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To contact the Press Office, please email:

The accreditation of the media representatives to the Romanian Government headquarters can be permanent or temporary***.


Permanent accreditation

The journalists with permanent accreditation are informed, via SMS and e-mail, about the Prime Minister's schedule and the activities taking place at the Government headquarters, and have access to the events held at the Victoria Palace, based on the accreditation badge.

In order to obtain permanent accreditation to the Government of Romania for the current year, the journalists should send to the Communication and Media Relations Directorate, the completed forms of the accreditation application, and of the Personal Data Processing Agreement which can be downloaded from the Government's website.

The application will be accompanied, for compliance purposes, by an ID badge photo in electronic format, a copy of the press card and a copy of the ID card.

Permanent accreditations are granted as follows:

  • For 3 editors and 2 photojournalists of the central press / online press 
  • For 1 editor and 1 photojournalist of the local print media
  • For 3 editors and 8 operators and technicians of the radio and television stations
  • For 3 editors and 3 photojournalists of news agencies 

The accreditation badge is handed over to the journalist upon arrival at the Government headquarters, and can be used by the respective journalist only on the Government premises.

The media outlets should notify the Communication and Media Relations Directorate in writing if they wish to withdraw the accreditation of a journalist or in case of termination of the employment contract of an accredited journalist with the editorial office on whose behalf, the journalist obtained accreditation to the Victoria Palace.

Permanent accreditation is valid until the end of the current year.

Permanent accreditation implies frequent participation of journalists in the activities taking place at the Government headquarters. Media representatives who occasionally attend the Victoria Palace events may opt for temporary accreditation and may apply for database inclusion in order to receive information/press releases from the Government Press Office.


Temporary accreditation

Temporary accreditation (valid for one day) is granted to journalists who do not have permanent accreditation and want to attend media events held at the Victoria Palace. The temporary accreditation is granted based on an application of the editorial office, e-mailed to or faxed to number: (004)021.318.11.39, as well as on the basis of identity documents. The temporary accreditation allows access to the Victoria Palace for the event (s) for which it was issued. For compliance purposes, the journalist should present the identity document and the press card.

Further information regarding the accreditation can be obtained at (004)0741.25.25.55; (0040)314.34.00 / 1144 or 1201 or via email at

The accredited journalists can access the Victoria Palace premises for event attendance via entrance D on Iancu de Hunedoara Boulevard.


The Communication and Media Relations Directorate

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