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Monday, 21 December

Interim Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă participated together with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, in the inauguration of the mobile convalescent plasma collection point at the Emergency Hospital "Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Gerota" of the Internal Affairs Ministry

Statements by Interim Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă together with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, at the inauguration of the mobile convalescent plasma collection point at the Emergency Hospital "Prof. Dr Dimitrie Gerota" of the Internal Affairs Ministry


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Marcel Vela: Your Excellency, Interim Prime Minister, the pandemic prompted us to look for and find solutions for the modernization and improvement of the conditions in the Internal Affairs Ministry’s medical system. I devised together with the management of the medical department and of the MAI Emergency Hospital Prof. Dr Dimitrie Gerota a plan for the development of medical services in several stages. We have now taken the first step by operationalizing this mobile convalescent plasma collection point at the Dimitrie Gerota Emergency Hospital of the Ministry of Interior, made in collaboration with the Bucharest Blood Transfusion Centre and the National Institute of Transfusion Hematology. We will be able to come to the aid of those who are seriously ill as a result of being infected with the SARS-VOC 2 virus. It is an initiative for life because the healthcare of many of our fellow citizens depends on convalescent plasma treatment that can really make a difference. After the MAI campaign "Donate plasma", messages of public interest that you, the press, have published, and I thank you on this occasion, now this campaign "Donate plasma" has a technical solution to make it possible. At this point, all MAI employees, who had COVID-19, will be able to donate, and I want to tell you that there are not a few who obviously meet the medical criteria, and the beneficiaries will be all the patients who need plasma. The operationalization of this centre is an act of normalcy, a natural approach in the context of the pandemic, and our long-term goal is the establishment of the plasma bank. Also in the context of the pandemic, in order to increase the hospital's capacity for care and treatment of coronavirus cases, the project "Strengthening the response capacity of the medical system to the COVID-19 crisis" is being implemented, especially in the field of intensive care. We should be ready. This project has a total value of 28 million lei, being 100% of non-reimbursable funds, with an implementation period by April 2021. It is a long-term project as medical devices and equipment will allow the prompt and efficient reaction of the medical system to pandemic crisis situations, such as the one caused by COVID-19, but also the resolution of any future critical situation. The Ministry of Internal Affairs’ development plan of the medical system, about which I told you at the beginning, has as final objective the construction of a new hospital and I took the first step, laying the foundation stone by the fact that a land plot of the Police Academy was passed down to the state ownership, and I announce you for the first time that the procedures for carrying out the feasibility study will begin next month. The new transfusion centre will also operate within this new hospital, which will also have a plasma bank in the future. I want to thank the doctors in this medical unit for the exemplary way in which they did their duty, for the devotion they show, for the fact that they are a team and they fight together. Although it may seem boring or repetitive to some, I want to remind everyone how dangerous and ruthless this virus is. The virus does not choose. Chief Commissioner of Police, Doctor Alida Moise, the director of this hospital, is a real fighter, and for those who do not know,  was one of the people who fought for her own life after being infected with this virus in the first months of the outbreak. I am glad that beyond these steps, that ray of hope a few months ago, the existence of a vaccine for COVID-19 is becoming a reality. It is another stage in the fight against the pandemic, the final one, through which it will be defeated. Until then, please remain the same professionals devoted to the fight for the health and life of your patients. In fact, I would like citizens to understand that they must continue to be responsible and follow the recommendations of the authorities for their own health and that of those around them.

The winter holidays are coming and I would like people to understand that this is an additional reason to be responsible, to avoid travel and especially meetings, even with close relatives. This year we must be in solidarity and solitary so that we can be together for the next holidays. Thanks to all those who were involved in this project: Dr Dragomir from the Medical Department, Dr Alida Moise and the other colleagues from this elite institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Thanks, at the same time, to a friend, analyst, journalist, Radu Tudor, who asked me one day 'why Romania can't have a plasma bank'. Thanks to former Prime Minister Ludovic Orban for supporting us. Thanks to the current interim Prime Minister for being with us and supporting us! Thank you all for your support and promotion of our "Donate Plasma" campaign. Good health to all!

Nicolae –Ionel Ciucă: Good morning! I would like to start by congratulating first the doctors of this hospital, the Chief Commissioner, director of Gerota hospital, the entire staff of the Internal Affairs Ministry, and surely, the Minister present today here, as I come up with this initiative which is very beneficial for the overall measures established both at Government level and nongovernmental level, in order to gather together all instruments necessary to efficiently combat SARS- COV-2. It is an opportunity for me to outline that Friday, I participated together with the President of Romania in the opening of the vaccine storage centre. Everything is ready so that the vaccination campaign can kick off starting December 27, and I take this opportunity to urge all citizens of the country to trust this campaign, the state institutions, and all steps which have been taken so that we can have a coherent and effective campaign. It is also an opportunity I want to take in order to convey a simple message as possible. There are just a few days until we celebrate Christmas and I know how hard is for each of us not to celebrate it with our loved ones. There is a set of restrictions and limitations we have to observe, and I urge all Romanians to observe them, as it is only a simple gesture of responsibility towards ourselves, our fellow citizens, and also, each of us can contribute to this set of measures taken so that we complete everything that we could identify as measures in order to be as effective as possible in the campaign of combating this pandemic. Thank you!


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