Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila at the beginning of the Cabinet meeting

18 September

Viorica Dancila: Good afternoon! As you know, Romania hosted these days the Three Seas Initiative Summit, an important international meeting and a good opportunity to promote the national economic interests. The Romanian Government showed openness, a constructive attitude, and prepared on time strategic projects to turn to good account this opportunity. At the Government level, I selected six priority projects in three key areas aimed by the Three Seas Initiative Summit, namely: transports, energy and digital. The projects were adopted through memorandums, on the Cabinet meeting of August 23. There are three interconnection projects between the 12 states in the digital areas, which aims at creating three smart digital platforms for the timely monitoring of the hydrographic basins water in the Three Seas Initiative Region for trading transport and logistics services in the energy storage area too. In the field of transports, two projects were put forward by Romania, projects aiming at the Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan of the Danube and its navigable tributaries, and the modernization and development of the Gdansk - Constanţa railway route. In the field of energy, Romania's interest is to promote the BRUA project development. Furthermore, during last week's meeting, we decided Romania’s participation as a founding member through EximBank to the Investment Fund "Initiative of the Three Seas", which will allow us to provide financing for the large projects that our country is part of . I have recalled all these efforts to highlight the serious and responsible way in which the Government prepared the participation in this summit. Unfortunately, I cannot but notice that this international meeting is politicized in a way wholly devoid of responsibility and ethics. Accumulation of electoral capital should not take precedence over Romania's economic interests. It is regrettable that such events and state institutions are being used in political games, events that should promote Romania and not have personal stakes, events which are often used to the detriment of Romania's public interests, generating image costs for our country. This is why I am looking forward that the organizers of this important event channel their energies in involving all institutions and bringing together of all who have the leverages to promote Romania’s interests so that we can show unity in front of international partners. As Prime Minister, I assure you that the Romanian Government will not be diverted from its mission of working for the good of Romanians, implementing the programme for government. The Constitutional Court of Romania endorsed the process of redefinition of the family and the revision of the Constitution. At this moment, all the legal conditions for holding a referendum on this issue are met. According to the law, the Government is obliged to organize this referendum, for which more than three million citizens signed. On today’s meeting, an extraordinary meeting, we will adopt the documents required for a good unfolding of the referendum to revise the Constitution in the form passed by Parliament. For citizens to have the possibility to express their options on family definition in the Romanian Constitution, the referendum will be held in two days, October 6 and 7, 2018 respectively. The referendum for the family redefinition is not directed against sexual minorities as some have speculated. The referendum for redifining family is the result of a citizen’s endeavour, and the political parties must respect the citizens’ willingness.

Instead of the appeals to boycotting this referendum, it would be more honest if the parties took a clear stance on the theme proposed for this referendum. The party I represent has decided to support this referendum, and this open, assumed stance, I think, is the most appropriate answer to an important topic like family. I also call on all the institutions involved in the organization of the referendum to show the utmost responsibility and to urgently start the actions for holding this referendum. I refer here both to the technical and organizational preparations, as well as to ensuring the necessary amounts for this national public consultation. At the end of the Cabinet meeting, the Spokesperson will detail the normative acts adopted on today's meeting. Thank you!

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