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Friday, 25 March 2016

Completion of the project: Information and Advisory Services offered by the World Bank in support of establishing a Delivery System - Code SMIS 49 976

The Secretariat General of the Government has completed implementation of the project:” Information and Advisory Services offered by the World Bank in support of establishing a Delivery System - Code SMIS 49 976”, financed by ERDF Operational Programme "Technical Assistance".

The objective of the project was to improve the performance of the Romanian Government in implementing public policies and key areas of service delivery by supporting the creation of a Delivery System and a Delivery Unit.


The project was implemented between 2014 - 2015 and had a total eligible value of 22.422. 186,66 lei, including:


refundable financial assistance from the European Regional Development Fund, through the Operational Programme "Technical Assistance": 16.816.640,00 lei (75%)
co-funding of beneficiary: 5.605. 546,66 lei (25%)


The main outcomes  of the project were:


Setting up and streamlining of the Delivery System at the level of the Prime Minister Chancellery;
Drafting an operational textbook of the Delivery System which comprises guidelines and procedures for establishing deadlines, and reporting formats, and for effective monitoring of the progress achieved within the implementation of selected priorities, as well as protocols to solve the implementation problems;
A set of reports regarding the objectives and options fitting the selected priority areas, respectively: a. reform implementation in the energy sector, oriented towards improving the state enterprises governance in the sector, consumer’s protection and creation of an energy strategy; b. backing a reform firmly oriented within public procurement systems, focused on massive implementation of e-procurement practices; c. promoting some employment policies for young people, based on actions oriented towards increase in the awareness degree of opportunities, registration and employment, improving coordination and impact of the implementation at local level and d. supporting efforts to improve and upgrade the tax collection systems, with focus on improving services for taxpayers and broad use of automatic e-government solutions;
A set of reports which includes recommendations applicable on the implementation of collection instruments for data collection on the opinions of the business environment and citizens, as well as the criteria and methodologies agreed to restrain objectives or sub-objectives from selected priority areas;
A set of implementation plans, with focus on the measurable specific results from each of the selected priority areas, which resulted from participative activity with factors involved and with relevant governmental agencies;
A communication strategy destined to external audience and the domestic audience, together with periodical reports comprising recommendations on effective implementation and improvements that can be made to the strategy.





Secretariat General of the Government, 1 Piata Victoriei, 1 district. Phone: (040) 21.314.34.00.

Contact person: Gabriel Popa, project manager, phone: (0040)21. 314.34.00/ extension: 1443, email:



Project co-funded from the European Rural Development Fund through POAT 2007 - 2013

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