The Government has decided to set up the Ministry for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue

19 Nov 2015




The Ministry for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue will be established and will operate as a specialized body of central public administration with a view to setting up and promoting a rigorous framework of public consultations with civil society, established the Emergency Ordinance adopted today by the Government. The legislative act includes a series of reorganization measures at central government level, in line with the Decision and Parliament's vote on investiture the of the current Cabinet.

The organization, functioning and powers of the Ministry for Public Consultation will be adopted by Government Decision within 30 days of the entry into force of the Emergency Ordinance adopted today. The new Ministry will be financed from the state budget, the Minister having the authorizing officer capacity. For 2015, the funding for Public Consultation Ministry will be provided from the Budget Reserve Fund available to the Government. The staff of the new Ministry will be remunerated at the level of the Secretariat General of the Government.

The powers of the Vice Prime Ministers, other than of the specific Ministries they lead will be determined by the Prime Minister’s decision.

The legislative act also provides for the establishment of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Relations with the Business Environment by taking over the activities of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Tourism, which is dissolved, and the activities and structures in the field of small and medium sized enterprises and business environment, from Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Environment.

The Ministry of Energy will be established by reorganizing the Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Environment, which is dissolved.

Ministry of Education and Scientific Research will be called the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research, and the Ministry for Information Society will be named the Ministry of Communications and for Information Society.

The legislative act maintains the provision according to which the Prime Minister Chancellery is "structure without legal personality, reporting directly to the Prime Minister, funded through the budget of the Secretariat General of the Government, led by the Head of the Chancellery with the rank of Minister, appointed and dismissed by Decision of the Prime Minister. Within the PM Chancellery, there operates one or more Secretaries of State and State Advisors appointed or dismissed by the Prime Minister’s Decision ". The novelty introduced by this legislative act is that the Director of Prime Minister's Office, with the rank of Secretary of State, will operate within the PM Chancellery’ structure.

Within 30 days of the entry into force of the Emergency Ordinance, the Ministries whose name and structures were changed, will subject to Government’s approval, decisions for the organization and functioning of these institutions.

Taking over the personnel in the reorganized Ministries will be done without exceeding the maximum number of posts approved.

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