, 2019, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă participated in the International March of the Living, an annual educational event held in Poland, and in the Commemorative Ceremony, alongside leaders of the international community, government officials, and representatives of the religious denominations, students and children organizations. Attending the event alongside the official delegation led by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă were David Saranga, the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Romania, and Tova Ben Nun-Cherbis, president and founder of the Lauder-Reut Educational Complex, together with a group of children from Romania. The march which involved walking the distance from Auschwitz to Birkenau, was preceded by a speech within the official part of the event, as well as by a meeting with a delegation of Romanian students who participated in the event . On this occasion, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă mentioned that the tragic events with anti-Semitic character in the last years in Europe demonstrate how important it is to identify very clearly the ways whereby we could prevent anti-Semitism as well as how current are the priorities that Romania promoted during its presidency of the IHRA (March 2016 - March 2017), namely: consolidation of education on Holocaust, encouraging academic research and combating anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia and discrimination. The Head of the Executive reaffirmed Romanias constant commitment to the fight against anti-Semitism, highlighting at the same time the involvement of the Laude-Reut Educational Complex in Bucharest in developing educational projects for the young generation. In this context, she presented the Romanian authorities' approaches regarding the Holocaust commemoration and research, as well as the fight against anti-Semitism, which mainly pursued the reconciliation with Romanias recent past by developing educational programs about the Holocaust dedicated to pre-university and university education and the protection of the Jewish cultural heritage, combating anti-Semitism and other forms of racism and xenophobia. On this occasion, she called for strengthening the education of the young generation for the latter to be able to denounce and combat any form of extremism, intolerance, racism or anti-Semitism, this being an absolutely necessary objective in order to be able to shape a democratic future. Moreover, the Romanian Prime Minister reminded that Romania's priorities as President of the EU Council include in its fourth pillar: Europe of common values, topics related to combating racism, intolerance, xenophobia, populism, anti-Semitism, to deterring hate speech, and recalled the two international events organized by the Romanian presidency on combating anti-Semitism at European and national level, including by promoting a project aimed at establishing a Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Romanian Prime Minister also participated in the commemorative ceremony at Birkenau, at the close of the International March of the Living, an event devoted to the memory of the Balkan and Eastern European Jews, victims of the Holocaust. Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch, and Yitzhak Herzog, chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel were among the speakers at the ceremony. 2019-05-02 17:23:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă la Reuniunea șefilor de guvern ai statelor din Europa Centrală şi de Est care au aderat la Uniunea Europeană după 1 mai 2004Știri din 01.05.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă met with the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă met today, May 1, 2019, with her Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki on the sidelines of the anniversary meeting of Prime Ministers of the Central and Eastern European states that joined the European Union after May 1, 2004. The Head of the Polish Government praised the results of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council and in this context, asked for our country's cooperation to foster the development of a European policy in support of SMEs. The Romanian Prime Minister underlined the importance of a declaration adopted at the Warsaw Summit, voicing her belief that it will significantly contribute to shaping the future of the European Union. The two leaders also addressed issues related to the EU's multiannual financial framework, the cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy. The Romanian Prime Minister emphasized the importance of all policies promoted at EU level, which must be found in the multiannual financial framework. The two Prime Ministers also addressed aspects of the macro-regional development of common interest, referring to the Three Seas Initiative and the Via Carpatia project. As regards bilateral cooperation, Prime Minister Dăncilă and her Polish counterpart hailed the benefits of the first round of Romanian - Polish intergovernmental consultations held in Warsaw, on May 25, 2018. The Head of the Bucharest Executive pointed to the added value that this type of consultations has generated in the bilateral relations. Prime Minister reaffirmed the Romanian Government's intention to organize a second round, in this format, in Bucharest in the second half of this year, complete with an economic forum. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă advocated adding more substance to the economic cooperation between the two countries, arguing for an increase in the volume of bilateral trade and an increase in Polish investments in Romania and Romanian investments in Poland. Prime Minister reiterated the interest of the Romanian Government in organizing a Romania - Poland Business Forum in Bucharest as part of the next round of bilateral intergovernmental consultations, and made known Romania's determination to capitalize, in relation to Poland, on the opportunities generated by the results of the Bucharest Summit of the Third Seas Initiative. Prime Minister mentioned Romanias interest in expanding the bilateral legal framework, which would allow an in-depth interaction at the economic level. The two Prime Ministers also addressed topical issues of international policy and agreed on boosting cooperation at the level of Defence Ministries. The two officials agreed on a common schedule of bilateral events for the immediate future. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's participation in the summit of Heads of Government of the Central and Eastern European states that joined the European Union after May 1, 2004 Today, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă participated in Warsaw, in the summit of Heads of Government of the Central and Eastern European states that joined the European Union after 2004. Present at the conference were Heads of government, and their high representatives from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia, Hungary as well as the Vice President of the European Commission Jyrki Katainen. In her address on this occasion, drawing the conclusions, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă presented a stocktaking report of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. Prime Minister highlighted the completion of negotiations in a number of 90 legislative dossiers, some of which -very complex dossiers, such as: the Natural Gas Directive, The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market , Regulation establishing a European Labour Authority, the Consumer Package, the Legislative Package on Interoperability between EU Information Systems, the Regulation on the extension of the mandate of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency , the Banking Package, the Legislative Package on the Union of Capital Markets or the amendments to the Regulation on the statute and funding of European political parties and European political foundations. Speaking as representative of the EU Council Presidency, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă stated that Romania will continue to be a supporter of the European project based on convergence, cohesion and solidarity between the Member States. Prime Minister advocated the need for all EU Member States to enjoy equal, non-discriminatory treatment according to the size of their territory or geographic location. In this regard, Prime Minister emphasized that Romania fulfills the technical criteria for joining the Schengen area and asked for a political decision to be made on this issue. Prime Minister Dăncilă also insisted on the importance of the common agricultural policy and the convergence of direct payments. At the same time, the Romanian Prime Minister highlighted the beneficial effects of the EU enlargement and showed that this remains the best way to demonstrate the transforming power of the EU. In this context, Prime Minister reaffirmed Romanias support for the EU candidate and aspiring countries from the Western Balkans, promoting the principle of enlargement on the basis of their own merits. 2019-05-01 13:00:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă în PoloniaȘtiri din 30.04.2019 May 1-2, 2019, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă will pay a two-part visit to the Polish Republic. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila will participate on May 1st, in the Conference of the Heads of government of the Central and East European countries that have joined the European Union after 2004, to be held in Warsaw. The conference will be attended by the Prime Ministers from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia and Hungary. The second part of the visit will unfold on May 2nd, consisting in the participation of the Romanian Prime Minister in the International March of the Living, an annual educational program that refers to a 3-kilometre walk from Auschwitz to Birkenau. Prime Minister will also attend the commemorative ceremony at Birkenau, alongside leaders of the international community, government officials, and representatives of the religious denominations, students and children organizations. Joining the Romanian official delegation present at Auschwitz-Birkenau will be David Saranga, the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Romania, and Tova Ben Nun-Cherbis, president and founder of the Lauder-Reut Educational Complex, alongside a group of children from Romania. 2019-04-30 15:55:00 de presăȘtiri din 29.04.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila congratulated her Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez for the success obtained by his political party, Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) in the early polls that took place on April 28, 2019, in Spain. In this context, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila reiterated the Romanian sides willingness to continue and diversify the excellent bilateral dialogue, to strengthen the strategic partnership in priority fields for both countries: infrastructure, energy, agriculture, internal affairs, and European policies. Moreover, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila voiced hope that the Romanian Diaspora in Spain will continue to represent a powerful bridge for the Romanian-Spanish bilateral relations. Prime Minister also underlined the need for the two Governments to continue the efforts designed to advance the European project based on the common European values. 2019-04-29 15:51:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul Sărbătorilor PascaleȘtiri din 27.04.2019 16:27:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului României, doamna Viorica Dăncilă, cu ambasadorul Republicii Populare Chineze în România, doamna Jiang YuȘtiri din 25.04.2019 16:20:00ță de presă susținută de Ştefan-Radu Oprea, ministrul pentru mediul de afaceri, comerţ şi antreprenoriatȘtiri din 25.04.2019 14:17:00ță de presă susținută de ministrul Comunicațiilor și Societății Informaționale, Alexandru PetrescuȘtiri din 24.04.2019 18:20:00țiunea premierului Viorica Dăncilă la ceremonia de înmânare a acordurilor de finanțare acordate în baza schemei de ajutor de stat cu impact semnificativ în economieȘtiri din 24.04.2019 Minister, Dear representatives of the business sector, Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to host at Victoria Palace the fourth handover session of financing agreements granted under the state aid scheme to stimulate investments with major impact on the economy. This shows us the fact that Romania's economy is dynamic and enjoys the trust of the business environment, and that the investment projects to be developed with governmental support, will bring added value to the Romanian economy, through the multiplication effect. The projects for which the financing agreements have been handed over, stand at a total value of nearly 380 million lei, and the governmental aid is over 151 million lei. The development of these investments will lead to the creation of approximately 900 jobs in fields in which Romania has well-trained people. The PSD - ALDE government managed to render this state aid scheme both functional and attractive for companies with Romanian capital and those with foreign capital, as proven by the large number of signed agreements. Thus, in less than one year, we concluded financing agreements for 28 investment projects, with a total value of nearly 3 billion lei. The aid approved for state financing is worth over 1 billion lei. It is equally relevant that we support in a balanced manner the investment with both Romanian and foreign capital. There are projects that will generate more than 4,000 new jobs and they will have a contribution to regional development, in total amount of 1.21 billion lei. The Government gets thus involved in backing investment in fields with strong impact both economically and socially, such as: automotive industry, aeronautical industry, food industry, building materials and home appliance industry, but also the services sector and materials recycling. This data shows the Governments preoccupation with stimulating investment and, at the same time, boosting the confidence of the business sector in the Romanian economy. I congratulate Minister Eugen Teodorovici and the team of the Public Finance Ministry on the dynamic way in which they manage this state aid scheme with a major impact on the economy! I congratulate the investors who will benefit from the projects financing and I wish them success! Thank you! 2019-04-24 12:28:00 Viorica Dăncilă va transmite în această seară propunerile pentru miniștrii interimariȘtiri din 23.04.2019 Minister Viorica Dancila considers it is unacceptable and unjustified for President Klaus Iohannis to reject the proposals for the appointment of new Ministers to take over the portfolios of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of European Funds and the Ministry for Romanians Abroad. Prime Minister has also taken note of the Presidents decision not to respond to the resignations of Minister of European Funds Rovana Plumb, Minister for Romanians Abroad Natalia Intotero and the Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader. - I am a person of dialogue and I have tried, as it was natural, to have a preliminary discussion with President Iohannis before this decision. I find it regrettable that the president refuses institutional collaboration and that, through his actions, he further tries to prevent the smooth functioning of the Romanian Government. Unfortunately, the election campaign remains for President Iohannis a more important stake than the continuation of the activities of the Ministries and the implementation of the governmental measures to the benefit of the Romanians, stated the Head of the Executive. Prime Minister's three nominees for Ministers - Oana Florea, Tit-Liviu Brăiloiu and Eugen Nicolicea - meet all the conditions required by the Constitution and the applicable organic laws, and the nominees are not incompatible, according to the legislation in force. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă will send to President Iohannis this evening, the proposals for appointment of Vice Prime Minister Ana Birchall as interim Minister for the portfolio of the Ministry of Justice, of Minister Eugen Teodorovici as interim Minister for the portfolio of the Ministry of European Funds and of Minister Stefan Oprea, as Interim Minister for the portfolio of the Ministry for Romanians Abroad. 2019-04-23 18:45:00 adresat militarilor cu prilejul Zilei Forțelor TerestreȘtiri din 23.04.2019 the occasion of the Romanian Land Forces Day, I convey my best thoughts, gratitude and admiration to all the military who through devotion and sacrifice, they dedicated their lives to defending the citizens. I also want to thank our troops in the operation theatres, who alongside our NATO and EU partners contribute to the peace-keeping efforts. Their dedication and professionalism honour Romania and they prove, every day, that our country is a trustful ally to our partners. On the Land Forces Day, I pay homage to the memory of the Romanian heroes who fell on duty and to all war veterans who served with faith and honour the Romanian nation and state. The Romanian Army, mostly represented by the Land Forces, has been and it will remain a pillar of our society, with indisputable merits overtime, an institution that has always enjoyed the population's trust. I assure you, once again, of all my support and of the support of the entire governmental team. Dear military of the Land Forces, I congratulate you for the manner in which you carry out your missions and I wish you - Happy Anniversary! and - Happy Easter, to you and you families! 2019-04-23 15:44:00țiunea premierului Viorica Dăncilă la evenimentul de lansare a proiectului ”Creatori de educație”Știri din 23.04.2019, Dear teachers, Dear pupils, Honored audience, I am glad to host today the launch event of the project - Creators of education which is part of our strategy to promote the education of quality, oriented towards the harmonious development of our children. Education is a priority of the PSD - ALDE government, alongside the healthcare sector. We are taking action at several levels to boost the children's access to quality education: we increased the budget for education by nearly 47 percent this year, we considerably increased the salaries of the teaching staff as a way of appreciating and motivating the didactic work, we are backing investment projects in the Romanian school, from nurseries and kindergartens to universities. We take all decisions to upgrade the educational system in consultation with social partners: trade unions, teachers' associations, associations of students and pupils, as I am holding the strong belief that the best decisions are taken by open dialogue. An essential component for the quality education is the person at desk, model for the generations they are educating and whom they are conveying not just knowledge but also life lessons, forming their character. The teaching profession means vocation, tireless involvement and dedication. To be kindergarten teacher, schoolteacher or teacher means that you yourself are learning day after day and that you keep up with the new teaching methods, more attractive and more closer to pupils and young people. The project - Creators of education has been conceived and drawn up as a modern online platform, by means of which teachers can exchange good practices, likely to be followed by their colleagues, thus actively participating in the development of professional competencies, and the support of an innovating educational system. I believe in the benefits of this project, first of all, for children and young people who, through creative methods, personalized ones, will have a much more pleasant and easier learning process. They will be encouraged to attend classes and not to drop out of school. Then, for kindergarten taechers, schoolteachers and teachers, this project will contribute to the recognition of their work, to capitalization and promotion of good ideas which they are applying in classes and which represent a source of inspiration for other teachers as well. I congratulate Minister Andronescu and the team of the Education Ministry for this project! I wish greater success to all, and I hold the strong belief that this project will generate ideas and creative methods of teaching that as many pupils as possible will benefit from! Thank you once again and good luck! 2019-04-23 12:45:00 Întrevederea prim-ministrului României, Viorica Dăncilă, cu prim-vicepreședintele Conferinței Consultative Politice a Poporului Chinez, Zhang Qingli, cu ocazia vizitei oficiale în RomâniaȘtiri din 22.04.2019 Minister Viorica Dăncilă had a meeting today, April 22, 2019 with the first Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Zhang Qingli on the occasion of the latter's official visit to Romania, as head of a parliamentary delegation. The talks occasioned the approach of the main topics of interest on the bilateral agenda in the context of the 70th anniversary in 2019 of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Romania and the Peoples Republic of China and 15 years since the establishment of the Ample Friendship and Cooperation Partnership. The Head of the Romanian Government saluted the dynamic nature of the political-diplomatic dialogue and the economic, commercial cooperation, of the inter-human contacts, especially tourist, cultural and the twinning between cities and counties / provinces of Romania and the Peoples Republic of China. In the context of Romanias presidency of the Council of the European Union, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă conveyed the message that Romania will continue to actively contribute to the strengthening of the EU-China Strategic Partnership and the implementation of the EU-Asia-Europe Connectivity Strategy adopted in October 2018. Several aspects of Romania and the Peoples Republic of Chinas candidacies were discussed in a multilateral system. 2019-04-22 22:23:00 de lansare a două apeluri de proiecte cu impact social major, finanțate din fonduri europeneȘtiri din 22.04.2019 18:57:00 prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă cu privire la atacurile sângeroase din Sri LankaȘtiri din 21.04.2019 strongly condemn the bloody attacks on the Christian community in Sri Lanka. The holy feast of Catholic Easter was shadowed by this earth-shattering news. I am standing with the people of Sri Lanka, the bereaved families, and wishing speedy recovery to the injured. 2019-04-21 14:20:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul Duminicii FloriilorȘtiri din 21.04.2019 09:14:00 premierului Viorica Dăncilă cu prilejul Paștelui CatolicȘtiri din 21.04.2019 09:13:00 Participarea premierului Viorica Dăncilă la festivitatea de premiere a cercetătorilor care au obținut performanțe la Salonul Internațional de Invenții de la GenevaȘtiri din 18.04.2019 by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the awards ceremony for researchers who won medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva Minister, Dear researchers, engineers, and specialists, Dear guests, Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to be your host at Victoria Palace. You honored Romania with your success at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. The community you represent is playing a decisive role in the modernization, development and progress of the society. You are trail blazers and your work contributes to economic growth and changes people's life for the better. The fact that at this edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, you, the Romanian researchers, managed to present to the world inventions in various fields, shows a thorough and solid training of the Romanian research school. You enjoy our full appreciation for your performances and large - scale success in important fields for the entire society: healthcare, ecological farming, processing industry, eco-friendly transportation or the aeronautics area. The Government and the Ministry of Research and Innovation fully understand the contribution of your activity to Romania's development. This is why, we provided in the programme for government measures designed to show appreciation for the work of researchers and to stimulate investment in this field. Either we speak about eliminating the payroll tax for the research activity or about increasing the researchers's incomes or granting scholarships to young people engaged in research activity, we are preoccupied with fostering Romania's development projects. I want to assure you that you will always have a support in the Government I am leading, I appreciate your work and tireless involvement in projects which bring benefits to all citizens. I wish you greater success and as many valuable achievements in your activity! As Prime Minister, I want to thank you for your activity, and the fact that you raised Romania's flag to heights. Thank you and I wish you further succes! 2019-04-18 14:13:00ță de presă susținută de ministrul Sănătății, Sorina PinteaȘtiri din 18.04.2019 14:11:00 a transmis Președintelui României propunerile de numire a noilor membri ai Guvernului Știri din 17.04.2019 evening, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă submitted to the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis, the new Government's nominees for Justice, European Funds, and the Romanians abroad portfolios. At the same time, Prime Minister sent to Presidential Administration the revocation proposal of Justice Minister Tudorel Toader and also the resignations of the European Funds Minister Rovana Plumb, and of the Minister for Romanians Abroad Natalia Intotero. Eugen Nicolicea, Member of the Chamber of Deputies is the nominee for Justice Minister, Oana Florea, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, the nominee for Minister of European Funds, and Tit-Liviu Brăiloiu, Member of the Senate, the nominee for Minister for Romanians Abroad. 2019-04-17 20:01:00 Prezentarea bilanțului rezultatelor obținute de Președinția României la Consiliul Uniunii Europene în primele 100 de zile de mandat, de către prim-ministrul Viorica DăncilăȘtiri din 17.04.2019 Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's presentation of the 100-day stocktaking report of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council [Check against delivery] Viorica Dăncilă: Good evening! I will make the 100- day stocktaking report of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. In each of the 100 days of mandate, the Government of Romania proved efficiency, determination and the capacity to find good solutions for the European citizens. The PSD - ALDE (Social Democratic Party- Alliance of Liberals and Democrats)ministers have coordinated difficult dossiers, some postponed from the previous presidencies terms, have negotiated and brought them to completion. We have proved that we have the strength and the skills to unlock talks regarding important issues for the European future and approach them in a practical manner. We have proved alongside the Permanent Representation and the Ministries experts that we have a strong, responsible team. I am sure that after this 6-month term Romania will be talked about as a country with a strong and respected voice in Europe. This is confirmed to me at all of the meetings with the European officials who congratulate us for the successes of our rotating presidencys term. In the first 100-day of this term, the Romanian Presidency has dealt with over 1,100 events and meetings, which means an average 11 meetings daily, organized in the country and in Brussels. This shows our capacity to bring to the dialogue table all the actors with a word in designing the European future. As Prime Minister, I took part in all debates on the most complex topics under discussion, and I actively participated in several events with political visibility. I will point out some of them: The European Summit of Cities and Regions - an event devoted to increasing economic, social and territorial convergence; The Tripartite Social Summit on A stronger, united and future-oriented Europe. In those summits, I highlighted the importance of the cohesion principle for shaping a united, cohesive and efficient Europe so that no one is left behind; The European Womens Council - We advocated better involvement and representation of women in politics, promotion of women in leadership positions, promotion of the principle of gender equality and the increased women's participation in the labor market. In line with our objective of promoting European values, we have continued the steps taken in February in Brussels at the conference - The Fight against antisemitism: a common approach to better protect Jewish communities in Europe - from policy to action- . Thus, we held in Bucharest, in March, other important event devoted to this topic, which represented a good opportunity to outline once again our commitment towards promoting common values and combating any type of discrimination. It was a very intense period in terms of legislative activity at the EU level, considering that the start of the campaign for European elections prompted the need to keep to a tight timetable for negotiations with the European Parliament. Our efforts materialized in substantial results in the negotiations on active legislative dossiers - we managed to finalize as many as 90 legislative dossiers, as they are all confirmed in the Council and in a great part in the European Parliament. Also, during these 100 days, the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council chaired negotiations materialized in the adoption of 24 Council Conclusions on different topics of interest at European level. I also assured the EU Council representation at six plenary sessions of the European Parliament, participating in 33 debates on various European topics. Moreover, the Romanian representatives co-signed as EU Council Presidency, 22 legislative documents together with the European Parliament. I salute the formal adoption in the Council earlier this week, as final step of the legislative procedure, of the common rules for the gas market, those for copyright, of the rules governing contracts for the sale of goods, and contracts for the supply of digital content as well as the specific functioning framework of the Research and Innovation Programme Horizon Europe. These are dossiers with major impact in EU, very complex and difficult to negotiate, which were finalized in Romania's term, through the consistent efforts of the Government, the teams of experts coordinated by Ministers and of the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union. We succeeded in closing the review of the Natural Gas Directive, an extremely difficult and complex dossier for the Member States and for the European energy security equation. The Romanian Presidency played an essential role in these negotiations which guarantee that the rules of the Energy Union will also apply to gas pipelines to and from third countries. By reviewing the Natural Gas Directive, we sought to establish a stable, transparent, non-discriminatory regulatory framework and we brought more coherence in the relation with third countries. Directive on copyright in the digital single market The new regulations will help create a functioning copyright market with economic and social benefits for both creators and consumers. As regards the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, we obtained the increase of the financial resources to extend participation in this programme and to reduce the pay gap for researchers at EU level. Also, the common understanding reached by the Presidency and the European Parliament will contribute to reducing disparities and promoting excellence in research and innovation. An important milestone for the next period is represented by elections for the European Parliament that will take place on May 23-26, 2019. As Presidency of the EU Council, we have worked to create an enabling fair environment for elections. We established clearer rules for the protection of personal data and for sanctioning their use in order to manipulate the conduct and results of elections. At the same time, we pursued at Council level the coordination of Member States efforts to implement two key mechanisms: the European Cooperation Network on Elections and the Rapid Alert System allowing Member States to exchange information and send real time alerts in the event of incidents of disinformation. The Romanian Government has been actively involved in the Brexit negotiations. In our mandate, 15 legislative proposals were finalized and formally adopted at the Council level to limit the effects of a no-deal withdrawal of the UK. Our goal is to protect citizens and the business environment. That is why we made efforts and obtained decisions in key areas such as road and air transport, coordination of social security systems, Erasmus +, visas, and the functioning of the European budget for 2019. In 100 days of mandate, we have succeeded in reaching common understandings with the European Parliament on a number of priority sectoral proposals for the forthcoming Financial Framework, such as the European Defence Fund, the Digital Europe Programme 2021-2027, the Connecting Europe Facility, the Horizon Europe Programme, Space Programme, Justice Programme, Rights and Values Programme, InvestEU Programme or LIFE Programme. At the same time, the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council continued negotiations on the overall architecture of the future European budget which is to be agreed at the level of the European Council this autumn. We are currently focusing on drawing up a simplified and balanced negotiating document to facilitate European leaders debates at the June European Council and the decisions in the second half of the year. The Romanian Presidency has also made considerable efforts to advance negotiations on the post-2020 cohesion policy legislative package. In the field of migration, the Romanian Presidency contributed to the advancement of the discussions on all the components aimed at a comprehensive approach to this phenomenon, in line with the objectives formulated at the level of the European Council. We succeeded in reviewing the legal framework for the functioning of the European Migration Liaison Officers Network. We completed the negotiations on the extension of the mandate of the European Border Guard and Coast Guard Agency, one of the major security priorities of the EU lately. As far as the Union of Capital Markets is concerned, the rotating presidency held by Romania succeeded in closing some fundamental dossiers aimed at contributing to the more efficient financing of investment projects, with effects on economic growth and development. As I have said before, the citizens and the observance of their rights are at the core of all the actions of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. I mention here the conclusion of the negotiations and the adoption of several European regulations aiming at better working conditions for citizens, such as: the Regulation on the establishment of a European Labor Authority or the Directive on the transparency and predictibility of working conditions. I would like to offer you some other relevant examples of the benefits that the Romanian worker will enjoy: limitation to six months of trial periods; the possibility to request, after at least six months of seniority with the same employer, a job with more predictable and safer working conditions; the right to receive free training on the basis of Union or national legislation. But the directive also addresses the employers supporting their work. For them, certain administrative tasks are removed, allowing them to electronically transmit the necessary information to the public administration. This will help improve fair competition between companies on the Internal Market. Romania strongly supports the Internal Market and we want Romanian citizens, as consumers, to benefit from products of the same quality level with similarly presented products marketed in other EU Member States. I have extended due attention to strengthening consumers' rights in the European Union. In this regard, I mention the proposal for the Omnibus Directive, which introduces regulations on online transparency, customized price, and will help Member States to manage issues related to the elimination of the double standard. Romania has completed its work on this dossier and awaits the final vote of the European Parliament in its plenary session today. In May, the Council will formally adopt this directive. Support for farmers and better food security Maintaining the Common Agricultural Policy and supporting an adequate level of funding for direct payments and rural development represent a major priority of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. In this respect, Romania made its point in the AGRI Committee of the European Parliament on the occasion of the vote on the future Common Agricultural Policy. Thus, we obtained the elimination of the mandatory capping of agricultural subsidies, which ensures a balanced development for all European farmers without discrimination. At the same time, we came to an agreement with the European Parliament on the General Food Law, which will allow citizens to have easier access to full information on food safety and human health. The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council has also made considerable progress in the field of environment and climate change by finalizing negotiations on the decarbonisation and modernization of transport in the EU and by fulfilling the objectives of the Paris Agreement by cutting CO2 emissions by 30% for new trucks and buses by 2030. Also, for a cleaner environment, we finalized the dossier on the stricter rules on products and packaging that are among the top ten polluting items as frequency of occurrence on European beaches. Another area in which we have made important progress is transport, where we finalized negotiations on 12 dossiers concerning both road, rail, naval and air transport. I mention here the measures taken to limit the effects of Brexit in the field, as well as those related to the improvement of the safety of the participants in traffic or those related to the increase of transport competitiveness. In all the meetings we have had in the first 3 months of our mandate, we have achieved progress in relevant areas, such as the Western Balkans region, the EU-Turkey relationship, EU-NATO cooperation. A high-level conference devoted to this topic took place today in Bucharest. We also extended attention, of course, to the transatlantic relationship. We also consider capitalizing on the efforts already made to mark the anniversary of the Eastern Partnership, involve the EU in Black Sea regional cooperation, and foster cooperation with Central Asia, especially in the connectivity key. The debate on the future of the EU will continue over the next months. Romania is naturally among the Member States that promote the consolidation of the Union and the continuation of the process of European integration, in a united and cohesive manner. We believe in the European project and its future. We want a more deeply integrated, inclusive, more cohesive Union, a Union which, although marked by the Brexit process, has the ability to emerge strong and confident following this challenge. Romania has consistently promoted the importance of maintaining unity within the EU, without geographic, economic or social divisions, old Member States versus new Member States, or different speeds of European integration. We also need a secure Union capable of providing answers and solutions to current threats to citizens security, internal or external ones. Last but not least, we support a more active Union at global level, with appropriate instruments and resources to support this goal. The Government of Romania has focused its efforts in this respect and I hold the firm belief that the results of our work contribute to increasing the citizens confidence in the future of the European project. We will continue this approach for the coming period, including through the actions and steps that I will promote as Prime Minister, for an effective rotating Presidency that delivers the expected, desired and useful results to the Member States, European citizens and the business environment. Thank you! 2019-04-17 18:45:00ță de presă susținută de ministrul Tineretului și Sportului, Constantin-Bogdan MateiȘtiri din 16.04.2019 19:29:00ţiunea prim-ministrului Viorica Dăncilă la ceremonia de premiere a sportivilor și antrenorilor români care au obținut medalii la recentele Campionate Europene de haltere și lupte, pentru senioriȘtiri din 16.04.2019 18:53:00