RSS - Guvernul României Guvernul Românieiro-ROÎntâlnirea de lucru a premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu marii investitori româniȘtiri din 27.04.2017 Grindeanu: I would like to thank you for having answered my invitation to attend this meeting. I assure you I did not invite you to listen to me delivering speeches, I am sure you had enough of it. Today, we should discuss and I want us to openly discuss about economy, taxation, public policies. I have had several meetings with representatives of some companies with foreign capital. I would like to listen to you too and reach together some conclusions so that we strengthen the domestic business environment and ensure the premises for its further healthy development. It is very important if we manage to do this, because the Romanian capital stands for 47 percent of business in Romania. You are the biggest employers and you pay the highest corporation tax in our country. We need, as I mentioned before, public policies to stimulate the Romanian capital and to ensure a transparent and stable framework and I want it to be as predictable as possible in which your companies develop and bring added value for state and of course for your Romanian employees, and not only, and in my view, the first priority at present is to start investments and here I would like to put special emphasis on infrastructure development. I think it is high time to do concrete things - I have said it a couple of times that too many times it has been drawn on paper motorways and afterwards, erased, and then drawn up again, all these have been done in these years. Unfortunately, we can all see the effect. I would like to outline the fact that our priority is related to infrastructure, is essential for the Executive I am leading and is essential for you too as companies, for your further development. Secondly, I am aware, I would like to say that no businessman can draw up a coherent plan in the absence of a stable and predictable fiscal framework. We kept on cutting taxes, but many of you are still bewildered by all sorts of projects emerging in the public space. I want ti directly and frankly tell that the entire discussion about the initiative on changing the way of taxation, this discussion has not done us well. We have already taken measures that such initiatives be better discussed and assessed internally, before presenting them into the public space. Also, I want to lay on new bases the relationship between state institutions or to be more precisely, control institutions and the business environment. This is why I very much wanted to have this...adopted, for the time being, it is under debate, it was sent for public consultation - it is about this prevention law which we consider extremely important, and I said this and I underline it today. We are interested not in closing companies but in these companies to run well so that they can contribute to Romania's GDP. Before inviting the media to leave the room, I would like to assure you that you shall find both in me and my team, partners and I want these meetings to take place periodically, so that we can analyze the progress achieved,and everything we discuss and establish as roadmap. Thank you. 2017-04-27 14:20:00Întâlnire_de_lucru_cu_marii_investitori_români_05.jpgParticiparea premierului Sorin Grindeanu la evenimentul „Săptămâna Europeană a Imunizării – Vaccinarea: o problemă de sănătate publică. Copii, dincolo de numere.”Știri din 27.04.2017 14:15:00ăptămâna_europeană_a_imunizării-_002.jpgÎntâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu ministrul Sănătății, Florin Bodog, pe tema situației vaccinurilorȘtiri din 26.04.2017 17:49:00 oficială a premierului georgian, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, în RomâniaȘtiri din 26.04.2017 the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Georgia and Romania, Mr. Giorgi Kvirikashvili, the Prime Minister of Georgia and Mr. Sorin Grindeanu, the Prime Minister of Romania, issue the following Joint Declaration: - This year Georgia and Romania celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Over these years, we have witnessed a constant development of our relations. Close friendship and substantial political dialogue have led to a fruitful bilateral and multilateral collaboration of our two countries, including an active cooperation between the legislative bodies and other institutions. Since 1992, the bilateral relations have steadily increased, including through high-level visits and contacts, working level consultations and development of joint projects, as well as through economic, social and cultural exchanges. Bearing in mind the existing close ties, we highlight our determination to further expand our relations to a qualitatively new level, aimed at increasing the people-to-people contacts and consolidating our joint efforts dedicated to the promotion of peace, security and stability in the region, for the benefit of our countries and our peoples. Our intention is cemented by mutual respect towards fundamental principles of international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity, inviolability of borders, as well as for democracy, shared values and common vision for a Europe free, whole and at peace. The genuine partnership that we share encourages us to further upgrade our relations to a strategic level. Our two countries are close partners historically and politically. Also, geographically, Georgia and Romania represent a natural bridge between Europe and Asia, as both are linked by the Black Sea. We are therefore committed and obliged to explore the whole potential of cooperation that lies in the fields of transport, energy and security related issues, as well as cultural exchanges. Considering the relevance of the Black Sea for advancing interconnection links, we will, as a matter of priority, boost our efforts for developing and multiplying the transportation and energy routes along the Black Sea - Caspian Sea corridor and in relation with the larger neighborhood. Romania acknowledges the European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Georgia and that the Association Agreement does not constitute the ultimate goal for its cooperation with the EU. To this end, Romania will continue to provide political and practical assistance to Georgia. Romania also commends Georgia's significant contribution to the Euro-Atlantic security and its participation in the NATO missions and operations, particularly in Afghanistan. At the same time, Romania is committed to consolidate the role of the Eastern Partnership and to make best use of the policies, programs and projects developed with the EU support for the benefit of its Eastern partners, including Georgia. Georgia praises Romania's firm and constant support for its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. In this respect Romania's significant contributions, including the support granted for the recent entry into force of the amended regulation 539/2001 on March 28, 2017, enabling Georgian citizens to travel free of visa requirements to the EU, are of high importance. As a reliable partner of European and Euro-Atlantic institutions, Georgia is keen to further deepen its active cooperation, aimed at full-fledged membership. Together with our partners, Georgia and Romania are also committed to increase the cooperation for strengthening the Euro-Atlantic security and stability, especially in the Black Sea region. The 25 years of successful cooperation between Georgia and Romania inspired us to reinforce our efforts and jointly contribute to the process of ensuring peace and security for a better future of our next generations. Issued in Bucharest, on 26th of April, 2017. Giorgi Kvirikashvili Sorin Grindeanu Prime Minister of Georgia Prime Minister of Romania 2017-04-26 14:11:00 a cerut task force la ANAP pentru analizarea cu prioritate a proiectelor de infrastructurăȘtiri din 26.04.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has asked the Chairman of the National Agency for Public Procurements(ANAP), Bogdan Puscas to set up a task force dedicated to infrastructure projects included in the Transport Master Plan so that in cooperation with the Transport Ministry, the deadlines for completion of tender documents be as short as possible. - It is very clear that we do not have time to waste. We need to speed up the documents completion, the tender process and the infrastructure projects implementation. I care very much about observing the criteria of transparency, efficiency and fairness in public spending and shortening deadlines does not mean to compromise on these principles, the Head of the Executive has stated. The working meeting with the Transport Minister, Alexandru - Razvan Cuc and the ANAP Chairman, Bogdan Puscas took place as the awarding documents to launch the following public procurement procedures is under preparation: Bridge suspended over the Danube in the Brăila area, including connecting roads (25 km). The awarding documentation was sent for verification to ANAP, with the announcement to be published in the next period in SEAP(Society for Excellence in Public Administration). The estimated value of the project is about 500 million euros, the highest in the last 27 years, the execution of the works is to be financed by nonrefundable funds, the project being included in the POIM portfolio 2014-2020. Craiova Piteşti express road (121 km) - the launch of the public procurement procedure is due in June 2017. The South Beltway of Bucharest - Ring 0 (50 km) - The launch of the public procurement procedure is due in July - August 2017. Sibiu - Piteşti Highway - Section 1 - Sibiu - Boiţa (14.1 km) - The launch of the public procurement procedure is due in June-July 2017. Sibiu - Piteşti Highway - Section 5 - Curtea de Argeş - Piteşti (30.3 km) - The launch of the public procurement procedure is due in June-July 2017. Braşov - Tg. Mures - Cluj - Oradea Highway, Section 3C: Suplacu de Barcau - Borş (km 4 + 200 - km 64 + 450) 60.2 km - the launch of the public procurement procedure is due in July - August 2017. Also, on April 22, 2017, the contract for the design and execution of the Timişoara Sud Bypass Project was published in SEAP. It stipulates the execution of 25,690 km of national road at European standards. The bid evaluation deadline is July 2017. In addition to local benefits, the Timisoara Sud bypass mainly aims to streamline internal and international traffic in the Stamora Moraviţa border line. At the same time, Prime Minister has analyzed along with the Minister of Public Finance Viorel Stefan and the ANAF President Bogdan Stan, the increase in the degree of revenue collection to state budget through measures to combat tax evasion and improve payment compliance of taxpayers. Prime Minister has asked ANAF to continue to implement the 14 measures aimed at improving the revenue collection degree to state budget and has underlined he will personally follow the ANAF activity. 2017-04-26 12:36:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la Comitetul interministerial pentru BrexitȘtiri din 25.04.2017 Prime Minister Grindeanu: Our priority in the Brexit negotiations is to protect the rights of the Romanians living in the UK Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has chaired today the first meeting of the Brexit Inter-ministerial Commitee held at Victoria Palace and during which, it has been analyzed the way the Government is preparing Romania's mandate for the UE 27 -UK negotiations. - Our priority is for the process to have the least possible impact on Romanians living, working or studying in the UK, to make sure their rights will be protected , the Head of the Executive has stated. At the same time, Prime Minister has underlined that Romania's objective in the Brexit negotiations is preserving the budget allocations for the cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy in the financial framework 2014 - 2020, and, of course, consolidating post-Brexit UK - EU cooperation in defence and foreign affairs. Romania and Great Britain remain friends and allies within the Strategic Partnership. Irrespective of the UK's future place, whether inside or outside the EU, we want to consolidate and deepen the bilateral relations Prime Minister has mentioned. The first meeting of the Brexit Inter-ministerial Committee has taken place in the context of the extraordinary European Council meeting of April 29, convened to adopt the guidelines for the negotiations with the UK. Prime Minister Grindeanu has asked to be monthly briefed during the Cabinet meeting on the developments in the EU 27- UK negotiations. Also, Prime Minister has requested Ministries represented in the Inter-ministerial Committee to send to the Minister delegate for European Affairs data on Brexit impact on each sector of activiy, and the analysis process is about to be continued at the level of working teams. The first meeting of the Brexit Interministerial Council has been attended by: Vice- Prime Minister Sevil Shhaideh; Interior Minister Carmen Dan; Minister-delegate for European Affairs Ana Birchall; Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, Finance Minister Viorel Stefan, Minister for Romanians Abroad Andreea Pastirnac, National Defence Minister Gabriel Les, Agriculture Minister Petre Daea, Secretaries of State and Ministries representatives. Additional information: In the context of Brexit, the Government adopted a Memorandum on its March 22 meeting, whereby it set up an inter-ministerial mechanism with a view to substantiating Romania's general and sectoral mandates and to following the negotiation process of UK's exit from the European Union. This mechanism is thus organized: The Brexit Inter-ministerial Council provides the political guidelines for defining Romania's positions, the general and the sectoral mandates being about to be approved by the Government. This Council is chaired by Prime Minister and coordinated by the Minister delegate for European Affairs, and it comprises several Ministries. The Steering Committee follows the EU-UK process. The Committee for the coordination of European Affairs provides a constant briefing of all Ministries and the necessary framework for occasional debates; Inter-ministerial working groups, organized at technical level. The first three working groups aim at substantiating Romania's position in three areas of negotiation: free movement of persons, implications at the level of EU budget, external and security relations. Sorin Grindeanu: Good afternoon! I have decided to convene the first meeting of the Brexit Inter-ministerial Committee today because, as you know, at the end of this week, on April 29, the European Council will adopt guidelines for the European Commission's mandate in the negotiations with the UK. I believe the first thing we need to underline is that we remain UK's friends and allies, irrespective of the UK's future place, whether inside or outside the EU. This is an important message I wanted to convey at the start of this meeting. At the same time, our number one priority is for the process to have the least possible impact on Romanians living, working or studying in the UK, because their rights have to be protected. In this respect, negotiations will have to be conducted teamed up with the European Commission. In addition to this, I kept on saying these things, there are two other directions that I believe Romania should follow as part of the negotiations. I kept on saying these things but I would like to remind and underline them now: preserving the budget allocations related to the cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy in the financial framework 2014 - 2020, and, of course, consolidating post-Brexit UK - EU cooperation in defence and foreign affairs. There are some guidelines I wanted to remind at the start of our today's meeting and afterwards, these issues will surely be detailed - I will kindly request Minister Birchall and the other Foreign Ministry representatives to go into details for this meeting to turn from a start one into an effective working one. I want to thank the media representatives for their presence here. 2017-04-25 17:21:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la conferința International Health Forum (IHF), organizată de Asociaţia Producătorilor de Medicamente Generice din România (APMGR)Știri din 25.04.2017 13:53:00ţia premierului Sorin Grindeanu pe tema deciziei CEDO privind situaţia penitenciarelor din RomâniaȘtiri din 25.04.2017 Grindeanu: Allow me to welcome this decision which is not conducive at this moment, and I underline - at this moment to us paying large amounts of money but it obliges us to come up in the next period, in the six-month deadline, with a plan of concrete measures, agreed also by the Council of Ministers and the Government of Romania, so that the problem - I do not want to take this lightly- the problem signalled by ECHR to start being solved; this decision comes up as a result of our problems, the problems existing in Romanian prisons. Therefore, as a result of those problems, we have this decision giving us a six-month deadline to come up with measures. A few dozen of minutes ago, I had a discussion with Minister Tudorel Toader, I am sure he will come up at an appropriate pace, with this plan of measures, so that within six-month deadline, we manage to approve this plan, take concrete steps and finally, I would not like to exaggerate - but do things in six months which perhaps should have been done in the last 26 years. Reporter: In your opinion, this six-month deadline is one favourable to us, we have time to do what ECHR asks us? Sorin Grindeanu: We have time in this six-month interval, to do this plan thoroughly. The respective measures should be part of this plan, following the implementation period. But I want them to be very well settled and that was the point of my discussion with Minister Toader. It is time enough to draw up this plan of measures, take concrete action, not just to draw up the plan, so as to show that we are determined to observe - and I underline this, the ECHR decision and to improve the detention conditions, which are not inventions, allegations uttered by some and others, today it has been proved that there are extremely serious things that triggered such decisions. 2017-04-25 13:00:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la emisiunea “Punctul de întâlnire” - Antena 3, moderată de Radu TudorȘtiri din 25.04.2017 12:54:00Încep înscrierile la Programul Oficial de Internship al Guvernului RomânieiȘtiri din 24.04.2017 17:13:00 Sorin Grindeanu a discutat cu producătorii de vaccinuri o serie de soluții pentru preîntâmpinarea crizelor de vaccinuriȘtiri din 24.04.2017 16:57:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu în județul BrăilaȘtiri din 21.04.2017 14:17:00ția premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu privire la atentatul de la ParisȘtiri din 21.04.2017 Mr. Prime Minister, how do view what happened last evening in France, given that there are elections by the end of the week? Sorin Grindeanu: First of all, allow me to convey our condolences and solidarity to the family of the French police officer killed in the attack. Our best thoughts are with the injured, hoping their health condition shall improve. At the same time, we condamn such attacks, not only condemnation is needed, but also a better prevetion. In this respect, I think that the authorities in each country know best how to respond to these issues. I extend once again our solidarity and condolences to the family of the French police officer killed in the Paris attack, as well as our support to the French authorities in combating what is happening unfortunately too often in Europe. Thank you. 2017-04-21 11:01:00 Grindeanu: Obiectivul Guvernului este îndeplinirea angajamentelor asumate, astfel încât MCV să poată fi ridicat înainte ca România să preia preşedinţia Consiliului UEȘtiri din 20.04.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met at Victoria Palace, with the First Vice- President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans. Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Melescanu have also attended the meeting. Discussions have focused on the CVM issues, the absorption of European funds and other topical files on the European agenda. Given that the last four reports of the European Commission on Romanian judiciary, were positive, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has underlined the Government's determination to continue on the same path. - My goal and the goal of my Cabinet is to finalize the CVM before Romania takes over the EU Council Presidency. It is a matter of prestige and pride that I care very much about, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated. The Head of the Executive has underlined the Government's determination not to take any step backwards following the major progress achieved to date, in connection with guaranteeing a fair and independent justice. All the Executive's demarches will be based on dialogue, transparency, and consultation, for them to be endorsed by both Romanian justice system and the entire society. Priorities mentioned in this respect by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and the Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, during the meeting with the first Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, are: putting the legislation in accordance with the Constitutional Court's decisions, ensuring full respect for fundamental rights, guaranteeing the efficiency, predictability, and quality of the justice act, as well as bringing justice closer to citizen. The situation of penitentiaries has been detailed, as well as the measures the Government envisages for the next period in order to find solutions to improve the detention conditions. The EC First Vice - President Frans Timmermans has appreciated the proposals put forward by the Government to fulfill the latest recommendations on justice and has given assurances that Romania is on the right track regarding the perspective of CVM lifting. - I strongly hope that the Government will get strong backing from Romanian Parliament and from the Romanian society, to achieve this goal, Frans Timmemans has stated. Other topic addressed during the meeting aimed at maintaining the budget deficit within the limits of 3 percent of GDP, and the continuation of the Government' social policies. In connection with the absorption of EU funds, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has also mentioned his weekly meetings with the authorities in charge of managing European funds, in order to recover the delays recorded so far. The officials have referred at the same time to the current debate on the EU future, in the context of the UK exit from EU being triggered. Joint press conference by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, EC First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, and the Justice Minister Tudorel Toader Sorin Grindeanu: Good afternoon. Welcome. I had a meeting today with Mr. First Vice - President Frans Timmermans. The Justice Minister Tudorel Toader is also here. We approached the CVM issues but also other important topical files, now on the EU agenda. My goal and the goal of the Government I am leading, is to finalize the CVM before Romania takes over the EU Council Presidency. It is a matter of prestige and not only that I care very much about. We already have four consecutive positive reports. I want to have a final report that is positive, at the end of 2017, which can represent the basis to close this mechanism. We shall continue - and I emphasize this, the major progress we have achieved to date in the field of justice and we will not make any step backwards in what means to guarantee a correct and independent act of justice. We will fully use the instruments of dialogue, transparency, and consultation for our demarches to be endorsed by the justice system in Romania and the entire society. We should do this for two major reasons: Romania's economy cannot grow without the confidence of investors that their money is protected by a predictible and effective justice system and secondly, the society cannot advance without the protection of interests and fundamental rights of citizens. The priorities that I have communicated to Mr. Vice - President too, and the Minister Tudorel Toader has detailed are, as you know: putting the legislation in line with the Constitutional Court's decisions, ensuring full respect for fundamental rights, guaranteeing the efficiency, predictability, and quality of the justice act, as well as bringing justice closer to citizen. I believe it is in both citizens and private sector's interest to have a reliable, effective and accessible system of justice. I conclude by personally thanking Mr. Timmermans for his constant, principled approaches regarding the importance of avoiding any connections between the CVM file and other files, as well as structural funds or accession to Schengen. I would like to also outline the fact that following our first meeting early this year, in Brussels, several steps were taken. Currently, all the unclear issues for us, are being discussed at technical level and the European Commission sent them to the Justice Ministry, regarding the CVM. Also, on our today's discussion, Minister Tudorel Toader has detailed the situation approached on Brussels discussion,early this year, regarding the penitentiaries, and the measures we envisaged for the next period. I underline once again my appreciation as Prime Minister for the openness, and the constructive dialogue, the Romanian Government had with the European Commission these months and esecially with Mr. First Vice - President Timmermans. Thank you. Frans Timmermans: Thank you very much, Prime Minister. I am sorry I do not speak Romanian, so, it will be in English, from my side. Our fight for the rule of law and human rights is not a fight because we want this fight or because we do it for us. We think that every European citizen, regardless of where he or she lives, deserves the rule of law and the full respect for human rights. In the last ten years, with the CVM, we have achieved so much in Romania. If I look back over that period of time, some of these achievements would not have seemed possible ten years ago, but we did achieve so much, and now, we are in the final meters of this long marathon. And we had a bit of a scare a couple of months ago, when we had the impression that this process would be stopped or would change direction. But I have had some very constructive meetings with Prime Minister Grindeanu, and I have full confidence in his Government's plans, and Minister Toader has come up with projects that put Romania on the right track, to be able to conclude the CVM process in the foreseeble future. All depends on the fulfillment of the recommendations we have put in our report, these are final recommendations, we will not change them, we will not add to them. This is it. And if the Government is in a position as is the wish of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice, to fulfill the recommendations, we can come to conclusion on the CVM, and I certainly hope that this Government will get strong backing from the Romanian Parliament to achieve this goal, strong backing from the Romanian society to achieve this goal, because once we have achieved that goal, we have reached the point of no return, and then, the full enjoyment of the human rights and the application of the rule of law in Romania, in Romanian society will be irreversible. And indeed this will create legal certainty for businesses and legal certainty for every single citizen and this is what all European citizens deserve. I really want to thank Prime Minister Grindeanu for his cooperation in this. I think the plans he and the Minister of Justice have elaborated, put us on the right track, and I hope we will come to the conclusion soon that the recommendations we have written down, are fulfilled, and I am looking forward to a continued cooperation with the Romanian Government. Thank you very much. Tudorel Toader: Thank you. I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Vice - President Timmermans. It is our second meeting, and I enjoyed his full support and encouragement. As Minister of Justice, surely, I must be further preoccupied with the good functioning of justice in Romania, which means inter alia alignment with the modern European standards of protection of fundamental rights and freedoms. It has been already talked about the 12 recommendations from the CVM. We rejoice that the recommendations are not changing, the Commission has provided us with a set of explanations complementary to those initially written down, so that, we, as decision - maker, on the one hand, factor of implementation, on the other, to exactly figure out the message, the contents and to fulfill them. Finally, I would remind one thing which seems essential to me: fulfilling those recommendations does not represent anything else but aligning national legislation, aligning the functioning of the judiciary, of the practice which should become unitary, with modern standards of protection of rights and freedoms. There are recommendations fully compatible with the Constitution requirements, with European norms, which we can fulfill. In this respect, I referred as you very well know, to the assessment process of the entire legislation. The first step was to align the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code with the Constitution requirements, resulting from the Constitutional Court's rulings. We are preoccupied with bringing legislation into alignment with European standards, transposition of European directives into national legislation. You are aware of this reality, we need to change it, there are many directives not transposed yet, with missed deadline, and we are duty bound to transpose them as soon as possible into national legislation. One may see on the Ministry of Justice's webpage the draft laws on the transposition of the directive regarding extended confiscation, transposition of the directive regarding protection of the victims of crime. We are preparing the package of laws for justice, laws dating back to 2004. It is 13 years since then. Practice has showed the omissions , the inconsistencies, as well as the improvement needs. We will tackle them observing decisional transparency, they will pass through Government, the draft law will later be submitted to Parliament that should decide in this respect. We will also make an assessment of the entire legislation - the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code, the other fundamental laws. Each law is paricularly important. We will put them in accordance with the Constitutional requirements, with modern standards. Some are adopted before the 2003 Constitution revision, and should be brought into alignment from this point of view. We have the problem of prisons, we have complementary solutions, at legislation level, at law enforcement level, at the level of upgrading and enlarging existing prisons, building and finalizing the two new penitentiaries. We have a set of internal requirements relative to Constitution. We have a set of external requirements relative to standards, treaties, conventions that Romania is part of, and all these measures are binding, for that process of raising the standards of protection of fundamental rights and freedoms to become irreversible. Reporter: It has been talked a lot about this irreversibility, and it has also been emphasized in all CVM reports, therefore, I wanted to ask you from what you have noticed from January to date, in Romania, are there premises for Romania to meet these irreversibility conditions and for this fight against corruption to continue after CVM is lifted? This is a first question. Frans Timmermans: We have given these twelve recommendations, they are I think very clear. If the Government sticks to its programme, which I think the commitment is very strong, these twelve recommendations can be met. I hope Parliament will support the Government in doing that, but your question is much more profound than that. You know I have become increasingly convinced that the best guarantor for a continued fight against corruption and for the rule of law are the Romanians themselves. There is such a strong feeling in the Romanian society that this is the right fight, and they want this, and they want this to continue, and they want this to be maintained. I am sure that once the recommendations are met, and we can stop the CVM process, the process of fighting corruption will be driven by the will of Romanian people. I know this country pretty well, I have been coming here for more than twenty years, I remember the times the Romanian population when you talked about this issue, was rather cynical in the sense: - yeah, ok. But this is never going to happen. Now, the Romanian population is in a different place: - we want this to happen, - we will fight for this to happen, - we deserve this because we are Europeans. This, to me, is one of the most inspiring things that the population says: not because Brussels says something, not because the Commission has come here to say something, but the people themselves say : - we want this for ourselves, for our children, for our country. This is the best guarantee I have that this process will continue, also after we have concluded the CVM process. Reporter: The second question: under these circumstances, is 2018 a realist date for CVM lifting? Frans Timmermans: I never talk about dates, I never do that. The only thing I will say about this: the programme of the Government to fulfill the recommendations is clear and all depends on the public consultations the Minister was referring to, depends on the inclusion on all stakeholders in this process, of course it depends on votes in Parliament, whether the project of the Government can be fulfilled. Once it is fulfilled, we, the Commission, we certainly will not hesitate to say that the commitments in the CVM are met but I can't put a date on that, it depends on how these decisions are taken. Reporter: Referring to my colleagues' earlier questions: there is an initiative put forward by leading members of the leading Alliance that the president of Romania should be removed from naming prosecutors, would you salute this as something that is conducive in the Romanian fight against corruption, or do you think it is a step backwards? Thank you. Frans Timmermans: As I said in general terms and I repeat that, the line taken by the Government is conducive to be able to fulfill the recommendations we have set out. Although Parliament is of course sovereign, Parliament makes its own decisions, as it was also pointed out by the Minister of Justice. I would kindly ask Parliament to support Government in this, and not go in other directions than what the Government is proposing because I believe that is the best way to fulfill the recommendations but I shall not go into individual issues, and individual potential initiatives of the Parliament, I want to be able to look at the whole picture and we will see where we will be, at the end of this year when we have to make another report on the CVM. Reporter: A question for the first Vice-President of the European Commission: today, during the discussion with Senate President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, I quote: I told Mr. Timmermans that Ordinance 13 contained nothing illegal and unfortunately DNA started an investigation against the Cabinet members. The investigation of the Cabinet members, prompted the CCR to intervene and the Court ruled that the DNA action is illegal and does not comply with the Constitution . Currently, the DNA has declined its responsibility for this investigation which nevertheless continues at the General Prosecutors Office and is still directed against members of Grindeanu Cabinet, even though the Constitutional Court stated that the right of the Prosecutors Office or the DNA to conduct such an investigation is out of question. What is the view of the European Commission given the conflict that still exists between the two powers, the legal and the executive one? Frans Timmermans: The Government has engaged to bring the legislation in line with the jurisprudence of the Highest Court in Romania. This is the normal process and it happens in every member state, that if the jurisprudemce goes into a direction where you get different interpretations of the law, you need to bring the law in line with jurisprudence, this is the normal process and the Minister of Justice has engaged in that process. It happens in all member states, all the time. I have no issue with that, but I have also indicated that if in this process, we can be of use, we support the Romanian Government, we are at Government's disposal, and as the Minister has indicated very clearly, this is just responsibility any Government and as legislator I would say, has, if the Highest Court of the land rules in a certain direction. I do not really see any big conflict, perhaps I have not understood your question well enough, this is something that happens all the time in all member states: we respect the separation of powers, and if the highest Court in the land gives a certain direction, you follow that direction - that is how you respect the independence of the judiciary. Reporter: Mr. Timmermans, you know that an evaluation of the heads of the Prosecutor's Office and the DNA took place in Romania, and several politicians raised the issue of their replacement, asking for such measure to be taken. In your opinion, if you followed what has happened in our country, such replacement would it be necessary or would it affect the judiciary? Frans Timmermans: Again, I can only refer to the plans of the Government and the plans of the Government are completely in line with what we see as the requirements to stay on track to be able to complete the CVM process. If the Parliament decides other way, we will have to draw other conclusions, it is up to Parliament, Parliament is sovereign in these things. The only thing we can do is to make a dispassionate, neutral, professional assessment of the situation. And again, if Grindeanu Cabinet gets the support of the Parliament to do what they want to do, which includes very clearly respecting the responsibilities of different agencies, including the DNA, then, I am sure we will have a fulfillment of the recommendations. Any divergence from that, we will judge if it happens; yes or not, but this is up to Parliament to decide. All these initiatives are the sovereign right of the Parliament. I was a parliamentarian long enough not to have the arrogance to tell Parliament what it should do. But of course, actions have consequences. My only advice to Parliament is: stick to the plan that has been put on the table by the Government, and it will get you in the best possible situation you can be. Reporter: Do you think it is necessary to change the criminal legislation and, for example, to decriminalize the abuse of office , given that this offence also involves fraud with European funds? And a complementary question: would it be necessary, a minimum threshold to be imposed in case of irregularities with European funds? Frans Timmermans: I am sorry, I am not going to go into these detailed questions. I think, once again let me reiterate, I think it is the tenth time I am saying this, what I have seen coming out of the Grindeanu Government is clearly in line with what we would like to see in terms of fulfilling the recommendations. I think Romania has been extremely successful over the last ten years in putting the fight against corruption on a high level, something that was seen as eternal endemic in this country, no longer is. Do you have any idea how big cultural and political that change is? That is a huge achievement and I think that we have to make sure that we finalize that achievement. We are in the last stretch of a long marathon, and let's not be distracted by other issues, let's complete this, and then the process will be self sustained, as I said because I believe that the scrutiny by the Romanian people of that process will be very thorough, because the Romanians want this to happen and any Government will be well-advised to listen carefully to its people on that. Reporter: I have one last question, if you allow me, because Mr. Frans Timmermans said that it depends on you, Mr. Prime Minister what will happen from now on. When do you think the CVM report will end, and how do you see the relationship with Parliament, as Mr. First Vice - President said that only the Parliament's alignment to what you do, will lead to CVM lifting? Thank you. Sorin Grindeanu: It does not depend solely on me and the Cabinet I am heading but on the other institutions too, as Mr. First Vice - President said. Today, we have detailed what we intend to do, the Justice Minister has detailed, to attain all these objectives, objectives which are not a purpose in itself, to conclude the CVM, they are beneficial for the entire society so that we enter the normal track, and that irreversible process. All things linked to us, to attaining these objectives, we assumed them, we detailed them, we had discussions which will continue, at technical level, between the European Commission and the representatives of the Justice Ministry. It was about those clarifications we announced you. I have no doubts about the support of the Parliament for what we committed to do, in order to attain these objectives. And these things will be viewed in the next period, on the measures, some of them will be announced by the Justice Minister and I repeat there are no clues currently that things would be different. Reporter: A question for Mr. Prime Minister as well as for the Justice Minister. There have been statements today in Parliament from some PSD lawmakers and PSD President, Liviu Dragnea, regarding delays in connection with the draft laws on amending the Criminal Code. The Minister is requested a meeting with PSD President Liviu Dragnea and is summoned at the Senate Legal Committee. I would like to know your position, Mr. Prime Minister, in connection with that package on amending the Criminal Code and the delays signaled by PSD. And for the Justice Minister, when is that package ready, when do you send it to Parliament as the PSD members said that the pardon law at least would be passed tacitly, meanwhile. Sorin Grindeanu: We committed to making a transparent process, whereby to consult all institutions and not only, NGOs, etc. We announced all these early this year. Currently, there is on the Justice Ministry'site that aforementioned draft law, to align the Constitutional Court's decisions with the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. This draft law is in public debate process. We will send to Parliament, irrespective of who asks this, this draft law as soon as the public debate is concluded. This is my point of view and we follow this line. As soon as this public debate is concluded, according to law, with eventual additions, discussions on various articles, following public debates, improvements of this first draft, we assume it in Government as draft law, and we will send it in Parliament after the public debate process finishes. Tudorel Toader: I will not talk about the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code as Prime Minister did it. What I can tell you in connection with the package of laws: there are three basic laws on the organization and functioning of justice: 303, 304, 317, all from 2004. If we want to do a job in stages, if we want to do a job that adds here and there, we can send them tomorrow too. If we want to do a thorough, rigorous job, both in substance and in form, we should make a full assessment of the three laws that have been enforced for 13 years in Romania, which, I say, for 13 years show their good or bad parts, then we have to make an assessment from the first to the last article, we will consult the CSM, all the institutions involved in the act of justice, we use transparent decision-making, the Government appropriates it and passes it on to the Parliament as draft law. Therefore, only that time, we can have a reconciled heart and mind, that we made a demarche that is functional, viable, necessary to the justice system. Only then can we hope that the changes to the package of justice laws will really improve the work of justice. Beyond this question, I will answer something else. So beyond the package of laws of justice, we will make an assessment of the four codes, in a first stage: the Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code. Four codes that were adopted by government responsibility, which were not debated by the legislator, four codes which in the years of application showed their inconsistency with the fundamental law, inconsistencies between provisions, regulatory omissions, inconsistencies with European norms . Therefore, we must and are compelled to make a rigorous assessment, complying with the Constitutional and the European requirements, we consult with all authorities, with decisional transparency, in the hope of a legislative act capable of improving the work of the judiciary. 2017-04-20 14:11:00ări privind nivelul împrumuturilor contractate de GuvernȘtiri din 19.04.2017 21:20:00ări privind modificarea sistemului de impozitare a veniturilorȘtiri din 19.04.2017 21:13:00Întrevederea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu reprezentanții companiei The Carlyle GroupȘtiri din 19.04.2017 14:33:00Întâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu reprezentanții ANAF, MFP și ai Comisiei Naționale de PrognozăȘtiri din 13.04.2017 16:12:00Întâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu Petre Daea, ministrul Agriculturii și Dezvoltării Rurale și cu reprezentanții Agenției Domeniilor StatuluiȘtiri din 13.04.2017 15:30:00Întrevederea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu ambasadorul Statului Kuweit în România, Talal Mansour AlhajeriȘtiri din 13.04.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has received today, at the Victoria Palace, H.E. Talal Mansour Alhajeri, the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Romania. The two officials have appreciated the quality of the political dialogue and the development of bilateral relations. The Kuwaiti official has appreciated the close relations between Romania and Kuweit and has expressed his country's interest in strengthening the current partnership, especially in the economic and trade fields, taking into account the development potential of bilateral cooperation. The Head of the Executive has expressed his interest to establish a flexible cooperation mechanism between the Kuwaiti and Romanian business sectors, which would include cooperation between the Chambers of trade and industry in the two countries. A series of fields providing opportunities for intensifying bilateral cooperation, among which: defence industry, IT and C, tourism and agriculture, have been identified during discussions. Kuwait is a key partner of Romania, in the Persian Gulf area. The bilateral trade exchanges have reached a maximum level in 2015 (USD 79 million). There is a net surplus in trade balance, the Romanian exports accounting for 90 percent of the total volume of trade. 2017-04-13 14:27:00 și Coaliția pentru Dezvoltarea României vor avea un dialog permanent pe teme de interes publicȘtiri din 12.04.2017 Cabinet members have had today at Victoria Palace, a first meeting with the representatives of the Coalition for Romania's Development(CDR). The issues were diverse, including aspects linked to draft laws on public procurement, prevention, Economic Code, unitary pay, social dialogue, as well as topics on the European funds absorption, cutting through the red tape, taxation, environment, education. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has hailed the usefulness of consultations with the business environment representatives and has called on a periodic dialogue on topics of interest conducive to upgrading certain projects on the public agenda. The Head of the Executive has underlined that the next three months are a period of intense work, in which the draft laws on unitary pay, prevention, setting up the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund, as well as the law of strategic projects in the fields of infrastructure, energy and defence will be promoted in Parliament. - Over the last years, it has been talked a lot and done less. I would like to underline our determination to move faster the things in this essential field. Over the next two months, very many auctions on projects will be launched - in the project and execution formula. We also want to simplify the absorption of European funds and to cut through the red tape, while of course, observing all the rules of transparency, Prime Minister Grindeanu has stated. The representatives of the Coalition have appreciated the Government's openness and the way they have worked so far, along with Ministers, on sectors, expressing their readiness to remain a partner of dialogue, to provide expertise on specific projects of the public agenda. In connection with the prevention bill, Minister Alexandru Petrescu stated that it will focus on guiding taxpayers, and an information portal will be set up for both entrepreneurs and control bodies, which will include a best practice guide. The demarche seeks to facilitate increased voluntary compliance of the business environment. The Coalition representatives have appreciated the centrality of prevention, which represents a change of paradigm, urderlining the importance of training the staff in charge of implementing it, so that there is a uniform application. Regarding the absorption of European funds, the idea of achieving a single register of irregularities has been put forward, in order to increase predictability and lead to avoidance of financial corrections, given that the Government aims to draw this year, 5.2 billion euros refundable from European funds. By the end of the meeting, the Government representatives have agreed on further cooperation with the CDR representatives both in the same format and in sectoral working groups too, the next meeting is about to take place in mid-May. The meeting has been attended on the part of the Government by: Vice Prime Ministers Sevil Shhaideh and Graţiela Gavrilescu and the Ministers Mihai Tudose, Viorel Stefan, Alexandru Petrescu, Gabriel Petrea, Pavel Nastase, Mihai Busuioc. 2017-04-12 15:29:00Întâlnire_cu_reprezentanții_coaliției_pentru_dezvoltarea_româniei_06.jpgVizita premierului Sorin Grindeanu în județul Bistrița-NăsăudȘtiri din 11.04.2017 to the building site on DJ 172D, lot 1, road section 1 Sorin Grindeanu: Mr. President, Mayor, I have noticed that you started works in mid-March.I tell from my experience as former chairman of County Council: I will pay you a visit in the summer to see of you honored your commitment. Mayor, I hope you submitted on PNDL 2, there are more than 12,000 projects submitted all over the country. Beyond what you see on TV, please believe - and each mayor knows this - that this PNDL is a successful national program, exactly because the first phase was successful, the mayors want to submit for PNDL2. Why? This program has helped to bridge by a lot the gap between village and town, it has been invested in road, water and sewerage systems, in schools as well. We will continue, we are in the project evaluation phase, and I want we can finance as many of these as possible. Although 18 months are stipulated there, I do not want to put pressure, but as President said, you can achieve them faster, I want to see things finalized. 2017-04-11 14:20:00Întrevederea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu ambasadorul Spaniei la București, Ramiro Fernández BachillerȘtiri din 10.04.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has welcomed at the Victoria Palace, H.E. Ramiro Fernandez Bachiller, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to Romania. During the meeting, the two officials have hailed the cordial traditional relations between Romania and Spain, a state with one of the most important communities of Romanians. They have reviewed the successful elements in the bilateral cooperation, with an emphasis on the recent achievements in curbing the trans-national crime phenomenon. The support that Spain grants to Romanias accession to the Schengen area has also been reiterated on this occasion. The two officials have agreed on the mutual support of the two states positions within the EU, in the Brexit context, including under the aspect of continuing some policies at the base of the European project. From this point of view, Prime Minister has highlighted the importance of the cohesion funds and the Common Agricultural Policy, as essential mechanisms for Romania in order to reduce the economic gaps from other EU member states. This year, we envisage a 5.2 percent economic growth, and in order to facilitate the investors' access on the market, well promote a law whereby well shorten the implementing of the strategic projects in infrastructure, energy and defence. It is a test which we intend not to lose, the Head of the Executive has stated, adding that the Government encourages Spanish investments in our country. Ambassador Ramiro Fernandez Bachiller has referred to areas where the collaboration between the two states could be developed, such as:economy, infrastructure, defence, education, environment and tourism. Prime Minister Grindeanu has promoted the idea of a dialogue focused on concrete partnership solutions in the aforementioned areas, aimed at reaching a new level in the bilateral relations. The Spanish official has underlined, among others, the contribution of Romanians — honest and well-integrated people, representing the largest foreign community of Spain — to this countrys exit from recession. More information: 135 years since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Romania and Spain were celebrated on 23 June 2016. The relations date from June 23, 1881, when the Legation of the Kingdom of Spain was set up in Bucharest. After concluding the first trade convention between the two countries in 1908, Romania initiated in 1911 the demarches for establishing Romania's Legation in Spain, which took place on June 15, 1913. At present, the Spanish companies occupy the 8th place in the ranking of direct investments in Romania. 2017-04-10 17:59:00 și ANIF caută soluții pentru finanțarea din bani europeni a unor lucrări de îmbunătățiri funciareȘtiri din 10.04.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met today, at Victoria Palace, with representatives of the leadership of ANAR(Romanian Waters National Administration) and ANIF(National Agency for Land Improvement). Discussion has focused on solutions to curb the effects of the climate changes, namely to alleviate the damages caused by extreme phenomena, such as: floods, flash floods, landslides, drought, etc. - Unfortunately, recent years have showed us that insuficient investment in infrastructure against floods such as the irrigation network, make us vulnerable in front of extreme natural phenomena. There are European funds available that we can use to this end, the Head of the Executive has stated. During the meeting, it has been discussed about the possibility to finance land improvement works from European funds - drainage works - about to be conducted at national level, in order to reduce the effects of climate changes. In this respect, it is necessary to include the National Agency for Land Improvement among the elegible beneficiaries of Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (POIM) 2014-2020, Priority Axis 5. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has requested ANIF and ANAR to present the legal solution within one month deadline, one designed to allow accessing these financings for investments in land improvement infrastructure. Nicolae Barbieru, on the part of ANAR and Florin Ionut Barbu, on the part of ANIF have attended the meeting. 2017-04-10 17:36:00Întâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu reprezentanți ai companiei Philip Morris Trading SRLȘtiri din 10.04.2017 Sorin Grindeanu: We welcome the investments that ensure new jobs, paid on a level as close as possible to the European one. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has received, at the Victoria Palace, the representatives of the Philip Morris International (PMI) company: Christos Harpantidis - Managing Director for Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, and Branislav Bibic - Managing Director Romania. The representatives of the tobacco company have presented the draft of a significant investment for the local market, designed to contribute to the development of the investment environment in Romania. Romania is the third market chosen by the Philip Morris International to start this pilot project, the company's representatives appreciating the domestic friendly investment climate, especially in research and innovation. Prime Minister has welcomed the decision of the US company and has stated that Romania will continue its efforts to ensure an as attractive as possible investment climate by maintaining a predictable legal framework. - We welcome the investments that ensure new jobs, paid on a level as close as possible to the European one. The competitive workforce in Romania should be appreciated and paid accordingly, the Head of the Executive has stated. The president and vice president of the National Fiscal Administration (ANAF), Bogdan Stan, Marius Florea respectively, and the State Advisor Marius Nica, have attended the meeting. More information: In 1993, the Philip Morris company entered the Romanian market, and in 2001, it started manufacturing cigarettes at Otopeni-based cigarettes factory. PMI is present in Romania with: Philip Morris Trading (distribution platform) and Philip Morris Romania(the cigarettes factory). 2017-04-10 14:55:00ânia continuă demersurile pentru trecerea la moneda euroȘtiri din 10.04.2017 first meeting of the Interministerial Committee on the switchover to the euro has been held today, at Victoria Palace. The meeting has been chaired by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, and the BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu and the Public Finance Minister Viorel Stefan have attended it as Vice Presidents of the Committee. Romania maintains its commitment to switchover to the euro and makes efforts to rigourously prepare this process for it to take place at the right moment. - Our task is double: the see what we can do to make this switchover to the euro smoother for citizens. On the other hand, let us make sure that this monetary convergence is done in parallel with a balanced development of the country's regions and a convergence of Romanians' incomes so that they get close to incomes in other EU member states PM Sorin Grindeanu has stated. The BNR Governor has underlined that the approach of the switchover to the euro should be characterized by - prudence, responsibility and in-depth. We should focus on bridging the development gaps between Romania's regions, referring here to infrastructure, incomes, GDP per capita. Only this way will the switchover to euro be sustainable . The Public Finance Minister Viorel Stefan has stated that Romania meets all nominal convergence criteria, under the Maastricht Treaty, less the participation in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism( ERM II). - The most important is nevertheless the real convergence expressed through purchase power and reducing regional gaps, Finance Minister has stated. Following the meeting, it has been decided to continue the analysis on the measures required for switchover to euro, taking into account the economic, financial preparation and the impact and socio-cultural acceptance at the level of the population. The Government and the BNR will cooperate to continue this analysis which will form the basis for a calendar to implement the measures required for the preparation of the adoption of the single currency. The members of the Committee have also discussed about the way in which the current European context - debates on the EU future and the start of the Great Britain's exit procedures from EU, impacts the process of joining the euro. Other important element considered within the preparation of the switchover to euro is the take over by Romania of the EU Council Presidency, in the first semester of 2019. - Romania is determined to further support the EU cohesion policies . We all share the same goal - a stronger Union in which the member states have the same target. The adoption of the euro currency is the right direction we are heading to and we want to be truly prepared for this crucial step for Romania, Head of the Executive has underlined. The Interministerial Committee on the switchover to the euro comprises representatives of the main institutions who will get involved in this process: the National Bank of Romania, Secretariat General of the Government, Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of Economy, and that of SMEs, Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds, Ministry of Public Consultation and Social Dialogue, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Labor and Social Justice, Ministry of National Education, National Institute of Statistics, National Commission of Prognosis, Competition Council. Statements by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu at the start of the meeting of the Interministerial Committee on the switchover to the euro Sorin Grindeanu: Good morning. Welcome to the first meeting of the Interministerial Committee on the switchover to the euro. We are meeting in a period when we all know that the European Union is currently witnessing many debates on the future of the European construction, but these debates should be seen as an opportunity and not an obstacle. Following the meeting in Rome, the debate on a multi-speed Europe led to a multi- rhythm Europe. But these rhythms should not differentiate us, but should rather show that we are all headed in the same direction. And I think that todays meeting has this purpose too. We must prove that Romania is determined to further support the EU cohesion policies and show that we all share the same goal - a stronger Union where member states have the same target. We believe our task is double: the see what we can do to make this switchover to the euro smoother for citizens. We must learn from the practice of countries that have already switched to the euro from a position similar to that of Romania. Surely, we are talking about a major change which naturally encounters resistance, reluctance, but this is exactly why we are here today and will be here for in the future, to prepare this process as rigorously as possible. The other dimension of our task is to make sure that this monetary convergence is done in parallel with the convergence of incomes. We believe that the switchover to the euro can be done only after the Romanians incomes get close to incomes in other EU member states. I greet the presence of Governor Mugur Isarescu and the other guests, of the Minister of Finance here, and I would like to thank the media representatives. 2017-04-10 10:51:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la fabrica Ford din CraiovaȘtiri din 07.04.2017 by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu at Ford plant in Craiova Steven Armstrong, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer - Ford of Europe: I would start by thanking Prime Minister for this visit and his presence at Ford plant in Craiova. We are proud of our team here and the progress achieved by our plant lately. We are very glad to receive in our plant 976 new employees with a view to preparing the manufacture of the EcoSport model to be launched this autumn. I had the opportunity to have a discussion with the Prime Minister, before the visit, which was very productive and we are very satisfied with the support we received from the Romanian Government and local authorities. We are looking forward to having a successful launch and to further growing our businesses and our presence here. Once again, thank you. Sorin Grindeanu: I wanted to come today in Craiova to welcome what in fact will happen over the next period, namely the company extension through hiring nearly one thousand persons more, which means a lot, exactly to give a signal of encouragement. It is very important for us that big world companies find in our country an attractive environment, so that the businesses they have started, such as Ford in Craiova, develop in an environment conducive to developmment, and this is happening. One thousand people more, right here at the company and of course many, many others for the suppliers providing subassemblies for Craiova. So far as I understand, the production line of the new motor vehicle will be commissioned this autumn. Thats good. We have discussed now, what we discussed over the past days, about infrastructure and Craiova ,s problems related to infrastructure. I announced Ford representatives too: by the end of May, the documentation for design plus execution - I want to specify this - will be finalized, so that it can be put up for auction. This makes us optimist, thinking about certain deadlines. This autumn, we will have the winner of this auction, and with all the building site related works and what you know, the longest period would be that early next year, the execution of the road between Pitesti and Craiova starts effectively- extremely important not only for Ford which will have around 600 trucks crossing this road which is important for Craiova and the other companies. Therefore, end of May - documentation - finalized and submitted for tender, design plus execution so that we burn certain stages which prolonged this process. Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, a topical question: taking into account, the US air strikes on Syria, given that we are NATO partners - can you tell us the Romanian Government' s position considering also that chemical attack on a small town there and what ensued, considering also Russia's calls for a UN Security Council meeting. And that there are some tens of thousands Romanians there. Sorin Grindeanu: And Embassy too. Reporter: Embassy too. If there were further repatriation requests at MAE. Sorin Grindeanu: This morning, I had a discussion on this topic with National Defence Minister Gabriel Les and with Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu. The Foreign Affairs Ministry will issue an official press release on this topic in the shortest time. We, as a state, we condemn the chemical weapons attack that took place some days ago. These deeds must be punished, and we shall observe everything stemming from our commitments as NATO member state. However, the attack of the kind of what happened some days ago, which has nothing to do with any international rule, with absolutely anything, must be punished. Reporter: Do you think this US attack will impact the European Union too? Sorin Grindeanu: Let us observe the official steps. I told you that this morning, I was in contact with the Defence Minister and the Foreign Minister too. The Foreign Affairs Ministry will issue an official press release on this topic, in the shortest time. I have expressed our point of view, related to the condemnation of the chemical attack which took place some days ago, and the fact that these things must be punished. Reporter: In connection with the death of the Romanian lady in London, victim of the terror attack, what can you tell us? Did you have any discussion, were you informed about this, can you confirm it oficially? Sorin Grindeanu: I heard about her death a couple of minutes ago. I am very sorry. I offer my condolences to her family. We can draw similitude between what means an unstable area, such as Syria and where we encourage political dialogue, a dialogue conducive to peace restoration. Zones of this kind lead to actions unfolding in certain areas of Europe, such as the London terror attack which unfortunately had casualties. Allow me to offer my condolences to the family of the Romanian lady and not only. On behalf of the Romanian people, I offered our thoughts of sympathy and support to HRH Prince Charles one week ago, when he paid visit to Romania. Reporter: What can you tell us about Craiova - Pitesti highway, especially that you are at Ford and it was one of the company's requests? Sorin Grindeanu: I have announced this, the auction for design plus execution will be launched by the end of May. I want to further announce you, given that we are in Craiova and here, you are confronted with a situation of this type, I want to announce you that this week, through Executive Decision, we will set the date for local elections, you have here such a situation for June 11, so that the electoral campaign period and all deadlines provided by law be observed. Reporter: One clarification, if possible. Whether the US informed Romania and the NATO partners in any way that they were going to bomb Syria? Sorin Grindeanu: I am sure. I would not enter into details. There are issues related to.. Reporter: It is a very important detail, especially that Russians argued they had not been informed while the Americans argue, through Donald Trump, that they informed both the Euro-atlantic and international partners. Sorin Grindeanu: I am convinced that the NATO partners and not only those of the US... we are talking about military issues — were informed, all procedures were observed. I have no doubts from this point of view. Reporter: Thank you. Reporter: (...) The motorway (...) is the one linking Turnu to Timisoara, Craiova-Calafat. Sorin Grindeanu: Do not tell me... You should know that in Lugoj, there is a road junction on the Motorway, on the way to Calaft (...). Sorin Grindeanu: Although few people know of this part of motorway, it is 10 kilometers, it should exit the country, at Calafat, it is included in the Master Plan. I think our priorities now, namely the corridor IV and everything that means European funds, the things we launch, as I announced here, those linking Craiova to Pitesti are priorities. We are speaking about European money, a Master Plan which is agreed with the European Commission, but we are also speaking about a prioritization of these works. We are interested in executing what was phased out, first of all, from last year's budgetary exercise, but not only. I want to start them, I like th pace of those from Transports to date, I do not want tehm to take it like a praise, which I do not want as we have seen in all these years after 1989 that what hapepned in this sector has not functioned as it should. You will see by the end of May, very many new works in auction will be launched, so that by summer - autumn, these procedures be finalized, and we can start new works at full speed early next year. The future legal framework, the one related to strategic investments, strategic projects I keep reminding you for few weeks, it will help you that these long periods, too long from my point of view, before the pre-execution of a work, to be shortened. In any discussion with large companies who invested and are investing in Romania, such as the Ford, the point related to infrastructure has always been attained. I want us to pass to deeds, I pursue this. They probably discussed with other Prime Ministers before me from whom, they heard all kind of promises. I want to see things done this autumn, not just words. To date, the deadlines assumed by those from Transports, have been observed. In connection with the local infrastructure I have spoken with you about, the end of May, the launch of auction, design and execution. Thank you. Reporter: (...) Sorin Grindeanu: I told Steven that I drove a Ford car when I held the office of Vice Mayor in Timisoara, during 2008 -2012. 2017-04-07 13:06:00Întrevederea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu ambasadorul Republicii Polonia la București, Marcin Bartlomiej WilczekȘtiri din 05.04.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has had at Victoria Palace a meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Romania, H.E. Marcin Bartlomiej Wilczek. During the meeting, the two officials have appreciated the very good development of bilateral economic relations, the ongoing political dialogue, and the continuous support of projects conducted within the Strategic Partnership between the two countries. The implications of the UK leaving the EU have also been discussed, having been highlighted the importance of protecting the fundamental freedoms of the internal market (free movement of persons, merchandise, services and capital). Other topic of discussion has aimed at the European funds. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated that one of the Government's priority objectives is increasing the absorption degree of EU funds while the Polish ambassador has expressed his readiness to share his country's experience in this field, EU funds having in Poland a major contribution to the development of the country and the alleviation of the impact of the economic crisis. More information: Poland is one of Romana's most important trading partners in Central and Eastern Europe. Except for the 2009 crisis year, the evolution of Romanian-Polish trade exchanges has known a steady growth, during 2007-2015, their total volume increasing over 3.5 times. In the first eight months of 2006, the total volume of trade exchanges reached 3.23 billion euros, by 11 percent more than in the same period of 2015. According to National Trade Register (ONRC) statistics, in Romania, more than 850 Polish companies are registered, with a directly invested capital of nearly half a billion euro. 2017-04-05 14:03:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la Centrul Tehnic RenaultȘtiri din 05.04.2017 by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu at the Titu-based Technical Center of the Renault Group Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you. Allow me first to thank our host today. The Titu-based Technical Center represents for us, for Romania, an example of how a successful company must develop from our point of view. It has been invested in our country because the labor force is paid as you know, unlike in other countries. At Titu, if we speak about the auxiliary industry as well, which developped by the Technical center here, we speak of nearly 4,000 engineers. This technical center comes second after the one in France, which is a very good thing. Today, I had applied discussions with Renault representatives and although I am not the first, I hope to be the last to discuss about infrastructure. It has been discussed from 2007 onwards. I think it is high time we pass to deeds. I assured the Renault representatives that infrastructure and especially Sibiu-Pitesti road section counts among our priorities. We discussed about education, school adaptation to market requirements, European funds, and let us not forget that we are in a center of research and also about the way European funds and the guides about to be launched over the next period, will come in support of those who are developping, such as Renault, successful businesses in Romania, and of course, about public policies, those related to future legislative projects which we have in mind. The pleasant part today was a test drive which I very much rejoice. It is the first time when I drove a Duster automatic gearbox, I call on you to try too, and an electric car, also. It is very pleasant. Thank you once again. I am sure that you will have questions about this topic and not others. I am sure and I told the Director too that it will take place in this way. Reporter: Many Prime Ministers visited the Technical Center but nobody did anything with respect to DN7 and DN 71. You gave assurances on your visit to Gaesti that you will speed up the procedures. Can you assure the inhabitants here that they will enjoy governmental support for these major infrastructure projects for county administration and that Dambovita will develop as you said, because the adjacent counties have developed more. Sorin Grindeanu: I reinforce what has not been very clear earlier: surely, I discussed including today about the issue of infrastructure, the way it has been discussed since 2007 when this memorandum was signed, all Prime Ministers visited the Renault center. I said I wish I am the last becuase I really wish these investments take place On my visit to Dambovita, I stated that the Transports Minister will offer you details about both roads: 7 and 71. It will be launched in late April, documentation has been prepared, it will be built on SEAP - design plus execution on DN 7, which is an important step. Minister will provide you all technical details. He will be in Dambovita on Friday too. From other point of view, we are talking about what interests Renault very much, and not only, namely the Sibiu - Pitesti motorway, the fourth lane. Lugoj - Deva, and Sibiu - Pitesti remained, works are still performed on Lugoj - Deva, as you know on more portions, almost on all, only one is the exception. Things were unleashed for the Lot 1 and Lot 5, which is important. It is important taht we promote over the next period we promote what I said on Friday, in Dambovita and not only this, namely that law for strategic projects to shorten those deadlines I kept on talking about and you know them very well. It is high time we finish with words especially from the standpoint of infrastructure and deeds must be seen in this respect. We have funds, there is European money that so far, Romania has not known to spend. I think it is the fault of all past Governments, I do not want this Government I am leading to join this list. I repeat: funds exist. We share a part of the guilt, if not all, we did not know at least on the Master Plan, and on everything relative to implementation and drawing European funds on infrastructuer and we have no reason why to look for culprits elsewhere. There were built several crossings for bears where there are no bears, allow me not to find explanations for issues of this type. I really want and I repeat this, that the pace in the infrastructure sector is altogether different, and I include here, two roads which are anyway part of the Master Plan, being included in the Master Plan, DN 7 and 71. I repeat: Renault heard many words here, it is high time for deeds. Reporter: My colleague asked you about DN 7(national road 7). What are your plans for DN 7, and I would ask you exactly.. Sorin Grindeanu: Haven't I told you? By the end of this month... Reporter: (...) You have not said anything concretely. Sorin Grindeanu: By the end of this month, documentation is ready, it is auction, design plus execution by the end of April. We started with this. (...) Reporter: Do you have any sign that Donald Trump is going to pay visit to Romania in late May? Sorin Grindeanu: Any sign? Reporter: Yes, via diplomatic channels. Sorin Grindeanu: No. What I can tell you from the point of view of my agenda as Prime Minister, there will be visits in Israel and Austria in early May. This is confirmed. Reporter: Do you know something about such eventual visit of the US President in Romania? You are Prime Minister and I assume that in case of negotiations for the US President's visit, you should know too, at least via diplomatic channels. Sorin Grindeanu: I agree with you. I do not have data of this kind and I do not want to speculate. I have told you things which are official and currently on my agenda. I did not participate in the talks you have mentioned , so I cannot confirm or refute. Reporter: Last evening, the Justice Minister Tudorel Toader stated he would conduct an audit at DNA and DIICOT, and I wanted to ask you what is the difference between the report put forward last week by the Justice Minister and the audit conducted now. If he discussed with you, you know about his intention. What is your opinion? Sorin Grindeanu: Director, what did I tell you when I was on the test track? We are trying to discuss about economy and about Tudorel Toader and justice. I had no doubt, but it is normal. There are two different things: Minister Tudorel Toader conducted an evaluation that he presented last week, in a detailed way, 45 minutes, about the way the two institutions, the Prosecutor - General Office and the DNA acted from this point of view..considering the Constitutional Court's decision regarding the Emergency Ordinance 13 and the action. What Minister announced last evening, is something else, namely an evaluation and an audit of the full activity of the Public M inistry - either the Prosecutor's Office by the High Court or DNA or DIICOT. They are totally different things. Yesterday morning, I had a discussion with the Minister and I found that such an assessment has not been conducted for ten years. It is not my business but as Prime Minister, it is normal to know what each Ministry does, this audit alike the evaluation is part of his job. Yesterday morning, we had talks about the Ministry's priorities, the draft law on the Constitutional Court's decisions to be put in agreement with the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, or the package related to the situation of penitentiaries, the alternative measures, the pardon law, etc. There are priorities of the Justice Ministry over the next period. Reporter: How can this package be completed? Sorin Grindeanu: Let us see the conclusions of the audit first, to see what happened over the past ten years. I repeat what I stated few days ago: for me, as Prime Minister, and for you too, as for any citizen of this country, for the rule of law to function, it is important for institutions to be strong and the interinstitutional mechanisms to be very well established and very clearly defined, beyond who runs one or other structure. In my opinion, our target should be very strong institutions in this field, to fight against corruption, organized crime - if we speak about DNA and DIICOT, and all the responsibilities of institutions in the field, to be helped through strong mechanisms, strong institution, without speaking about X, Y, or Z. Reporter: Will Minister participate tomorrow in the CEx of PSD? Sorin Grindeanu: I do not knowledge about his participation. I discussed with him about this aspect. If needed, and if requested, he may come forward to explain. This Government is political, even if Minister has no positions and he is not a party member, of PSD or ALDE. I do not see a problem for him to explain the Ministry's priorities over the next period, it is normal if we want to have parliamentary support. This Cabinet remains as long as it has a parliamentary majority given by this Coalition. Thank you. 2017-04-05 10:08:00Întrevederea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu reprezentanții ExxonMobil și OMV PetromȘtiri din 04.04.2017 Sorin Grindeanu has met at Victoria Palace, with a delegation of the consortium made up by ExxonMobil and OMV Petrom. Prime Minister has underlined the Government's openness and determination to support the investment projects designed to develop new sources of offshore hydrocarbons, in order to ensure Romania's energy security, as well as to harness the energy resources, in conditions of competitiveness and durability. The Head of the Executive has reconfirmed the support for these pioneering projects for the local oil and gas industry. - The Government is firmly committed to ensuring the necessary regulation framework to attract and develop such projects in Romania. These projects ensure the access to top-notch technologies, know-how transfer, contribute to Romania's energy security and meet the needs to promote investments in the oil and gas sector. Economy Minister Mihai Tudose and Government Secretary - General Mihai Busuioc have stated that the technical teams with the inter-ministerial committee will continue to work in order to ensure the necessary technical support, so that these pioneering projects are implemented. On March 2, the Government approved a memorandum on establishing an inter-ministerial committee for technical support to the new energy projects with development potential in the Romania's Black Sea coast, to be achieved by ExxonMobil and OMV Petrom. Secretary of State Alexandru Chirila and State Advisor Marius Nica have attended the meeting on the part of the Government. 2017-04-04 12:58:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la evenimentul organizat cu ocazia Zilei Jandarmeriei RomâneȘtiri din 03.04.2017 13:20:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la deschiderea oficială a lucrărilor celei de-a 23-a ediții a Adunării Generale a Asociației Orașelor din RomâniaȘtiri din 03.04.2017 by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on his arrival at the General Assembly of the Association of Romania's Towns (AOR) Reporter: There have been discussions with this pay Law: alleging that you postpone it for Monday or that you make it public this week. What does it happen eventually? Have you discussed with the Labor Minister? Has she finished working on it? Sorin Grindeanu: I discussed this morning too with Minister Olguta Vasilescu...It is an extremely important law for us, included in our programme for government, as you know it. It is a measure and law awaited by all Romanians in order to have the necessary force including in Parliament. There will be an initiative in Parliament of all members of the Chamber of Deputies and Senators who are members of the ruling coalition. Reporter: When will you send it in Parliament? This week, do you postpone it a bit? The trade unions said that (...) until June, sending it to Parliament nevertheless. Sorin Grindeanu: No, it will be sent in the shortest time possible. Perhaps, this week. Reporter: And having (...) with pensions nationalization... Sorin Grindeanu: Allow me not to answer all rumors spread by the Opposition... Reporter: Therefore, they are only pure speculations. Reporter: Will it be an initiative drawn up by Government and undertarken by all MPs? Sorin Grindeanu: It will be an initiative of the ruling coalition. Statement by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu at the official opening of the 23rd edition of the General Assembly of the Association of Romania's Towns (AOR) Mayors, guests, I am sure that my Cabinet colleagues prepared some ideas for me today, I will try not to stick to them and I will tell things which, given my background in the local administration, I was both Vice Mayor of Timisoara and chairperson of County Council, I know things from your perspective. First of all, I wish you a happy anniversary, you mark 17 years from the establishment of the association. I wish you many happy returns of the day. I attended the sessions of the Municipalities' Association and the Communes Association. I conveyed a few thoughts. First, in connection with what you said; the unitary pay law. This week, it will enter the Parliament, as parliamentary initiative undertaken by all MPs who are part of the ruling coalition, so that debates there and all procedures are taking place in a more alert pace. Regarding criteria and what you said earlier, it matters to us to build this payscale, and which to place the mayor at the forefront of this payscale, in accordance with his responsibilities. As Deputy Mayor and chairperson of the County Council, and former Minister, for instance, the Communications Ministry is a smaller Ministry compared to the Ministry of Development or the Ministry of Transports, my salary ranked 50 and I was at the helm of the Ministry. These things are abnormal. Each should get paid in accordance with their responsibilities, and the mayor should be at the top of this payscale. It is not possible that a school principal has a bigger salary than the mayor. Or anybody else from that locality. Through this payscale we are building and which, as of this week, will be subject to debate , we will eliminate all these things. We will set it on fair bases and principles. All observations, all you send, will be debated in Parliament, where some will be taken over, others will be discussed, so that these principles be observed. I know that pressure has been put on towns in these years. On the one hand, municipalities that had access, according to operational programs, ROP, programmes on European funds, who had various levers whereby to access these funds. On the other hand, an extremely good programme, contrary to what was said one month ago, PNDL, you had a component in PNDL, but generally, it was oriented towards rural area. You have been somehow caught in the middle. Madam Vice Prime Minister will tell you what we are trying to negotiate, so that we find a special axis for you too and we do not encounter situations as you remind, in which a city offers services according to the town's standards, life in the town to have a poorer quality than in a commune in the nearby and these things are happening. I know that at least two of the localities there, wanted to resume the commune status, so that things related to taxes and certain programmes reduce their spending and they can better manage things. I know that there are communes with many inhabitants that meet the standards required to become towns, and they do not want. We are trying to change these things. Madam Vice Prime Minister will tell you what we intend to achieve and we will improve at least the funding. Now, listening to Ghita Falca, I realize why MCV was not eliminated, you took care that we do not meet the conditions. Surely, there is a special friendship between Timisoara and Arad, as you know. Now, in connection with prevention, and here, the Court of Accounts and all those components have been recalled. We, as of Friday, we posted the draft prevention law on the site of the Ministry for SMEs. We have been two weeks in delay, as we wanted to include the local administration component. I experienced situations in which certain institutions forgot the counseling component, considering only the control one. We have all experienced this. This is why we put forward this law and not only it, others will follow, to set all these on a fair basis. In connection with public procurement, last week, I was in Dambovita and I stopped in Gaesti, where there is an unfolding investment but I met with the mayors of Dambovita county. I know the problems related to public procurements, and at the same time, you need to know that all these things should be discussed and the mechanism agreed with the European Commission should be found. We know the deadlocks, we know them all (...) we are trying to find those mechanisms that do not lead to something else which blocks certain things at the European Commission. We know them all, we are trying to find those mechanisms. Regarding this, it does not necessarily address you, we are working on a framework relative to the strategic projects Law. Very many works in this country, at least if we speak about infrastructure, in the last 27 years, irrespective of the political affiliation of the governments at the helm of this country, on infrastructure, we see the result. Things are going wrong. If you are looking at a Europe's map, we seem to be an island on everything which means European corridors and infrastructures, it seems we are avoided. This happens because for 27 years, we have not found the ways, mechanisms to develop the infrastructure at European standards. One of the causes was related to (...) we did not know to find those mechanisms, to execute those works and the large infrastructure projects because the infrastructure, its development brings about to adjacent localities and not only, investments, which means bigger budget, a better life for the citizens of those localities. This legal framework is designed to reduce the deadlines for the implementation of some strategic projects, either infrastructure, energy, or defence. I can give you examples and I give them each time. In early December, it was a deadline for submission, on 6.1 axis, if I am not wrong. I was Chairperson of County Council, and I signed projects for three days, as I had to sign on each page. There are things which are not requested by the European Commission. These are requested by various institutions in the country. We had discussions with Madam Vice Prime Minister, with the European Comissioner, Corina Cretu two or three weeks ago. Nobody from the European Commision requires this incredible bureaucracy, it is an example, which we need to clarify. Second example which I have given on other occasions too. The mayors from Timis are here too, here, it is the famous mayor of Recas, Recas is famous from many points of view. There are no bears in Timis. And a motorway portion between Lugoj and Deva doubled its costs due to a request to the Romanian Government, formulated somewhere in 2009, 2010, to the European Commission for tunnels to be built for bears which we do not have in that place. Without that tunnel, the respective motorway cost 108 millions, 220 million with that tunnel, is other example whereby we make ourselves a bitter life and the large investment projects in our country do not exist or take place in a slow pace. It is not possible. We need to change these things. First, this legislative framework needs to be changed, and to start these engines which in turn means as I said, investment and a better life for the citizens of our country. Currently, the Administrative Code is under debate, and this debate is drawing to a close soon. It will be sent to Parliament. Madam Vice Prime Minister will give you details and we expect observations on your part. I conclude by telling you that Madam Vice Prime Minister Sevil Shaiddeh stated like me that her doors are always open. I call on you to come to us, we are people from local administration, we are aware of your problems, we are trying to find appropriate solutions in order to unblock very many things. It is our wish, an example going beyond politics, what is being told in Parliament, all kind of things. We, in connection with PNDL, we have been criticized in Parliament, I do not want to enter in political issues, I think that for three years from now on, we must leave politics aside, to deal with administration, we need to deal with the issues for which we got elected, irrespective of our political affiliation, and in 2020, if we achieved things for the communities we are leading, then, we will surely have success in elections, without political issues. We deal with administrative issues. One month ago, this national PNDL programme was criticized, I think those who did this, do not understand very well the realities, but I can tell you that we reached more than 12000 projects from 5000 as we thought, and the amount of 30 billions is more than double what was submitted at the Ministry of Development. This shows that this national programme was a success, the first stage began in 2013 is drawing to a close, and this spring, we start with PNDL II, which starts from what I told you earlier, and the Vice Prime Minister Shaiddeh will brief you more about it. It is an extremely important national programme to us which will try to bridge the gap between countryside and cities, and in some cases, between communes and towns where, the funding sources for towns are not the most appropriate. I wish you greater succes and we call on you to be our partners in making the best decisions for the country management. Thank you. Statements by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu following the General Assembly of the Association of Romania's Towns Reporter: I have seen there is further dissatisfaction in PSD. Sorin Grindeanu: It is not Mr. Tudorel Toader who is subject to evaluation. Mr. Tudorel Toader conducted the evaluation of the activity or the way the Prosecutor General and the DNA carried out their activity. I had a discussion this morning with him on what means future policies , at least from my point of view, and I have repeated this, namely the agreement of the decisions of the Constitutional Court with the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code and the others I reminded... Reporter: His evaluation will be assessed by Social - Democrats on Wednesday or during the Cabinet meeting? Sorin Grindeanu: I do not think I am authorized to answer this question. I do not have the daily agenda from CEx. Reporter: This will be discussed in the coalition because (...) the situation is practically discussed in the coalition... Sorin Grindeanu: I do not know other coalition... Reporter: Will you support the participation of Tudorel Toader in CEx(Executive Committee)? Sorin Grindeanu: If the coalition or any of the coalition parties deems it necessary, I do not think that Minister will refuse to go and explain the decisions made. Reporter: Does it seem normal for you that an evaluation conducted by a technocrat, a specialist to be a assessed by a political party? Sorin Grindeanu: I do not think it is about this and we do not discuss this. Reporter: Mr. Dragnea said this, Minister! Sorin Grindeanu: We do not discuss about this. I have expressed my point of view, our openness and what I want to happen over the next period in this field and these have been announced from the outset. I understood from Minister that it has been decades since the last assessment of the activity of the Prosecutor - General Office, DIICOT and DNA. Not as way of conduct, as it was the case with the Constitutional Court's decision which we kept on discussing. It is his responsibility to do this, under the law. Reporter: In connection with the unitary law, there will be an amendment, of form, not of substance, because the substance of the law remains the same, therefore, the one drawn up by the Executive, and it will be sent in Parliament to be undertaken by the entire coalition, through signature by all coalition MPs. What is the ultimate purpose? Sorin Grindeanu: It is an extremely important law for Romania which should have the support not only of the Government as the Government works based on Parliament's vote of confidence, I think this is the fair procedure, i.e. for this law to come forward as MPs legislative initiative in order to give force to this law. Thank you. 2017-04-03 13:06:00 României va marca și în acest an Ziua Internaţională de Conştientizare a AutismuluiȘtiri din 02.04.2017 Government will join in 2017 too the Romanian institutions and international community marking the World Autism Awareness Day, as part of the - Light It Up Blue campaign. On the evening of April 2, starting at 8:00 pm, the Victoria Palace will be light up in blue, in solidarity with the persons affected by this disorder and at the same time in support of the steps taken for the understanding, knowledge and treatment of autism. - For ten years, the international community has marked the World Autism Awareness Day, and the Romanian Government has naturally joined this normal gesture of solidarity. Children and adults suffering from this disorder need attention and understanding. They are valuable people but different, who need our support, the support of us all, to integrate into school, society, and in order to have an independent life, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated. 2017-04-02 09:32:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu în județul DâmbovițaȘtiri din 31.03.2017 09:48:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la emisiunea “Ediție specială” – România TV, moderată de Victor CiutacuȘtiri din 30.03.2017 20:27:00,_romania_tv,_moderata_de_victor_ciutacu._07_resize.jpgÎntrevederea premierului Grindeanu cu Alteța Sa Regală Charles, Prinț de WalesȘtiri din 30.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met with HRH Charles, The Prince of Wales who is paying official visit to Romania. Prime Minister has reiterated the Romanian Governments message of condolence and full solidarity with the British people and authorities in the aftermath of the March 22 London terror attack. His Royal Highness shared his best wishes, voicing hope that the Romanian woman injured in the attack will recover as soon as possible. They have discussed about the excellent bilateral relations between Romania and the Great Britain, particularly at political and military levels, as well as about the need for harmonised stances and interests of the two countries in the area of foreign policy. Prime Minister has thanked His Royal Highness for his contribution to the promotion of the cultural heritage and natural riches of Romania. 'The activity of the foundation under your very generous aegis, in the areas of protecting genuine values and restoring genuine architectural gems is very precious to us. I would like to thank you because through your efforts, foreign tourists and Romanians alike have rediscovered autochthonous places and values that otherwise we might have forgotten. The craft centre at Viscri, which you opened in 2016, is an example of how the traditions of a nation should be preserved and promoted, Prime Minister Grindeanu has stated. - My annual visits to your country in the last 20 years are now a tradition. I wish to get to know more wonderful areas in Romania, such as: the Danube Delta or Maramures HRH The Prince of Wales has stated. Another important topic of discussion was the state of Romanian community in the UK, the majority of which are excellently integrated into British society. HRH The Prince of Wales has voiced hope that the two countries will find new ways for cooperation in the fight against human trafficking; currently, there are already nine joint investigation teams in this field. HRH The Prince of Wales is on a three-day official visit in Romania, the second official visit here, in the last 20 years. 2017-03-30 12:47:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la prima întâlnire de lucru a comunității “Team Romania” organizată de Institutul Aspen și biroul din București al German Marshall FundȘtiri din 30.03.2017 by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu following the working meeting of the - Team Romania community, organized by Aspen Institute and the Bucharest office of German Marshall Fund Reporter: What do you think about yesterday's decision of Minister Tudorel Toader? Some of your colleagues expected a revocation. Sorin Grindeanu: I attended today this event to discuss about public policies, healthcare, education, infrastructure; these are extremely important for Government, and all these public policies represent priorities for us. In connection to what you tell me, I repeat what I said in the past weeks too, and namely the fact that I gave and still give full credit to the Justice Minister; the fact that yesterday, he presented an evaluation that he and the Justice Ministry had conducted, counts among the prerogatives of Justice Minister in this respect. Reporter: Did you expect a revocation? Sorin Grindeanu: I discussed with the Minister before the public presentation, I very well understood his arguments, I agree with them. In conclusion, I would briefly say that for the anticorruption fight to be really strong in Romania, all mechanisms should work very well. But the mechanisms are not related to individuals. DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate) is not represented by Mr. Negulescu or Ms. Kovesi but it is an institution which must work beyond certain names. Reporter: Can you tell us what did you discuss with Calin Popescu - Tariceanu? Sorin Grindeanu: Yesterday, he told me some issues relative to the Republic of Moldova and how he sees strengthening relations with the Republic of Moldova, issues relative to coalition, draft laws, normal issues. Reporter: Have you received a signal from President Klaus Iohannis, taking into account that you put forward the nomination of Ms. Gavrilescu and (...)? Sorin Grindeanu: So far, no. 2017-03-30 11:46:00ția premierului Grindeanu privind rezultatele evaluării realizate de către ministrul JustițieiȘtiri din 29.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has taken note of the Justice Minister's decision following the evaluation of the activity of Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar and DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, in the context of the Constitutional Court's decision of February 27, 2017. The Justice Minister has the legal authority, professional experience and is morally entitled to conduct this evaluation, and to recommend the appropriate measures. Prime Minister has requested to be constantly informed of the conclusions of the continuous monitoring of the Prosecutors' activity, which the Minister of Justice decided to establish. Also, Prime Minister deems it necessary for the state authorities to observe their Constitutional powers, for such conflicts to be avoided in the future. We must take into account that the Constitutional Court's judges showed in their decision that a state institution had assumed prerogatives it did not have. In conclusion, Prime Minister Grindeanu has reiterated the Romanian Government's firm commitment to anticorruption fight. Prime Minister has underlined , however, that in order for this anticorruption fight to be truly effective, it must not be placed under the sign of a name. The mechanisms to combat corruption must reach maturity, which means they have to work, regardless of leadership. An institution cannot be confused with a person, whoever this person is. 2017-03-29 20:27:00 Sorin Grindeanu: Este importantă contribuția partenerilor sociali în definitivarea legilor salarizării unitare, dialogului social, prevenției, educației și sănătății publiceȘtiri din 29.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has participated in the first meeting of this tenure of the National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue, the debate focusing on the draft laws of unitary pay, social dialogue, prevention, education and public health. Prime Minister has announced the Government's openness to consultations with employers and trade unions, and the fact that it appreciates their contribution to finalizing the draft laws under discussion. - My strong belief is that these draft laws must be carefully analyzed, discussed, and agreed with all parties involved. It is important that social partners contribute to the completion of these draft laws for them to be enforced on long term, and for there to be predictibility, the Head of the Executive has underlined. The draft law on prevention will be published in the shortest time possible on the site of the Ministry for the Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship, for public consultation, and for drawing up the draft education law, the Government cooperates with the Presidential Commission in order to submit a law adjusted to the society's needs. The trade unions and employers representatives have welcomed the Government's openness to dialogue and have presented concrete proposals for the completion of draft laws under analysis. The trade unions representatives have proposed that they resort to amending the Social Dialogue Law with a view to solving some topical situations regarding the collective bargaining agreement and in the long run, to draw up a new law of social dialogue. With respect to the draft unitary pay in the public sector, trade union representatives have showed their readiness to contribute alongside the Government representatives to the comprehensive analysis of aspects related to eliminating pay gaps and defining the law principles in a much accurate way, in order to ensure the long - term implementation. Employers representatives have underlined the need for wage increases included in this project to be consistent with the performance of the economy, showing at the same time, they want to be partners in completing this draft law Another point of interest has been the draft law on prevention. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated that the taxpayers guidance needs to be strengthened to improve compliance, given that now, the focus is on control. Both representatives of employers and trade unions have put forward observations and concrete proposals which aimed at clarifying some aspects on carrying out checks for the purpose of establishing clear control topics, with clear deadlines, before the start of the control actions. Also they appreciated the need for clear definition of the activities covered by the law of prevention, showing at the same time that aspects related to the employees protection and combating moonlighting, food safety, must not come within their scope. As regards the draft education law, the trade unions representatives have stated that it is necessary a re-thinking of the entire educational process in order to generate a long - term vision and to provide solutions to combat school dropout, for a fair financing open to each pupil, and shifting the focus on the child's interest when drawing up social measures to support vulnerable families. The employers' representatives have underlined the need to adapt the curricula to labor market, showing that specialists from various fields have expressed their readiness to contribute to training students by holding courses, seminars, programs. The Government's consultations with trade unions and employers representatives on these areas of interest will continue with sectoral meetings. 2017-03-29 16:15:00 Sorin Grindeanu: Pentru România, Regatul Unit este un partener esențial și aşa va rămâne. Guvernul se va implica activ în protejarea drepturilor și intereselor cetățenilor români în UKȘtiri din 29.03.2017 Romanian Government has taken note of the British Government's decision to officially trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty launching the EU exit process. - I regret the fact that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will no longer be our partner within the EU structures and institutions. We hope that negotiations will be conducted in a constructive spirit, favoring the long - term interests of both sides, since the need of closer ties between the European Union and the United Kingdom cannot be doubted. Our priority is now, to protect the interests of Romanian nationals living in Great Britain, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated. The Government will get actively involved in protecting the rights and interests of the Romanian citizens from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) in promoting the mechanisms to consolidate the EU cooperation with post-Brexit UK and in maintaining the European budget provisions regarding the EU Cohesion Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy 2014 -2020. Also, the Romanian Government will act with determination so that within the negotiation process about to be initiated, to be found ways of cooperation with the United Kingdom in the European economic area, to be maintained the long term British commitment to the continent's security, and the rights of European citizens in Great Britain and of British citizens in the EU to be observed. - For Romania, the United Kingdom is an essential partner, and it will remain so. Our countries are engaged in a strategic partnership, regarded as a recognition of the special ties and common vision we have internationally on very many topics. We want to deepen this partnership both on security and defence component, and on the component regarding the economic cooperation development and intensification of the British cultural presence in Romania' Prime Minister Grindeanu has stated. A priority for the Romanian Executive is the representation and protection of the interests of Romanian nationals living in UK. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has requested the Minister for Romanians Abroad Andreea Pastirnac to pay a visit to UK in early April in order to discuss with the members of the Romanian community and the British authorities. During the forthcoming official visit, the Minister for Romanians Abroad will reiterate the readiness of the Romanian party to cooperate with the British authorities and the European institutions in order to solve the problems faced by Romanians in Great Britain. - We are preoccupied with the protection of the rights and interests of Romanian citizens living, working and studying in UK. I will underline that it is necessary to ensure a fair treatment for Romanian citizens in relation with the citizens of the other member states, Minister for Romanians abroad, Andreea Pastirnac has stated. In context of Brexit, it was set up at the level of Government, an inter-ministerial mechanism with a view to substantiate the general mandate and the sectoral mandates of Romania and to follow the negotiation process of Great Britain's EU exit. This mechanism is organized in this way: The inter-ministerial Council for Brexit will provide policy guidelines to define Romania' stands, the general and sectoral mandates are to be approved by the Government. This Council will be chaired by Prime Minister and coordinated by the Minister delegate for European affairs, and it will comprise several Ministries. The Steering Committee will follow the EU- UK negotiation process The Coordination Committee of European Affairs will ensure a constant briefing of all Ministries and will provide the necessary framework for occasional debates. The inter-ministerial working groups, organized at technical level. The first three groups will track the substantiation of Romanias position on the following three areas of negotiation: free movement of persons, the implications for the EU budget, foreign and security relations. This inter-ministerial mechanism was approved through a Memorandum adopted by the Government on its 22 March meeting, given that Romania's dialogue to date with the European Commission and the example of other states have shown the importance of organizing nationally a coordination structure on the Brexit file. This decision was taken taking into account the fact that according to negotiation schedule, the finalization of Brexit process will overlap with the period Romania holds the EU Council Presidency(first semester of 2019), a fact that increases our country's role within the negotiation process of the UK Withdrawal Agreement. - The European Union needs a new breath, a reform in order to cope with the current challenges, one to secure economic development, more cohesion and to bridge the gaps between the member states, which therefore would bring it more legitimacy in front of its own citizens. EU cannot continue without the support of its own citizens. Domestically, we need ourselves the support of all citizens to efficiently promote Romania's interests in the European project. I think there is no alternative to this road, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has concluded, in the context in which the UK exit process from EU was triggered. 2017-03-29 15:09:00 Sorin Grindeanu: Guvernul este interesat de dezvoltarea componentei economice a Parteneriatului strategic dintre România și SUAȘtiri din 29.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu and the Cabinet members have had today at Victoria Palace, a meeting with the members of the fifth annual economic mission in Romania of the American-Romanian Business Council (AMRO). The meeting has been attended by 12 of the strongest US companies with investment in Romania or that are interested to invest in our country: Amgen, Archer Daniels Midland, Bell Helicopter, The Boeing Company, ExxonMobil, General Dynamics, Medtronic, Mega Company, MetLife, Oshkosh Defense, Pfizer, Smithfield, Timken. Discussions have focused on strengthening the Strategic Partnership with the US and the excellent cooperation between the two countries in the field of security. Both parties have expressed their willingness to reinvigorate the economic relations. The Head of the Executive Sorin Grindeanu has assured the American businesspeople that Romania is a factor of political and economic stability in the region. - We are very interested in developing the economic component of the Strategic Partnership between our countries, and we appreciate the role of your organization in promoting Romania as solid environment for the development of new investment of American companies, Prime Minister has stated. - My role is to create conditions for Romania to be attractive for investors and to support job creation. This is why I encourage the Ministers to discuss topical and beneficial projects for the Romanian economy, during their bilateral meetings with American investors, Prime Minister Grindeanu has stated. Prime Minister has also conveyed the members of the AMRO mission that the Romanian authorities will continue to take tangible steps towards simplifying the legal framework on strategic projects in key areas, such as: energy, defence and transports. In turn, AMRO Chairperson Eric Stewart has appreciated the Romanian authorities' openness towards deepening their cooperation with the United States, including in the economic field. - Romania has very many strategic advantages, such as: quality and training of people, but what I particularly remark is the warm welcome that the American investors in your country has always enjoyed. Romania is one of our great friends on which we may always count. During the meeting, the companies representatives have presented the Government with a document entitled - Roadmap to Prosperity which contains five recommendations for strengthening the economic relations between Romania and the United States: further improvement of the business environment in Romania, high level dialogue between the two Governments on economic issues, deepening cooperation to develop the strategic security capacity, including in the energy field, supporting the educational and health system to consolidate economic competitiveness as well as support for Romanian companies wanting to invest in the United States. The document has been sent to the US President Donald Trump and to the US Administration. At the same time, the American investors have expressed their intention to develop their businesses in Romania and to launch new investments in fields such as: healthcare, research and development, insurance, civil engineering, defence, energy and finance. Topical discussions on areas of interest will continue these days during the meetings between Ministers and representatives of the American companies. Press statements by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and the President of AMRO Eric Stewart Sorin Grindeanu: Good morning! Today, as you know, I had a meeting with the American - Romanian Business Council. It was a meeting of the 12 strongest American companies. Mr. Stewart told me and the Ambassador, H.E. Klemm as well that it is the strongest economic delegation which has been present in Romania to date, it is the fifth edition, which makes us optimist about the future. I want to tell you that it has not been a courtesy visit and this has not been the purpose of this discussion. Topical things and projects have been discussed, which we can develop and we will develop them over the next years, and today and tomorrow, Ministers in charge of various fields will have meetings with the representatives of companies that have been present here, at the meeting, we speak either of health, defence, transports, energy, finance and so on. These meetings are envisaged to take place these days, which leads in fact to what we want: concrete steps to strengthen Romania' strategic partnership with the United States. This strategic partnership can be strengthened through the consolidation of economic ties too. That was the purpose of our meeting today and the desire of both American companies and us - the Government, that this consolidation of economic ties is not achieved verbally, but through concrete things. I am optimist, especially noticing the force of the companies' delegation, of the companies present today, that these concrete steps will be taken in the months and years to come. I regard today's meeting as a beginning, I told the American delegation too that great talkers are little doers and neither of the parties wants that. This is why and due to the fact that I am not accustomed and my professional training is not in the humanist field, I have a bent for figures, numbers and we want the concrete issues we established on the meetings today or tomorrow, to become reality. That is what we want both us and our American partners. I presented economic data, as well as our priorities, including on budget, things we want on short term, from legislative standpoint, especially that law for strategic projects, especially for three fields that you know: energy, defence, transports. In conclusion, I am sure and confident that the US-Romania Strategic Partnership will know a significant economic development over the next period too. Eric Stewart: Mr. Prime Minister, thank you very much for your time this morning with our companies. There are few friends that we have anywhere in the world greater than our friendship with Romania. Strategically, politically, militarily, we have always been best friends. Our hope is to grow the economic relationship to be as strong as the political relationship. Romania has many competitive advantages, most notably: the education and the people. One of my competitive advantages that Romania has, Mr. Prime Minister is the positive feeling, approach and welcome towards the United States. It is no secret that we do not always receive warm welcome when we arrive, in Governments, but we received very warm welcome from your Government and the Romanian people. Our delegation of companies is filled with current investors, companies that are reinvesting, and future investors. We, as the Romanian - American Business Council have prepared a roadmap that we will like your Government to consider. This roadmap was prepared by many experts in Washington, who are familiar with business and with Romania. And Monday, before I got on my plane to Bucharest, I presented a copy of this roadmap to Trump Administration, for their consideration, and this morning, I would like to oficially hand this roadmap to you, for your consideration. Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you. If you have questions. Reporter: You were speaking about concrete projects. Which are these concrete projects? What should we expect from both sides over the next period? Sorin Grindeanu: I will tell you the fields, as I believe it is normal so. As aforementioned, we will bring changes in legislation - and you know this - regarding strategic projects in three large fields: energy, defence and transports. These changes - and I underline this, to be very clear- will be made in accordance with the legislation established together with the European Commission in this field- I do not want to be misunderstood- and on a plan already agreed with the European Commission. I want to be very clear. The delegation has also comprised companies of these three fields, perhaps, the economic partnership development on this area will be accelerated compared to what is happening now. I do not want to enter into concrete things, as I do not think it is normal, secondly, all legal procedures we need to go through, will be followed, transparent procedures related to auction and everything what means legislation in Romania. Reporter: What legislative changes do you take into account? Sorin Grindeanu: I have just mentioned them. Reporter: Unless you give us a concrete example, we do not understand what you want to do. What do you refer to? What should be changed or what did they ask you to change in legislation? Sorin Grindeanu: Nobody asked me anything. Perhaps, you are accustomed to be asked certain things, we make certain changes in legislation, and these are stipulated in the programme for government, they are assumed, they are things which help the economic environment, simplify the legislation in this field: that of strategic investment and strategic projects. There are three large fields: defence, energy and transport. As an example, as it happens in these years, too many times, for instance, on transports, the given deadlines for the pre-execution of certain projects happen to be longer than the execution deadline, which is not normal. I give you a concrete example: Bacau beltway. Five years were wasted with the preexecution phase until works to Bacau beltway effectively started, and were finished sooner. This is what we want to do and we will do it over the next period. Reporter: Effective collaborations between the two parties, Romania and the United States? Sorin Grindeanu: We are talking here about companies that want to invest in Romania and the Romanian Government. Do not expect the Romanian Government to come and give you concrete issues beyond the legal framework, it is neither normal nor legal, and we do not do this. Reporter: A question for both participants. First question for Mr. Stewart: I know that the Romanian state predictibility, the rule of law including are important for the Amerian companies and Trump Administration. Have you discussed with the Prime Minister and the rest of Ministers about this predictibility and have you raised the problem of disturbances which were in Romania, early this year? Do the American companies trust to further invest in Romania? I take this opportunity, Mr. Stewart to ask the Romanian Prime Minister, given that we are talking about the rule of law today, in Romania, a very important evaluation of the Prosecutor General and the Head of DNA is to take place. Mr. Prime Minister, I take this opportunity and I am going to ask you when are you going to meet the Justice Minister in order to discuss about this evaluation? Eric Stewart: Thank you very much for your question! The issue of rule of law, stability, transparency, efficiency, these were included in the roadmap that was presented to both Governments. They are a very normal part of doing business, they are a very normal part of priorities for the Government to focus on, and I can tell you that in the past, the US Government has been working very close with the Romanian Government on all of these issues. I have seen a tremendous amount of progress and our companies feel very comfortable that when they do business in Romania, they just want it to be legal, transparent and fair. And an example of that confidence is this business mission that we have brought today, the largest business mission that we have ever brought to Romania. The companies are in their words - not mine, very excited . Sorin Grindeanu: In connection to your question. I will meet today with the Justice Minister but I do not think this is the purpose of our joint press conference today, before the press conference and the evaluation I think the Minister will present publicly. Thank you. 2017-03-29 12:46:00,_președinte_amro_03_resize.jpgÎntâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu directorul Enel RomâniaȘtiri din 28.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met with the Country Manager Enel Romania Georgios Stassis, at the Victoria Palace. The main topics of discussion have been Romania's energy security and the investment opportunities in this field. The Head of the Executive has underlined the Government's preoccupation with security of energy supply of consumers, at competitive prices, efficientization of the energy system and supporting energy production from renewable sources. In turn, Georgios Stassis has reaffirmed on this occasion, the strategic interest of the Italian group in Romania, Enel being present as producer of electricity from renewable sources, electricity distribuitor and supplier. Enel plans in Romania include growth of investments, they are about to total nearly EUR million 330 in the next two years. Also, Enel has invested so far nearly EUR 3 billion in the development of its local operations. Georgios Stassis has showed that Enel will pay until the end of this year the amount of more than EUR 400 million, due to the Romanian state, following the decision of the Paris International Court of International Arbitration. 2017-03-28 17:35:00 Sorin Grindeanu a acordat un interviu postului de radio Europa FMȘtiri din 28.03.2017 15:19:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la Gala News.roȘtiri din 28.03.2017 statement by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu at Gala Reporter: How would you characterize the interval March 2016 - March 2017, on the Romanian political stage? Sorin Grindeanu: A year with very many challenges, a year that brought very many clarifications as well. From a personal viewpoint, a year that made very many changes in my life, I became president of the County Council, afterwards, Prime Minister, but equally a very important year for Romania. I told you that I think that everything that happened last year brought the necessary clarifications. Reporter: Do you have a message for the Romanian press? Sorin Grindeanu: To do what it has done so far, news coverage in an honest and fair way, to criticize what it considers necessary to criticize. I every time wish - and I am reading and receiving lots of news - I choose each time, even if there is a criticism too, the positive part, the constructive part, as I further believe that together you, the media, we - the decision factors, the society in general, we can all contribute positively to Romania's growth and development. Reporter: What do you convey to Sorin Grindeanu: I will tell it on stage at the prize handover, but I wish you now: Happy Anniversary! I wish you also invite me when I am no longer Prime Minister. Reporter: Of course! One last question. What do you like most: skiing or fishing? Sorin Grindeanu: I have seen it is an entire debate unfolding from this point of view. Certainly, I like skiing. You do not have to believe too much, you know how professional fishermen are, fishermen are fantasizing a lot in their stories. But, from other point of view, this year, I am interested that along with my team, we draw the European funds targeted, achieve the economic growth we have discussed about, attain all objectives, this is what I am interested in, first of all. If in winter, all our government objectives - budget, budget deficit, 5.2 percent economic growth, everything we intend to achieve will be achieved, and it will snow, I will invite President Dragnea to skiing lessons. Reporter: He doesn't know to ski? Sorin Grindeanu: He does not, and the first ski lessons need to have strong legs, learning to fall is the first skiing lesson. Reporter: Did you receive an answer from president regarding your nominations today? Sorin Grindeanu: I sent the nominations. I had a discussion with him and I told him about the notifications I sent, I am waiting his decision. 2017-03-28 09:29:00 Sorin Grindeanu s-a întâlnit cu ministrul Finanțelor Publice, Viorel Ștefan, cu reprezentanții Agenției Naționale de Administrare Fiscală și ai Comisiei Naționale de PrognozăȘtiri din 27.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met today, at Victoria Palace, with the Finance Minister Viorel Stefan, with ANAF President Bogdan Stan, to assess the state of implementation of the 14 measures aimed at upgrading the degree of collecting revenues to state budget. Prime Minister has conveyed to the participants that he will continue to personally supervise the ANAF activity especially regarding upgrading the relationship with the business environment and fostering voluntary compliance of taxpayers. ANAF President Bogdan Stan has presented the steps taken to date, to implement the measures, including the result of some control actions conducted lately. ANAF President has assured again the Prime Minister that April 15 deadline to implement all measures presented at the ANAF level will be met. In connection with counseling the taxpayers to access the payment rescheduling, a sample letter has already been drafted, and it will be sent to taxpayers with outstanding debts, in order to present them the legal framework on granting these reschedulings. Note that from 3 to 24 March 2017, there were 493 approved rescheduling requests for fiscal obligations in the amount of 106.8 million lei (compared to January-February average of 424 approved requests worth 117. 2 million lei). Since early this year, ANAF has oriented controls to fields of activity in which it was noticed decreased tax compliance and the existence of some risks of fraud, respectively trade in petroleum products and their derivatives, production and marketing of tobacco products, wood processing industry and timber trade, civil engineering and wholesale trade. Finance Minister conveyed that he expects data centralization on March revenues collection and expressed his support for ANAF efforts to improve the revenues collection and to prevent and combat tax evasion. The meeting has also been attended by Secretary of State in the Public Finance Minister Daniela Pescaru and the Chairperson of National Prognosis Committee Ion Ghizdeanu. 2017-03-27 13:17:00 României salută adoptarea Declarației de la Roma, cu ocazia împlinirii a 60 de ani de la semnarea Tratatului fondator al UEȘtiri din 25.03.2017 Romanian Government hails the adoption, today, in Rome, of the Declaration which renews the commitment of the 27 member states regarding the European unity and cohesion objective, the fundamental values and freedoms which are the basis of the community construction. ''Today's Declaration, signed exactly in the hall in which 60 years ago the historical treaty that founded the European Union was signed, is possible only because the member states remained united and found common solutions to common problems. This is the path which ensured, all this time, the success of the European project, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated. This is why, the Union remains the framework in which Romania, alongside other member states and EU institutions, will act in order to defend our shared interests and priorities. We will contribute, as a member state, as well as a county which will hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the first semester of 2019, to continue integration and deepen the cooperation between member states, in order to maintain peace, democracy, stability and security in Europe, Romanian Prime Minister has added. The Government expresses its confidence that, within the reflection process regarding the future of the EU, to be conducted in the coming period, the 27 member states will consider, in line with the Declaration of Rome, the protection of all EU achievements to date— integrity of the internal market, European freedoms and values, including free movement of people and workers, cohesion policy, Eurozone or strengthening the Union's action in neighborhood, in east, as well as in south. We need to continue, without divisions or fragmentations within the EU, these policies for the citizens benefit, which represent the hallmark of the European integration model. Romania remains fully committed to working in order to implement the directions of action agreed through the Agenda of Rome, in terms of strengthening the Union. Ten years after the accession, Romania has the capacity and resources to make a substantial contribution in this process. 2017-03-25 16:43:00 Pământului, marcată și în acest an de GuvernȘtiri din 25.03.2017 09:10:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu în județul TulceaȘtiri din 24.03.2017 19:26:00 Centenar organizează masa rotundă cu tema „România și Republica Moldova în contextul Centenarului”Știri din 24.03.2017 17:23:00 Sorin Grindeanu a transmis o scrisoare de condoleanțe omologului său britanic, Theresa MayȘtiri din 23.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu sent a letter to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Prime Minister Theresa May, expressing his solidarity with the British people and sending condolences to the families of the victims of the London terror attack. The Romanian Government firmly condemns any such act and joins the international counterterrorism efforts. This act of cowardice shows us, once more, that we must be united in defending our values and principles. Romania expresses its solidarity with the United Kingdom in the fight against any terrorism forms, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu states. 2017-03-23 21:29:00 bilaterală a guvernelor României și Republicii MoldovaȘtiri din 23.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu: Only the European option may bring responses of prosperity and safety to the Republic of Moldova's citizens The Government of Romania and the Government of the Republic of Moldova held today, in Piatra Neamt, the third joint meeting in small format. During the meeting, projects under implementation have been assessed and discussions have been held about new joint initiatives in the fields of energy, infrastructure, culture, regional development, education, internal affairs . - Romanias action will continue to have a double role: to stabilize and strengthen the democratic frameworks of the Republic of Moldova and to strategically anchor the Republic of Moldova in the European space, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated. Romania is considering moving into a new stage of bilateral relations, namely, reinforcing Romanian investment presence in the Republic of Moldova by participating in the privatization process while observing all the transparent procedures, the Head of the Romanian Executive has outlined. Also, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated that the Republic of Moldova needs to speed up the processes of reform and consolidation of democratic progress. - Romania expects consistency and seriousness. Only the European option may bring responses of prosperity and safety to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, and Romania is ready to support Chisinau authorities along this way. Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip has stated that bilateral relations are marked by an excellent, dynamic and diverse cooperation and has thanked the Romanian Government for its constant support. Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova has mentioned assistance in the field of education and has underlined that the 96 microbuses donated by Romania represents a necessary investment in the context of the education reform and school optimization. Prime Minister Filip has stated that granting the EUR 150 million loan, with two tranches already released to date has represented an important support granted by Romania to the Republic of Moldova. Prime Minister Pavel Filip has given assurances that the Republic of Moldova stays committed to the strategic track of reforms laid down in the European Union Association Agreement. - Moldova further looks towards the West, as country project. Irrespective of Chisinau's presidential stands, nothing will change in our relationship with Romania, the way nothing will change in our European option, Prime Minister Pavel Filip has underlined. The Head of the Republic of Moldova's Executive has stated that the bilateral discussions have also aimed at enhancing cooperation in the energy, cultural, customs fields and has added that the implementation of the energy projects established for the Republic of Moldova will be sped up. In this respect, Pavel Filip has reiterated the fact that energy security is very important and has expessed his confidence that this will be ensured with the support of Romania through interconnection to both European natural gas and electricity systems. With respect to the Republic of Moldova's privatization programme, Prime Minister Pavel Filip has stated that new projects and investments from Romania are welcome. Also, Prime Minister Pavel Filip has added that he agreed with Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on the continuation of joint Government meetings and has expressed readiness for the next meeting to be hosted by Chisinau. Following the bilateral meeting, the two Prime Ministers and the official delegations visited together Agapia Monastery. Joint press conference by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and Prime Minister Pavel Filip following the bilateral governmental meeting Romania - Republic of Moldova Sorin Grindeanu: Mr. Prime Minister, we convey you once again: welcome, together with your team! Today, we had an extremely pragmatic meeting and the approach was also pragmatic, we had a constructive dialogue, as every time, which forms the basis of the cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. We have managed today to review very many projects underway at this moment. We discussed about future projects, about projects in the field of energy, infrastructure, culture, environment, regional development. There are topical things as I told you, which develops the relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Romania's action will continue to play a double role: to stabilize the Republic of Moldova and to strengthen the Republic of Moldova's institutional and democratic framewoks and secondly, to act as strategical and physical anchor of the Republic of Moldova in the European space. Our topical discussions today followed those lines, but they were guided by these two important principles. Over the next period, we intend to increase our presence in the Republic of Moldova or to move into a new stage. We wish to reinforce Romanian investment presence in the Republic of Moldova, to be part of possible privatization processes taking place in the next period in Moldova, while observing all the transparent procedures you might have. We believe it's time for concrete actions. The processes of reform must be accelerated and the Republic of Moldova's European path must be further consolidated. Romania expects consistency and seriousness on the part of the Republic of Moldova. I reiterate in the end that only the European option can give durable answers to the Republic of Moldova's citizens' expectations of prosperity, safety, and stability. We are ready to continue supporting the Republic of Moldova on this track. Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister! Pavel Filip: Distinguished Prime Minister, Chairperson of the County Council, Ministers, journalists, media institutions representatives, I want to thank first of all Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu for the invitation to pay visit to Piatra Neamt, a special occasion in my view, to discuss once more the bilateral agenda of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. We managed to review all ongoing projects and we also spoke about future projects. I also want to sincerely thank the Neamt County Council for the hospitality showed to our delegation. Our discussions revealed that the relations between our countries are marked by excellent cooperation in all fields, the bilateral political dialogue is dynamic and diverse, in the spirit of the strategic partnership for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova. In this respect, I assured Prime Minister that Moldova remains firmly committed to achieving our strategic project: consistent implementation of reforms stipulated by the Association Agreement with the European Union. Moldova looks to the West as country project further on. The truth is that, irrespective of Chisinau presidential stands, Constitution gives more decision - power to Parliament and Government and from this point of view, nothing will change in our relation with Romania, and nothing will change in our European option which is in fact our country project. We exchanged opinions on the developments in the security field at regional level, as well as the implications regarding Moldova's stability. At the same time, I expressed sincere thanks for the constant support granted in our European track, Romanian valuable experience provided has essentially contributed in moments of maximum importance for the Republic of Moldova. Very important for us, and I appreciated and we brings thanks once more regarding the 150 million euro loan, the first two tranches that the Republic of Moldova received, I cannot say that this loan has come in the most difficult moments for Republic of Moldova. We appreciate it. I want to give thanks especially for the most recent decision of the Romanian Government: 96 school buses that will arrive soon in the Republic of Moldova. We spoke about the technical details too, today. It is a necessary investment for us, in the context of the educational reform and school optimization in the Republic of Moldova. Our relation gets best strengthened through topical projects and today, we spoke about increasing this cooperation in the energy field, the cultural field, as well as in other key areas, either the customs or the infrastructure one. It was not necessary to innovate on this meeting. We have projects started and not yet completed. It is important now to focus on good governance in the interest of both countries' citizens. We will speed up the implementation of the energy projects already established, which are very important for the Republic of Moldova, Republic of Moldova being an energy importer. This is why, energy security is a very important objective for the Government I have the honor to represent, and I am sure that we shall suceed this through the interconnection to European system of natural gas and electricity. At the same time, we want to launch new projects, as Prime Minister Grindeanu has already spoken with respect to investments from Romania in the Republic of Moldova. It is true, we will be glad to present the entire privatisation program from the Republic of Moldova and these investments are surely welcome. I agreed with Prime Minister Grindeanu that in the coming months, we continue this already established tradition, these joint Executive meetings already in the full format of Governments, and we expressed our availability to host the next joint meeting of the Governments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova, in Chisinau. I want to tell you that this is not just the beginning of a beautiful friendship, it is more than this: it is the consolidation of a great European brotherhood, and I take this opportunity to thank you for that. Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you. If you have questions. Reporter: A question for both Prime Ministers, in connection with the project of Iasi - Ungheni gas pipeline, with the extension to Chisinau. Can Chisinau give today guarantees that that pipeline will be achieved until 2019, when we know that the Russian Federation will finalize that project that circumvents Republic of Moldova and Ukraine and then, can we face the threat with halts in gas deliveries? Can Chisinau ensure that this project be achieved until 2019? How will Romania monitor this process? Sorin Grindeanu: I will answer in few words, as it was a point discussed a lot today, within our meeting. There are concrete deadlines that our Economy Ministry along with the companies under its coordination, also the representatives of the Republic of Moldova assumed. It was a point discussed at length during our meeting today. There are concrete deadlines that our Economy Ministry and the representatives from the Republic of Moldova have also undertaken. We, Prime Minister Filip and I, are optimistic that the 2019 deadline will be brought forward.I will let Prime Minister announce you a good news heard and received during our today Government meeting, on the energy sector, and the deadlines, as I told you, we are sure they will be brought forward, before 2019. Prime Minister, please! Pavel Filip: This was one of the important topics we have discussed today. It is true that in line with regulations, we proposed until 2019, to achieve this project. Energy security is one of the most important for the Republic of Moldova, considering that we do not produce energy, but we import this energy. We will do our best for this project to be achieved until the end of 2018. In this respect I want to tell you that things are running as we intended. In short time, we will have the project and we will start working directly. You already know that there have been signed the funding agreements both with the European Investment Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and as Prime Minister Grindeanu said, during the very meeting, Minister Tudose told us a very good news as the European Commission decided to increase the grant whereby this project will be funded, from EUR 10 million to 40 million. Surely, this cannot be but rejoicing and if we rally, then, this project can be achieved until late 2018. Reporter: A question for both Prime Ministers. On March 27, we will mark 99 years since Union. How did the relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova evolve and I ask you that in the context in which, in Chisinau, we have a president that tend to look more towards Russia, than towards Romania? How do you see these relations in the future? What will you do to mark these events? We will soon celebrate 100 years since Union, but a draft law was adopted by Parliament on March 27, in Romania, the law has not been promulgated yet, it will be a feast in Romania. What will you do in the Republic of Moldova, how do you see these relations in the future? Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you. From Romania's point of view, we promote a fair, principled and transparent reporting, in relation with the Republic of Moldova. Our main interlocutor in Chisinau is the Government of the Republic of Molova and any meeting of such type, as the one today, the next in Chisinau, strengthens relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. I said from the outset that it is important to focus on topical projects, realist but also tangible. Only the European option, may give lasting answers to the expectations of prosperity, safety and stability of the Republic of Moldova's citizens. We are ready to further back Republic of Moldova on this path. Pavel Filip: Surely, our country project is that the Republic of Moldova joins the European Union, near Romania. We have a very good relation. Today, we discussed very pragmatically as the rapprochement of our countries translates not only in statements but also topical projects. This meeting lasted more than it was supposed to last, we had what to discuss, as there are topical projects and the citizens of our countries need to understand that the relations between our countries are not just at statement level, but they are materialized through tangible projects. Republic of Moldova is a parliamentary country. Its Constitution provides more decision power to Government and Parliament. In this way, absolutely nothing will change in our relations with Romania, on the contrary, I want to say that they will become increasingly better, even if some do not like to hear this. Republic of Moldova and Romania are two twin hearts beating in the same pace and not uselessly. Each time when the Republic of Moldova was in a difficult situation, Romania gave it a helpful hand. The same happened with the refundable loan, the same happens with this nonrefundable technical and financial assistance. This is why I see no reason of concern in this respect. Indeed an interlocutor for Bucharest is the Government and Parliament in Chisinau, as it is for those of IMF and those of the European Commission or those from the World Bank and we proved this through the 2016 activity. Reporter: If you allow me, Mr. Prime Minister, I know there is in Parliament a draft law for March 27 national feast in your country too. Taking into account that you have the majority, what will you do with this draft law? Pavel Filip: Let the examination of this draft law to the MPs there when debates and consultations on this draft law start, then, we will see. (...) 2017-03-23 13:12:00ţii de presă ale premierului Sorin Grindeanu referitoare la situația victimelor atentatului de la LondraȘtiri din 23.03.2017 Sorin Grindeanu: I will make a brief statement about the situation of two Romanians injured in London terror attack. First of all, allow me to convey my compassion, and the Government's compassion for the victims' families, for all who suffered following the London terror attack. Secondly, I want to tell you that including some minutes ago, I had a discussion with Romania's Ambassador to London. I have been permanently in contact with both the Foreign Ministry and Mr. Ambassador. I want to congratulate them for the way they have managed the situation. That crisis cell was set up. I am permanently in contact with the two Romanians injured and their families. I discussed some minutes ago with Mr. Ambassador. We hope for a happy development of one of the injured's health condition, the other, as you know, is out of danger. Reporter: Which is the health condition of the injured who is currently ..the second person who is in hospital? What do you know? Sorin Grindeanu: The Ambassador told me, I repeat, some 10-20 minutes ago, that what seemed difficult last evening, following the surgery, passed, but the patient is under strict observation further on. The danger did not pass. It is equally important to be alongside their family too, to help them with what we can, and I would like to say that I am pleased once again with the way the Embassy of Romania to the United Kingdom has managed the situation. Hopefully, they will do it alike up to the end. Reporter: Have you discussed with your British counterpart? Sorin Grindeanu: No. I have already mentioned that I have discussed with our representatives, with the Romanian Ambassador to UK, many times. Thank you! 2017-03-23 11:37:00 acordat de premierul Sorin Grindeanu jurnalistului Bogdan Chirieac, la DCNewsȘtiri din 22.03.2017 19:10:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu susţinut la dineul oficial organizat cu ocazia împlinirii a 20 de ani de la prima vizită externă a Familiei Regale reprezentând interesele RomânieiȘtiri din 21.03.2017 Royal Highnesses, President Emil Constantinescu, Ministers, Senator, Your Excellencies, Ambassadors, Ladies and gentlemen, I am deeply honored to be here today with you, on the 20th anniversary of royal diplomacy. It's an altogether special moment in recognition of the essential contribution that the Royal House made to Romania's integration in the most important European and Euro-Atlantic structures. This contribution will remain one of the most beautiful examples of love, devotion and loyalty for the country. Today, we can say, with all the conviction, that Romania has evolved tremendously. A sign of this evolution, this spiritual, economic and social growth of our country is also the relation between the state's authorities and the Royal House, a relation which represents a natural extension of the respect and appreciation that Romanians always had for the Crown. 20 years ago, Romania started to truly matter again in Europe and in the world thanks to the Royal Family's efforts. We all recall the impressive tour that King Mihai I and Queen Anne carried out in the most important chancelleries and Royal Houses in order to promote our country's cause. Your Royal Highnesses were alongside them in many of these visits and you are nobly continuing their effort. Today, two decades away, we face a new challenge, a crucial debate regarding the future of the European Union. This is why, please allow me to convey Your Royal Highnesses the request to be further alongside Romanians and Romania in order to support the cause of an as powerful and united Europe. Any country project we might have, it cannot be accomplished unless we relate to the values that our ancestors conveyed. In this respect, I recall with emotion what His Majesty King Mihai said on the occasion of his historic speech delivered in the Romanian Parliament on his 90th anniversary, I quote: - We cannot have a future, without respecting our past. Tomorrow's world cannot exist without morality, faith and memory. We need to withstand the present and prepare our future. United between us and with our neighbors and our brothers, let us continue the effort to be again dignified and respected. In my opinion, this message is more topical than ever. If we want to prepare the future the way we want it, then we must learn the necessary lessons and do everything so that Romania be a worthy and respected nation in Europe and around the world. I conclude by assuring you once again of my full consideration and love. I confess to you that when matters of the country are more overwhelming and harder I will always think about the love for the country that the Royal House put so many times above any other challenges that it had to face. And then nothing would seem hard. I am positive. Thank you. 2017-03-21 20:53:00 treia ședință comună a guvernelor României – Republica MoldovaȘtiri din 21.03.2017 new joint meeting of the Government of Romania and Government of the Republic of Moldova, led by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, and his counterpart Pavel Filip will be held in Piatra Neamt, on March 23, 2017. The main goals of the intergovernmental meeting address the continuation and development of bilateral cooperation, assessment of the progress of joint projects and identification of new cooperation initiatives. - The relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova is a special one. There are expectations and a permanent interest on the part of the two states' citizens. We will further support the development and modernization of the Republic of Moldova, as well as its European path, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated. The meeting agenda will comprise legislative documents on the progress of joint projects under way, such as the technical and financial assistance project granted by the Romanian side to the Republic of Moldova Government but also joint sectoral projects in the energy, educational and cultural fields. Romanian investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova as well as the prospects for continuing cooperation in the IT, finance, justice and home affairs fields will also be addressed. The Romanian Government will also be represented by: Sevil Shhaideh, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds, Carmen Dan, Minister of Internal Affairs, Gabriel Leş, Minister of National Defence, Viorel Ştefan, Minister of Public Finance, Tudorel Toader, Minister of Justice, Mihai Tudose, Minister of Economy, Toma Petcu, Minister of Energy, Alexandru-Răzvan Cuc, Minister of Transports, Alexandru Petrescu, Minister for Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship, Andreea Păstirnac, Minister for Romanians Abroad, Ana Birchall, Minister Delegate for European Affairs, Mihai Busuioc, Secretary -General of the Government, Dan Neculăescu, Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Daniel Ioniţă, Ambassador of Romania in the Republic of Moldova. The Government of the Republic of Moldova will also be represented by :Octavian Calmac, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Vasile Bitca, Minister of Regional Development and Constructions, Valeriu Munteanu, Minister of Environment, Alexandru Jizdan, Minister of Internal Affairs, Octavian Armașu, Minister of Finance, Vladimir Cebotari, Minister of Justice, Monica Babuc, Minister of Culture, Lilian Darii, Vice -Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Gheorghe Galbura, Vice - Minister of Defence, Mihai Gribincea, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova in Romania. In the context of the joint meeting, there will be bilateral meetings between Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and his counterpart Pavel Filip as well as between the Romanian Ministers and their counterparts in the Republic of Moldova. 2017-03-21 17:42:00Întâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu ambasadorul Japoniei în România, Kisaburo IshiiȘtiri din 21.03.2017 14:24:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la Emisiunea „Sinteza zilei”, transmisă de Antena 3Știri din 21.03.2017 12:15:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la evenimentul „Program de tabere ARC 2017 pentru românii de pretutindeni”, organizat de către Ministerul Tineretului și Sportului împreună cu Ministerul pentru Românii de PretutindeniȘtiri din 20.03.2017 by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on the occasion of his participation in the event: ARC 2017 camp programme for Romanians abroad Sorin Grindeanu: Distinguished Madam ambassador and distinguished ambassadors of the Romanian sports, dear Ministers, ladies and gentlemen, dear children! I am touched by the fact that I am in the presence of so many champions which brought us many times, a huge joy and who made us proud that we are Romanians. Laura Badea-Carleşcu, Mihai Covaliu, Anișoara Cuşmir, Constantina Diță, Paula Ivan, Eduard Novak, Florin Popescu, Valeria Răcilă Groningen, Monica Roșu, Gabriela Szabo are with us today. I told them before coming here that I had an experience of this kind, with more than 15 years ago, when I was director at the Youth and Sports Directorate and I met for the first time former world and European olympic gymnastics medalists like: Andreea Raducan, Maria Olaru and Simona Amanar. The emotions were the same and we conveyed them that due to them, we could listen to the national anthem and see Romanian flag waving all over the world. I thank the two Ministers Andreea Pastirmac and Marius Dunca for this excellent initiative. More than 2000 Romanians, children, youngsters, students or teachers will participate in the ARC programme as of this year and will have the occasion to see Romania through the eyes and soul of some great athletes. This year, all these Romanian ethnics will see for the first time Romania, will have a straight contact with our country's tradition, culture and civilization and will have the opportunity to interact with Romanians. I want to convey a special thought to Romanians from Voivodina and those from Timocului Valley, those from Cernauti and Odesa or from Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia or Hungary: they are living far from the country, but the distance should not divide us. We are dutybound to get involved even more in the life of these communities of Romanians as there is a strong bond between us, and this is given by the feeling of belonging to the same nation. As Romanian, I am dutybound to do what it requires for this feeling not to get lost and I assure you that this represents a priority for the Government that I am leading. Ladies and gentlemen, beyond all governmental programmes, it is important what each of us is doing for unity and solidarity. I have heard many times co-nationals saying that when they are overseas, and hear Romanian around, they prefer to keep silent or speak in hushed tones in order not to be recognized as Romanians. I assure you that this is a wrong attitude and we have no reason to bend our head or to be ashamed of speaking Romanian. There are millions of Romanians who are working hard on Italian, Spanish, English or French soil, there are honest Romanians who are paying their taxes in the host countries where they are working and are helping the economies of these states and meanwhile, through the billions of euros they remit their families in the country, they are making an important contribution to Romania's development. Therefore, there is no reason to bend our head. On the contrary, we should take a firm stand when our co-nationals are humiliated or abused. It is true that many of the Romanians abroad felt many times that the Romanian state either listens to them very little or it does not help them at all. I want these things to change and to demonstrate that the current Cabinet is preoccupied with the situation of Romanians abroad not only in electoral campaigns, but on a daily basis. Repealing new consular and citizenship fees under the law eliminating 102 taxes was a first step. Setting up new consulates there where there are important communities of Romanians is other solution that we have in view to facilitate the access of Romanian citizens to various services. Mostly I want us to be successful, and to manage to implement measures conducive to economic growth, as then, many of the Romanians living today abroad will want to return home, as they will have all conditions for decent living standards there, alongside friends and family. Ladies and gentlemen, the Government will encourage any initiative on either the continuation or initiation of some new programmes to affirm and develop the ethnic, cultural and language identity of Romanians abroad. We need such programmes such as the ARC programme to bring people of Romanian origin closer to Romanian values, traditions and culture. I would like to convey Minister Dunca to carefully look at these Ambassadors of the Romanian sports, they proudly represent our country. We need to reward them for their many years of work. I also conveyed to Minister Dunca that I want in the shortest time possible to come up with a new legal framework on sports, namely a law of sports, and implementation norms for this law. I want Mr. Covaliu that we reach the same performances like in L.A Olympic Games at the next Olympic games, I know the conditions back then, and there are people in the room who honored us by that time. Romania ranked second. Afterwards, we were for a good number of editions in the first ten ranking countries in the sports. Unfortunately, at the last olympic games, we did not achieve achieved performance, not because of athletes, but because of sports facilities were reduced from my point of view, very much and these things should change. Alongside the Sport Ministry, you have my entire openness, of the Government too to resume these things on healthy bases. I also welcome Andreea Raducan. Finally, I wish success to organizers and I thank the athletes for the support provided to us. Thank you. 2017-03-20 13:05:00Întâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu Ambasadorul Austriei, E.S. Dl. Gerhard ReiwegerȘtiri din 20.03.2017 10:00:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu în județul TimișȘtiri din 18.03.2017 11:42:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu în județul Caraș-SeverinȘtiri din 17.03.2017 13:04:00Întâlnire_cu_reprezentanții_autorităților_locale_din_județul_caraș-_severin_(2).jpgVizita delegației conduse de ministrul pentru românii de pretutindeni, Andreea Pastîrnac, în ItaliaȘtiri din 17.03.2017 for Romanians abroad, Andreea Pastirnac alongside the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives was from March 15 to 17, 2017, on a mission to Ragusa (Italy) to assess the situation of Romanians who are working there, following Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu's request. The delegation met with Ragusa Prefect, Mrs. Maria Cornela Librizzi, and with representatives of the local authorities of Ragusa, of the Ministry of Interior, the Financial Guard, the Carabinieri, public health authorities, union leaders and heads of the Romanian and Italian associative milieu that takes action in support of the Romanians at difficulty. They also met Ragusa city mayor, Mr. Federico Piccitto, and members of the local council. The government delegation also went to the farms and greenhouses in the area for on-site talks with Romanian workers. The local authorities in Ragusa raised a flag about the high number of Romanian workers who are there without legal papers, many in dire working and living conditions, isolated, without possibilities of communication, exposed to various forms of exploitation and abuse. According to the Region of Sicily administration, although the Romanians represent one third of the total number of foreign workers, they are in a significantly vulnerable situation. In order to assist Romanian citizens, both the Italian and the Romanian side agreed on a concrete plan of measures comprising the setting up as soon as possible of a support and assistance center for the victims of trafficking, and for the people susceptible to being trafficked. Several mobile units capable of providing on-site assistance, counseling, case-tailored information and medical assistance will be rendered operational. The Italian side has reiterated that a joint regional committee has been established as of 2013 under a pilot project, is intended specifically for foreign workers. One of the proposals for optimal resolution of at - risk cases regarding persons' exploitation, was to double the project's capacity by creating a joint bilateral committee which would also comprise Romanian experts from the relevant Ministries. 2017-03-17 12:00:00Întâlnirea Viceprim-ministrului Daniel Constantin cu ministrul afacerilor externe al Turkmenistanului, Rașid MeredovȘtiri din 17.03.2017 Prime Minister Daniel Constantin has met today, at the Government HQ with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, Rasid Meredov. The two officials have addressed the deadlines of common interest with a view to developing activities in the field of transports and energy. Priorities aim at strengthening the energy bilateral partnership as well as the cooperation in the field of merchandise transportation on the Caspic Sea - Black Sea route. Vice Prime Minister Daniel Constantin has underlined that: - Romania has a major interest in strengthening relations with Turkmenistan and in capitalizing on the economic cooperation potential, especially in the transports and energy fields. At the same time, Vice Prime Minister Daniel Constantin has assured his counterpart of the support of Romanian specialists in the fields of oil and natural gas. The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan has mentioned that the port to Caspic Sea will be commissioned next year, being a connection point between Europe and Asia for merchandise transportation. During the meeting, the two officials have mutually agreed to relaunch the activity of working groups on energy and transport sectors, on the occasion of organizing the Joint Economic Commission in Ashgabat, in 2017. 2017-03-17 11:00:00Întâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu reprezentanții Fondului Monetar InternaționalȘtiri din 16.03.2017 15:25:00 Grindeanu a solicitat Ministerului Transporturilor și CNAIR monitorizarea proiectelor de infrastructură asumate prioritarȘtiri din 16.03.2017 15:19:00Întrevederea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu Corina Crețu, comisar european pentru Politică RegionalăȘtiri din 16.03.2017 press conference by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and the European Commissioner Corina Cretu Alina Petrescu: Good afternoon! Welcome to this special ceremony. 2017, as you know, is for us all, a special year, the year in which Romania celebrates the tenth anniversary of its EU membership. On this occasion, Romfilatelia launches a special issue of postal stamps dedicated to this event. - Ten years of Romania's EU entry- it is how this special stamps issue was called. I invite the director general of Romfilatelia, Cristina Popescu to present us this issue. Cristina Popescu: Good afternoon! Thank you. Distinguished Prime Minister, dear Commissioner, distinguished members of the Romanian Government, distinguished audience, dear press colleagues, it is an honor for our company to be present here, at an important event, on the occasion of the visit of Commissioner Corina Cretu. It is normal as the Romanian postal stamp is a real Ambassador. What we attempt today is to reveal before the guests is that panel which, in addition to the issue which already proves ten years of Romania's EU integration, we can admire too the post marks as of 2000. All stages of our country's historical development are represented through postmarks. We also open this exhibition under the title: - Discover Romania!. There are our country's regions, it is a call not only for those travelling to Romania, but also a call for investment, for Romania's wish to be the same country that wants a lot from social, economic, and political standpoint at the same time. Thank you very much! Allow me on this occasion to invite distinguished guests to reaveal the stamp panel and of course to stamp this issue. Corina Cretu: Thank you very much. To me, this is a touching moment, because, as far as I know, this is the first event that celebrates the 10th anniversary of EU membership. It is an important year, in which you know very well that at the EU too, we evaluate our EU membership, 60 years after the signature of the Rome Treaty. Therefore, Prime Minister, thank you for having organized this ceremony, which is very important. President Juncker intends to answer the invitation of the Romanian President, and together with you, I think it is important that we think of what we won in these ten years of EU membership, as we are more inclined to look only at drawbacks. I said yesterday too, Romania has an extraordinary chance as EU member state to express now, for the first time, its position in connection with the revival of the new European Union with 27 member states. You know very well that the Great Britain has unfortunately opted to leave the European Union, it is a decision that we regret, but we respect it, and this will not hinder us from further advancing in this unique project of the continent, which ensured 70 years of peace, prosperity, economic growth and which is criticized but needs to be improved. I am very glad to have the Foreign Minister here and those responsible for European funds and I am sure that we can go further on. Perhaps, Prime Minister will tell you few words about our meeting, more in detail, and I will return afterwards. Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you, Madam Commissioner. First of all, I am glad that we could launch today together this stamp issue. As the Foreign Minister told me, it is the first festive moment which marks the ten years of accession. Beyond this moment, I want to tell you and mark the fact that when we had country projects such as the project of our country's EU accession, we were successful. Secondly, I had a working meeting with the Commissioner and the otehr colleagues from teh European Commission and very many technical aspects have been discussed because we, the Romanian Government, believe the European funds to be an engine for economic growth and we place emphasis on drawing European funds, while trying to unblock things that were previously blocked. There are actual things in each separate field that we have to do in the period ahead and where we can count on Mrs Commissioner' support and more. There are deadlines we have to meet, deadlines that we set ourselves, so that we may follow the schedule we want to keep in place. I can tell you that in these two months, there have been taken measures so that over the next period, all management authorities be accredited by the end of the year. Also, over the next period, funding agreements will be signed for the IT axis in operational programme competitiveness. It is an important thing regarding human capital too. And a very large number of funding guides will be released in April. A good thing that used to be unexpected some time ago is that we will close the month from the 2007-2103 financial framework on an unexpectedly high absorption rate when we think about 2010 and 2011, as that will be somewhere around 90 percent. It is an extremely good thing but it is perhaps an example too for what we have to do in the future. There are things to implement, technical things, which, in agreement with the European Commission, to simplify all this process so that, in the end, financing and drawing European funds as I told, being a priority of the Government I am leading, is put in practice. In connection to this subject, I annpunced some two weeks ago that we will meet every ten days to assess the progress in all fields related to European funds. The first meetings took place.There is March 20 deadline for the first things which need to be impemented. Things will continue in the same pace, under my coordination, so that the progress we want to achieve be very well monitored. As a conclusion, I would like to thank Commissioner Corina Cretu for her help in these months, for what I am sure we will do in the period ahead, so that our objectives along with those of the European Commission become reality. Thank you. Corina Cretu: I would add some words. I would like to thank the Prime Minister, it is the third meeting, but the first official in Romania, because we met twice in Brussels, and we discussed about these technical aspects, which very much worried me from the beginning of the year. Today, I had a very good discussion with the team of the Prime Minister and I welcome the Government's openness to have this very good collaboration with the European Commission, to accelerate the delays. We want a collaboration relation, because in this way, Romania wins, In connection with the absorbtion rate for 2007 -2013, I would like to thank all Ministers with whom I collaborated ever since I am a European Commissioner. I am glad that neither in 2015, nor in 2016, Romania lost any euro of the allocations available to it: basically, these delays and losses are from the 2007 -2011 period, the early programming, and when, perhaps, Romania had this weakness of not being enough prepared for its EU entry, as it could not submit projects from the very first day of accession unlike other member states. In any case, I would like to thank all working in this field, also the management authorities, and last but not least, to thank my colleagues from DG REGIO who made this huge effort to work to work closely to attain this absorbtion rate, which Prime Minister deemed as unconceivable including for us, but we set up this group for a better implementation, comprising eight member states with delays. I want to say that in the last two years, there have been more than 200 technical meetings between Ministers, Secretaries of State and our experts from the European Commission, so that we managed to attain this level of 90, 6 - it is our estimate, we still receive invoices until late March, afterwards, we have five more months to evaluate these invoices, but our estimate is that unfortunately, 2 billion EUR out of 19 will be lost, absorbtion will stand somewhat at 90.6. The good news is that 17 billion were invested in Romanian economy, more than ten thousands jobs were created. Surely, the transport field was a bit delayed, only 124 kilometers of highway but nevertheless, 900 kilometers of national roads. Schools, hospitals, mainly renovations were achieved through European funds. Therefore, value added can be noticed in every county, and perhaps, in every locality. This is why I would like to thank especially the Ministers and those who worked on site and the unit from Romania, director Vittoria Alliata and Mr. Crasten Rasmussen and other members of the unit in Romania who contributed to this succes. Today, we had that technical meeting as Prime Minister mentioned, I will meet the others as well. First of all, I would like to welcome the fact that Romania has a Vice Prime Minister in charge of European funds, which shows the ambition to absorb European funds and to use the 23 billions available to Romania in this financial exercise. I will meet today with Ms. Rovana Plumb, with the Health Minister, we are waiting for the Transport Minister to arrive in Brussels. You know well that the Government has in me and the services under my authority a steady ally and support. I said it and I will repeat it, this year is decisive for Romania, we discussed this with Prime Minister, it is essential that the EU funds be spent strategically, in line with Romania's investment priorities, as they were set in the partnership agreement. Indeed, I would like to congratulate the Government for making progress in such a short time. We are looking forward to the nomination of management and control authorities and acceleration of implementation on the site. We spoke about bureaucracy, as we are very often criticized by Brussels bureaucracy, and we spoke about many projects of 6,000 pages. Prime Minister told us about his experience as president of County Council, for three days, he signed thousands of papers and projects which had to be signed and initialed. This is not a EU requirement, hopefully, a possibility to simplify this process is to be found at national level. Other aspect addressed is the need for structural and investment funds to go hand in hand with funding the National Programme of Local Development. I agreed with madam Vice Prime Minister that those two funds support each other, to improve the people's quality of life. I am waiting for your questions. I am glad to be in Romania in such an important moment. You know well that yesterday, I was in the national Parliament, I had a meeting with students, because in addition to technical problems, we are at the crossroads of the European Union, and it depends on Romania too, this time, for the first in our history, to make our voice heard, how we want Europe to look like in 60 years. I was asked yesterday at SNSPA, where I was very impressed by the level of EU knowledge of students - what would Pinelli say, or those who drew up the European project. I think they would have been proud, seeing this enlargement. I do not think they dreamt this EU project would extend so much. I think we should realize that we are accountable to future generations of the way EU looks in 60 years from now. From this point of view, I would like to call on Government, national Parliament, all authorities, all NGOs, to launch this debate, in order to get closer, and have in the end, as I am sure that the five scenarios, it will not be one in particular, there will be a mix of the five, and it is important for the final project that will be discussed in December European Council in Brussels to meet as much as possible the citizens' expectations. In the end, this is why this European Union was created, to improve people's lives, to have peace, prosperity and progress in all countries. You know very well that unfortunately, there is no more the same climate of solidarity and understanding. National egoism is bigger. Therefore, it is important to make our voice and interests heard. Thank you very much. Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you. 2017-03-16 14:38:00 Discuții despre înființarea Muzeului Istoriei Evreilor din RomâniaȘtiri din 16.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has received at Victoria Palace, a delegation of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, accompanied by US Ambassador in Romania, Hans Klemm. The main topic of discussion has been the creation of a Museum of the Romanian Jews history, a demarche to consolidate the Holocaust history education. The discussion followed a first international meeting of the consultative board for the setting up of the museum held at Victoria Palace, on March 17. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has expressed his appreciation for the excellent cooperation between institutions in Romania, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, particularly for the conduct of educational programmes as well as the international promotion of the project for the museum of Romanian Jews. This project is backed by the Romanian Government as well as other institutions of the Romanian State. We want this project to become reality as soon as possible, and to this end, we will closely cooperate with the Federation of Romanias Jewish Communities, Prime Minister has stated. The Head of the Executive has also thanked the visiting delegation for their proposal for him to become an honorary member of the board of the future Museum of Romanian Jews History. During the meeting, the American officials have reaffirmed their appreciation for the activity of the Elie Wiesel National Institute for Holocaust Studies in Romania and for the outcomes of the Romanian chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). The meeting has been attended by Radu Ioanid, director of the International Archival Programs Division at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Paul A. Shapiro, director of international affairs at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Mihnea Constantinescu, Ambassador-at-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Alexandru Florian, director general of the Elie Wiesel National Institute for Holocaust Studies in Romania. 2017-03-16 13:16:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la Emisiunea “România 9”, cu Ionuț Cristache, transmisă de TVR 1Știri din 15.03.2017 21:00:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la acțiunea de plantare - „Creștem împreună” – deschiderea oficială a lunii plantării arborilor 2017Știri din 15.03.2017 19:30:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la evaluarea activităților desfășurate de Ministerul Afacerilor Interne în anul 2016Știri din 15.03.2017 by PM Sorin Grindeanu at the Internal Affairs Ministry's activity report for 2016 President of the Senate, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Minister, Ministers Director, Prosecutor General, Mayor General, Ladies and gentlemen, Distinguished guests, I am glad to attend here today, at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an important moment in which you establish what was good, what was not good, what steps you need to take in the future. My first working visit to MAI, as Prime Minister, took place in a difficult moment, when snow and frost hit almost the entire country. Your actions back then saved hundreds of lives and were a proof of force and devotion. The heroes of those days were policemen, firemen, gendarmes, border policemen who faced an awful frost for days in a row in order to help their fellow citizens. The results presented by Madam Minister shows that the Ministry of Internal Affairs like every time met the main objectives it undertook: the level of citizen'safety increased, crime is on downward trend, emergencies have been managed in an integrate and efficient way, local and parliamentary elections were organized in a fair, transparent way, with support from STS too. While Madam Minister made her presentation, I thought how much unseen effort, it takes to secure normality, to ensure our daily safety. I am aware that you strive each day to attain the results you presented today. That takes very many efforts, involves resources, human resource being the most important. The programme for government sets very clearly the priorities incumbent to the Internal Affairs Ministry for the years to come, all these focused on the citizen'safety. From the policeman who is continuously fighting the crime phenomenon, fireman risking his life for the well-being of the community, the gendarme who protects the lives of participants in public events, border policeman who defends the borders to personnel working in structures providing public services, especially release of documents, all employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are an essential component of the state in its relationship with the citizens. Boost in citizens'safety and combating crime, especially the economico-financial crime and corruption should remain major objectives of the Internal Affairs Ministry. I assure you of my support and the support of the government team in all your steps in this respect. You acted very responsibly and you coped efficiently with the challenges generated by illegal migration, through better cooperation with border police authorities from neighboring states, EU and third states, by implementing the European policies on migration and asylum. You have my support to continue your efforts. Meanwhile, as Head of the Executive, I am dutybound to make sure that the employees of state structures enjoy all salary rights they deserve following their activity and they have the necessary logistic support. I know that at MAI level, equipment is not at the level required, but efforts are being made to improve the situation, including by drawing European funds. As you know, these days, we have sought solutions for salary rights of the MAI staff. I am sure that the salary level of this Ministry's personnel should mirror their activity and the incumbent risks. We need to eliminate gaps between professional catgeories and find fair solutions, in line with available funds. I expect you to remain fair, unbiased and especially politically uninvolved. You have my full support and the Romanian Government' support as long as you remain honest in action. Whatever you do, do it in full awareness of the role and responsibilities you have! I know its not too much to ask you to be an example for the community! Involvement and loyalty of each MAI employee are vital to the safety of citizens and the health of the economy. I thank Madam Minister for her involvement and determination and diplomacy showed in all situations. I want to thank everyone in this great family of M.A.I., because every day you turn your professionalism, courage and responsibility in safety and confidence for the citizen. I congratulate you on the results achieved last year and I wish you success further on! I wish you all every success and I assure you of my support and the Government'support! Thank you. 2017-03-15 17:20:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la Conferința rectorilor și președinților Senatelor din universitățile acreditate, organizată la Academia de Studii EconomiceȘtiri din 15.03.2017 Sorin Grindeanu: We want the new education law to lay the foundations of an educational system of quality, best-performing and efficient - A new vision is needed in the educational field, adjusted to current realities and requirements, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated today at the working meeting of rectors and Senate presidents of accredited universities, event held at the Academy of Economic Studies. - It is imperative to really build - Competent Romania, and this desideratum cannot be attained but through education. I think it is high time to sit together at the same table and find tose solutions to allow us have a functional, transparent and predictable legislation in this field', Prime Minister has stated. The Head of the Executive has requested the Ministry of National Education to continue collaboration with the Presidential Administration regarding the project - Educated Romania which will ground the future public policies and strategic orientations. In the field of education - we need a new law, adaptable, concise, and comprehensive for the educational field reform to be a continual process, adequate for a society based on knowledge, market economy, competition of values or rule of law, Prime Minister has stated. At the same time, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has underlined the need of stability in the field of education, recalling that in the last 27 years, the law of education was punctually amended 100 times, which did not provide a framework conducive to performance. - We want that whereby the new law, we consolidate an educational system of quality, best - performing and efficient, stemming from national values and taking into account the current European context, Prime Minister has stated. Measures adopted since taking office to date confirm the importance the Executive attaches to education, strategic field and a priority. In this respect, Prime Minister has showed that the education budget grew this year by 15 percent compared to 2016, wages for teaching and ancillary staff from preuniversity and university education were increased as of January 1, by 15 percent, on average, the students benefiting from free rail transport and scholarships rising from 83 to 201 lei per month. The Government intends to implement other measures as well in the educational field, laid down in the Programme for Government such as: setting up the Student Entrepreneurship Society, or a national collaboration programme between students and economic agents to resolve some practical problems. In connection with the unitary pay law, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated that the draft law pending completion will set the pay on fair bases, putting the competences in agreement with the income level. - The unitary pay law will set education and people dedicated to it on the place they really deserve Prime Minister has stated. The working meeting of rectors and Senate Presidents of accredited universities, event organized at the Academy of Economic Studies, has also been attended by the Minister of National Education, Pavel Nastase. 2017-03-15 11:57:00Întrevederea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu Davor Ivo Stier, viceprim-ministru și ministru al Afacerilor Externe și Europene din Republica CroațiaȘtiri din 14.03.2017, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met with Davor Ivo Stier, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. The meeting took place in the context of Croatia's marking 25 years of international recognition, implicit from the establishment of official diplomatic relations between the two countries. During the meeting, Romanian and Croatian officials have showed their interest for intensifying bilateral relations, especially in the context of debates about the EU future. - Romania considers that reinvigoration of the European project can be done based on the idea of unity around EU fundamental values and principles. I hold the firm belief that our states can make joint efforts in this respect, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated. The two officials have reaffirmed their support for an united Europe, not a divided one, and for cooperation between the two states for their accession to Schengen space. The Head of the Executive has also underlined the importance of developing the economic relations between the two countries. In his turn, the Croatian Prime Minister has underlined the importance of tourist collaboration given that as of May, there will be a direct Bucharest - Zagreb flight operating several times per week. During discussions, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Melescanu has pointed out that trade relations development might rely on the complementary character of the two states' economies, more precisely, Croatian economy, based on services and the Romanian one, based on industry. Other aspect addressed during this meeting aimed at measures taken by both states with a view to observing the rights of the Croatian minority from Romania and of the Romanian speaking community in Croatia, especially regarding mother tongue-based education. Marius Nica, State Advisor in the Romanian Government and Constantin - Mihail Grigorie, Ambassador of Romania in the Republic of Croatia have also attended this meeting. The Croatian side has been represented by the Ambassador of Croatia in Romania, Davor Vidis, alongside the Croatian Deputy Prime Minister. 2017-03-14 12:47:00ă de lucru a reprezentanţilor Guvernului României în Republica Italiană, pe fondul unor informații privind exploatarea forţei de muncăȘtiri din 14.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has requested a joint working visit to Italy of representatives of the Ministry for Romanians Abroad and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, considering the information about cases of Romanian citizens exploitation while working in Sicily and Calabria. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu follows with concern the situation of Romanians in Italy and is waiting with interest the report of the Government's representatives sent on site. The aforementioned visit will take place from March 15 to 17. The Minister for Romanians Abroad, Andreea Pastarnac and a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will participate in the working visit. The members of the delegation will have meetings with local officials, as well as with representatives of Romanians organizations in Italy, and also with those in the associative environment involved in defending the rights of foreign workers and combating abuses against them. The Minister for Romanians Abroad launched a consultation on actual topics regarding Romanian - Italian cooperation and bilateral dialogue, in a meeting with the Head of the Italian diplomatic mission in Bucharest. 2017-03-14 09:00:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la ”Ora Prim-Ministrului”, în plenul Camerei DeputațilorȘtiri din 13.03.2017 17:55:00 Grindeanu: Energia și apărarea sunt două domenii cu potențial de dezvoltare în relațiile bilaterale dintre România și TurciaȘtiri din 13.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has welcomed the development of economic relations between Romania and Turkey and has underlined their development potential and the Government's determination to back investments in order to increase the trade exchange volume between the two countries. - This meeting will give a new impetus to economic relations between our countries. Looking back, we realize that the trade exchanges between Romania and Turkey rose in only 7 years from EUR 2.9 billion in 2009 to 4.3 billion in 2016. We want an intensification of these exchanges and we intend that over the next years, their value further increases. It is a daring desideratum but we believe that there are all conditions for it to become reality, the Head of the Executive has stated, during the meeting with the Ambassador of Turkey to Romania, His Excellency, Osman Koray Ertas, and the representatives of the Association of Turkish Businesspeople. Energy and defence are two fields with development potential in the bilateral relations, Prime Minister has stated, outlining the Government's openness towards initiating some projects in other sectors too. The representatives of the Association of Turkish Businesspeople have expressed their willingness to expand their businesses in Romania, announcing a series of concrete investments for the ensuing period, which will lead to creation of several hundred jobs. Turkish investors have also expressed their contentement with the open attitude of the Romanian Government towards the business sector, but also their confidence that the measures taken by the Executive will have a positive impact on economy and society in general. - I am a Turkish citizen but also a Romanian citizen like almost 90 percent of the members of our Association. I love this country and this is why we want to develop our investments here, for the common benefit of the Romanian state and our companies, Murat Demiray, chairperson of the Association has stated. Prime Minister Grindeanu has also added: - The Government I am leading has understood its role of business sector partner, based on openness, dialogue and flexibility. We count on the support of the Association of Turkish Businesspeople to facilitate the relationship between Romanian investors and Turkish authorities the way we count on the fact that the Association will signal any problem that the Turkish businesspeople will encounter here in opening and unfolding investments. We find the most appropriate solutions through constant dialogue. The Minister for Business Environment and Entrepreneurship, Alexandru Petrescu has mentioned that he has already had contacts with the representatives of the Turkish business community and discussions took place so as the Ministry represents an integrating point of contact designed to facilitate foreign investments in Romania. 2017-03-13 15:17:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la reuniunea Adunării Generale a Asociației Municipiilor din RomâniaȘtiri din 13.03.2017 Sorin Grindeanu: We will initiate regional debates on the issue of development projects The Government will initiate a series of regional meetings with the mayors of municipalities , in which solutions for local and national development projects will be debated, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has announced at the meeting of the General Assembly of the Romanian Municipalities Association. - The large development projects need to be discussed at regional level. You, the mayors are very important for the communities you represent as you are the people who are in contact each day with the citizens and you solve hundreds of problems. (...) The big challenge is to channel the energies around the large common projects, irrespective of the political affiliation, Prime Minister has stated. A project of this type considers Romania's position and its role in connection with the European Union's future, our country arguing the need to relaunch the European project on the basis of the idea of unity around the EU fundamental principles and values. In this respect, Prime Minister Grindeanu has argued that Romania further needs European cohesion funds to reduce the development gaps with other member states. Regarding the unitary pay law, Prime Minister has outlined that it will be built on a fair approach basis, and further to consultations with local administration, adequate solutions can be found so that wages in the public administration sector be in accordance with job responsibilities. - I trust that along with you, we will succeed in putting in practice all these large projects: either substantial changes of legislation, or large regional projects that we should implement. I call on you to directly contact me or the Cabinet colleagues. I worked for the public administration, I know the problems you are facing, and my door is always open for you, the Head of the Executive has concluded. Address by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu at the meeting of the General Assembly of the Association of Municipalities from Romania Sorin Grindeanu: President of the Senate, Calin Popescu - Tariceanu, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Dragnea, mayors, Ministers, Distinguished guests, I prepared some ideas about what I wanted to say today, many of them have been said by previous speakers. I will say certain things from my position as former representative of the local public administration - some months ago and I said it two weeks ago, at the Communes Association, I am thinking what I would have said, in my capacity as chairperson of the County Council or deputy mayor of Timisoara, if I had had a meeting of such type with the leadership of Parliament or with the Prime Minister or with several Ministers. I know that each time, on meetings of this type, you could hear how important you are for the parties you represent in elections, how much you represent for each of the respective parties and how much you are needed especially in those moments. Nobody can deny this. There is talk every time that you need to receive more funds. Again, this is undeniable. I know that you are important for the communities that you represent, as you are facing on a daily basis the citizens' problems and you solve hundreds of problems per day, which are not simple, but which involve a high amount of energy. It may be high time to stop from this daily race and think all of what was said earlier, namely to think about what stands for a real challenge for the years to come, namely large projects, large projects that we all want, either the towns, municipalities that you are running or regional projects. This is the challenge ahead of all of us in the years to come, irrespective of the political affiliation of each of us. Politics is one thing, administration is a different thing. In connection with challenges, I was some days ago, in Brussels. There is much talk about multi-speed Europe. We have a joint stand Parliament - Government - Presidency and a joint project and namely, to keep the European path of Romania in this form. We further need cohesion funds as they help us reduce the gaps between less developed countries of the EU and the developed countries, but all together, all the 27, not on different speeds, this is what we will sustain in the next months, and a good example, a common project to which we should rally. There have been such projects. If you remember, at the beginning of 2000, when , beyond what we said earlier, politics, we had a joint project: accession to NATO, and it was achieved. Also, during Tariceanu's tenure - accession to European Union, a joint project in which all energies have been channeled towards achieving this objective. This is why I propose you - and along with Government representatives, we will achieve it, I will ask President Negoita in the months ahead to organize regional meetings to discuss about regional projects together with Government's representatives. Vice Prime Minister Sevil Shhaideh was already in more than half the counties of our country but large development projects should be discussed at regional level and with the help of the Association, and Mr. President, I think we should take this step. Regarding the salary law, as President Liviu Dragnea said earlier, challenge is of the following type, we have had some discussions before with the mayors and your colleagues. We can build on that fair basis, a basis in accordance with each one's responsibility, with your help, through public debate, of the associations of those four, through public debate, we build fairly and to a large extent, to adjust the salary to responsibility. There is still a problem, it may seem little, but I know that almost each of you is facing it, to give one example, the one related to financing sports. It is an issue which should be treated differently from one administrative unit to other and there is no unitary practice. This is why in the recent Cabinet meeting, I asked the Minister of Youth and Sports that along with the Development Minister clarify this law as soon as possible, because many times, there were practices varying from one town to another or from one County Council to another. I am sure that Vice Prime Minister Daniel Constantin will tell you few things related to waste, as it is also an important problem and which may create certain problems in the period ahead. In connection with funding - along with the Finance Minister, on what has been said in the programme for government, we will change a lot the way taxes remain to local authorities. I fully trust that together with you, we will manage to put in practice these large projects, substantial changes of legislation, or what we said earlier, those large regional projects to put in practice. I remind you something what I said as conclusion at the meeting of the Communes Association: I ask you to directly contact the Government's representatives and myself too. The door of my Cabinet is open. Coming from local administration, I know your problems. We are trying to resolve them. I wish you succes! Thank you. 2017-03-13 11:50:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la BruxellesȘtiri din 09.03.2017 Minister Grindeanu: It is necessary to relaunch the European project around the idea of unity Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has had today, in Brussels, a series of talks with Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, with Serghei Stanishev, President of the Party of European Socialists, with Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, with Gianni Pittella, President of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S and D) in the European Parliament, as well as with other European leaders,among whom Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, and Antonio Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal. During discussions, the Head of the Executive has argued the need to relaunch the European project based on the idea of unity around fundamental EU values and principles. An inclusive approach, in the format of dialogue open to participation of all states, the Romanian Prime Minister has stated. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has underlined the importance for Romania of the cohesion funds policies and the common agricultural policies. Prime Minister Grindeanu had these talks in the context of his participation to PES meeting, in Brussels. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met with the Chancellor of Austria, Christian Kern Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has had today, in Brussels, a bilateral meeting with Mr. Christian Kern, Chancellor of Austria, in the context of the meeting of the European Socialists Party. Ms. Ana Birchall, Minister delegate for European Affairs has also attended the meeting. The Romanian Prime Minister and the Chancellor of Austria have exchanged opinions on the European agenda priorities, focusing on the topics discussed at the March 9-10 European Council. In this context, the Head of the Bucharest Executive has reconfirmed Romania's pro-European attachment and its firm commitment to actively contributing to strengthening the European project, including from the Brexit perspective and of the debates linked to the EU future. - Romania clearly maintains its stand on deepening the Union, with all its successful policies and projects, especially the Internal Market, Schengen Area and the Eurozone. I reconfirm Romania' support for a consolidated, unitary and inclusive Europe, Prime Minister Grindeanu has underlined. During the meeting, the two officials have agreed on Romanian Prime Minister's paying an official visit to Vienna, in the context of debates on the EU future, details are about to be established through diplomatic channels. Other point of discussion aimed at the economic relations between the two countries, with emphasis on investments with Austrian capital in our country, taking into account the fact that Austria is one of Romania's main trade partners. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has briefly presented the Government's priorities for the next period, mentioning his preoccupation with continuing the measures to support the business environment. The Chancellor of Austria, Christian Kern has congratulated the Prime Minister for the result of elections, and has assured him of his support for Romania's efforts to draw European funds to finance projects designed to contribute to improving prison conditions. Other aspect discussed referred to preparations for taking over the EU Council Presidency, considering the fact that Romania will take over the Presidency in the first semester of 2019. Minister delegate for European Affairs, Ana Birchall has outlined that the EU Council Presidency represents a challenge for Romania and has showed that the Bucharest authorities will closely cooperate with the Austrian authorities given that Romania will take over the EU Council Presidency from Austria. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu is paying visit to Brussels, from March 8 to 9, where he attends the PES meeting and has a series of meetings with senior European officials in the margins of the European Council. 2017-03-09 13:49:00ţii de presă susținute de premierul Sorin Grindeanu la BruxellesȘtiri din 09.03.2017 Grindeanu: Good afternoon. As you know, I participated for the first time as Prime Minister in the meeting of the Heads of state and government, members of the European Socialists Party. I took this opportunity to have direct meetings with them. We discussed about both bilateral agenda and the common European agenda. I reaffirmed during these meetings what President said in the morning, I said this in the past days too, namely our country's willingness to strengthen the common European project, with all the 27 member states, in the same direction, as history shows us that together,we are stronger. The debates which you know and which are hardly at the outset, will continue over the next period. Each of us expressed his views, I told you our view, we share it: Presidential Administration, Government, or Parliament. It is Romania's joint stand. Reporter: How do the European Socialists view this late discussion on multi-speed Europe, with two or several -speed Europe? What has been discussed on this topic? Sorin Grindeanu: As I told you, debates have just started, they will continue. I cannot say there is a common view of European Socialists. What matters is that this debate will take place, that each country has arguments, on each of the scenarios but there is not a common point of view at this moment, as aforementioned, debates are at the start and they will continue. Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, we, the Romanians are against the idea of a multi-speed Europe, but do we also have a concrete plan to submit to the attention of the European partners, as alternative to this multi-speed Europe? Sorin Grindeanu: It is not only us who are against this idea - I do not think the issue should be discussed or debated in such terms, that we, the Romanians are against something. We support strengthening the European project in this form. We are interested and not only we, that the cohesion funds remain an important part of the European policy, alike the common agricultural policy - there are extremely important things and I repeat it is not only about Romania. This is the direction we must continue, develop and strengthen. As I told you, history showed that every time we were together, we were stronger. That is the direction that we not only propose but I undeline the debates are at the start and each of us will have arguments. Reporter: What to do for those small clubs, as they are at present: Schengen Club, Euro Club to remain open for countries such as: Romania that will want to join these clubs in the future? Sorin Grindeanu: I think that things do not change very much, if I understand well what you ask me, but I do not think that we can speak about future saying that things will run at different speed in the future. What we all want and what everybody said is that all the 27 states go in the same direction and with the same speed - to quote. We all want to develop, to get strengthened as much as possible, to be part of what means common European policies. Reporter: The European Commission Vice - President, Timmermans stated some minutes ago that it is normal that European funds be halted in states with rule of law related problems. Have you discussed this topic with him? Sorin Grindeanu: It was not a discussion. I had a discussion with the First Vice - President Timmermans, an extremely constructive one, like the one two weeks ago, what we committed two weeks ago to sending to the European Commission, our request for European funds to renovate prisons too - we did it, discussions have also started on that working group regarding clarifications on CVM recommendations. Discussion with First Vice - President Timmermans was in fair parameters and two weeks ago, we both appreciated the way we cooperated, the Romanian Government with him and the European Commission in general. Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, you had several bilateral meetings now, at PES. About which of it can you detail...? Let us say Moscovici ..economy. Sorin Grindeanu: No, there were talks, and it is normal to be so, with the President Hollande, with Prime Minister of Italy, with the Czech Prime Minister, and with the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg and the Swedish Prime Minister. As aforementioned, there were talks on the bilateral agenda of our countries, with the Austrian Chancellor, and our views linked to European Commission's common policy. Over the next period, we will have bilateral meetings with each of these countries, with Italy, with Sweden, with all the others. Reporter: Can you tell us what did you discuss with the President of France, Francois Hollande, on that brief meeting? Sorin Grindeanu: There are issues related to discussions which perhaps are more informal many times but I can tell you that it was a discussion linked to the current state of affairs in Romania. I presented as I did each time, our situation. I appreciated the support given by France all these years and we want of course to strengthen our partnership with France. Reporter: One more question. You met today with the Austrian Chancellor. Can you tell us whether, during this meeting, the Austrian Chancellor asked about the activity of the Holzindustrie Schweighofer from Romania, considering that the Ministry of Waters and Forests announced it will very carefully supervise the activity of this group? As you know, it has problems internationally and if this was one of the meeting points? Sorin Grindeanu: No, we discussed in general. Austria is an important economic partner of our country and as you know, Austrian investment have an important share in the Romanian economy. Other thing matters: I have established together with the Austrian Chancellor that over the next period, we meet either in Vienna or Bucharest, and our diplomacies are about to established the agenda, and surely, then, we will approach the concrete points linked to the eventual situations that you mentioned. Reporter: You were talking about a common stand, Government, Presidency and Parliament. When did you consult, Prime Minister, the Parliament, regarding this stand? Sorin Grindeanu: I have seen statements in this respect. I apologize! Perhaps, I have said too much, but I have seen statements from the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies in the same line with the President's, mine or of the Government. Reporter: Will you intitiate as Government, alongside Presidency, a national consultation on a position to be adopted? You may therefore find the view of all parliamentary parties in this respect. Sorin Grindeanu: We can be part of it. I do not think this is the Government's role but we can be part of it. We had a meeting with Mr. President yesterday for a common position, and this dialogue is welcome, we have a common stand. Surely, if this debate is more clear, it is better. Government can be part of this debate. Reporter: Following these bilateral contacts, will you telephone Mr. President given that on the margins of the Council, it is important to know what you discussed. Sorin Grindeanu: I am sure we will have discussions in the following days too as conclusions we can draw following these meetings and especially as strategy we will need to pursue as country, in the line of what I have told you earlier. Thank you. 2017-03-09 00:00:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la emisiunea ”Probleme la zi”, moderată de Alexandra Andon, la Radio România ActualitățiȘtiri din 07.03.2017 16:48:00 Sorin Grindeanu, întrevederi cu înalți oficiali la Bruxelles Știri din 07.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu will pay a visit to Brussels, from March 8 to 9. He will have a series of meetings with senior European oficials, in the margin of the European Council summit . - During the meetings with European officials, I will reconfirm Romanian authorities' commitment for consolidation and reinvigoration of the European construction, especially in the perspective of the Rome Summit from March 25 this year. Romania is interested to actively take part in supporting a consolidated Union, based on cohesion, solidarity and in line with fundamental values, Prime Minister Grindeanu has stated. The Head of the Romanian Executive will have several meetings with European officials, among whom: Christian Kern, Chancellor of Austria, Stefan Lofven, Prime Minister of Sweden, Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Prime Minister Grindeanu will also participate in the meeting of the Party of European Socialists, organized for the preparation of the European Council. 2017-03-07 13:08:00ăsuri pentru creșterea gradului de colectare a taxelor și impozitelorȘtiri din 07.03.2017 the working meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Public Finance and ANAF, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has analyzed their proposals to increase the tax collection level and to improve the relationship between tax administration and the individual taxpayers and legal entities. An array of urgent measures with implementation deadline April 15, 2017 are considered, among which: Advising taxpayers to pay taxes on time and correctly fill in tax statements; Guiding taxpayers for accessing the phased payment of tax obligations, if they cannot pay on time their taxes. This solution allows some facilities such as: cancelling delay penalties in case of completing the payment phase-out; Extending - Private Virtual Space Service to legal entities and other entities without legal personality; More flexible account garnishing modality in case of taxpayers undergoing foreclosure, so that the amount blocked does not exceed the debt to ANAF; Initiation of control action in e-commerce; Intensified control with a view to identifying taxpayers with false invoices in the accounting records. It is also envisaged to improve the relationship between the Tax Administration and taxpayers by enforcing the regulations to be included in the new law on prevention, project now in an advanced stage of development within an interministerial working group. The purpose of the prevention law will be to prevent automatic enforcement of sanctions for contraventions, by drafting a compliance plan in order to provide a deadline for taxpayer to be able to correct the irregularities noticed and to comply with legal requirements. Another topic discussed at the working meeting today aimed at the situation of granting the bonus for risk and neuro-psychic overloading to antifraud personnel from the ANAF. ANAF President, Bogdan Nicolae Stan told the Prime Minister that the measure to reduce this bonus is strictly temporary. The Head of the Executive has expressed his support for the work of ANAF personnel and upon budget revision, the necessary funds will be allocated to resume payment of that bonus at the level of 25% of the basic salary. Ionut Misa, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Finance, and Bogdan Nicolae Stan, ANAF President have also attended the meeting at Victoria Palace. 2017-03-07 13:04:00 Petrescu, purtător de cuvânt al GuvernuluiȘtiri din 06.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has appointed today Ms. Alina Petrescu as State Advisor, Government Spokesperson. - I very much want transparency and real time communication to be two main attributes of the Cabinet I am leading. It is our responsibility to correctly inform the people about the measures which most of the time have a direct impact upon their lives. I trust Alina will know how to explain the Government's decisions and make the Government team's activity understood, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated. Alina Petrescu has an almost 15-year experience in journalism, she made her debut at TVR International channel, continuing for almost two-year at Euronews, and working for more than 10 years with the Antena 3 private broadcaster, where she had several TV shows. 2017-03-06 17:26:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la Forumul ”Piața imobiliară în 2017”Știri din 03.03.2017 by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu at the debate: - Real estate market in 2017 Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you. I will try to briefly present the measures we have taken to date, but I will focus on this area in the decisions we will make over the ensuing period, either in the Government or regarding certain draft laws which are currently in Parliament, and which target in my opinion, your field of activity. First of all, as general idea, I want this sector return where it was ten years ago. I may be wrong as exactitude, but the position that the real estate sector and the contructions sector had in what means the Romanian economy, was an important one. Through the measures we have taken, some are about to be adopted, we want to give impetus to this sector, and I will be as clear as possible in saying that the zero VAT draft law currently in Parliament, for the sale of dwellings for individuals is backed by the Government. If we talk with a financier, the way we all know these people who just sit and count pluses and minuses without seeing the side-effects, his first impression will be that we are going to register a significant minus in the state budget. If, on the contrary, we talk about the effects in a whole domain, which means an impetus on this market, specifically that we move to slash that deficit of around 1,000,000 new homes which we all need - it is one of the few things we can do right now in this field, which in my opinion, gives an impetus to the real estate market. The effects are to be seen from our point of view, surely in the second phase, including through bigger receipts. You have also talked about what - First home means. I have all data here. We speak about a guarantee ceiling of 2.67 billion lei -2.5 this year, the rest, the not spent ceiling of last year. I would remind you one thing, if Alex did not have time to tell it, namely, elimination of the transfer tax on property with value smaller than 450,000 lei. This is a measure already adopted and which I think it gives an impetus to this sector. Returning to what will perhaps be a debate, I have seen this debate has started, and I could hear the financiers' opinions, first of all in backing or not the zero VAT draft law, I tell you in the most frank way possible that we will follow the legal steps. When Parliament asks the Government's opinion, we will issue a positive opinion to this draft law which we back. We will notify the European Commission as you know there are regulations with different VAT, and there are certain rules which we need to observe. It is not a new thing. There are countries with a different VAT on various areas, therefore, we will observe these rules because we back this draft law exactly for what we said at the start of our discussion, namely boosting this extremely important sector for our economy, which we want it to return to that dynamics prior to 2009, 2008, perhaps even before that. This is a true engine for our economy. New jobs mean very many things which are pluses, even if on a first phase, as I told you, a financier sees only the minuses. I have a lot of data if needed, we will make it available to you. Statements by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu following his participation in the debate: - Real estate market in 2017 Reporter: There are rumors about losses of 900 million lei compared to last years' receipts? Sorin Grindeanu: No, I have asked them, and those from ANAF will send you, I wsa first interested in the measures that the Finance Ministry and the ANAF take for structural reform that I desire within ANAF so that the collection degree be that we proposed for 2017. Neither me nor my colleagues have any reason to be pessimistic. There are certain things that have come following the last year's measures and that have been reflected to a certain extent in January. In February, things have started to come back to normal, which means higher receipts than last year, but the underlaying problem is related to ANAF reform, ANAF priorities in the coming period. I discussed with Minister and the ANAF President under this form. During next week, until Tuesday, he will convey me the way he sees priorities in the short term- I will give you one example regarding what means taxation in two areas, last year and which impacted the start of this year. Things have declined considerably as receipts, taxes payment, in two senzitive areas. By the end of the year, they declined and impacted as aforementioned, in early 2017, namely on tobacco, and wood processing sectors. Some will be detailed - I do not want and it is not my role to enter into details on what has happened, what has to be done next. I am interested in everything ANAF means as a whole, I expect this project of action prioritization. We have discussed a lot about the ANAF human resource, the way people are coordinated in their tasks, priorities, what both I and the Finance Minister and the ANAF President expect to happen as priorities over the next period. The deadline for submiting this draft law is Tuesday. Futhermore, there are things we have discussed in connection with the legislative framework, certain of its improvements, and in the period ahead, the deadline is early April - I want all these items to be subject to public debates - but I repeat you, I have asked those from ANAF and those from the Finance Ministry to work on details. Reporter: After this draft law is presented, do you need to notify somehow the European Commission? Sorin Grindeanu: The draft law relative to...? Reporter: what you have discussed today. Sorin Grindeanu: Parliament should notify us, and surely, it will do so, asking our opinion. The procedure consists in notifying the European Commission and justifying why we back this slash. And then... Reporter: Would it be necessary to streamline...? Sorin Grindeanu: Alongside the European Commission, we will enter into certain procedures for us to be able to enforce this. Reporter: Prime Minister, do you have information about a possible Mitsubishi investment in Romania, in Timisoara? There was certain news in media about it. Sorin Grindeanu: I do not want to go into details. I do not know what information appeared in press, I want it to invest anywhere, not only in Timisoara. Reporter: Do you have information it might come? Sorin Grindeanu: I want anywhere a large investor, a multinational compamy finds favorable ground anywhere, be it in Timisoara or Vaslui, Iasi, Zimnicea, what matters is to invest in Romania, and our role of central and local authorities is to create the conducive framework for these large investors to come to invest in Romania. That is our role, in my opinion. In connection with punctual issues relative to certain investments, allow me not to answer, as I do not consider normal to do that until everything which means that investment becomes practically a reality - be it what you said, or other investment. Reporter: Are you affected in any way by these forecast incomes from first month and perhaps the second, the programme for government? Do you deem necessary to take compensatory measures somehow? Sorin Grindeanu: We will not divert from what we planned under any circumstance nor does it affect us. There are still sectors that can be better accessed and will be accessed. The measures we took will have secondary effects, and this is valid for what has been discussed a lot in the hall, namely zero VAT for dwellings construction for individuals. Even if it seems a minus in the VAT receipts in the first phase, if you calculate the secondary effects and the way the profile industry brings a plus, the effects are pluses even from this point of view. Reporter: Do you have a budgetary impact for VAT reduction at dwellings sale? Sorin Grindeanu: Those from Parliament should first clarify this and come up with a clear draft law. Not that it would not be at present, but being subject to public debates, we are waiting a form that is approaching what may be the final one, so that the plus or minus effects ....there will be pluses, the effects of the second round need to be considered too, the secondary effects of this measure. Reporter: The Finance Ministry and ANAF have presented new figures today regarding these losses? Sorin Grindeanu: In connection to losses from where? Reporter: From receipts. Sorin Grindeanu: I asked them to do that. It is not about figures. It is exactly what I have told you now, even if in February there was a surplus from 2016, we are interested in the structure matter and namely the ANAF reform, the priorities that the ANAF has and the legal framework the Public Finance Ministry will promote in this area, so that everything we promised, which measures have been adopted, can also have support and they currently have financial support. Thank you 2017-03-03 14:39:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la evenimentul de lansare în România a “Parteneriatului Global Opriți Violența Împotriva Copiilor” și a campaniei „Nu e normal să fie normal, violența împotriva copiilor este inacceptabilă”,derulate în parteneriat cu UNICEF în RomâniaȘtiri din 02.03.2017 Excellencies, Ambassadors, Ministers, Distinguished guests, The Government alongside UNICEF and other civil society organisations has launched today the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children. This partnership's goal is to end the abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence and torture against children. Romania commits to making a priority out of the reinforcement of the legislation and public policies in the fight against the violence that children are subjected to. Silence around violence against children is not the path to follow. Perhaps some of us do not want to talk about such topics. But you cannot run away from a reality which deeply impacts the society. Perhaps we cannot accept the fact that there are children, in Europe, in Romania, who are subjected to physical, verbal, emotional violence, abuses, trafficking and exploitation. There is a lot of suffering behind these words. Behind any word, there is a sad story of a suffering child whose future development will be affected. It depends on each of us whether we want to witness passively this tough reality or we are willing to make an effort and fight against the violence that children are subjected to. I want to say as clear as possible that violence against children must end. As Prime Minister, I call on state institutions, Ministries as well as authorities to participate in this effort, along with civil society organizations. More solidarity and cooperation are needed. I want us to upgrade the current legislation, to be more careful to the way in which we enforce law. I am sure that both the Government and the majority supporting this Cabinet in Parliament can make significant progress in this respect. Ladies and gentlemen, Violence against children is not only of physical nature, although this is one of the most visible and condemnable forms. A child is victim of violence even if subjected to emotional or psychological abuse, just not to mention about cases when children are victims of sexual abuse. Violence against a child is a combination of factors. It may also mean that children are neglected by their parents, exploited by family or those around them. An injury to a child is very difficult to repair. It may negatively impact the child's life. It is therefore very important to focus on prevention. It is not enough to identify cases of violence or abuse of any kind and apply penalties. I think it is equally important to deter violence and abuse. As father of two children, I confess I am worried that we are living in a society marked by violence, be it on the street, at home or on television. Like any parent, I want to protect my children, give them proper education and pursue their development. Ladies and gentlemen, There are worrying statistics: in 2016, there were more children - victims of violence than in 2015, when there had been more children victims of violence than in 2014. Specifically, every year, thousands children in Romania fall victims of one or more forms of violence. But official statistics conceal a more dramatic reality, because we must be aware that behind every reported case, there are many others that we do not know. As aforementioned, behind any figure, there is an awful story, the suffering of a child. The Romanian Government expresses today its commitment that, along with civil society organizations, it can end violence against children. As we need to recall the good things achieved in this respect, the National Child Protection and Adoption Authority (ANPDCA)may already share examples of good practice. For instance, the fact that Romania is one of the first countries in the region that banned institutionalization of children under three. At the same time, Romania is already committed to the fight against violence. The most recent proof is ratification of the European Council Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, which is effective from September 1, 2016. Transposition of this Convention into Romanian legislation and its implementation should concern us in the future. A good example is the Government's collaboration with UNICEF and local authorities in providing integrated community services for children and families in Bacau County. This project aims to prevent situations of social exclusion, school dropout, abuse and neglect of children. Communities become stronger through integration, involvement and collaboration. Ladies and gentlemen, The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children which has been launched today by the Romanian Government along with UNICEF and civil society organizations, aims to fight against abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence and torture to which children were subjected. Allow me to thank UNICEF and Ambassador Sandie Blanchet for involvement in the success of this project. I thank all civil society organizations working in this field. I call on Ministries and state institutions to get involved in such projects. Without a real collaboration between us, we cannot achieve progress. I wish that when it comes to our children, to speak of innocence, love and hope. Thank you! 2017-03-02 14:38:00 Sorin Grindeanu: Trebuie să ne creștem copiii într-un mediu sigur și lipsit de violențăȘtiri din 01.03.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu reaffirms Romania's commitment to fighting against violence on children by undertaking the role of champion within the - Global Partnership to End Violence against Children. At the same time, Prime Minister has expressed his support for the information and awareness raising campaign against violence, exploitation and abuse of children in society, unfolded in partnership with UNICEF in Romania. - It is our responsibility to take a stand against violence, exploitation and abuse, irrespective of the form they are taking. We need to raise our children in a safe environment, free of violence, securing their transition to normal adulthood, without the burden of any childhood traumas. The event of launching in Romania the - Global Partnership to End Violence against Children and the campaign Its not normal to be normal, violence against children is unacceptable will take place tomorrow at Victoria Palace, Transilvania Hall, from 9.30 am. 2017-03-01 12:48:00Întrevederea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu premierul Republicii Malta, Joseph MuscatȘtiri din 01.03.2017 Minister Sorin Mihai Grindeanu has had a meeting today, at Victoria Palace, with the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat. The Maltese official's visit to Romania is part of a tour in EU Member States, given that Malta is holding the Presidency of the EU Council in this semester. The Romanian side is represented by Foreign Affairs Minister, Teodor Melescanu and Minister Delegate for European Affairs, Ana Birchall, Cristian Badescu, Secretary of State in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and Marius Nica, State Advisor in the Romanian Government. Louis Grech, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for European Affairs, and George Vella, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ian Borg, Parliamentary Secretary for the EU Presidency 2017 and EU Funds, and Marlene Bonnici, Permanent Representative of Malta to the EU have participated in the meeting, on the part of Malta. The main topic adressed during discussions aimed at the agenda of priorities of the Maltese Presidency of the EU Council, with emphasis on debates on the future of Europe, migration management, importance of strengthening the Single Market, neighborhood policy, enlargement process, as well as preparation of negotiations on Brexit. Prime Minister Sorin Mihai Grindeanu has reiterated Romania'support for the Maltese Presidency's priorities and has reconfirmed Romanian authorities' commitment to consolidation and reinvigoration of European construction, especially in the perspective of the Rome Summit of March 25 this year. With respect to Brexit, the Romanian officials have reaffirmed Romania's firm commitment to promoting a constructive approach in negotiations and have underlined the need for a unitary position at EU level based on principles agreed regarding preservation of the internal market integrity and the rights of the European citizens in the Great Britain. In this context, the two officials have appreciated that the negotiations on UK's exit from EU, must not affect the process of reflection on the future of the European project, and not to divert the EU from meeting its objectives and political priorities. With regard to the debate on the EU future, it was underlined the common interest in an active involvement to support a consolidated Union, based on cohesion, solidarity, and in line with fundamental values. The Romanian side has mentioned the need for an inclusive approach, in the format of a dialogue open to all the Member States' participation. Regarding migration, the Romanian Prime Minister has reiterated the support for a common EU response, underlining the solidarity proven by Romania and its substantial contribution to EU efforts to manage migration. As regards the neighborhood policy, Romanian Prime Minister has showed the importance of extending a particular attention to eastern neighborhood and the efforts to consolidate the Eastern partners' resilience in parallel with demarches on the EU southern neighborhood. Both sides have underlined the state and the very good development of bilateral relations and they have showed a special interest in continuing to deepen the political dialogue, both at bilateral and European levels. During the meeting, the two countries' representatives have discussed also about the process to prepare the takeover of the EU Council Presidency, taking into account the fact that Romania will take over the Presidency in the first semester of 2019. The Romanian side has underlined that the EU Council Presidency represents a challenge for Romania that intends to have the best possible collaboration with the Member States to illustrate the European project in the most appropriate way possible. The Romanian Government is determined to supporting the European Union in its demarches to increase security and prosperity in the European regions. Also, other topic discussed concerns improving the European funds absorption by Romania. - Increasing the EU funds absorption is a priority of our programme for government, as essential instrument to support economic growth, the Romanian Prime Minister has stated. 2017-03-01 12:35:00 Grindeanu: Ne preocupă îmbunătățirea managementului companiilor cu capital de statȘtiri din 28.02.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met at Victoria Palace, with a delegation of the Proprietatea Fund, led by Grzegorz Konieczny, CEO of FTIML Bucharest (Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited United Kingdom) and portfolio manager of Proprietatea Fund. During the meeting, the Proprietatea Fund representatives have reviewed the progress achieved in implementing the corporate governance standards to companies listed on the stock exchange, and they have welcomed the Romanian authorities' efforts to improve the corporate management of companies with state capital. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has underlined his preoccupation with improving the management of companies with state capital both in terms of a more efficient capitalization of public resources, and the contribution that streamlining corporate governance will have on Romania's economy: - The investors' confidence is a good indicator of the health of the economy, and implementing some clear principles of corporate governance in state companies will be an essential element for boosting the confidence of the business sector's representatives, the Head of the Executive has stated. State Advisor Marius Nica has also attended the meeting. 2017-02-28 13:41:00 premierului Sorin Grindeanu la prezentarea Raportului privind activitatea desfășurată de Ministerul Apărării Naționale în anul 2016Știri din 28.02.2017 Grindeanu: President of Romania, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Senators and Deputies, Ministers, Generals and Admirals, Officers, NCOs, civilian personnel, distinguished guests, I am very honored to attend the presentation of your institution's activity report, an institution which validates a standard of excellence in our society and which fulfills in an exemplary way, with dedication and professionalism, its misions, in a complex security environment. The strategic situation of our region is today even more important in the context of developments in the extended Black Sea region. The current geopolitical context is by far the most complicated in recent years. On the one hand, the annexation of Crimea was three years ago a serious infringement of international law and a major challenge to Euro-Atlantic security. On the other hand, the Middle East and North Africa region is characterized by an intensification of instability and terrorism. The Islamic State has become a threat for the whole region and has showed, unfortunately, its potential to affect including the European countries. In this tense security environment in which we encounter a worrying combination of increasingly complex risks and threats, defence matters and has become increasingly important in the national security equation. An important pillar of defence priorities construction is found in the Government Programme 2017-2020, which identifies as basic defence directions: participation in the collective allied defense within NATO and EU, participation in missions and operations under the aegis of international organizations, national defence capacity building or strengthening strategic partnerships, especially with the United States. I would like to reaffirm the Government's firm commitment to attaining the defence policy objectives and for a successful modernization and consolidation of Romanian Armed Forces. We firmly support the objectives aimed at strenghtening the national defence capacity, transformation, modernization and appropriate equipping of the Romanian Armed Forces, development of capacities for efficient countering of asymmetric and hybrid threats, intensification of the security dimension of strategic partnerships, respectively of the strategic partnership with the United States, through consolidation of cooperation in the military field, including on national soil and in the Black Sea area, increased interoperability with the allied and partner forces within NATO and intensification of participation in missions and operations in the areas of strategic interest for Romania. We understood from the outset that our seriousness and credibility must be based on adequate resources. The current Government turned defence into a priority area of the state budget for 2017, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 6 from 2017, the state budget law for this year. The defence budget provides, according to the undertaken commitment, the allocation of 2 percent of GDP, and according to the Programme for Government, maintaining this level of allocation is envisaged for 2018 -2020. Therefore, I hold the belief that this budget ensures a solid ground for speeding up the Romanian Army's modernization. The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has recently congratulated Romania for this major achievement. I would like to underline here that the equipping programmes you envisage, require the identification and implementation of some legislative mechanisms to ensure the intensification of cooperation and involvement of the defence industry's economic operators in achieving the military products. Distinguished audience, Coherence and credibility are two key words, with a special significance that the Romanian Army has constantly proven. It is very important for your efforts to be oriented towards promoting the national strategic interests at NATO and EU level, as well as towards ensuring regional stability in the Eastern neighborhood, and implementing EU global strategy in the field of security and defence. NATO is undergoing a process of strategic adaptation in which collective defence becomes again pre-eminent, as fundamental task of the Alliance. After the Wales and Warsaw Summits, we have witnessed the most important consolidation of collective defence since the fall of the Iron Curtain. It was therefore necessary to re-evaluate the priorities on the Eastern flank of the Alliance, reconfiguring our own forces, expanding military training and planning better and in a more adapted way procurement and endowment. Therefore, we are a serious ally in NATO. You should further pursue the efficient implementation of decisions adopted at Warsaw Summit, in the perspective of the meeting of the Heads of Allied state and Government to be held in late May, by advancing decisions pertaining to adapted advanced allied presence in our area. The new security and defence challenges to EU- the Ukrainian crisis, migration crisis, amplification of the terrorist phenomenon, Brexit -triggered accentuated debates on the common security and defence policy development. In this context, each Member State's contribution to the development of the EU security and defence mission is essential. Distinguished audience, Today, I would like us to honor our military who serve the country with unwavering dedication and patriotism. We are grateful for their proven professionalism and the exemplary way they do their duty home or abroad, in theaters of operations, in Afghanistan, the Balkans and Africa. You are a pillar of stability through the high public confidence enjoyed by army in our society. Our armed forces, by successful fulfillment of commitments in the organizations Romania is a member of, by undertaking responsibilities for the protection and defence of national territory and by participation in regional initiatives to ensure a climate of stability in the Black Sea area, by all these, I am sure that they contribute to reassuring our citizens that they can have full confidence in the army. These achievements are due, primarily, to the extraordinary human resource of the military institution. Therefore, I firmly believe that better quality of life and improved remuneration of the staff in professional equity conditions should be among this year's priorities. Finally, allow me to thank the entire personnel of the Ministry of National Defence, military and civil one, for their abnegation, efforts and sacrifices! We have a difficult year ahead also from the perspective of sometimes unpredictable developments but also of the already undertaken commitments which we need to honor. As uncertainties of the international environment are growing, the Romanian Army must be more adaptable. Therefore, the development of your institution should continue. I wish you success and I assure you of the Governments unconditional support! Thank you! 2017-02-28 13:11:00 Sorin Grindeanu s-a întâlnit cu o delegație a consorțiului format din ExxonMobil şi OMV PetromȘtiri din 27.02.2017, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met at Victoria Palace with a delegation of a consortium comprised of ExxonMobil and OMVPetrom, led by the ExxonMobil Development Company Vice-President, David Cochrane, and the CEO of the OMV Petrom, Mariana Gheorghe. During the meeting, the representatives of the two companies have presented the project of drilling natural gas resources to great depth, in the prospect of the final investment decision. The Head of the Executive has showed the Government's openness and support for capitalizing on energy resources in sustainable and competitive conditions, taking also into account the Government's commitments to guaranteeing energy security. - Investors have in the governmental team a serious partner that understands its responsabilities: ensuring stability and legislative predictibility and fair taxation for both the economic environment and the state budget, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has stated. In this context, Prime Minister has proposed the setting up of an interministerial team to secure the necessary technical support for the new energy projects with development potential on the Romanian side of the Black Sea. The Economy Minister, Mihai Tudose has showed that projects of the scope of the one presented by ExxonMobil and OMV Petrom can contribute to turning Romania into a regional industrial hub for offshore projects. Also, the Government and the two companies representatives have further discussed about energy opportunities in the short, medium and long run, in the context of global challenges. Secretary - General of the Government, Mihai Busuioc, Secretary of State in the Public Finance Ministry, Ionut Mișa, State Advisor Marius Nica and the Chairperson of Transgaz Board, Ion Sterian have also attended the meeting. 2017-02-27 14:52:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la preluarea mandatului de către noul ministru al Economiei, Mihai Tudose Știri din 23.02.2017 by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and Ministers of Economy and SMEs, Mihai Tudose and Alexandru Petrescu Sorin Grindeanu: I congratulate Minister Tudose and also Minister Petrescu. There are two extremely important fields for Romania, both the Economy and the Ministry for SMEs. There are things that are already laid down in the programme for govenment both at the Economy Ministry and at the SMEs Ministry. There are many other things to accomplish too. I trust these two colleagues. I am sure that the priorities of the two Ministries will be put in practice in an alert pace. There are Ministries with close profile, if you want. I want for the Economy Ministry that you start, Mr. Minister, with revitalisation of the Defence Ministry. The budget which has already been approved, as you know, 2 percent from GDP earmarked for Defence. I want the largest part of this amount be spent in Romania, so that we can help the national defence industry. I would remind that one of the fields you coordinate, and you, Minister Petrescu, you have done this to date, but on short term, in addition to start - up measure and all the measures you have already adopted, I am interested in you achieving fast the draft prevention law. You coordinate this interministerial group. It is necessary, I want you to work with priority on the Prevention Bill and surely, on all measures we have in the programme for government, yes? Alexandru Petrescu: Yes, this is true. Sorin Grindeanu: Minister. Mihai Tudose: Mr. Prime Minister, to answer to what you said, next week, we have already established a meeting with the Minister of Defence to agree on the Romanian Army's needs, and the production capacity of the Romanian defence industry. Also, in the shortest time possible, we will present an analysis of the situation and a plan of measures so that based on two giants of the Romanian economy, Transgaz and Transelectrica, we try to turn Romania into an energy hub in Balkans, it is a pity that we do not use our resources. We will act according to the programme for government in everything what means the non-energy mining ore for the superior capitalization of ore in Romania, so that we do not export anymore copper ore, but we try to produce copper plates, a finished product. It is valid for other fields, other fields of ore, up to the natural resource - the water, which is very important. We have the richest resource of mineral water in Europe, and we do not know to properly use it. As aforementioned, alongside the SMEs, we will act in the competitiveness field, because we have a problem here indeed, if we want to conquer the external markets. And among priorities, although we cannot make a hierachy among them, they will be pursued simulatenously, there are the problems we have with mines closure, hard days are ahead of us even at European level, facing a lot of pressure to close them. Let us not forget Oltchim, and other similar situations where things should be successfully completed, from both the economic and the social standpoint, as there are thousands of people with jobs there. Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you. Alexandru Petrescu: Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. As you may know, I come from the business sector, where the SMEs represent up to 99 percent, there are stringent problems and I would outline only the difficult access to funding, an insufficient development of the export culture by Romanian companies, placing them in a position to hardly enter the external markets. Obviously, we have the - start up nation programme, 10,000 companies, 20,000 jobs per year. It is particularly important also from the perspective of the negative trend: setting up versus deregistration. It is a programme central to the chapter on SMEs of the programme for government, and alike in the past portfolio, I will particularly focus my attention on materializing this programme. Strenghtening the economic diplomacy is also very important. I will seek to streamline and improve the activity of the entire network of commercial attaches and our representatives in Romanian Embassies abroad and surely, as you have mentioned, the fast adoption in as transparent and objective way possible of the prevention law and creation alongside with the business environment, of a fiscal legislative framework which should not be adverse to business environment, but on the contrary, be predictable and flexible. Thank you very much. Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you. I wish you good luck. Reporter: You had some face to face moments with President Klaus Iohannis at Cotroceni. Did you have a special topic of discussion? Sorin Grindeanu: No, he only wished success to the team in its new format. Thank you. 2017-02-23 18:22:00 de presăȘtiri din 23.02.2017 Minister Sorin Mihai Grindeanu has sent to the President of Romania, Klaus Werner Iohannis, proposals for nomination to fill four porfolios in the Government: Tudorel Toader - Minister of Justice Rovana Plumb - Minister -delegate for European Funds, Mihai Tudose - Minister of Economy Alexandru Petrescu - Minister for Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship Proposals have been made in compliance with provisions of article 85, paragraph 2 and article 106 of the Constitution of Romania, republished as well as with those of article 7 and article 10 of Law 90/2001 on the organization and functioning of the Romanian Government and Ministries, with further amendments and additions. 2017-02-23 08:44:00 Personalul nedidactic din învățământ va beneficia de majorări salariale Știri din 22.02.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu, Minister of National Education, Pavel Nastase and representatives of education trade unions have discussed today about the Government's proposal to increase the salaries of the non-teaching personnel in education. - I respect the work and contribution of every member of the educational staff. I have full openness towards finding fast solutions to the problems related to wages of the non-teaching personnel in education and to redress this injustice done to nearly 53,000 people in education the Head of the Executive has stated. The Government will promote an Emergency Ordinance on tomorrow's meeting, with a view to solving the problems emerged in the pay of the non-teaching staff from pre-university and university education. The envisaged solution aims at position in the grid, according to seniority, of this personnel category's wages, and the measure will be enforced as of February 2017. Thus, according to the new salary grid, the rights of the non-teaching staff in education will range between the minimum wage per economy, respectively 1.450 lei and 1947 lei. Other topic of today's discussion aims at the situation of salary increases for the educational personnel. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and the Minister of National Education Pavel Nastase have underlined that the Executive considers this situation that has been dragging on for longer time, and they have all openness and strive to resolve it. Also, the Cabinet members and the educational trade unions representatives have discussed about promoting a new National Education draft law by the end of the year. In this context, Prime Minister Grindeanu has showed that the new draft law will result following an extensive consultation with the academic environment, civil society, trade unions, employers, political parties and all interested parties. . 2017-02-22 12:22:00Întâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu ambasadorul Regatului Țărilor de JosȘtiri din 21.02.2017, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has received H.E. Ms. Stella Ronner-Grubačić, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, on a courtesy visit at Victoria Palace. During the meeting, the state of bilateral cooperation at all levels between Romania and Netherlands has been assessed, and EU and NATO partnership has been reaffirmed. H.E. Ms. Stella Ronner-Grubačić, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has appreciated the excellent economic relations between the two countries, showing that they will continue to develop. In this context, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has affirmed his support for facilitating sectoral dialogue as an important component of the economic cooperation development. 2017-02-21 18:48:00ții susținute de premierul Sorin Grindeanu, după vizita de lucru de la Ministerul Educației NaționaleȘtiri din 21.02.2017 Grindeanu: I had a first discussion with Minister on applied topics. First of all, I will hold discussions tomorrow with trade unions, on the non-teaching personnel pay. You very well know that those increases that the Parliament passed, of 15 percent for the didactic personnel, have not been applied to the non-didactic personnel and tomorrow, I will have a discussion, together with Minister, with trade unions, especially on this topic. We have talked for a long time about what Minister wants, and also to come up with a new draft law of education in the near future. We talked about infrastructure, because as you well know, there are 2,000 schools at present, without functioning permit. The money for the rehabilitation of these schools has been allocated to the Development Ministry, it will be achieved this year, it is a first priority. In case of 2.500 kindergartens and nurseries, we are speaking about multiannual programmes until 2020. These were the discussions. Reporter: A political question. Sorin Grindeanu: Political? Reporter: Former Prime Minister Victor Ponta was critical of the current Cabinet. He said that the ordinance to amend the Criminal Code was not entirely assumed by the Executive, the blame was put on Mr. Iordache, the urgency was not justified because the very ordinance text stipulated a ten -day deadline for its coming into force. Sorin Grindeanu: Politically, Mr. Ponta had or has today the right to vote or not the two ordinances which to my knowledge are at the Chamber of Deputies. He is a member of the Chamber of Deputies, therefore, he will express... Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, you made a tour of Ministries. Sorin Grindeanu: No, of only three Ministries. Reporter: Three Ministries, yes. Did it happen something at these Ministries? Why did you feel the need to leave the Government to make these visits? Sorin Grindeanu: No, I will go everywhere. I visited other Ministries as well, as you recall, I will visit almost all of them, because I want to know exactly the situation of all Ministries. Reporter: Did you request this on the Government meeting? Sorin Grindeanu: We have been speaking already for one and a half month, everyone got accustomed to the post of Minister, they know what they want to do in the short term and how to implement it. The deadline for the first trimester will be the end of March, and we need to know if all things have been implemented as far as the Programme for Government is concerned. Thank you. 2017-02-21 15:58:00ții susținute de premierul Sorin Grindeanu, după vizita de lucru efectuată la Ministerul TransporturilorȘtiri din 21.02.2017 15:49:00ții susținute de premierul Sorin Grindeanu, după vizita de lucru efectuată la Ministerul SănătățiiȘtiri din 21.02.2017 Grindeanu: I discussed about Health Ministry's future priorities, about what we need to further do, according to the programme for government, the situation the Minister found here, the solutions on various components, about investments, about what means agreements with the World Bank and the European Bank for Investment, so that these amounts - investments, the budget which is bigger than last year's in healthcare, be spent according to priorities laid down in the programme for government. Reporter: What are the priorities? Which are the most important three points which should be currently pursued on healthcare? Sorin Grindeanu: Investments - as I told you - we speak about that agreement with the World Bank of 250 million, which is extremely important for us, regional hospitals, stipulated in the programme for government, and first of all, we are speaking about the three of the agreement with the World Bank and of course, everything what means the other problem, the problem of medicines. It was presented to a large extent. Surely, Minister will give details, and what he wants to do, as strategy, in the immediately following period, and which are the long term solutions, the current state of affairs found at the Ministry - because things are not very simple at the Ministry of Health and certain problems which urgently need to be resolved, have been dragging on for one year. Reporter: What are the problems? A negative thing that Minister has presented to you? Sorin Grindeanu: I have just told you that there are many which ... Reporter: The most important! Sorin Grindeanu: I give you one example: the lack of certain medicines. The Health Ministry has been notified, if I am not wrong, as of last January.. Florian Bodog, Health Minister: In January, the ANM(National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices) notified the Ministry. Sorin Grindeanu: ..on the lack of some medicines. No measure has been taken. All procedures have been initiated, so that what all you signaled, on certain components, be redressed. To me, it seems the most serious situation. Reporter: Including for rare diseases? Florian Bodog: Yes, including for rare diseases. There are medicines which have not been introduced to market, and for which, we have currently initiated the procedure. You very well know that the state budget earmarks money for rare diseases. Reporter: Especially to children who do not currently benefit from powdered milk which should be on the market... Florian Bodog: These are programs of the Health Ministry and...But speaking about rare diseases, to date, there have not been budgeted all cases of rare diseases. Currently, we have tried to cover all rare diseases.. Reporter: Parents are paying out of their pockets, they do not benefit from legal provisions, of this subsidy. Florian Bodog: I do not have such information Reporter: Given that Romania buys medicines at the smallest price in Europe, and we all know that there is shortage of medicines from pharmacies and hospitals, is indeed a solution the decrease in price by 35 percent all at once? Sorin Grindeanu: I know the problem, I have pursued it. It was a public debate at the Ministry of Health, as you know, one week or ten days ago. All these - the price will be decided and in accordance to what we proposed, the programme for government but also with producers and associations of patients. I know that including the associations of patients attended that public debate. In the immediately following period, Minister - the Ministry, will finally come up with a solution so as not to face the situation you mentioned. Reporter: Why don't you give up the intention to cut the price at medicines by 35 percent once? Therefore, wouldn't be a better solution to cut gradually the price? Sorin Grindeanu: I understand what you are saying. I underline what I said earlier: that everything that the Health Ministry will decide, will be in agreement with the associations of patients and the producers. We do not want to reach the situation in which, on certain components, we have market distortions, but that will enter .. Reporter: Medicines have already started disappearing. Sorin Grindeanu: I know. That will be an issue on which, on short term, we will come up with solutions - I repeat: through dialogue with both producers and the associations of patients. Reporter: The site - has become operational, anyone can signal there the lack of a medicine. People can get an answer in seven days. After January 10, nobody answered anybody on that site. Sorin Grindeanu: I will answer with a question, regarding what I said earlier, some 2-3 minutes ago: perhaps, relations were very good, but solutions, with respect to the notifications of the Health Ministry for one year on lack of medicines, solutions to resolve these shortages lacked. Minister will give you details on all these things: when notifications appeared, when they were made, why the Health Ministry has not taken any measure for one year, what he has done since he became Minister, what he should do next, to avoid situations of this type. Reporter: In connection with the vaccines, what are we doing? When is the problem to be resolved? Sorin Grindeanu: There were initiated.. Florian Bodog: In connection with vaccines, it is under signature's procedure - as I told you, for the quadrivalent vaccine. For hexavalent vaccine, we did not receive the notice CFP - Preventive Financial Control - because the procedure was improperly conducted, which is why we started today, we could not start off without budget, a new short procedure, to acquire the hexavalent vaccine, and we are still looking for solutions for hepatitis B vaccine. Novelty: our government and the Ministry of Health will introduce a new vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine for children. Reporter: What does it take until hexavalent reaches the general practitioners' cabinets? It misses more than four months, and parents are desperate, they started to buy the vaccine from abroad. Florian Bodog: I had meetings both with specialists from the Ministry of Health and with the manufacturing company, and in March, the vaccine will be on the market, distributed through public health departments. Sorin Grindeanu: Thank you! Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, will be the increases be cut, doctors are disatisfied. What can you tell us? Sorin Grindeanu: The pay level...we discussed about the pay level with Mr. Minister. He presented me the situation. We said this on last week's Executive meeting: all these distortions are not only in healthcare, we are confronted with such situations in education too, and in other state sectors. The unitary pay law will resolve such distortions, they should be regulated. We had a special discussion. The Health Ministry is part of the interministerial committee that is working on the unitary pay law. Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, a reshuffle is reportedly being prepared? What do you say about this information circulating in the public space? Sorin Grindeanu: There are two vacant posts, or they are occupied by interim persons. We have talked about this lately. Reporter: When do you announce the Justice Minister? Sorin Grindeanu: Tomorrow. 2017-02-21 13:07:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la emisiunea „Sinteza zilei”, realizată de Mihai Gâdea, la postul de televiziune Antena 3Știri din 20.02.2017 22:00:00Întâlnirea premierului Sorin Grindeanu cu Yun Byung-se, ministrul afacerilor externe al Republicii CoreeaȘtiri din 20.02.2017 Minister Sorin Grindeanu has received today, at Victoria Palace, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Yun Byung - se, currently on a official visit in Romania. The two officials have appreciated the Strategic Partnership linking Romania and Republic of Korea, whilst expressing their willingness to further develop bilateral relations, especially in the economic and commercial fields. Also, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has underlined that intensification of political dialogue is an important way of boosting bilateral cooperation. During the discussions, Romanian Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea have remarked on the areas with significant potential in cooperation development, Among them, there are the following: transports(transport infrastructure), energy (energy storage systems and smart grids), healthcare(medical infrastructure) and IT and C. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea has outlined the late ascendant trend of cooperation in tourism, showing there is further development potential in this field. 2017-02-20 21:19:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la cea de a XX-a sesiune ordinară, cu caracter jubiliar, a Adunării generale a Asociației Comunelor din RomâniaȘtiri din 20.02.2017 by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu at the General Assembly of the Association of Romania's Communes Sorin Grindeanu: Mayors, distinguished guests, I am particularly glad and honored to attend the General Assembly of the Association of Communes in Romania. I know that this year, you celebrate 20 years, as President Draghici said, since establishment. I wish you happy anniversary! Lots of work power as to date! I would like to add something: 20 years passed, 20 years in which many things happened, but 47 percent of Romania's population are still living in rural areas. Almost 80 percent of the territory and more than 80 percent of Romania's territory is administered by you, by communes. Very many things have changed, but as president Dragnea furtehr said many times, it is as if there are two Romania: an urban Romania and a rural Romania. The differences between rural and urban are increasingly bigger. There are Romanians living after Western standards, but also Romanians who do not have water facilities, roads with asphalt, andbut we continue to have Romanians who have no water and sewerage, no asphalt, the education system falls short. We need to be realistic and sincere in everything we are saying, and we need to offer young people this chance in life, irrespective of their place of birth. I am very much aware of all these things, as I worked in the local public administration. I was deputy mayor for four years, six months - county council president. Very many times these weeks, I wished to still have been among you, but at the same time, I tell you that we need to make these changes. Earlier, it was said what PNDL(National Programme for Local Development) 2 stands for, I am sure that madam Sevil Shhaideh will explain it to you, will further tell you in a detailed manner what we have in the programme for government and all we want for the years to come. Everything which has been said about the Administrative Code, the Tax Code, are essential things that we need to do over the next period. The advisors prepared a draft speech for me, therefore, I need to follow it, yet, I was thinking of the time when I held the office of deputy mayor and if I were to meet the Prime Minister, what I would tell him? What would be my reasons of discontent, and which I would have conveyed, and trying to transpose in this period. I would have thought to tell him and I am sure that situation did not change, that one needs to make too many visits to Bucharest. Further on, everything which means projects for local communities, means too much bureacraucy, many hours and days you waste to go through these stages, not speaking about what follows after you submit these projects. Then, one has to wait after legal opinions very much. Each of us want for the communities we are leading, to do what we promised people through projects. But these things hould happen in a much alert pace. We do not do them for the mayor, we do them for communities, people who want, especially in rural areas, to reach the standards mentioned at the beginning of our discussion or my speech. Back then, I would have told the Prime Minister as I think you also tell him that we need funds, we need money to finance everything we aim at. I want to tell you that all these are laid down in the budget which was finally promulgated, later, I know that now, it will follow the approval of budgets at county councils, and then, they come to you. We are late enough, and you know things better than me, we have this budget finally promulgated, this budget attaches special attention to local communities, a budget funding, in addition to PNDL, everything we told in the electoral campaign. There are items caught in the budget we proposed to Parliament, and which was approved. This is why, in the years to come, everything we proposed, the five thousands new projects on PNDL are important, just to give one example. I am telling you something. When going in the countryside, in the electoral campaign, irrespective of the political color of the mayor, the best functioning programme was PNDL, which should work further on, and second phase PNDL 2 will work too, we will launch it this spring. You would have told Prime Minister to talk and call on all Ministers and Secretaries of State to receive the mayors and talk to them, as the mayors know best the realitieson the ground, they are directly in touch with the citizens. It is good to talk to people and take the pulse. Some of my Cabinet members are here. I said it in a form I would have said it if I were deputy mayor or Prime Minister. I am sure that each of them will do this. Please draw my attention if I do not do it. Moreover, I will have a State Advisor who will deal solely with local communities and their problems, so that the connection between Government and you be a close one. I am waiting for you at the Government headquarters. Things other than protests are happening at Victoria Palace. Please, come at Vctoria Palace. We further work, we want to enforce the programme for government, but we can achieve these only through a dialogue with you, with the locally elected, with everything that means openness towards Local Public Administration. Yes, we will have the unitary pay law. We have achieved certain things, not few, in these six months since taking office. Most of them impact everyday life of Romanians. In addition to what has been said there, rise in wages in the Local Public Administration, rise in pensions, in the minimum salary, etc. Very importantly what was recalled a bit earlier, namely through the unitary pay law, the level of mayors' pay be exactly the one deserved. Let me give you one example. You should know that in the Timis County Council, I did not have the biggest salary as president of the Council, it was the fifteenth or twentieh salary in the salary ranking. These are not normal things. The same in Ministries. The salary should be in accordance with the responsibility of each of us. I want to tell you that other decision is important too, namely the fact that the state budget took over the payments for caregivers for persons with disabilities, which means as you know that the 10 percent you are paying, are takenover by us. We should also recall that. Also the possibility to enlarge the organizational chart does exist, and it is approved to enlarge charts where the population grew, and to maintain the current number of posts where population decreased, or it is like in 2014. It is an extremely important thing. President Draghici mentioned an initiative of Alin Nica. Emil Draghici: It is at the Commission he is a member of, and it is the initiative of the regions to come up, although it was accepted, to organize this activity in Romania. This is why I know you were contacted in your capacity as president of the County Council. Sorin Grindeanu: Former President, and former member in the Committee of regions. We will support as Government, this initiative, it is extremely important for us. I believe and I conclude by telling that Romania needs decentralisation. We as country cannot go on in two parties: urban and rural Romania. By what we intend to achieve through our programme for Government, in the years to come, we aim at reducing this gap betweeb rural and urban areas. I conclude by telling you that we wait for your projects, projects coming from local communities. We have the funding sources. I wish you good luck. 2017-02-20 14:47:00 Sorin Grindeanu a participat la emisiunea „Realitatea românească”, cu Octavian Hoandră, la postul de televiziune Realitatea TVȘtiri din 19.02.2017 12:26:00