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Wednesday, 09 December

Interim Prime Minister Nicolae – Ionel Ciucă attended the winter command meeting

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Nicolae – Ionel Ciucă: Ministers, Secretaries of State, prefects, representatives of the other institutions participating in this activity, I want to thank you for the fact that we managed to conclude the parliamentary election, without peculiar events or incidents. All activities as the Internal Affairs Minister has mentioned, unfolded in a normal way, which is why I cannot but salute the way this activity was organized, a proof of the special effort made by the personnel of all involved structures, and I particularly refer to the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as I could find out from both Minister and Secretary Despescu, the problems generated by COVID -19 to personnel, and then, given the large staff shortage, I understood very well the efforts which have been made, and once again, we thank you for the way you fulfilled this task.

As regards the Winter Command’s activity, we wanted to have this meeting with people with responsibilities in this field, on the one hand, to take the required measures, where appropriate. We could notice that, at the level of each county, each prefecture, all your tasks in this respect, have already been fulfilled, least in Bihor county, where this contractual part is to be settled, but I understood that equipment has been brought from other prefectures and intervention needs have been met there as well. I understand that the problems requiring the involvement of equipment and machinery have been solved. None of you referred to human resources, because it is very correct to have a record of machinery and equipment, but at the same time, taking into account the impact of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we are aware there is a staff shortage. As such, I believe the record-keeping of human resources is needed in order to be able to intervene where appropriate.

I would also like to note that at the level of the Ministry of Economy, all measures have been taken to ensure the natural gas and coal resources to cover where the small deficit was created at Oltenia. Also, the necessary measures have been taken to bring the water to the required temperature in the ELCEN distribution network in Bucharest, which means that tonight, the water will have the required temperature and the distribution can be resumed in Bucharest.

I understood from Minister Bode that all the intervention needs are covered on the national road network, except in 12 stations out of 57. Therefore, we have solved the problems in 45 of them, by concluding framework agreements, and by transferring equipment, we will also meet the intervention needs in these 12 points. As such, I think it is very clear to us that we have a duty not only in the area where bad weather is reported, respectively snow in the Meridional Carpathians and heavy rains in the southwest counties, Muntenia and southeast of Moldova. It is necessary that every time, regardless of the situation, we are prepared and have people able to intervene as timely as possible. As a citizen, I tell you it is very difficult to accept when you see that something has happened and the state authorities, institutions, either did not arrive on the spot or were late or there were countless situations in which I saw that maybe they did not even know why it happened there.

Secretary of State Arafat pointed out and asked you to use the RO-ALERT system. It was used last night, it worked. Even if parts of the road were covered with ice, through the appropriate intervention we managed to avoid any kind of unfortunate event. As such, I once again call on all institutions, all staff in charge of interventions in such situations, to have both the means and the speed of reaction prepared for interventions in such cases. Thank you very much!

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