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Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Message from Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă on the occasion of the Romanian Principalities Union Day

"The union of Moldavia with Wallachia under the same ruler, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, is an authentic example of the unity of the will of the Romanians, which paved the way for the emancipation and modernization of the state. Years of important reforms ensued in all areas and investments which strengthened the cultural, political and economic closeness of the two Romanian principalities.

The roots of European Romania can be found in the Union of Romanian Principalities, a visionary act achieved through the unity of will around common values and objectives. I have always admired the unity of the artisans of the Union of Romanian Principalities in 1859 and the efforts that continued until the achievement of the Greater Union of 1918, the centuries -old dream of all Romanians.

The responsibility of the political class and state institutions is to honor the "energetic act of the entire Romanian nation," as Mihail Kogalniceanu described the Union of the Romanian Principalities, and to follow the example of the major reforms that were the basis of the development towards Romania of today. Just like 164 years ago, the desire for national emancipation and the legitimate aspirations of the Romanians must remain benchmarks of the state's action.

The historical lesson that remains over time is that through will, unity, courage and the support of our citizens, we can achieve the most ambitious goals. Romania's accession to NATO, acquiring the status of a member of the European Union are good examples. Today, Romania stands before an important stage for the future. Our common stake is closely related to the accelerated development pace and strengthening our place among the developed states of Europe and the entire world, and this process must go hand in hand with reducing the gaps in society, which, concretely, means the ability to provide a better life to every Romanian, similar conditions and opportunities in villages, cities and in all communities. In European Romania, all citizens must have equal opportunities, feel safe and have hope for a better and more prosperous future, guarded by democratic values and freedoms. The joy that animates us [holding hands] in the Union Hora [traditional folk dance] at the events dedicated to this day and on many other occasions, but also the social coagulation that we find in difficult moments make me confident that Romanians have kept their unitary spirit, that they cherish the values of the past and walk together towards the future.  We keep such stages of our history alive in the memory of society. It is appropriate to pass them on to the younger generations and to remind them that society recognizes and follows those who open new paths through noble ideals.

The energy, involvement and support of the society are vital for attaining the indispensable development objectives, the adequate response to the current security challenges and the capitalization of the opportunities open through the funding sources that Romania has at this moment.

History proves to us that union brings safety, offers protection and hope for a good future! The example of vision, solidarity, courage and mobilization of the generation that achieved the Union of the Principalities accompanies us, today, on the path we want Romania to follow.

Let's join hands for our European present and future! Many happy returns of the day, Romanians! Many happy returns of the day, Romania!"

Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă,

Prime Minister of Romania

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