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Friday, 11 March 2022

A new support platform for Ukraine, developed by the Romanian Government in partnership with Code for Romania team

A new integrated platform has been launched today to collect resources for the refugees from Ukraine. It has been developed by the Romanian Government, the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU), in partnership with the team of programmers from Code for Romania.

As of today, the platform is accessible on the front page of the Government's website ( and integrates the government initiative "Ukraine - Together we help more", which has so far collected more than 7,000 offers of humanitarian assistance for Ukrainian citizens.

The new platform that can be accessed from the Romanian Government's website has an intuitive and accessible structure, with advanced functionalities for connecting resources to the needs of refugees from Ukraine. It comprises two main sections intended for resource demand and supply (food, hygiene products, services, and volunteering actions) and refugee accommodation.

 “The new digital resource collection platform is proof that in a complex situation such as the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, only together (the government, civil society and the private sector) can we be not only effective but also capable to change for the better the lives of extremely vulnerable people”, stated Mădălina Turza, state advisor, coordinator of the Humanitarian Assistance Group, Romanian Government.

"Through sustained efforts from the PM Chancellery, the Department for Emergency Situations and the civil society, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Migration Organization, the Romanian National Council for Refugees, the Red Cross and other organizations, with the support of Code for Romania, we managed today to operationalize in record time two official platforms for resource and accommodation management.

This extremely important project adds to the continual process of integrated coordination of the civil society’s efforts and assistance, to streamline the entire aid mechanism intended for the Ukrainian citizens. Romania will continue to express its solidarity with all those who are direct victims of the armed conflict that erupted in Ukraine more than two weeks ago, offering them our full support, so necessary in these difficult times", said the Head of DSU, secretary of state Raed Arafat.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that we can no longer imagine managing a humanitarian crisis without digital logistics. We have three platforms:, "Emergency Support" and ”Un acoperiș”(A roof), designed to provide information and humanitarian aid to Ukrainian citizens. It is the second time in the last two years that we could see the Government’s openness to civil society and the civil society’s openness to the Government. Together we can! ”, stated Bogdan Ivănel, representative of Code for Romania.

More information:

At the beginning of the humanitarian situation generated by the conflict in Ukraine, Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă decided to establish a strategic coordination group of humanitarian assistance (GCSAU) at the level of the PM Chancellery, from the perspective of collaboration with civil society, international organizations and private actors. Thus, in collaboration with the Department for Emergency Situations, the first Temporary Resource Platform was established in late February to support the humanitarian efforts that the Romanian state is making to manage the humanitarian situation of refugees in Ukraine- "Together we help more".

In just two weeks of operation, more than 7,000 offers of support and resources from individuals, NGOs, and companies were centralized via the temporary platform. They represent accommodation, food, clothing, medical products, transportation, services and volunteering offers in various fields.

These offers were managed by the Emergency Situations Department, being adjusted to the needs on-site as they emerged. All unused resources so far have been processed at the level of the PM Chancellery’s Coordination Group and are being transferred to the new platform, which has become operational as of today.

The Chancellery's humanitarian assistance coordination group ensured strategic dialogue with civil society throughout the period, from the perspective of ways to coordinate efforts at border crossings, as well as the necessary public policy measures in the humanitarian context and the unblocking of specific situations concerning central and local authorities. Thus, services such as emergency numbers 112 and 119(for children) are also available in Ukrainian and proactive measures have been promoted to prevent the risks associated with human trafficking at border crossing points.

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