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Thursday, 10 September

Address by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the meeting of the presidency of the EPP Group " In solidarity for the recovery of Europe"

Ludovic Orban: Thank you very much, Mr. President Manfred Weber. Dear friend Manfred, allow me to speak in Romanian, because you have very good translation and it is an honour for me to speak in my language at this important reunion of the Presidency of the EPP Group. Thank you, Manfred, for the honour and joy brought to us by organizing this important meeting of the EPP Group, in partnership with us, representatives of the National Liberal Party and the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, EPP member parties. We are very glad for having the opportunity of a direct dialogue on extremely important themes for Europe, for each of the EU Member States, and also for the European People’s Party. We have always stated we are proud of being members of the EPP, the strongest party, with the most representative and outstanding background in EU history, the party which shows the greatest solidarity at European level and which I am sure will succeed in inspiring more solidarity at European level both in the operation of the institutions and the solidarity between states, furthermore, as in the first part of the COVID crisis, I share your view in this respect, that decisions were often national, taken without considering the European context, the interests of our partners, whereas it is true that we faced critical situations which we had not encountered for a long time, and too often the public pressure in each country prompted national governments to take decisions which perhaps, have often created problems at the European level. I can point out, however, that it has become increasingly clear for all EU Member States that the way out of the pandemic crisis must be the result of dialogue, cooperation, a joint effort and it should lead to increased coordination and solidarity in the action of each state, an intensification of dialogue between national governments and the European institutions and the adoption at the EU level of as many decisions as possible with beneficial effects on the development of the European Union and each Member State. I would like to thank my EPP colleagues, EPP representatives in both the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council for the outstanding success, both in terms of the European Union budget 2021-2027, other economic recovery measures taken at European level, the recovery and resilience facility, as well as the SURE Program through which Romania will be able to access an extremely important amount for the active measures intended for companies and the companies’ employees, an amount of 4.99 billion which adds to the extremely important amount that Romania will benefit from, an allocation for which we have lobbied, this, along with the support of our partners, mattered a lot in this regard. I would also like to point out that our joint work in the European People's Party and our personal connections have helped us many times to resolve including bilateral issues, not just European issues with fellow members of the EPP: Sebastian Kurz (Austria), and Kyriakos Mitsotakis(Greece), Boiko Borisov from Bulgaria, from Slovenia also and even in relation to the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, with whom I communicated directly at times when connectivity at the European level was affected by certain restrictions and these interventions had ultimately a favourable result.

The parliamentary session that begins is extremely important, we are glad that it lays the foundations of virtually all regulations regarding the EU budget for 2021-2027, the recovery and resilience facility regarding the Green Deal and all important projects and programs of the European Commission, the European Union as a whole. We are glad that in the EPP trialogue, and I really want to thank Manfred Weber personally, the EPP appointed Siegfried Mureşan as the group's representative in the negotiations on the resilience and recovery facility and thus, we practically have up-to-date information. However, Siegfried is a very loyal and efficient EPP Group representative  and expresses the EPP views.

Our concerns are, on the one hand, related to the pandemic. We want decisions to be reached at European level regarding the pandemic, regarding the health protection measures that must be taken, and rules to be established that will be applied in all EU countries. Our first concern is to relaunch the economy and I am certain that you agree with me in that respect. The relaunch of the economy is essential for Europe's development and especially with respect to the implementation of all directions of action that were established by the new European Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen. We support all the economic development projects, we support investments, the increase in the EU's competitiveness at the global level, we support projects in innovation and research, development projects to be transposed as soon as possible into applications that will generate competitive advantages at the EU level and world level. We are also concerned with the measures designed to support the Green Deal, for we saw that this approach will allow states to adjust and use this challenge more as an opportunity than as a form of reducing competitiveness.

Thank you once again, I also wish good luck to the parliamentary group in the very intense negotiations that will follow in the parliamentary debates. I also greet the European Commissioners who are honouring us with the presence, of course, first of all, our colleague Adina Vălean, also Johannes Hahn, who is a long-serving Commissioner with whom we have had very good relations over time, and I am sure that the European People's Party will make a very serious mark on decisions at the European level, for a resumption of economic growth as soon as possible, a boost in the competitiveness of the European Union and the Member States, and an increase in solidarity at European level. Thank you!


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